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    Delivered on time and man what a nice sounding amp!
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    Perfect music room art.
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    No thanks! Plus no matter how many acoustical panels you hang, you'll never eliminate the reflections.
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    I can see it now trying to get these past my Wife: "Look honey, they are mirrored so they simply reflect the other decor. They basically disappear into the room!"
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    Da#n. I sure do! Rockin' my 4.1 setup right now! Free, Foghat, Atomic Rooster, Cactus and Fleetwood Mac are all tied to those Black Cat Bones bluesmen!!
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    I have a beautiful and completely re-capped/restored Marantz 1060. This is an early model, four digit serial number, with engraved champagne face plate and extra internal bracing. It has a custom made and flawless walnut case made by Cartwright’s Cabinets in SO Michigan. All electrolytic capacitors were replaced with quality Nichicon, Wima and Elna caps depending on location and function. Various troublesome transistors and resistors were replaced. New thermal compound applied to the output transistors. All functions and internal components were cleaned and lubed. I have all the old parts that will be included. It works without any issues and sounds awesome. The only cosmetic issue is someone, not me, tried to shove a polarized plug into one of the auxiliary outlets. The top is a bit cracked. I don’t have the original pre/main jumpers but installed AudioQuest jumpers. I hate to part with it but I have too much gear and other priorities. Sorry, I am road kill on the modern devices. I haven’t quite figured out how to reduce the size of the pictures. I can send additional pictures to interested members. I’m asking $550 for it but will consider reasonable offers. This is for local pickup in Redding, CA. I am willing to travel a bit for the right deal. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you!
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    Maybe but, would have to be on this thread a little while back(Cactus). In any case yes they rocked...saw them in Tampa(of all places). Sortof cool as I had seen the Fudge in Jax Beach. girlfriend goy me the green apple CD somewhere awhile back. Hated to tell her(probly didn't) it was only half the double lp but, it had Plynth(water down the drain) on one she got me. As you know, it is a super classic lp. Early Rod and Beck, Woods and Mick Waller drums. JP Jones...Hammond...Nicky Hopkins...Piano from the back of lp. BTW, if you can get the Orange Beck group lp or cd, do it. Alright John.
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    @billybob That green apple LP was gone from my collection for decades until I found it on discogs on a cd recently, loved it when Rod sang with Beck. Rod's raspy voice, Jeff's gnarley guitar and who else? Ron Wood on bass. Were you the one that turned me on to Cactus? think so. Thanks again.
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    Spotted some near mint Moody Blues (several and Buchanan lps awhile back at a Goodwill for a snip. And of course, the old trusty craigslist. Good Hunting!
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    Listened to Cactus One Way Or Another LP, Free Live, and Fleetwood Mac LP's, very recently all which posted here probably, lol...Atomic Rooster need to give a fresh listen to as they were pop. in circles. Coincidental as listening to the Beck-Ola old LP which I sprayed just now and am listening to ATM...Ain't Superstitious playing. Yes, Friday the Thirteenth and watching for black cats...coming up. Even this old double LP with 2 LP's, Truth and Beck Ola sounding better than they should on this Sansui TT. Yes, it is all connected, agreed. Cactus was sortof created because of Jeff Beck's car accident which delayed the group get together. Thus we have a decent band...Cactus. Beck Bogart & Appice LP with Superstiton, Black Cat Moan... originally V Fudge members. I do go on but, spot on from my membrance there man. But, knowing you, you already know this and more. Connectivity problem with Wi-Fi getting better some lately. Think the external antenna is burning in...LOL...enjoy!
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    These came in today. Still need to recalibrate stuff (going from recapped type AA to these, type A), but so far so good. It's nice to have crossovers worth staring at again.
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    @ssh elusivedisc .com They ship pretty quick, package one or six LPs very well. Also have responded quickly when I've had an issue with a record quality problem. Another online record shop in PA had estimated ship dates then allowed months to pass. Nope, not for me. If it's listed in stock I have gotten the very last copy several times!
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    They no doubt appeal to the Vegas crowd.....
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    Here's a thought.. if you're going to go through the effort of stating that your mirrored finish is professionally done, maybe don't show that off with a shitty phone pic.
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    They do well in a garage also😉. They come grill-less but I had one made.
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    OK, I've thought it over some more and have decided perhaps we should do this, at least for now. New members now must have their first post approved by a moderator. For more info, please see:
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    The KP-3002 is a great speaker. K-48 woofer (think Chorus) with a K-65 HF driver on the 604 horn. The K-65 is a real over-achiever. The box is constructed of OSB and covered with rat fur (carpet). Anything under $375-$400/pair, in good condition, is a good deal (imho).
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    New custom covers...
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    My K-Horns are finished... (Sorry if you are on the FB group, this is a repeat) I contacted Klipsch to get a set of 70th anniversary badges as mine never had any (customized decorators)... but they don't have them... So - I found an ebay seller who makes reproduction badges. I sent him a pic of the 70th anniversary badge and a scan of my original labels with the script Klipschorn logo and he came up with a very nice design that is quite close to both the script and the style of the 70th anniversary badge. Here is the result:
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    http://www.thevintageknob.org/thorens-TD_226.html http://stereonomono.blogspot.com/2012/08/thorens-td-226.html http://www.ukaudiomart.com/details/649401231-thorens-td226-saec-we50630-sme-3009-series-iii/
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    I tend to use eBay and visit the monthly record fair in my city This Saturday the record fair is on again
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    I have one too from 1975, the Arthur Ashe II, also hanging on the wall. It has a sweet spot about the size of a quarter! Just an awful racket! +++ @weziewooIf you want a couple of rackets I don't know of any brands, but be sure to get the oversized rackets. And use new tennis balls (can of 3 or 4) every other time you go out. They go bad fast as they are pressurized and won't bounce, and that makes play not as much fun. Note: Racquetball uses that odd C and Q in its name. For tennis look for "RACKET."
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    Ha! These are my buds! I only hit them with the ball if they won't move enough to give me a decent shot. They feel the same about me. +++ I think I found a racquet. This code will save me about $15. 👍
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    That's actually pretty awesome!
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    Looking for a Head racquetball racquet now! 👍
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    discogs, paperstax, flee bay, etc
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    Grabbed these from a soon to be closed Ace Hardware near me for just over $50, stainless steel screws included.
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    Same here. Something about walking out into the sun that makes me and my two sons sneeze. My wife is immune.
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    Once for be but always 3 times in a row for my wife. As soon as I hear her sneeze, I tell her "God bless you" 3 times as I know what's coming.
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    Does everyone duck for cover if they see it happening ?
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    When I feel a sneeze coming, I grab a tissue and then try to maximize my sneeze power, utilizing my opportunity to clear out my sinuses with a giant explosion. Thanks for asking. Weird topic. Well done. I look forward to your upcoming poll on farts. 👍
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    I thought that exact same thing when I saw them for sale a day or two back. You really can't get a feel beyond "bad" from those pictures. Not the speakers for vampires by any stretch.
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    Those are "Kitsch" speakers; not Klipsch. Horrifying
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    $4800 for the Jubilees complete set with cartons. Come and get em. I'm asking $1600 for the KP600 set, keep in mind that I have 4 new K49 woofers NIB with them, worth over $1,000 on their own. Khorns need to do some listening and research.
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    To assist in spam prevention, I've altered the membership group tiers a little. The structure is like this: New Members All new registrations are added to this group first. These users must have their first post approved by a moderator before it is displayed. Can only create 1 post per day until their first post is approved. Members New Members are promoted to this group upon their 5th post. Regulars Members are promoted to this group upon their 50th post Heritage Members Regulars are promoted to this group upon their 5000th post Some members in the "Regulars" group may have less than 50 posts right now. That's OK. They were "grandfathered in". There may be times I turn off the "require moderator approval" restriction on New Members, but for now, it will be on. Thanks for understanding. P.S. - There are other benefits of the higher-tier groups, such as increased attachment storage, etc. I'll post about that at a later time.
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    Don't tell @jimjimbo... his ego will get bruised.
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    Must be KP3002 week. Getting a set for $100 but it has a bad driver so probably for parts only.
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    These boxes have "rat fur" on them. Tried a Yamaha stage monitor as a center a couple of weeks ago ... sounded great, but too much work to build a new box for it ... so; bought a single Heresy to compliment my 2 (AVR) Heresy's ... awesome Gave the Yamaha away
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    @teaman, @twk123, @billybob ... thanks for the input. Plus a little "bumb" to see if anyone is familiar with these. Sure I'll get them, just trying to figure out how to hide them from the wife Only negative is seller's comment ... "just send me a money order" Cheers, Emile
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    Kind of figured out the picture gig. Another pic of the faceplate.
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    Ah, come on, that doesn't count. It didn't cost you money and nothing caught on fire. You get a full point for that one. Two points if the meltdown would have taken the speakers out as well.
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