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    Just saying..... Have a good one.... MKP :-)
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    Keep that white costume away from your coffee.
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    Just got a new Nikon D850 and I'm testing the image quality of my old lenses - several of them just don't measure up with the new camera. This is not an especially good photo but I took this in testing my old 58mm f1.2 Noct Nikkor ais (manual) lens. I'm happy to see that my favorite lens still holds it's own.
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    Be careful we notice things like that !
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    The sub just disappears into the room.
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    My daughter received her doctorate degree from Purdue
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    I gave up 20 years ago And replaced by espresso style coffee ☕️
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    The Klipsch LaScala is arguably the most versatile speaker that Klipsch has ever produced, even though it lacks the extreme bottom-end performance of the Klipschorn, but that can easily be solved with a good subwoofer: 1. Fist of all, it does NOT REQUIRE a corner like the Klipschorn does, although the LaScala will perform better if corners are available for it. 2. LaScalas can easily be taken outside for outdoor parties and such and that is where they REALLY SHINE! Nothing beats a pair of LaScalas outdoors (unless you have an MWM-based system, instead!). 3. The LaScala is identically voiced to the Klipschorn, with the exception that the K-horns goes down to around 32Hz, whereas the LaScala starts to roll off severely on its bottom-end between 45-60Hz. Many see no need whatsoever to even go the subwoofer route with LaScalas, unless they are using them as part of a home theater system. 4. Because the LaScala is FULLY-horn-loaded, just as the Khorn is, it is highly directional. Because the LaScala needs no corners, then you can be blasting them for an outdoor party, and watch as people in FRONT of them are screaming to carry on a conversation, while those standing BEHIND them are able to carry on a conversation at normal voice levels. 5. LaScalas were DESIGNED to be used as stage and theater speakers, so that would make them much more ideal for your desire to also use them for PA purposes. So, my suggestion for you would be the LaScalas. Even if you choose to add a subwoofer to them, the total cost would be much less than a pair of K-horns would cost you, with the added benefit of the versatility of the LaScalas for speaker placement reasons. As for the mid-range issues that some folks feel a need to drop the mid-range back a couple of decibels....that generally has much more to do with the crossover network version the particular LaScalas came with (a few different versions over its lifespan have been used) than anything else...combined with placement and room issues...and, of course, the upstream components being used to feed the LaScalas play a major role in that "issue". One caveat, though, when using LaScalas for PA duty, ESPECIALLY when feeding using a microphone, you will have to find that perfect happy spot for the amp volume control, AND the microphone being used for voice...because with highly efficient speakers like the LaScala, even the distance from mouth to mic makes a huge difference in what comes out of the speakers. So don't overdo it and end up blowing the tweeter(s) or the woofer by pushing too much power into them when using a mic. I would opt for low power amp for that usage, and use it only for that usage, while using something else for music playback. There are reasons why so many former and current Klipsch employees end up/ended up with LaScalas in the house and never got the K-horns, besides the issue of availability of corners for the K-horns. LaScala VERSATILITY is right at the top of that list of reasons. One other thing....even when many finally opt for Klipschorns to replace their LaScalas in use for their PRIMARY listening environment...you will find that very many of these people KEEP their LaScalas in another system within their home or for other uses, simply due to the versatility of the LaScala.
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    How about a birthday picture AMY.....I know you know how to use a camera....lol
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    Consecutive Forte II's in Clear Oak Finish -Recently Upgraded Crites Xovers (new caps) and Ti Tweeter Diaphragms -Cabinets are in great shape-small ding on one of the backs of the bases -Nora Jones Inspected and Approved (Ha!) -Pick up only $700.00
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    @dtel's wife How's about a panoramic shot of the entire front end of the room MWM to 1502 to MWM like the first "before" picture. I want to drool.
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    That's some awesome pics there Amy.....thanks for sharing.
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    Thank you @Amy. I figured direct from you put more in your pockets. She's about 9mos old.
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    Oh great, looking at little Steven, he's not little anymore, I'm surely getting old fast. Looking good Amy, how is it you don't seem to age ?
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    Nothing on you Amy. Just seemed apropos. I know I'm twisted
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    What I remember when Star Wars came out was that of simpler days. Our movie theater was about 4 or 5 miles away. My friends and I, in the suburbs by Detroit, hopped on our little banana bike 5 speeds and rode to the theater, where there were about 500 other bikes parked. Hey Mom, taking my bike to the movies with some friends, see you later We added ours to the pile, locked them up with our cheap combination locks and headed in to be blown away by that first movie. Fun times. For me, they are all hard to watch now.
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    At roughly that time (early seventies) the Vietnam war ended, the oil cartel was bleeding us dry, interest rates were 18% to buy a house, and other stuff so people were in a constantly foul mood. JJK
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    Wow, Ceptor you're over 100%. Who did you have to sleep with? There aren't that many sheep in Indy.
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    I just gave him 3 likes from the previous page....up to 229.....10.20954%
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    There @sputnik, now with 226 likes against 2,243 posts, you're at 10.07579%. Don't screw it up by posting, unless you want to dip back into single digits. Also, don't like posts or you'll never catch up. It's all up to ewe.
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    None are as bad as Joe Theismann's leg break. I remember them showing it over and over and over...............
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    The HIE networks are basically like AA networks on older Khorns and LaScalas (according to Bob Crites). They allow the mid and tweeter drivers to scream at full tilt while attempting to get 103 db of UPPER bass to catch up in the HIE (100 db/W driver with a port that's tuned for max. db. A sealed Heresy with a K-43 starts rolling off at about 150 Hz.while the slotted front "shelf port" in the HIE, similar to what was done in the Cornwall, picks up the natural bass rolloff of the low Qts K43 woofer by 2-3 db in an attempt to get more bass. It most certainly falls short in this area, but with a good subwoofer below 100 Hz. it certainly would work well as a system. The reason I put the bass port in the REAR of my Super Heresy Mod (besides available space) is because the weaker output at the frequencies below 100 Hz. are REINFORCED by the back wall or corner when they are 12-18 inches out from the walls. The $20,000 Palladiums do the same thing. Also the main reason why the passive radiators of the Forte and Chorus, etc. are done that way with that spacing as the preferred placement. The rear radiators need room to "breathe."
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    Now my data is a set of 2 points. Another fella has Belles in Laredo for $3250. :-O Makes the 2500 pair seem like a good deal
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    Is that where Purdue is? Just kidding
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    I am well aware of the location of Lafayette Indiana… I sent a lot of money there…
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    AHHH I miss that life too..... but that's how I'm on my second filter now. Ya live, ya Learn. "But Rock On completely with some brand new components" _ Cake
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    maybe THAT’S what i’m afraid of ... you can like me a little less already since i’m closer to Montana than I was when i lived in Los Angeles.
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    He tripped over his own foot and went down on his right knee in an awkward way. The one which really looked bad was Beckham's broken leg. That was a rough replay to watch in slo-mo.
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    Oh c'mon....it's not that far. Road trip
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    I grew up at the edge of a city....Indianapolis. I moved about 20 miles out of Indy to a city of 20k people 15 years ago, even here, I'm on the edge. I've never really lived in a city. I do like having a city close by, restaurants, theaters, shopping. I do like the country, as long as a city is fairly close.
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    In other words...............just relax and be yourself so, at least, others will have the right reasons for not liking you.
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    I'll say it now..... Go Blue.
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    You will be making a huge mistake NOT buying the 62ii center. It is the match for those. As for bookshelves I’d personally get the 61ii’s and put extra money towards the 115 sub. Better sub all around.
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    Here are some 'gear' photos for those that were interested in the current lineup....
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    Very nice Gary....isn't unboxing gear fun?
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    This AVR is by far the most advanced and full featured unit I have ever owned!.......here then, some of the options shown here on the sticker, this is one notch down from the current flagship.............
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    Marantz packing layout...........
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    I think you have the early t35b, if it doesn't have 4 mounting holes then it's the early one. I have seen the specs on the early one and if I remember right they are similar. If you referring to the midrange horn with no mounting holes in it that uses mounting brackets I have one available along with some other spare parts as I am restoring 4 "Aristocrats" myself.
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    Could've been using bump fire stocks. Cheap and legal.
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    Happy Birthday Amy, and mat it be a blessed one! It may sound like a cliche' but I am not able to express how much I personally miss you
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    Yes! I have such a goofy living room with a hallway running through the front soundstage and a semi-trapezoidal right-side wall it's a wonder anything sounds good. Putting the Khorns into my equally goofy "corners" (one is a glass wall, the other is my front door) I just could not integrate the Korns into any kind of 5.1 configuration that sounded right. Due to spouse's request I put them on the market. With someone coming over to look at them I hooked them up in a completely wrong setup, no corners, almost middle of the room, too close together and too close to the MLP and all of the sudden they sound amazing. I am already having Seller's Remorse.
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    Crap! Been on the forum over 12 years and set a personal goal to qualify for the hidden forum when it was established a few years ago. At my rate of posting, it would only have taken another 15 years to get to 5,000 posts. Alas, another dream dies on the vine.
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