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    Just keep him off my *** for telling you guys.
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    Stew should have bought stock in the Taco trade.
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    First martini today. Realized my bleu cheese stuffed olives are packed in oil so the Chopin has a little oil slick going on. Had a basal cell on the face one time and another type in the ear. Doc burned em off. I wasn't as pretty as normal for awhile A light dusting of snow possible tonight. My azaleas are blooming too.
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    Holler next time you have a Dodge issue.
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    A pair of RF-82 II for the living room system. At $359 each these have got to be one of the best bargains to be had.
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    Afternoon gang Shop/cave spring cleaning. As well as a WallBanger for a change.
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    It's designed to carry on the Darwin theory.
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    What a piss poor performance.....playing and coaching. Don't even want to talk about it.
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    Will he sell the granite separately? I'd like to see how slabs sound.....
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    I am a vintage speaker guy, I love my Altecs and JBL's but also my Khorns and heresy also. I have been thinking about adding Altec 811 horns and drivers to my heresy's. Last night I did just that not knowing how it would turn out, man what a surprise I got. Those Altec horns gave the little Heresy's a big boy sound with a clear crisp mid range that is a delight to listen too. I really liked them before but for me something was just missing the 811's solved that. This can be done with the addition of one 3/16 hole in the back panel to route wires to the horn on top of the speaker cabinet. Just disconnect the internal mid range horn and add a new wire from the screw terminal to the new horn, very simple and reversible operation. I will be painting these horns and making them a permanent addition to my Heresy's now, for the record the horns have 806a drivers.
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    Just finished all 4 sides of Mr. Clapton's Unplugged on 180G vinyl and cued up ELP's Brain Salad Surgery also on 180G vinyl. An almost "religious" experience being played through the recently received RF-82 II. I really REALLY need to go shopping for more vinyl. My neighbor's only comment upon hearing the new system was "DAMN!" For just a tick under $3K I've assembled one of the best sounding systems that I've ever owned. And that's saying something considering I've owned stereo systems approaching $50K or a bit more.
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    No. Totally not appropriate. We've been dealing with this for about four weeks now. Dtel is the optimist. I'm the realist. He had an area about the size of of a number 2 pencil eraser pop up. He refused to go to dermatologist before our cruise. Two and half weeks later the lesion was between the size of a nickel and a quarter. Hoping for the best. Buying stock in sunscreen companies!!!!
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    Now that deserved a like I was working on a new home yesterday. Some type of Dodge drove by, it sounded like a Nascar race car....probably the best sounding USA V-8 I've ever heard. I just caught a half second glimpse of it, but I heard it for 30 seconds!
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    Home brewed potato chips! That deserves it's own thread
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    Chuck, they'll bounce back. Maybe they got their bad performance out of the way before the big dance.
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    on behalf of my buddy that grew up in your fair state, and currently resides in Charlotte -- GO TARHEELS. (He hates Duke).
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    Was hoping to make it over to RTM tonight but Tar Heels and Duke at 8pm. Should be good.
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    So I finally found another pair of EVM 15L drivers, so I didn't have to rob my main system of one (see Avatar) and finished building my first prototype horn, which is, after several dozens of iterations in Hornresp, is finally here. I'm happy to report that it measures very much as predicted. Put the microphone at the edge of horn mouth and ran Frequency Response plots, same as I did with the FH-1 bin a while back. The FH-1 is similar to a Belle Klipsch/LaScala bass bin, but larger, more ruggedly built (for PA) and ugly as sin. Now keep in mind, in my case, both bass horn cabinet use EVM 15L woofer, which is the preferred woofer by Dr. Bruce Edgar. This woofer has fairly high resonance for a 15", but it's low Q and low mass paper cone with minimal coil inductance give it superior high frequency response in the 300-400 Hz. range where I'll be handing off to the K402/1133 combo at about 300-320 Hz. I strongly believe in bi-amping or -tri-amping with the the Mini DSP or some other active Xover for the Quarter Pie because any mid/tweeter treble section you use will have an efficiency that is 3-9 db higher, so you need a higher voltage drive to the bass to make up the difference. All Heritage Klipsch products use Autoformers to attenuate the mid/treble section down to the bass section, so this idea is not new. It's just that woofers use most of the power and having direct amplifier drive to the woofer voice coil with lots of control option with an active crossover is really the best way to go in modern times. Thanks. I really had no choice since I had no room for a full MWM and the FH-1's fell way short of the 60 hz. mark by a whopping 40 hz. My tops and bottoms were precut to 45" for a pair of LAB Horns I never built, so I ended up using those.I also want to add that the MEASURED curves, Red Quarter Pie vs. Green FH-1, were done with the 45" and NOT the 48" version, which goes lower by at least 5 Hz., so the curves are quite real and if you build version 2.2, your response will be even better than the curves! If I were to build another pair from scratch, I would just cut 2 sheets of 4x8 lumber in half for a 48" square top and bottom before the big radius. It would eliminate a 3" sliver of wasted lumber and lengthen the horn just a wee bit to about 65" total instead of 60". This would also allow the "core section" to recess inside the horn by 3/4" so the cover could be cut at 15.5 x 15.5" to be flush instead of 17" square on the outside like I'm stuck with. This would eliminate the odd duck 17" dimension and allow all the rip cuts to be 15.5" to 15 3/4" long ways on the other 2 sheets........an even simpler solution vs. what I built. It's a minor tweak, I know but the horn would go down to 56 Hz. instead of 60, roughly. But hey, what's a few Hertz among friends. LOL. BTW, this horn really sounds good without the Danleys, FYI. But I do prefer adding their "bottomless bass" for music and everything else. The plots shown in the image are 1/48th octave resolution from REW (no smoothing) was used. The FH-1 had a 2.5 Mh Klipsch choke on it at the time of the measurement, so it rolls off more in this plot than it would without it. Nonetheless, the main reasons for designing this new bass horn was to extend the bass to 60 Hz. with the same driver and keep the 300-400 Hz response intact. As you can tell from the RAW curves, with the FH-1 (green) I had to do a 141 Hz, -5 db PEQ to knock down the peak in the FH-1 (or LaScala) as well as adding a +10 db boost at 61 Hz. to get any sort of bass below 100 Hz, down to 60 Hz.. Needed to this to mate up with my DTS-10 Tapped Horn Subwoofers, which are best below 60 hz.. The red Quarter Pie curve shows I don't need to do this anymore. So far, it looks like I have succeeded at lowering the bass response acoustically by making a 5 1/2 ft. horn (which I'm calling "Quarter Pie") vs. a 2.8 foot long horn for the FH-1 (or LaScala). I will also be lowering the 6 ft. height of my horn "stack" down to about 5 ft. or so, bringing the tweeter much closer to my ears when seated in the sweet spot. It also looks like I got a MUCH smoother horn in the process also. The distortion should also be lower because I will NOT need any kind of bass boost at all, so 10 db less power should translate into at least 10-16 db less IM distortion. The green is the FH-1, the RED is the new Quarter Pie Bass Horn. They are RAW Frequency Response Plots with NO smoothing and NO Equalization of any kind. An EVM15L driver was used in both. The smoother, flatter curve of the Q-Pie is pure acoustic response of a better horn on the same driver. Mission accomplished. PS: Since this first post, I have changed the woofers to Eminence Kappa 15C's since I'm crossing low and didn't need such wide bandwidth the EVM 15L provides. A few other Quarter Pie builders needed to cross at active 500 Hz. to a 2-way and passive 400 Hz. respectively, so they are the new owners. The Midrange response of the EVM 15L is best for those guys. The 15C's got me a little lower/stronger bass, but not by much. If you want the most bass out of this cabinet and are willing to sacrifice a little midrange to do it, the K-33 driver (shown in Black on Hornresp FR Plot) or Bob Crites 1526C will give you the most bass from 60-120 Hz. which is where the "big slam" occurs. The original EVM 15L is in gray. For those of you who own LaScalas without Subs and want to invest about $250 in just plywood and use your existing K-33 woofers, I have included comparison curves of the Quarter Pie vs. LaScala with your woofers. You can see HUGE improvement in REAL HORN BASS. Just use your empty LaScala bass bins as "spacers" for your treble section and run the woofer output on your AA networks to the Quarter Pie instead. You won't believe the difference. There's also a little improvement in the midrange also, but not as much as the bass. As of May, 2014, I traded my new Eminence 15C woofers for a pair of square magnet K-33's, simply because based on measurement, and, ESPECIALLY, lots of listening time to various CD's with discerning bass content. I would only recommend this for those who can cross their horns at around 300 Hz. like I can with Klipsch K-402-MF horns. I'm not using any PEQ since the natural mass roll-off of the K-33 "shakes hands" with the mid perfectly without it. Those who need to geto 400-500 Hz. may get away with a K-33, but a 15C would be a better choice (passive or active). Active bi or tri amping gives the ability to do a slight PEQ boost in that band with horns that have a higher cutoff or with drivers suitable for 2-way. In the 2-way case, you will, more than likely, be using modern active driver control anyhow, so you can PEQ a K-33 or any other driver to match your top end anyhow, since you will need it for high frequency shelving on the treble horn. It's your SOUP, and, you own the taste buds AND the salt shaker. Your ROOM is the main determinant of the bass sound, so it is the BOWL for the soup. Enjoy your meal.
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    Hello, Much as I love these, the Chorus II is much more practical in the room I have now, so it's time to let them go. La Scala LS-BLS, with upper grills, serial numbers 8411190 and 91. All original components. They have normal wear for speakers of their age -- there are some nicks, some scratches, and there is some peeling of the lacquer. The glue on the velcro sticky doo-dahs that hold the grills in place gave up the ghost a long time ago, so adhesive-backed magnets do that job now. Located in Visalia, California, halfway between Fresno and Bakersfield, local pickup only. $1,250.
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    Hey, being nice to people and this Regional Music Heritage Center thing is a GOOD gig! Got to be friends with a guy from Houston who is the son of a major figure in local jazz history, and helped him sell a building he had downtown for twice he was thinking it was worth. He stopped by today and left some awesome tapes from his dad, a couple of them engineered by PWK, for me to transfer. AND he said he'd stacked some old audio gear up from I was welcome to. He's on his way out of town, so I ran down and grabbed the new owner who is the local brewpub guy and he takes me to the building. Below is the loot. Not cleaned up at all yet except the warehouse dust that my clothes wiped off. NEVER had heard of those Pioneer CS 903s. Bit of research suggests they are love'em or hate'em. It's quite possible the "hate'em" bunch are the horn haters...don't know yet. But the love'em crowd is rock n' rollers. Looks like the bring 3-400.00 on Ebay and such. Fascinating early use of LED meters on them and push button EQ for Normal, Soft 1, Soft2, and Crisp. Users say they are bullet proof up to 400 watts or so. Looks like the other "prize" is the SX 3800, which gets straight 5 star reviews and has a phono preamp rated at -115db S/N. Also, preamp out...gotta love that! A Pioneer Dynamic Expander. I remember them, but was always a DBX guy so I've never used one. Looking forward to giving it a try. Yamaha YP-B2 TT, looks pretty pristine. Modest, but decent TT from what I can tell. May give it to my brother. An oddity...Pioneer AT-50 Audio Timer. Has four outlets you can set to turn on/off. Probably won't use it for audio but could be handy for some other things. 10 band EQ Sansui SE-7. Attitude has always been that any music or speakers need such a thing need replacing...but might do some good with the Pioneers. Anyway, good fun, no cost except for likely back pain tomorrow. Speakers were probably 50 lbs each and the Pioneer receiver just south of 40.
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    Thanks ! I am buying them without ever hearing them, ( for the scorecard ). After owning KLF 10's, Chorus 2's, and LS 1's, I'm sure I'll love them. After the glowing reviews and opinions from so many forum members, I could resist no longer...
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    I totally agree with Chris. I was also overly worried about having balanced equipment throughout. I eventually have ended up with a mixture of connections within the system and have zero noise issues. Sonic Frontiers Line 1 preamp which is XLR to XLR to Xilica XP4080. XP4080 goes XLR to XLR to Classe CA-150 for bass bins. XP4080 goes XLR to RCA to Triode Labs 2A3 SET amp for 402 (via Neutrik XLR - RCA connector at XP out) http://www.parts-express.com/neutrik-na2fpmf-3-pin-xlr-female-to-rca-jack-adapter--092-2402 For the input at your Xover from your receiver you could use this one: http://www.parts-express.com/neutrik-na2mpmf-3-pin-xlr-male-to-rca-phono-jack-adapter--092-2406 Assuming you have enough RCA interconnects laying around, that is all you would need.
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    Nice find. If the finish is faded at all, look into Watco' s rejuvenating oil. It does wonders on walnut finishes on klipsch cabinets. Just be sure to put some type protective finish after. I prefer to use Howard's wax.
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    That's just wrong, LOL!!! Sorry Mookie, I'll keep my Star Wars references to myself from here on out.
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    They are probably more "involved" with their Magic Putty! I'm thinkin' the amp is no longer priority #1?
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    Actually, the horizontal centers were designed to have tvs placed on them. A towel, or cloth mat to protect it from scratching and you're good to go;
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    So they can keep up with the Chevy people (sorry.....had to)
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    Nothing, just the plate amp which has phase, gain control and crossover point. But the speakers are folded horns which make a better match, it seems. Plus the sub is only used from 40Hz down.
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    I am hoping someone here knows something about this receiver. This is my first tube amp. There is a bunch of switches I've never seen before. I think the model is fa3000x. I'll take anything info you have. Also how long are you supposed to let the tubes warm up before they hit their peak? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    How about a buggy in 1962 with sis and then with dad
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    I will try to get some pictures up this weekend, I seem to have a heck of a time getting pictures on these forums.
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    Once you get them outlet covers squared away, your gonna need some of these. http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue43/resonators.htm
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    Yeah, but unfortunately the do keep growing..
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    Something like Spider Monkeys from Mars? Maybe?
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    Pick your favorite number! and you will be so happy with it!
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    I think there is more to it? I know "the one" has different drivers than the kmc-1. I think the KCM-3 had two full range and a single 5.25" woofer. The three has two full range plus the 5.25 and then two passive 5.25 radiators. It's pretty damn nice. I love mine. It gets 55 hours a week of playtime
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    this is the place to eat 190+ Neptune Oyster 4.3 444 reviews · $$$ Seafood Restaurant DIRECTIONS SHARE WEBSITE Lines form for the raw bar & warm, buttered lobster rolls at this tiny, high-end oyster bar. 63 Salem St # 1, Boston, MA 02113 Open today 11:30AM–10:30PM Menu · urbanspoon.com Reviews from the web 4.8/5Zomato · 1,004 votes
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    Next on the spinning list is King Crimson X 3 1- Larks Tongues In Aspic 2- Starless and Bible Black 3- USA
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    What aspect are we talking about for diy? Speakers? Screen? @MetropolisLakeOutfitters Will sell you a great ht setup and we could point you in the right direction for a diy screen
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    Replace old foam with new foam gasket tape.
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    Interesting..!!!! Thanks Jainbaby .........Appreciate the glimpses of their development. miketn
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    While it may not be the "ultimate receiver" the SX-1250 is in the top three, IMO. All of the vintage receivers need to be updated with new caps, etc, just as our beloved Klipsch Heritage speakers need to have their crossovers updated. I have three SX-1250's, and there's a good reason for that.....
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    Racks are rather expensive in my view. I looked around for a while and for $85 got a great server rack. A little sanding and spray paint and I was in business. I also manufactured a DIY base that has 4 heavy duty casters built in, so I can move it around rather easily. It is fairly heavy and would otherwise not be easily relocated.
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    Allenc, Welcome to the forum. You have great ambition with a "sound" idea. Maybe have mods transfer this thread to the Home Theater section to get more specific traffic and responses. Or open same thread over there and have mods delete this one. Bill
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    Separates allow for more eye candy......
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    Sorry, it has been a long time since I have been active, but this got me motivated to say something! Is anyone else here ticked off about the 2 new models that Klipsch is calling "HERITAGE"? "Heritage" Has ALWAYS denoted speakers that were designed by Paul or that Paul was directly involved with! Does anyone else here feel that this is a ploy by marketing to sell speakers by abusing this sacred term? I could at most stomach "Heritage Inspired", but feel calling them Heritage is taking a dump on Paul's work! Anyone else here feel similarly? Please sound off! Roger
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    Many thanks for doing this. I will keep you posted right here. No problem! I have added a cut sheet to my above post. Your bass bin uses 2 sheets of plywood with the biggest scrap of ~ 26"x49"
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