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    Stew should have bought stock in the Taco trade.
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    Carl - what's the inside scoop on the Dodge Demon? My understanding is that it is an actual 2017 model. Over 800hp? A pumped up Hellcat? Or new configuration? Dodge fans needs to knows.
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    Holler next time you have a Dodge issue.
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    Good Sat Morning gang Farm Run, Deli Burrito (Chili Verdie). Electrical, Camera maint, Security Lighting, easy and partying by 10Am. Coffee, Perked Time to warm the Diesel...
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    A pair of RF-82 II for the living room system. At $359 each these have got to be one of the best bargains to be had.
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    My father told me that causes blindness.
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    Afternoon gang Shop/cave spring cleaning. As well as a WallBanger for a change.
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    First thought... I'm seriously glad that the guy who lived in the other side of the duplex from me moved out the end of last month. If he was still here he's be pounding on my door by now. Second thought... I'm not entirely sure I "need" a subwoofer any more. Been playing them most of the morning with the sub off. Definitely much more bass output than the Heresys. Third thought... Very revealing. Some of my CDs sound just awful when played through the new speaks. On the flip side what little vinyl I've played this morning sounded terrific. I'm getting through my normal weekend chores today so I can take tomorrow as a day of loud music and self indulgence. I have a twelver of my favorite beer on ice and everything needed for a big batch of home-brewed potato chips.
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    It's designed to carry on the Darwin theory.
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    We are still on the weather roller coaster. It was 72 Thursday, currently it's 22, down to 17 tonight Enjoy the day everybody......
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  12. 3 points
    What a piss poor performance.....playing and coaching. Don't even want to talk about it.
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    Evening gang Fixed finely, the cruise control in the dodge with the help and reading of the "Cummings Forum" Seems it's been a problem from 03 thru 09 trucks. Air leak in Vacume line. Dodge wrapped up @ dark, then the neighbor kid comes over, needs a hand pulling crankshaft dampner bolt. Gee, iv not done one of those in 40+ years, 1/2 Breaker Bar and a 3' pipe, DONE, Dam Chevy vans.
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    One of my last Job tasks in socal was helping a bud with a start up instrumentation/calibration service. He chose a "Niche" market being Cyanide destruct systems for the gold district downtown LA. 12+ hrs a day, 4hrs of that was driving to/from diamond bar to LA. and as memory serves, it's only 35 miles one way. Two coolers in back of my little chevy POS truck, one was water samples for the Lab, the other was Beer, gridlock i got out of the truck and held up a beer, everyone within sight just got out of their cars and came for a libation. fun times.
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    ---- but the upside to this is - you are almost outta there !
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    @minermarki almost took a photo today to post here ... 1:53 and the traffic on the 405 through Huntington was near gridlock already. The 5:00 traffic of years ago, now starts at 1:30. Ridiculous!
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    North Carolina Tar Heels men's basketball 27-6, 1st in Atlantic Coast NCAA men's basketball Post season Live - H2 6:37 on ESPN Barclays Center, New York City Duke Blue Devils (25-8) 68 North Carolina Tar Heels (27-6) 67 12Total Duke422668 North Carolina491867
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    Sounds like a yes. Almost sounds like inside trading, if anyone know's Del Taco it's BSM.
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    I did, still don't understand German.
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    Will he sell the granite separately? I'd like to see how slabs sound.....
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    I am a vintage speaker guy, I love my Altecs and JBL's but also my Khorns and heresy also. I have been thinking about adding Altec 811 horns and drivers to my heresy's. Last night I did just that not knowing how it would turn out, man what a surprise I got. Those Altec horns gave the little Heresy's a big boy sound with a clear crisp mid range that is a delight to listen too. I really liked them before but for me something was just missing the 811's solved that. This can be done with the addition of one 3/16 hole in the back panel to route wires to the horn on top of the speaker cabinet. Just disconnect the internal mid range horn and add a new wire from the screw terminal to the new horn, very simple and reversible operation. I will be painting these horns and making them a permanent addition to my Heresy's now, for the record the horns have 806a drivers.
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    John Wetton was superb RIP Now For something different It's an album that has great SQ and a very interesting Artist list Any forum members have this album I also have a few other pressings from this label in the prog genre Artists - Various Artists Album - First Edition Artist and track list with pressing info in photo
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    This is my own pet theory but I've noticed for a long time the really top teams don't always care about winning their conference tournament. They will win a couple but then they have nothing further to prove and want to go home to rest their legs and their minds to prepare for the only tournament that matters, the NCAA championships. Kansas down, NC down, but who cares? They will both still get #1 seeds and It would not surprise me to see them both in the Final Four.
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    Chuck, Oh well. The Heels can still do well in the NCAA tournament. To someone who doesn't follow the ACC closely, it's surprising that UNC and Duke are in one semi, with FSU and ND in the other.
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    I have a Luger strap to my thigh I also have a magnum as well.. dead dog in the driveway rip John wetton
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