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    bought in Colossus last saturday... calm before the storm starting stack break 1 break 2 busted out after 6 levels but I played cash for 14 straight hours after that... conclusion, all profit
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    People seem to be much more shy about writing and talking on classical music than the other, non-classical kinds, so that's one reason. Classical threads rarely go anywhere for that reason, IMO. Occasionally something very well known like Adagio for Strings will get extended commentary, but that's too rare. While it appears that classical isn't appreciated here, you'd be surprised at how extensive forum members' knowledge and understanding is! Lots of classical lurking on the Forum! Klipsch reproduces brass, percussion and woodwinds very well, strings a little less so. (Competitors that reproduce great string sound may not do as well on other instruments.) Pipe organs are great for playing over K-horns. The PWK admonition of using very good equipment (sound sources including cartridges, electronics!) especially makes classical sound better. So will very smooth crossovers and drivers. I especially like my AK-4 X-overs for that reason. All the most recent generation of Heritage speaks fill that bill IMO.
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    Depending on the source and your electronics, it will sound as if you are there amongst the throng, with the luxury of being in your own listening room. Spectacular with classical music...Klipsch...welcome.😊
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    These are mine. I came up with the price based on a previous pair of version 2 cf3 black finish that sold for $1000 on eBay. I figured the version 1 and walnut finish would be worth more. I didn't get these cheap, but I wanted to hear them and I liked the finish, so I paid. I've had them since the winter, but I haven't been listening to them lately so I decided to test the waters on them. If a forum member is interested, contact me through the forum NOT EBAY for a better price.
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    One chart that I put together a couple of years ago refers to the book "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die" vs. my own CD collection, broken down into relative percentages by genre (my CD collection is the blue bars). Perhaps this will begin to answer your question. The book's relative percentages by genre closely follows Rolling Stone magazine's 500 greatest albums list. You can see for yourself where the problem lies: Fully 1/3 of my music collection is classical, and I listen to those recordings every day. Classical 5.1 Blu-Ray music video discs and music-only discs (not included in this count, above) are absolutely spectacular on my setup. The best recordings that I own are all classical recordings--by far. Secondly, horn-loaded loudspeakers (i.e., the type for which Klipsch is noted) reproduce greater music transients much more faithfully than direct-radiating loudspeakers. This is actually much more important for classical than for other genres of music. Here is a breakdown of the average dynamic range of the different genres of music (measured) as per a JAES article from the late 1990s. The popular genres shown in the chart below will now measure even lower average dynamic range (crest factors, or average-to-peak values) than what is shown in this chart: Chris
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    , she would never even know what they are... if I didn't tell her. and if I did, I would most likely get the blank stare indicating it all went over her head. Her eyes would glaze over when I would start telling her about some innovation on my helicopters, too ...
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    Also the roof at the same time, and possibly your wife's blood pressure.
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    Completely irrelevant but here goes. One of my past customers was a food processor and they were setting up a room to process chocolate bits for yogurt. One of the instrument techs had a high dollar workstation laptop and was dialing in some PLC's when an employee opened the wrong valve. It flooded the laptop with rich creamy chocolate. We knew then that HP actually meant Hershey Powered.
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    Boston does too. What he got out of what he had was amazing.
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    I don't do anything to try impress any idea on any person... I live this lifestyle for myself.
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    The ESPN analysts have nothing on you guys! Steph set an NBA record for 3's in a Finals game. Durant was back in terms of shooting and was unstoppable. 10-14, 3-3 and 4-4 FT. On the other side of the ball the Warriors held Lebron to 29. JR Smith didn't need a last second blunder to help lose the game, he stunk the whole time, 2-9 FG's and 1-4 3's. And what is wrong with Kyle Korver? I like him but you can't be a 3-point specialist and go 0-3 shooting and 0-1 from 3-point land. The Playoffs really don't get started until the third game but unless James gets some help, this series only has two more games left.
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    Being Walnut, IMHO, they are worth more than the black ones, plus they're V1. I sold my V2 or V3 Walnut CF3 close to that price. Now I have seller's remorse. Good luck with you sale and I hope you get what you need for them.
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    I know you're not supposed to quote yourself, but Emile gave me a smiley and the remote already came in so I thought I'd update you. The remote is brain damaged. It will control the Onkyo 717 AVR but CAN NOT be programmed to run any other device like the original. A specific button needed to be used in tandem with the TV button (for instance) is NOT on the remote. It's just missing! I contacted China and the response was "Dear Friend there is no manual and I am not a programmer. Sorry."
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    + 1 to that....I have about $ 1800.00 in the 2 pair of Chorus II's I have...To get into a pair of Forte III's would cost close to double that...I was already to pull the trigger... Just couldn't say good bye to the Chorus II's George
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    Hello friends! I'm trying to find out how Klipsch speakers respond to classical music, opera etc. I'm planning to buy a complete set up for a surround system, Dolby Atmos with the RF-7's in the front, RC-64 III center channel etc. I read that those speakers are amazing when it comes to rock and rock, pop music etc, but I don't see many people talking about classical music. What it's your opinion? Thanks!
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    A Crayfish Amputated Its Own Claw to Avoid Being Boiled Alive in a Hotpot
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    For $470... They should resole themselves.. Nice boots
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    Oh and Mr. Davis is always a pleasure to deal with, in my experience.
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    When it comes to FREE - commit first, sort out details later.
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    The Sixes are actually so good looking that people are taking selfies in front of them. As for the 'Heritage' discussion. I believe only the K-Horns, LaScalas, Cornwalls and Heresy's can have the true Heritage moniker as these speakers were designed by PWK and really launched the company. In the last few years, Klipsch has put together a new "Heritage Inspired" design trend with quality metal and wood, even in their headphones but it has little to do with the original 'Heritage' speakers. The One and Three are actually Full Range drivers and the Sixes are dressed up Reference Premier bookshelf speakers with an internal amp.
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    Yes, to the tweeter question.If you get a chance try Telefunken made in west Germany 12ax7's,you can usually pick up a pair for around 120-130.00 a pair.I have used RCA,GE,Baldwin and Mullards and like the Telefunken's the best.
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    Greetings,What would a great shape and sounding Klipsch Hershey speakers be worth to anyone out there...ser#'s 4527,4528....I know what they are worth... Do you??
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    I read an article this morning that stated that even Lebron didn't know that they had one time out left until after the end of regulation when asked his coach.
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    They take one big hammer, a vice and a piece of flat bar. Make your own and I believe the nut serts on those are 1/4 20 or at least they are on mine. Make very nice computer speakers for your desk.
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    You will never get a true definition of what an audiophile speaker is. Closest you will get is truth in timbre because everybody has their own hot buttons. The key is that they called H III fun. What more could you want. Do you want to tell your friends that you are an audiophile and get cross-eyed looks when you state you paid as much as a nice Audi for those speakers (and not be able to quantify why they cost that much) or just listen and enjoy?
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    Its what we call giving back !
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    First, welcome. How much do you want to spend? You should state your location. Members will help you find what you want near you. Do you have room for large speakers or do you need small bookshelf speakers. The KV-2 will work with most any KG Series speakers. Keith
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    If you are using Chrome, right click and choose "Paste as plain text". Or Control+Shift+V works
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    Ty for pointing to this post. I did buy a pair, and man am I so pleased with them, … From the gorgeous look, to the detailed sound, never fatiguing or harsh . I have them in my sweet spot for all day listening. I drive them with an NAD M-12 pre amp with an Onkyo M-504, and they sound amazing. I did try them with an all tube amp n pre amp too, and they really excel, with base like I have never felt before and musical tone and a sound so rich and smooth yet super clear. I am going to set them up in the next week or two with an all "Cary Audio gear" :Pre amp and DAC and a Tube amplifier amp, the CAD 120Ss MKII,...I can't wait. I did list my previous, almost brand new still, speakers, the Emotiva T-2's towers, after listening to the RF-7 III's, and never looking back. Yet no body is biting.
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    So you have Klipshorns, B collar, in Walnut Oiled from 1979. They haven't been modified, we call that unmolested. I'll assign a condition of 8/10, just a guess. It matters in what area you live and how fast you need to sell them. Khorns in good shape from that era average around $2k. The low average would be around $1600 and high average would be about $2400 for a pair in excellent condition that has had the crossovers updated, or other drivers upgraded. The last three sales I've recorded show $1200 in Condition C (average) April 2018 in Houston, $1500 Condition C May, 2018 in Mass, and $2100 condition B w/enclosure upgraded, NC May 2018. The bottom line is a willing Seller and a willing Buyer will set the final price.
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    Just won a Carver TX-11a on eBay for $130!!! Should go perfect with my C-1 preamp. Now I feel obligated to find an affordable M1.5t......
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    You seem to have a lot of opinion but little interest in sellers items lately. You should decide if you're interested in buying an item and if not just move on. Keith
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    Well it seems all I see now is a old guy.
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    IIRC, Klipsch briefly made Khorns and La Scalas that way but decided EV’s designed vertical orientation, “didn’t make a dime’s worth of difference.” Clearly, the construction and distribution costs to make mirror image left or right speakers were much more than a dime per speaker.
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    Thank you so much! Actually they went to his daughter. 😉 I am looking forward to enjoying them, I truly appreciate your help!
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    Yea I may check into just buying the capacitors and resistors myself and reloading by them. That’ll never admit it but size does matter. Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Listening now... and not a single shyte was given what other audiophiles think.
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    You must think outside the box.
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    And Thad knows his candy bar prices.
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    Oh, I assure you we know what they're worth. We write stuff down. You asked your question in the Klipsch Pro Audio sub-forum. Do you know what you have?
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    Your generosity is most admirable......😁
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    Joe Louis Arena was a dump, Intimidating perhaps with history, but still a dump. I thought those metal awnings at LCA looked spectacular, know we know why. 😊
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    Thanks! I have a special place in my heart for Chorus II's also. So until they make Chorus III's (and I'm not holding my breath)...
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    Pre amp for sure. Much more impact than the amp. If you need some really nice 6SN7s, I have a bunch....
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    Just leave the compression slot in the motor-board as it is. Nobody will ever see it anyway. I would have just mounted a full-length 1.5" diameter solid hardwood dowel left to right on the top rear of the bass bin (a la towel rack set-up), then put non-rotating casters on the bottom rear PANEL of the bass bin, then you just lean them back and pull them around on two wheels, and they can still sit directly on their bottoms when in use. Be sure to take some compressed air and blow out all the crap that has gathered over the years inside the rear portion of the bass bin...mouse nests, spider egg cases, stuffed toys...whatever...it will actually improve the bass horn sound-path-way and make them sound better.
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    I just purchased a pair of RF 7illls and they sound incredible. Very crisp sounding and clear. I also own a pair of Cornwall llls which are equally impressive. I like them both and would be hard pressed to give a one up on either of them. If space is an issue, then go with the RF 7lll's and as earlier stated, watch the videos by Youthman.
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