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    Hello ! after almost two years of happiness, some news from my Cornwall III. I really liked Amy's project : https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/150513-custom-plaques-for-heritage-speakers/ But as I am far from the US I have made here in France, by a craftsman my plates of Heritage. I think Klipsch will not mind if I did not go through them for manufacturing because it was complicated because of the distance and because Amy does not work at home anymore, so I did not have the new one contact. Then, for the position on the cabinet, I hesitated a long time and then I chose this place discreet because invisible, when the fabric cover is in place and high enough so that one can read the text without lying down On the ground. Do you like that? I will try to put a sharper picture later!
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    Today I found hiding in amonst the classical part of the collection From 1974 a great rocky prog album Artist - Procol Harum Title - Exotic Birds and Fruit 
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    He is taking a break, hope he comes back one day, he is missed.
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    Just put this on hold ...
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    Just remember I did try again.... Another failed attempt ! As kid yes I did enjoy zep.... But they do nothing for me know... king crimson on the other hand still blows me away !
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    Never was that big of a gearhead, never thought of tasting it, although it might be better than Miracle whip, wouldn't take much.
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    --- Yikes! That ain't even Mayo ?! and with you being a good southerner isn't a bottle of Dukes more appropriate ?!?
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    I'm not good with Spanish, is this it ?
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    I think there's still hope for you. Break out "Houses of the Holy" and try "the Rain Song" "Dyer Maker" & "No Quarter" No expectations, calm peaceful thoughts, then do like that fellow in all those first time listening to posts from last night! I'll try and enable you
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    Had to dip into the “In case of emergency break glass” stash. The boutique 1850 Black Gold by Folgers is OK. Seems more marketing than product. FYI, the soup can vase is a decoration from the wife’s book club, where the protagonist in the subject book put flowers in soup cans. Last night we went to Stars On Ice at the new Little Caesars Arena. The tickets were complimentary from our son who works at LCA. Watching figure skating is not my favorite Saturday night pastime, but the wife enjoyed it, and seeing the new LCA, with a tour guided by our son, who could take us anywhere, was fun. Seeing the behind the scenes Detroit Redwings facilities was a treat, and, actually the skating was entertaining. Watching top level athletes, even in sports you don’t follow, can be entertaining. Could use some barrel jumping, though to maintain interest. On a note pertinent to this forum, the sound was abysmal. Way too much boomy bass, coupled with an inability to understand the dialogue. The music accompaniments were poor also. I wonder what the sound quality is like for the concerts. Perhaps I’ll find out next month, as the wife wants to go to Hall & Oates. I guess that would be better than figure skating . . . even without barrel jumping.
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    I wonder if he will do King Crimson
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    I enjoy a lot of different music. Coming from a jazz background, including country is a quantum leap... and do enjoy some country. My dad didn't consider country [as] music. I think his opinion tempered a little, but he wouldn't pay to attend a country music show. I am having visions of him doing a "Bob's Country Bunker" HaHaHa
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    I should take some shots before the sun goes down. Most of the time it is too bright to take decent pics. The mesquites are all fresh green. They will turn almost blue before it rains again ... in late June.. there are some neat flowers going off right now. I'll need to wait for "the golden hour" to take pics. trying to track down where the hummer are building. I see them gathering nesting material... Cat hair, spiderwebs, fiberglass insulation. in the mean, you have to suffer another sunset
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    I rarely hear them here in NYC/Philly. But do catch them from time to time.
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    Led zep is more accessible.... For the average listener.. And radio friendly.... With musical style based on r&b... It's not that you hear crimson on the radio.. Don't know of a radio station... At the time that would Play any crimson... Unless it was late night... But with my local station their known to play ... Supers ready in its entirety... A few times a year...
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    This ain’t my first ro-day-o.
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    Remember that king crimson is not easy listening.. And it's not that they are heavy , but at any moment They can enter the stratosphere...sonically.. My favorite line up is with wetton , bruford , years
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    Mac gear new or used.. Is a little to much for me.. But if you check that site out.... He does restore Vintage Mac gear.. I think jimbo bought a pair of Mc 30's from him.. A couple of years back... And highly recommends him.... http://www.vintagevacuumaudio.com/product-category/amps-for-sale/
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    F%$#kin Nina Simone. Makes my Hair stand up!
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    There is a lcl shop in Fords,NJ. Haven't been there since I live in Bklyn.. $300.00 was enough for today! I'll go back though, they have a few more originals there, I'd like to pick up.
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    Getting there, Breaking in the Ortofon super 40, Just picked up 10 albums today, enough of streaming. lol Scored on the Brubeck & a Coltrane original presses.
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    Hello, I'm a new member of this forum but I don't know this is a good place for presentation I'm french man, sorry for my poor english and I leave in France région du Pont du Gard (Roman bridge). I have an american legend car : a Mustang V6 2010 I Buy a pair of klipsch Cornwall in Germany this summer. My Cornwall are Black ! The sound is very good !!!
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    When the well dries up they will be willing to shake.
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    Maby one of these, or the second picture the redneck version.
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    Correct. Supply and demand principal.
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    -- spend more time around Jimbo, you'll understand -??!!!
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    I've often wondered what folks do with the info after learning of the manufacturer date...
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    Just catching up today...was off work (well at least from my paying job) on Friday and working around the homestead. Mainly incommunicado. The good news is over the last couple days I got the Jubilees hooked up and making sound. They are not in their final positions and the cabling is still a jumble but at least progress. Man o man those 402 horns sure have beautiful sound to them and such a big soundstage. I'll post some pics in a different thread. Later. Anyway just reading over the last couple days posts and I want to say the better half and I will be arriving in Texarkana Wednesday evening and should be in Hope noonish on Thursday. @dtel's wife, @dtel, @CECAA850 we will be available to help in anyway we can.
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    because wemen caint be trusted to do a good job
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    Love it! Nice to see there are American products that are so well liked by our friends in France. Enjoy them in good health!
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    Well if your going to put that disclosure in, I do not claim any picture I have ever put here would be considered a great photo, just ones I like. Yes they were and Bruce's pictures also.
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    Two great write-ups and explanations directly upstream ^^^ @Islander and @garyrc! Have your secretaries type that up and I will sign it.
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    You should see my reactions when I listen to Genesis - Nursery Cryme
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    Don't know where you are... but I bet it's about the same distance. Bloody 1200 miles from here. Only 2 state between me and there.... NM and TEXAS. The long way Texas. ElPaso to Texarkana Before you Texans get all proud, I have been to Alaska and heard the jokes...
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    Hey if BigStewMan makes it I will too!
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    --- I like to somewhat "stage" my hifi gear when I put it on the market. At least move shoes/slippers, crap stacked on and around said piece (which would never happen anyway). But it looks like these CW's will not come with the obligatory water stain rings on their tops but with Vicks Vapo-rub stains instead. A nice touch and makes for easy breathing throughout the night. And the gun? I mean who doesn't keep one next to their valuables? Better than hoping for direct shot to the eye with a wad of Vicks --?!?!
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    If you look even closer, there's a Cornwall just to the left of the bed.
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