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    I know this is sooo last month but here are some of my eclipse photos. I like this early shot where lunar terrain can be seen silhouetted against the sun. Mercury can be seen in the lower left of the frame at totality. Edge shot near the end of totality. Diamond Ring effect at the end of totality.
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    A recent pic.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    the devil in disguise Gia's Halloween costume...
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    Thanks, all! Miss you guys too! I'm not on Facebook, but if anyone wants to connect on Instagram, find me here: https://www.instagram.com/amy_lizbeth_u/
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    Just saying..... Have a good one.... MKP :-)
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    Nice @sputnik at any time, those are National Geographic worthy photos!
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    Another great prog LP recording by Jethro Tull Listen well - and if you can understand the subtitleties of the English grammar and language you will get the full benefit from this album Artist - Jethro Tull Title - A Passion Play
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    There, I just liked you. BTW, you're doing OK here - you have a 104% like vs post ratio and I"m at a pathetic 9%. Maybe I'll start a thread just asking members to like me.
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    Keep that white costume away from your coffee.
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    Just got a new Nikon D850 and I'm testing the image quality of my old lenses - several of them just don't measure up with the new camera. This is not an especially good photo but I took this in testing my old 58mm f1.2 Noct Nikkor ais (manual) lens. I'm happy to see that my favorite lens still holds it's own.
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    Personally I’m looking forward to production as I want one “built and in” my house. 😀
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    I remember reading about that in the paper Steve. You were wasted just looking at that mug shot.
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    I can only say one thing........................ABX box. Double blind listening with all conditions controlled to 0.1 db will put away any argument. Problem with audiophiles is they would rather hang on to their technically false belief system rather than hear the truth for themselves.
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    I work at a center that works with folks with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and one of our doctors, emailed all of us this link to a very cool video. It's about 12 minutes long, but I was amazed at the content. Enjoyable and thought provoking, extremely well done. Bruce
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    Hey, I've got a new grand niece also! Ordering up so my wife can take to Peru at end of month. Capital idea @DizRotus And thanks @Amy https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/d8ad202e-86e0-42b9-8d1d-347de3f6e8de And I put "Amy" in the promo code box and it did not help
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    It's about halfway between Baton Rouge and the Texas state line. Oh nevermind I thought you were talking about the lafayette with the good food.
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    Weird, the doctor made the same comment and question
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    Could be but that's why you fit in here, most are not in a position to judge you. I did give it a like so that says about the same for me.
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    Be careful we notice things like that !
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    You boys very funny. Thanks @bkevind for the post. Thanks @Tasdom for the pics of the post. Thanks @wvu80 for sharing your accumulated sales numbers, dates, condition, finish, etc. Passed on OO Chorus 2's very recently for this very reason ^^^ as the ask price was just not acceptable to me.
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    The sub just disappears into the room.
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    My daughter received her doctorate degree from Purdue
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    Now it’s time to break out a much loved album I’m sure it’s a favourite of many members An early prog conceptual LP album that is just sublime with sofisticated and complex compositions One play is not enough - so for me, it’s back for another spin Artist - Jethro Tull Title - Aqualung
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    I roast my own coffee beans Infact I just finished a 1kg roast 40 min ago I have about a hundred kg of green beans on hand to roast as single origin or blend together Jamaican Blue & Kona Mountain are truely sublime beans, but care must be taken not to overdo the roast And Jethro Tull definitely rocks 🎶
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    I gave up 20 years ago And replaced by espresso style coffee ☕️
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    When i was in the Coast Guard and stationed on a ship in Michigan, one of my shipmates invited me to his parent’s place for a weekend. It was in Lafayette, Indiana. I don’t remember much about it though. We went to a huge party and it was the 70s and I would take anything given to me -- i do remember at one point, being SO messed up that i wondered what in the world was given to me. Actually, I’d have to look at a map to see what part of the state Lafayette is in.
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    I second that! I have only had my 1982 Klipschorns for a little over 2 years and have been to several "High End" Audio shops in Phoenix etc. over that same time and have heard $80,000 speakers with mega Mc gear, when we get home and turn on our simple/humble MC30's, C22 reissue and the Klipschorns, there is nothing we are missing...Matter of fact it sounds better that what we heard. Just my ears & opinion.
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    funny thing. Years ago, my eldest sister and her husband went to visit friends of hers. When they returned i asked if they enjoyed the trip. She said she did; but, her husband didn’t. My sister’s friend’s husband didn’t like my brother-in-law for some reason and that drove my Brother-in-Law crazy. He couldn’t figure out why in the world someone wouldn’t like him. Except for the part where he has absolutely no filters and says whatever he feels like saying -- he was a fun guy to be around and one of the biggest party animals I’ve ever met. Me ... i’m more messed up than that. I rarely give people the chance not to like me. For the record, I can count on one hand all the people that i know don’t like me...and that’s meeting people for 57 years. The odds are in my favor that i’ll be liked; but, still i hesitate. Probably a clinical name for it; like “nuts” or something. A few people in recent years that know a little about me have made the comment that they couldn’t believe that after the stuff i saw and went through as a kid, that nobody took me for counseling. Heck, i never even heard of counseling until i was in my 20s. I don’t think it was that popular in the 60s/70s --maybe it was; but, it didn’t reach me. So, you’re stuck with this messed up dude on your forum; but, don’t worry, I don’t ask for things and I stay out of everybody’s business.
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    The Klipsch LaScala is arguably the most versatile speaker that Klipsch has ever produced, even though it lacks the extreme bottom-end performance of the Klipschorn, but that can easily be solved with a good subwoofer: 1. Fist of all, it does NOT REQUIRE a corner like the Klipschorn does, although the LaScala will perform better if corners are available for it. 2. LaScalas can easily be taken outside for outdoor parties and such and that is where they REALLY SHINE! Nothing beats a pair of LaScalas outdoors (unless you have an MWM-based system, instead!). 3. The LaScala is identically voiced to the Klipschorn, with the exception that the K-horns goes down to around 32Hz, whereas the LaScala starts to roll off severely on its bottom-end between 45-60Hz. Many see no need whatsoever to even go the subwoofer route with LaScalas, unless they are using them as part of a home theater system. 4. Because the LaScala is FULLY-horn-loaded, just as the Khorn is, it is highly directional. Because the LaScala needs no corners, then you can be blasting them for an outdoor party, and watch as people in FRONT of them are screaming to carry on a conversation, while those standing BEHIND them are able to carry on a conversation at normal voice levels. 5. LaScalas were DESIGNED to be used as stage and theater speakers, so that would make them much more ideal for your desire to also use them for PA purposes. So, my suggestion for you would be the LaScalas. Even if you choose to add a subwoofer to them, the total cost would be much less than a pair of K-horns would cost you, with the added benefit of the versatility of the LaScalas for speaker placement reasons. As for the mid-range issues that some folks feel a need to drop the mid-range back a couple of decibels....that generally has much more to do with the crossover network version the particular LaScalas came with (a few different versions over its lifespan have been used) than anything else...combined with placement and room issues...and, of course, the upstream components being used to feed the LaScalas play a major role in that "issue". One caveat, though, when using LaScalas for PA duty, ESPECIALLY when feeding using a microphone, you will have to find that perfect happy spot for the amp volume control, AND the microphone being used for voice...because with highly efficient speakers like the LaScala, even the distance from mouth to mic makes a huge difference in what comes out of the speakers. So don't overdo it and end up blowing the tweeter(s) or the woofer by pushing too much power into them when using a mic. I would opt for low power amp for that usage, and use it only for that usage, while using something else for music playback. There are reasons why so many former and current Klipsch employees end up/ended up with LaScalas in the house and never got the K-horns, besides the issue of availability of corners for the K-horns. LaScala VERSATILITY is right at the top of that list of reasons. One other thing....even when many finally opt for Klipschorns to replace their LaScalas in use for their PRIMARY listening environment...you will find that very many of these people KEEP their LaScalas in another system within their home or for other uses, simply due to the versatility of the LaScala.
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    How about a birthday picture AMY.....I know you know how to use a camera....lol
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    So it’s Hippie Girl’s birthday too. (Cue the music ... Happy Birthday performed by an orchestra of harmonicas). I hope you are painting a beautiful picture with your life -- and enjoying it. Happy Birthday. Steve
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    Oh great, looking at little Steven, he's not little anymore, I'm surely getting old fast. Looking good Amy, how is it you don't seem to age ?
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    There @sputnik, now with 226 likes against 2,243 posts, you're at 10.07579%. Don't screw it up by posting, unless you want to dip back into single digits. Also, don't like posts or you'll never catch up. It's all up to ewe.
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    The Top 20 earworms named by the University of St Andrews are: 1) Queen – ‘We Will Rock You’ 2) Pharrell Williams – ‘Happy’ 3) Queen – ‘We Are The Champions’ 4) The Proclaimers – ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ 5) The Village People – ‘YMCA’ 6) Queen – ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ 7) Europe – ‘The Final Countdown’ 8) Bon Jovi – ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ 9) James Pierpoint – ‘Jingle Bells’ 10) Baha Men – ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’ 11) Psy – ‘Gangnam Style’ 12) Rick Astley – ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ 13) Journey – ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ 14) Mark Ronson – ‘Uptown Funk’ 15) Taylor Swift – ‘Shake It Off’ 16) Michael Jackson – ‘Beat It’ 17) Kaiser Chiefs – ‘Ruby’ 18) The Rocky Horror Show – ‘The Timewarp’ 19) Meghan Trainor – ‘All About The Bass’ 20) Culture Club – ‘Karma Chameleon’ http://www.nme.com/news/music/queen-1203599
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    Now my data is a set of 2 points. Another fella has Belles in Laredo for $3250. :-O Makes the 2500 pair seem like a good deal
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    He tripped over his own foot and went down on his right knee in an awkward way. The one which really looked bad was Beckham's broken leg. That was a rough replay to watch in slo-mo.
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    I'm not against the Horned Frogs, I was just rooting for the Mountaineers. You can see how much good that did.
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    Thank you Dave............aaah, I see the photo of the AVR didn't make it...........thats ok.... Well, now it is time to enjoy everything. Over in RTM tonight through the rest of the long weekend. Sorry everyone for hogging up the space here. But everyone knows me by now and the photo thing.. Until the next purchase....
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    Here are some 'gear' photos for those that were interested in the current lineup....
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    Very nice Gary....isn't unboxing gear fun?
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    Just got home with it what a drive Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Could've been using bump fire stocks. Cheap and legal.
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    A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of your friends from the old klipsch fourm. We miss you Amy and wish you many more B-Days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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