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    i haven't been around very long, and i am COMPLETELY NOT technical i.e. i know what sounds good and what doesn't. if you haven't guessed, i am MKP's wife (haha). F*CK convention and everybody else. You speak your mind and when someone is being an idiot, let them, they can't help it. don't get sucked in or offended. opinions are like azzholes, right? we all have one Look at this forum for example. it started innocently enough and then the sarcastic humor comes oozing out of the 4 corners of your screen lol. when life totally kicks you in the teeth and it is so hurtful that you can't talk about it, you can write about it. these forum folks have consistently lifted each other out of pain, despair, hopelessness. i am sooo glad my husband found these people. yea, it is just a forum. but it is not just a forum. there is so much support here. most of the time i don't feel involved. tough. when i think of something funny, i post it. silly pics, etc. we are all imperfect people. be yourself and roll with it baby!!
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    Religion is the topic to discuss, Gus Or heap on the Mods some abuse, Bruce Then threaten to sue, Drew And find yourself free
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    Why couldn't he use his preamp out to send the signal to the sub and use the subs crossover or has that been suggested?
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    Glad it wasn't worse. Not a good feeling when you know you're going down while on a bike. Been there, twice. Neither one my fault. Between my two street bike wrecks....2 totaled bikes, 3 totaled cars. One of my brothers was always amazed that I would spend $600 on a helmet.
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    Yep, hit a "Curb" of new concrete, 4" lip, sharp edge of concrete when new pavement covers old black top and they forgot to place temp asphalt for a little ramp, a dozen cars had front blowouts. I hit at 39Mph because i was just throttling up coming on to the freeway. (Low speed Wobble) Sliced front tire in half, $12.5K to "Re-Fresh " ride. Likely the worst part was the wife was 6 car links behind me, never saw me go down, but drove up on it. She saw me, and a guy walking back to her saying "He's Alive"
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    That's a great deal, if I were near you I'd grab these up right now. Someone should jump on this! Good luck with your sale
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    pbphoto summed it up nicely in the illustration above, the OP just needs to adjust the settings on the back of the subwoofer to get it to blend properly and its finished.
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    I've used the "piggyback" style RCA's before and they worked great, same as a splitter pretty much.
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    Texas has some crazy weather swings. The weekend before last I was hunting near Fredericksburg with my son. We were tent camping and the temperature dropped below 16F both nights. The highs were in the 20s. Two days later we were hunting about 50 miles from there and the afternoon temperature reached 86F. I came back with a bad case of bronchitis (and 5 deer).
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    I thought a clique was a metronome... Or a small clique a... metrognome.
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    I corrected his title. Best wishes with the sale. A Uhaul and a road trip and they could be yours.
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    My first Klipsch experience. It was 1988 and I had just moved back to my hometown of Indianapolis after landing an electrical engineering job and I wanted to celebrate with a new audio system. I went to my local high end audio dealer which was Ovation in the Casetlon area of Indy and purchased a pair of Polk speakers and a receiver. I hooked up my new gear and put on GNR "Appetite For Destruction". The speaker overload protection soon kicked in. I was so disappointed, I boxed them up and back to the dealer we went. Of course my salesman first wanted to know what kind of cables I was using. "Uhhhh speaker cable" I replied. Well that is your problem, you need these new $$$ Monster cables. I was not so easily convinced and thus my salesmen threw in a few feet for free to get me out of there. Back home and reconnected the same problem still existed. Back to the dealer again. Of course this time my salesman was sure it had to be the electrical service to my house was dirty. Just so happened my friend had an oscilloscope, so I verified a lovely sine wave was present and confirmed what I already knew. This time at the dealer they asked me what I was listening to? Another gentleman nearby whose name was Victor (I think he was the mgr) told my salesman to get me a pair of Heresy. He then looked at me and said "Go home and try to blow these up, if you do, I will give you another pair". Of course I didn't try to blow them up, but I did crank them up. The difference was amazing. I was now completely happy even though my wallet was a little bit lighter due to the extra cost of the Klipsch. I have been loyal to this day to Klipsch (except a SVS sub) and have 3 different types of heritage lines in my HT setup and am always wanting more. I am a past forum member but my old profile got lost in the software changeover sometime ago during a period of my inactivity, so I am starting over but I do not believe I ever told this story. I also have an event that would be best named "My most awesome Klipsch experience" but since I am again a noob I need to work on my post count. So I will post it separately.
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    Fairbanks (300mi north) is almost 50 below. They can have it.
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    I'm 72 and have some high-frequency hearing loss. Bought a new SUHD Samsung TV and would like to improve dialogue as well have a nice music system (no hard rock). I am definitely not an audiophile (it's like a foreign language). Thinking about Quintet set of speakers (like the size) and using an old Mirage BPS100 sub that I already have to make up a 5.1 system. Might want to add Atmos speakers at a later date. Maybe a Yamaha RX-V581 avr that will also permit an outdoor patio zone. Will this be an improvement over 70s era Yamaha CR-840 avr and 2.1 Edge wall/Mirage sub that I am now using ? Room is about 13 x 15 and partially open on both ends.
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    Steely Dan's Aja' is playing on Maynard's Little Smoothies in my shop as I write this post. His reputation is beyond reproach so I needn't gush like a fanboy. For what it is worth the transaction was painless and quick with absolutely ZERO disappointments. The amps are wonderful, the packaging could have survived being catapulted to me, and I feel like I cheated the man after considering how little I paid for this type of happiness. Cheers to you Maynard and Thank you. Now I continue to listen to Aja'......
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    Message received. Hope we have found a good home for the speakers. :-)
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    You interpreted the attached photo correctly, but crossovers are not "brick walls" -- the transition between speakers is gradual, with some overlap. Several voice fundamental frequencies are below 500Hz, so the inner woofers probably need help from the outer woofers in reproducing voice. The human voice range is from below 100 Hz all the way up to 16,000 Hz, for overtones and the articulation of fricative consonants, etc.
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    I like the way your thinking I'll show her your post YOU'RE not YOUR
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    Conceptually it's really simple. Any system has a natural "roll-off" point where the system output begins to go down below that frequency....the rolloff frequency. So when a speaker (system) rolls off, something else, needs to take over. In this example, the Heresy's roll off at a point, at which point the subwoofer takes over. This system is in place within speakers too, so the tweeter and woofers (and midranges) have roll-off points, at which point another speaker takes over (midrange takes over the tweeter, woofer takes over for the midrange). Within a speaker these are handled by the crossovers. The goal is usually to have a smooth transition, so that the rolloff from one speaker to the next is seamless. When woofers and subwoofers are involved, there is also a headroom issue -- if you have the ability to cross over the speakers using an AVR, then the AVR can allow the transition (crossover) between the speakers to be moved to a different frequency above the roll-off. The benefit is that the subwoofer takes over the low end tones that the woofer would normally handle, and in doing so, it frees up the woofer to handle the other frequencies and less of the very demanding low bass frequencies. So in a situation without an AVR, the crossover is set by the speaker's own rolloff -- there is no ability to change this frequency up. WIth an AVR with typical crossover controls, you could move up the crossover point (where the handoff occurs) to a higher frequency say 80hz, and give the Heresy speakers a bit more headroom to work with. Lower distortion tends to be a benefit. When the conversation involves what is typically just a few watts being used (a 99db efficiency speaker isn't using 100 watts!)....the headroom/distortion issue is likely unimportant with a quality speaker. The design of those heritage style speakers is such they know and expect many users to be doing exactly what is being done here in this thread.
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    Strategically placed absorption panels are a good way to combat this issue as well.
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    I had this same problem with my last pair of forte II's. All I did was place a 1" block under the front edge of the speakers to slightly angle them up so I was staring straight down the barrel of the mid horn and problem solved. Yes, it made a huge difference.
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    WOT (wide open throttle) will turn it off. Open loop will not.
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    The Vaseline really doesn't do anything. Just makes caressing those female inputs so much more pleasant. RCA inputs make me HOT! Dave
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    Thank you Mungki for kind thoughts. Ya, I'm a late night guy. Partially disabled, my sleeping schedule is SO weird, roughly go to bed at 9 am, morning, sleep till 5 pm. Marc
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    I know that I've personally disagreed with you on a number of topics here, but I have also found you to be one of our most earnest members. Please stick around, if even for the nights when we're the last 2 awake.
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    So do the sub experts or the OP mind if I ask a more fundamental question? CL is running Heresys right? He want to optimize Sub to go with it. Do you start with figuring out what is the best crossover point for Heresy for sub? Let's say that is 60 Hz, I have no idea, just throwing a number. That is determined by where FR drops off by 3db from flat, or thereabouts? Assuming it is 60, there's a knob or some adjustments on the back of that Sub from some number to some number, and hopefully it is rated at 60 HZ. His his sub powered? I saw someone say it won't take line level, does that mean it is unpowered? It says it is 500 Watts, 1100 peak, so I'm assuming not. Is his question whether he should power his sub with the internal amp, or the Mac Amp? Or what signal to send to the Sub? What signal could go to the Sub that bypasses the Mac? That newer Mac is going to have THD at max output, from 20 to 20 at what .006 or so? Can you really hear Mac sound from a Sub being used to cover 20 to 60 Hz.? I know you can hear Mac sound, it's about all I have, but can you here it through a powered sub, or even one that is unpowered? I guess I don't understand what his connection options are with that Sub, which the Sub experts know.
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    Thanks for the kind words George. It was a special day because of all you were there. Garyrc, you could not be more right. The confusion arises when you are new in this hobby. You have on goal, a good sound system. The problem is when you enter this hobby, you have no ideal of what exactly you're searching for. This may be different for those that have been involved with music, music production, etc. It is nice that our personal nirvana is only subject to the toughest critic, ourselves.
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    I'm partial to vintage McIntosh: it's within my price range, and it comes with history. I'd love to A/B my MA6200 against an MA5200 in my setup and hear the difference. I still haven't listened to enough high-end equipment to have any idea of how much better a $25k Mark Levinson or Krell amp sounds next to a $7500 contemporary McIntosh amp vs. my setup. But I'd also recommend the OP check out an MC275 (new or vintage) as tubes go well with Klipsch and the MC275 is a legend among tube amps.
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    Favog - I searched a few places including IMDB, did not find anything close to your description. I do notice the IMDB listing says nothing about autism or nanny, german or not, SO... I am very curious how you found it. I ask because - I love to try to dig, ferret out stuff on the net, and I did not see this one. For my education, How did you find it please?? And, side note, any luck/ progress on the Adeline stuff? Marc
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    Yeah that's like my dream speakers man, I'm just getting into this whole beautiful world of HT/beautiful audio loving every bit of it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I like some of the comments from a 2007 thread on another forum about the Forte II... """Folks,If you have never heard these or owned them...well...I recv'd a loaner and I am in shock.Paired simply with a .75W Bob Danielak Darling Tube amp and any source: iPOD, SACD Machine, Tuner....tube preamp and Tube or SS Tuner...in shock.I have had the priviledge of owning and listening through many loaners: Jensen Triplex, Kustom 300 dual JBL D130s with a Altec 511 Horn - with Atlas Phenolic driver, Altec A7's and even the blessed Klipsch Corner Horn and LaScalla...shock.Maybe it's the phenolic drivers...my Hypex Horn in the Jensen Triplex once it was re-diaphraghmed did not sound as good with a Titanium Diaphram.These blow away just about anything I have heard.""" .......................................... ..."""the Forte' II's should be recommended to Klipsch for a re-issue, Like the Heresey's etc. The best sounding pair of speakers I've ever had.""" http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/revelation-klipsch-forte-ii-1990s.111415/
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    Ouch. Time to bust out some of that Permafrost vodka they make by your house Dave. You'll need the antifreeze in your system if you go outside.
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    I really couldn't agree more...audio nirvana is all about what you like. And Derrick....thanks for sharing...not just your thoughts but your system.... and your hospitality. I can honestly say... seeing and enjoying your system was probably one of the best thing last year. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks again, George
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    Klipsch Chorus II > McIntosh MC2105 > C26 > Sonos Connect. You are already there with a classic music system. If you plan to stream compressed music only at this time this is all you need. The only upgrade would be a higher quality DAC which would make Lossless and compressed sound better. But you would still use the Sonos for wi-fi. You can either get a DAC only or a pre/DAC like the McIntosh D100/150 which would replace the C26. However, If you think you will add a turntable later then you will want to keep the C26 and just get a DAC, the D100/150 has no analog inputs, other products might. Based on budget, presently I would recommend spending money on reconditioning MC2105 and C26 and adding quality cabling through-out. I suggest you start a new Thread requesting DAC recommendations to focus attention just on that purchase, there are many options.
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    I'm sorry to hear this. But to help you feel better I think we all feel that way sometimes. Like I do not drink or smoke so a lot of posts here are referring to that. I also went to 2 pilgrimages did not feel really accepted but I pushed through. Then there was a post in which I asked a question and got accused of taking over that persons post. Funny I thought all questions should be ok to ask. We all start out new one time or another. Really the reason I even got interested in Klipsch brand was when I was 16 and met Paul he treated me like an adult or future customer instead of a long haired kid. But I have come to have enough experience to help on a lot of questions. I may not have a high bank account or college education but I do know how to fix and figure things out. But anyway maybe you just hang around and see how things go. Rick
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    OK, going off in the am, for the weekend, back to Hope to work on some things for the pilgrimage and a few days helping at the museum and plant. Anyone need anything from the plant ? just kidding
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    That's a sweet ride. I recently sold a nice race bike. I doubt if I ever get back on a race track. I still have a street bike, I didn't ride at all in 2016 though. Glad it was a success. Thanks BSM...I think they're looking at an electrical issue, maybe I have a wire crossed Just a feeling I have, but I don't think it's a heart issue.
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    That row of boxes in the factory look a lot like Heresy III cabinets.
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    Yes. RB-61 is bigger and better
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    May as well just throw money out the window running K-horns with direct radiating subwoofers because it won't matter witch ones you buy out of the choices you mentioned, its never going to sound right.
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    I'm ready to order my pair. make em walnut and cane. I think that I have refreshed enough previously owned speakers to rate a new pair.
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    Not to rain on your parade but I have heard "through the grapevine" that everyone who has made a positive comment in this thread receives a free pair, first production run of the Flll. No need to comment until "rumor" is confirmed but I for one am very excited with the generous offer from Hope. (Hold mine in Hope, I'll arrange pickup, thanks).
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    Your high school had a pair of LaScala's?! Some suburb you must have lived in! I remember reading the stereo magazines as a teenager and when I was in the Air Force. The Klipsch ads, the product reviews; I wanted them and I hadn't even HEARD a pair! Then, while in the service and shopping for my first stereo, I stopped at an audio shop in Starkville, Mississippi. You know how you would dare not enter the stereo rooms that had gear outside your price range because you weren't worthy? Well, that's how I felt standing in the room with a pair of Klipschorns in the corners. I timidly asked the salesperson if I could hear them. He put on a direct to disc recording of Steely Dan's "Can't Buy A Thrill" and played "Reelin' In The Years". The only way I could describe the sound was "effortless". I remember the salesman telling me (above the amazingly loud but clean music) that they were barely consuming 1 watt of power.
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    I heard a pair of Khorns in the exclusive upstairs room of an audio store in Morgantown, WV. I was in graduate school and in 1980 It left a sonic signature in my mind that I still can remember to this day. Now I own a pair, 36 years later.
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    Yes...but not REGULAR production. And, very few were sold. The whole concept was to have a speaker that basically performed like a stage LaScala, but had a smaller foot-print, and was easier on space AND weight...so that more of them could be carried in the same truck/trailer space that LaScalas would take up...for road shows and the like. The "Little Bastards" were actually MORE expensive to produce than a LaScala, with negligible savings in weight...therefore cost-prohibitive. We would take a pair of the "factory loaner" LB's to the Little Missouri River by Blevins, AR, quite often...set them out on the gravel bar where the river bend is, run some speaker wire back to the door speakers on my 1980 Dodge D-50 Sport pickup, and use alligator clips to attach the speaker wire to the terminals of the door speakers' speaker wire...and rock the river using my in-dash cassette deck! Keg parties, ice chest parties....lots of people wading or swimming in the river, or floating on inner tubes...and BBQ grills fired up on a lazy summer Saturday afternoon...it doesn't get any better than that! I could fit two LB's, a LARGE ice chest, and a 55-gallon drum grill into the bed of that truck easily...with room to spare!
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