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    In and of itself, the LaScala is a wonderful speaker...and can be used in a wide variety of situations and locations! Nothing makes an outside party great better than a pair of LaScalas! (Unless you have an MCM system...LOL!). The bass horn of the LaScalas is the limiting factor on how low it will go in the bass end of things. Increasing the bass output from the amplifier really doesn't do much. At somewhere around 60 hz, the roll-off of the response curve begins to drop severely, due to the design of the bass horn lens. Stiffening the bass bin helps smooth out the response curve, but by 45hz or so, the roll-off is gonna happen, like it or not. It is best to use a Sub and cross it over around 70 hz or lower, depending on what is needed for your particular speakers and their locations, to pick up on where the LaScalas drop off in bass response. What you DON'T WANT TO DO, is to have that subwoofer kick in at too high a frequency, because you will end up with a bit of bass that the LaScala CAN reproduce ACCURATELY AND EFFICIENTLY being covered by non-horn-loading of the subwoofer...and you will notice some "muddying up" of the bass you hear if you crossover the subwoofer at too high a frequency. Also, keep in mind it DOES DEPEND on which crossover network is actually IN YOUR LaScalas...to begin with. let us know what that network is and you wil get better hints at what you need to do for initial mods...always check two things on used speakers...1. Ensure the drivers are the proper ones in them, and 2. ensure you have the best crossover network FOR those speakers.
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    The 115 is significantly better for movies, it just digs deeper. Two 12's could potentially smooth out room modes better but it's still going to be lacking around 18-20 hz. I say get one 15 with the goal of getting a second in the future.
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    Hello all, I had posted about a KLF 20 rattle about 2 weeks ago. I want to say thanks for the input. What I thought would be lose baffles turned out to be lose spiders on 3 of the 4 woofers. A little loctite fixed this up. During my search on this forum, one name kept keep coming up for additional upgrades, Bob Crites. Thanks for the awesome tips. I contacted Bob and soon realized I want to do business with a man like him. He replied to every email and question I had. 3 days after I ordered new crossovers and Ti tweeters they were at my door. Finished up the install today, cleaned and buttoned everything up. WOW!!!! Brand new 20 year old speakers. Highs soar with a Chet baker trumpet solo and Jaco Pastorius fretless electric or Ray Browns acoustic bass is deep and tight. Great to know there is a forum like this to get pointed in the right direction. looking forward to another 20 years of music enjoyment. Thank you Bob and thank you all. Regards.
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    You might check with @MetropolisLakeOutfitters. He's a dealer and could probably get you a new 115 with a warranty at a great price.
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    Not really. The only cases of polio that still occur anywhere in the world (only 37 in 2016) are all caused by the vaccine itself. The genetic codes of all the virus used in polio vaccine are kept on file; whenever a new case of polio occurs anywhere in the world, the virus' genetic code is compared with the codes of the vaccine virus. In 100% of new polio cases the virus is one of the ones used in the vaccine. Now, I'm NOT making a case against the polio vaccine. Compare 37 cases of polio worldwide in 2016 with the 350,000 cases that occurred per year (worldwide) before the W.H.O. began its worldwide polio eradication efforts in 1988. The worldwide eradication of polio may be the greatest public health triumph in the history of human civilization. Nothing is 100% perfect, but 37 vaccine-induced cases of polio per year is close enough for me, and I should know — I was one of those 37. In 1963 (when I was 11) I contracted a vaccine-induced case of polio from one of the first generations of oral polio vaccine. I suffered painful muscle deformation in my back that required years of physical therapy and home exercises to overcome. In spite of this, I am 100% in favor of mandatory vaccines (of all types) for all children who attend public school. Period. You don't vaccinate them, you have to home-school them or pay to send them to private school, assuming you can find one that will take your un-vaccinated kid and expose the rest of their students to whatever they may be carrying.
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    Well Thank You Jennifer and Christy, and everyone else, I did not do anything except wake up everyday. I can't believe I made it this long, I would have never thought it. No special plans today or tonight, but I will get to cook the next few days for friends and family, I like to eat so I like to cook. Carl I didn't know you were that old, I feel a little better now. Thanks everybody
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    Aw, I really need to come here more often. Miss you guys!!
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    Another anecdote. Sometime in the ‘80’s I was travelling and got into a brief conversation at an airport with a businessman. Essentially he said: “So, you’re from Chicago. I was travelling there for a business meeting just before the Democratic National Convention. We landed at O’Hare and during de-boarding had to walk between rows of military aircraft.” I’d have thought that ORD had Jet-Bridge’s back then but it is possible some governmental agency shut them down. It is probably true that there were military aircraft at ORD back then and it wouldn’t take much to taxi them over to the commercial area. My conclusion is that this was a show of force by the government against citizens. Further, some agency might have been filming the passengers as they walked on the tarmac, maybe even from the military aircraft. Given the history of the time this is no paranoia. WMcD
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    Check these out... Klipsch was selling one of their models for a while. https://uturnaudio.com/collections/turntables?gclid=CjwKCAjw6ZLOBRALEiwAxzyCWwb9Q3eyVVpYF5J0GPlUfH-a5867RsNmZiPOZ1ZgEw29xdCoxs4QrBoCi4oQAvD_BwE Bruce
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    Onward and upward That’s an audiophiles moto 🎶
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    Pretty sure in the classic car world, non original cars simply can't be called that. So the term tribute car came into play. You can build an exact replica of a 427 1968 Corvette from a combination or original parts and NOS parts but it's not that car. Didn't leave the factory that way. In a way, modifying 30 year old speakers and trying to improve them a bit is the same concept. Is your modified Corvette a Chevy? Sure it is. It's just not a factory original Chevy. So, imho modified speakers that were originally built by Klipsch are still Klipsch. But no longer original. It only really matters when it's time to sell. People need to know exactly what they're buying. Me? I like ones that are refreshed. You? Maybe you like yours as built. Mark
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    I'll give you replacement parts, in kind, and call it "Klipsch". But if you modify the cabinet/bass horn/crossover and change the sound, it has to be something else. Not that this discussion really matters.
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    My amps are in an adjacent utility room. I don't want to hear fans and/or humming power transformers. Call me a nut---- Ok I'm nuts.
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    I would have 100% jumped on this for my center channel LSi split top with the hopes that i'd one day get k402's for the left and right channels. Unfortunately, I've exhausted my spending funds on the ALK universal's 2 days ago. This hobby seems to be all about timing.
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    I can hear the PLX2 fans when I turn things on.......and the washer, the dryer, the toilet flushing, the AC, my PC, and farting too..............You gotta turn it up baby!!! It's never good if you can hear yourself fart when the music is playing. You should be able to rumble the chair without giving anything away and only the smell should be detectable. This is why you need the high airflow fans on your amps in the first place.
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    I like the pre-'82 Heresy Is. They have the solder terminal K-55-Vs and K-77-M tweeters. That configuration has the "Klipsch Sound" I first loved. Sadly, I have never been able to listen to HIIIs to know the difference.
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    It all came out great........in the end
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    it is ideal....seamless transitions and matching sound. your situation is minor....move each piece left or right theres room in front. move the left one there to see how it looks and show her as a test people spend years and lots of cash chasing center channels you have a chance here to do it right once!
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    Yes, avguy in Texas home-built speaker would be a "Klipsch clone." It was born in avguytx's garage. I used to race a Husqvarna 250 MX'er. I replaced the tank, tires, handlebars, carb, expansion chamber, fenders, rear shocks and front forks with after market items. I don't think anybody thought I was riding a "WVU80" I was riding a Husky 250.
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    I don't think making changes to components is enough to "de-certify" a Klipsch speaker from the Klipsch label. I'll use La Scala as an example. There was a time when the LS had a Type A crossover. Did the next generation LS quit being a LS when the Type AA was introduced? The LS also has variations on their own theme, ie the difference between a LS and a La Scala Industrial (LSI). Different components, different sound, different design, both still La Scala. As far as I am concerned the LS can be called that as long as it came out of the Klipsch factory. Even highly modded the heart of the speaker is still a Klipsch.
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    It means its a GOOD THING you did it! God Bless you. And the Doc.
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    The main thing is they found it now rather than much later when it becomes a much more serious problem. The really need to find out what's causing the dizzy feeling and get it fixed, hopefully it's an easy fix and your back to normal. Good luck
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    Nothing beats a wood-fired soapstone pizza oven for making pizza! It is hard to get things wrong when using that kind of oven.
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    And those were Walnut stained too Sad
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    "If they told you wolverines make good house pets, would you believe them?" Del Griffith
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    Update: Finally had the time to take the speaker to a repair shop, I'm happy to let you know it is finally working properly, it must have been something simple as it only took them a couple of hours before I got the call telling me it was ready, even better, I was only charged 10 bucks! So I guess this is a win. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me and gave me some advice. I'm loving this speaker.
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    I know it's not quite Friday for most of you. But, crane day.
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    You spent all that time building your theater, speakers and pond,.. Now your moving to Mexico, Wow. Good luck with the sell and move.
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    I know that took some effort to get it calibrated after constructing. I won't be doing that, but was thinking of disconnecting the amp internally. That tear-down on youtube shows a stacked pcb where the switch is on the back, so couldn't see the preamp. All in time. It sounds decent as is, I've got that bug and want it better. Sounds great with that iTube2 will hook that up again and chill.
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    Dont be a Tarheel. Too early in the year for hurricanes when we go to Hope.
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    not sure that the roads are passable after these hurricanes ... too early to tell.
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    My Garrard 401 turntable upgrade I remade the plinth using mechanical engineering principles The tone arm was purchased from TransFi Audio in the UK - http://www.trans-fi.com/terminatortonearm.htm Its not hard to wire the tone arm wires direct to RCA plugs Just get the colours correct for correct R/L channel Its best however to secure the RCA sockets in natural timber and under the TT - If you click onto the link above you will see an example of what I’m trying to convey
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    He knows but I hope no more surprises, I really like him but that's just to close.
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    And no I'm not the jealous type! Love @Chief bonehead!!!
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    @mikebse2a3 So, Elden saw this post. Walked outside where I was sitting and asked, "What was Mike talking about!" I reminded him of the "incident" you were referring to....he said "Yea, I thought that too, but was hoping it was something else!" I seriously was laughing... like anyone could "unsee" that. Roy did it it once and got away with it, so we set it up for the second go around when I got it on video. It isn't very often we can get one over on dtel, but that was absolutely perfect! @Chief bonehead isn't anywhere close by, but will be soon!
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    Oh great now you're not coming, so much for the adjusting part, guess I'll have to drag up some bonehead off the street.
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    Firstly, no one would run and hide, it's a friendly bunch. But, should that happen you will be quite safe wandering the wilds of SW Arkansas. Just listen for the sound of banjo's in the distance. Then relax, it will be fine.
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    i sat around a large dinner table once ... a pretty good crowd of folks there. People started telling jokes. I wanted to join in, so i tuned everyone out and started thinking of a joke to tell. When there was a break in the action i told my joke. Nobody laughed. I didn’t understand because i thought it was funny. The person sitting next to me finally broke the silence and said, “I just told that joke.” I laugh now wondering what they were thinking as i was telling the joke.
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    Well, they were designed as floor standing speakers with an optional base that tilted them back a bit. No stands necessary.
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    I don't think you can go wrong with either. My choice would be the Yamaha if I had to choose. Bill
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    My Gawd man - thankful you are not my mechanic --!!?? Or dietitian? Or GI MD? Being who you are is plenty good ---
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    Thanks. They did find 3 polyps, she cut them out, will test 1 but she said I had a nice log flume (Carl's words) Holy Heck!! Thanks Birthday Boy. I will always remember your birthday. It's the day I had my first anal probe! I heard salsa passed up ketchup a few years ago as America's favorite condiment.
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    When you play the Bob Marley tunes, please DO NOT let him dance in public places
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    You are very welcome. Kim and I still owe you guys a king cake. Haven't forgotten. The deer and other animal friends still come for their snacks we leave for them.
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    If you can get to Knoxville, TN area, I have two of them (dual drivers each) that do NOT have any drivers....that you could have for free. So, for the cost of the drivers alone, you could have a nice foundation.
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    Just turn the music a little louder...........that's what I do.
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    Some of the older higher line of Marantz CD players got plenty of praise.
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