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    Thanks for the words Ron, you have an email. I just got off the phone with AL @ALK He gave me the low down on adjusting the X-Overs, I took his advice, and cut back on toe in so the horns are less straight at me. It has made a HUGE difference in listen ability in my small room. Lyle Lovett sounds pretty damn good. I guess its a good thing the 2 interested had to back out, I wont have to feel bad about keeping them around. NO LONGER FOR SALE
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    So while this seems trite, I am having a grand time watching these little fowl grow and learn. I used to think dogs / cats etc... were funny, They dont have anything on these crazy chicks This is a learning experience for me I have never had chickens before and I am going mostly on common sense, We lost our dog a few weeks back and I thought What are we going to do with the kennel, a 20 foot by 10 foot chain link enclosure, We went to TSC and bought 12 chicks. I put them on the front porch inside a makeshift brooder (stacked cinder blocks to make an enclosure in the corner) set in a feeder and water, some pine shavings bedding and a heat lamp. will update more as time goes............... Anyone with any advice certainly welcomed
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    Bumping, because I don't know anyone who doesn't like pictures of Chorus IIs, giant tapped horn subs, or German shepherds, so to have all three in one place is simply magical.
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    Look at the horns. Get the KLF-C7. I've owned both. No comparo. Keith
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    Good taste is very subjective. "Good" is what one likes. Plenty of gourmet food gets spat out. You can call it foi gras ... I call it LIVER and will spit it back... no matter how "good" it is to other people.
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    Back on topic. SWMBO, purchased Folger’s Colombian, as we’re out of whole bean 8 O’Clock. I must admit, it tastes pretty good, strong but smooth. I guess I’m not a coffee connoisseur.
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    And the reason I give them what they need, then run them off is because if I let them stay they start piling chit on the speakers, like the candles in that picture.
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    Not really a Joke Just making a point....
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    My life took a similar turn but for injury not decision, its been 6 years now I can say I cherish the time I now get to spend with my wife and boys, We lost pretty much everything material but we Gained so much more in other ways. We were able to finally build up some of the material crap again although in a new way. We own our home (small mobile home on 5 acres at the end of a dead end called boondocks rd.) we own our cars both older and used but run fine, Most today would look down there noses at how where we live but we are much happier and though I can not claim stress free (I really wish I could but so much of what goes on around us today in the world makes me crazy and I just am not able to unplug and ignore it) I know we are better off I say good for you Wuzzer, Life is short, Enjoy what you can
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    Our new Great Pyrenees LGD, Sam the GoatDog.. he should be ready for duty in about 2 years.
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    He was hired as a consultant for Full Metal Jacket to advise an actor how to act like a Marine drill instructor, and after watching Ermey the director decided to give him the part. The opening scene of Full Metal Jacket is top drawer classic cinema. I would link the YouTube video but it is so NSFW and non politically correct it would surely offend someone. He wasn't acting, he was just playing himself. RIP
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    I thought Fictitious Sports sounded ok on my pc Klipsch. Shouldn't have been surprised but I was very happy how good it sounds on the stereo. The brass was so very real coming from the Forte IIIs that it factored in stopped me from doing some drastic changes involving selling the F IIIs after going to get some Cornscalas. Might have come out in the + $ column overall afterwards, but the bird in hand stayed my hand. Came out nicely with the copy of "Beat" I got also, "LN" condition is taken seriously by some sellers! I know a couple of them now!
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    I did electric. nitro sounds like fun. You should see the specs on the li/po batteries we used. They are what made electric helis possible. 20A @4v from a battery that weighed 11gm. Slightly larger than a book of matches. I have a couple R/C cars and a cigarette type boat, too
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    RIP funny man, loved that show. Markie Post......mmmmm
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    I whole-heartedly encourage you guys to pursue, but make sure you outline your objectives before you buy the first chick. Ours are a food source so we've picked breeds that meet those goals, built structures for specific time periods, buy certain feeds, and designated certain flocks for specific usage so that we have an appropriate level of care and attachment. Other people raise them as pets and make decisions accordingly. It also guides how and when we grow the flock(s). At the very least, don't just buy one. They're social creatures and need several birds in the flock to ensure good social structure and health.
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    -- no worries - I'll slip you a note at Hope with the answer - then burn it please.
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    --- until my heavily discounted KHorns arrive I'd rather not say --
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    I only joined so I could get a reserved seat in the demo/listening room with my forum name embroidered in the headrest, a discount on some of the best fondue this side of Beverly Hills, and, of course, special recognition within the double secret click.....how sweet it is.....
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    Mike, That middle video with the Tommy Ivo car reminds me of a time I saw that same 4 Buick dragster in a match race against a Turbonique powered Valiant at U.S. 131 Dragway In Martin, MI. The noise from that Turbonique was deafening. The four Buick’s were extremely loud as the throttles were blipped at the tree. The Turbonique was dead silent as the tree blinked down, until the green light, when the Turbonique roared to life in a banshee’s wail. The Turbonique won. Before the next race I told myself I was ready for the unbearable shriek of the Turbonique. I wasn’t, it seemed worse than ever.
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    Tru dat.........
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    WOW! I have had myHIII's about two weeks, I am blown away! Everything from Dean Martin to the Clash sound so different from what I was used to.[PSB T6]. These just sound so real. I can't really blast them due to townhouse environment, but with my Prima Luna, they sound unbelievable!! Thanks to all who replied to me!
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    SOLD... I have decided to sell my fantastic 2Way Jubilee clones. I am located in Newmarket, ON, so anybody in the area that might like to own Jubilees, here is your chance. Asking $4,200 cnd.I built these last winter and completed them in Feb. 2017.They are constructed of 18mm (3/4in) Baltic Birch, based on a very good plan sheet that is said to bevery, very close to a factory built bin.I actually had all the pieces cut on a CNC machine to ensure the utmost accuracy.The base drivers were brand new Klipsch K31 woofers.The K402 horn has Faital HF-200 compression drivers to supply the upper end.Internal wiring is Supra Ply 3.4.The bins and custom horn stands are veneered with Goncalo Alves (Tigerwood) veneer and then finishedwith Rubio Monocoat in a Natural tone.For a crossover, I use a Xilica XP-4080 that has been set up carefully for the crossover points, EQ, delay and gains.The XP-4080 is available for an additional $800.I have owned many of the Klipsch Heritage speakers and can say that Jubilees make the Cornwall, La Scala andeven the mighty KHorns sound like toys in comparison.I did take over 100 shots during construction as a running log of my progress that I would be happy to show while auditioning.Thanks for looking.
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    Harry Anderson comedian, magician and best known as the star of Night Court has passed away at 65. RIP Harry
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    I looked carefully at the rubber surrounds which are those articulated type OEM to Klipsch. Very distinctive. I agree with others the color looks odd but it could be the lighting and photography. The rubber surrounds do look OEM to me. The best way to tell is to pull one woofer and look at the part number.
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    Yeah, seems most sellers don't like to pull out drivers. I have to remind myself next time i get into any of my speakers to take photos of everything in case these questions pop up and i have photos to prove. I think i'll still take the chance and purchase these as the price is nice and Crites replacement woofers are $200 +$20 shipping if i remember correctly, so not bad at all. Maybe i'l luck out and these will be original drivers after all. Going to look at them tomorrow morning. Thanks for your help.
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    I reached out to Ken (My Mom's SO) to see if he is down to get it on it as he is the one writing the checks for this. The listing is about 60 days old so hopefully its not sold and the ad accidentally left up. I will contact the guy as soon as I get confirmation from Ken. I was hoping to be able to get away with a phantom but even being off to one side by a foot or two breaks the stereo imaging and pulls the dialog over.
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    I take it this is the C-7 you are interested in? Grab it. That one looks great and the price is right too. https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-klf-c7-center-channel/6508105069.html
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    I have a hard (time) believing that is true! My Marantz 6011 in 5.1, bi-wired L/F and bi-wired center.
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    Door stops make good slant for Heresy's......I got these little stands at wally world,,,and when you slide them back the spacer on bottom makes it tilt up.
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    For your mom? Wow, that's pretty nice. I hope your mom appreciates the great gift and bakes you some cookies or something. I also have the CF-4's (modded) and a Reference 15 with a 500 watt plate amp. This combination turns the CF-4 effectively into a 3-way system and is the best 2.1 sound combo I have ever heard for the kind of music I like to listen to. (jazz, and brass) I have never heard either the KV-3 or the KLF-C7. Everything I've read indicates the sound is outstanding for both, so you really can't go wrong. I think for ultra high-performance and louder listening I would get the KV-3. For lower and medium listening levels I would get the C-7. Since this is for your mom, get the KLF-C7.
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    A future Rodney in the making.
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    So nice mikey... congratulations.
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    He was great in FMJ. When my boys were younger, they really loved watching Mail Call (I liked the show too). They especially liked it when he would call his viewers "maggots". RIP
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    So at least we both are in an agreement the receiver would not be the best option?
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    A friend of mine (/ex drummer ) recommended to have a listen to a band called Pineapple Thief
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    I would have thought you brought along a gun anyway for rattlesnakes hiding in the wood. JJK
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    AGREED! https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2018/04/13/heinz-promoted-its-new-mayochup-and-sparked-an-international-controversy/?utm_term=.5add7d5b623a
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    Well, it has been slow. I have an elderly mother that I've been spending time with, and as a result I haven't worked on the La Scala's much throughout the weekday evenings. I did repaint everything and put the handles back on and the aluminum trim. ...and from the front: Paint turned out really nice. The grille cloth is on the way, and I plan to make the LF sections look like a W like @MookieStl did for @Matthews. After talking it over a bit with @Hornographic, I decided on the MelloTone SF-7005 cloth from http://www.parts-express.com. Should look great.
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    I'm innocent I tell ya! Knobs have to be the most primal mechanical devices. Just look at a baby's fist, and recall how many times the little darlings have gripped your finger and held on. We were designed to grasp knobs. I guess mother nature anticipated the age of electronics.
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    If these were in the US and within a 8 hour drive from Tennessee I would have already tried to make a deal,clones or not those are some beautiful speakers.
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    Thanks for the compliments guys. Update, all veneer work is done and apply poly now. Here are pics with one coat of poly on (still wet).
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    Hi Zimbida, welcome to the forum. I saw that you are in the Chicago area, so you might want to join us sometime in the next few weeks when we get a date established for a small get together. Very relaxed and fun. Here's a link to the thread.
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    No it's not and it's not about power. What we use is a good bit bigger than a 904 like 2x and at the volume we use, a good bookshelf speaker could keep up. It's about the size and effortlessness of the sound without any pinpointing of where the sound is coming from. Also the 904 is a direct radiator different sound, no way around it. .
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