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    Perfect music room art.
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    No thanks! Plus no matter how many acoustical panels you hang, you'll never eliminate the reflections.
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    Spotted some near mint Moody Blues (several and Buchanan lps awhile back at a Goodwill for a snip. And of course, the old trusty craigslist. Good Hunting!
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    Here's a thought.. if you're going to go through the effort of stating that your mirrored finish is professionally done, maybe don't show that off with a shitty phone pic.
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    My K-Horns are finished... (Sorry if you are on the FB group, this is a repeat) I contacted Klipsch to get a set of 70th anniversary badges as mine never had any (customized decorators)... but they don't have them... So - I found an ebay seller who makes reproduction badges. I sent him a pic of the 70th anniversary badge and a scan of my original labels with the script Klipschorn logo and he came up with a very nice design that is quite close to both the script and the style of the 70th anniversary badge. Here is the result:
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    Ha! These are my buds! I only hit them with the ball if they won't move enough to give me a decent shot. They feel the same about me. +++ I think I found a racquet. This code will save me about $15. 👍
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    That's actually pretty awesome!
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    Same here. Something about walking out into the sun that makes me and my two sons sneeze. My wife is immune.
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    Does everyone duck for cover if they see it happening ?
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    I thought that exact same thing when I saw them for sale a day or two back. You really can't get a feel beyond "bad" from those pictures. Not the speakers for vampires by any stretch.
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    To assist in spam prevention, I've altered the membership group tiers a little. The structure is like this: New Members All new registrations are added to this group first. These users must have their first post approved by a moderator before it is displayed. Can only create 1 post per day until their first post is approved. Members New Members are promoted to this group upon their 5th post. Regulars Members are promoted to this group upon their 50th post Heritage Members Regulars are promoted to this group upon their 5000th post Some members in the "Regulars" group may have less than 50 posts right now. That's OK. They were "grandfathered in". There may be times I turn off the "require moderator approval" restriction on New Members, but for now, it will be on. Thanks for understanding. P.S. - There are other benefits of the higher-tier groups, such as increased attachment storage, etc. I'll post about that at a later time.
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    I recently had the opportunity to purchase an entire Klipsch RF-7ii System (read about it here). After bringing home the new speakers, I knew I had to bring the RF family together to see how they compared in a 2ch configuration. I brought the RF-83's from the HT into the living room and also the RF-7ii's. As with every purchase, I took several photos before I even hooked them up to listen (strange I know but I really love photographing Klipsch speakers). After getting them setup, I demoed many CD's and Concert DVD's and here is what I concluded. RF-7 - Brightest and most detailed sounding of the three. Very "forward" sound. RF-83 - Most laid back sound of the three. Very soft, silky sound. Very soothing and beautiful. RF-7ii - Not as bright as the RF-7's but not near as laid back as the RF-83's. I loved the sound of all three for 2ch. All three had a great amount of bass, midrange was delightful and the highs were full of clarity and detail. I've never claimed to have a "critical ear" nor have I ever claimed to be anything near an "audiophile". This is just what my simple ears heard. Honestly, I would be VERY happy with any of these three speakers in my living room and if the wife would let me, I would have loved to keep all three pair in the living room. But since I already have the RF-7's in my son's bedroom and the RF-83's in the HT, I decided to sell my newly purchased Cherry RF-7's and keep the newly purchased RF-7ii's for the 2ch living room. The RF-7ii's are absolutely beautiful. I love the copper color of the woofers moreso than the gold color on the RF-83's. The front wood veneer looks very classy and even the 2/3 speaker grill is starting to grow on me. I even like the feet (which I originally did not like from the photos I saw online).
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    Looks like the whole thing should go to the dumpster. I wouldn't want to be its next test-pilot.
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    Neither Heresy ll or lll have screwed on backs. Adding Lpads will screw with the crossover of a well designed system. I would suggest a quality equalizer which if used intelligently will also help with less than ideal (ie: MOST) recordings. Adding the EQ allows you to tweak to taste and still be able to have your original reference voicing of the loudspeaker as designed by bypassing the EQ when not needed if desired. Also EQ want void your warranty unlike modifying a new speaker if that matters to you. miketn
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    Haha you and your wine....
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    You know you have a true friend when you can regularly play raquetball with them and not end up hating each other.
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    After looking at the other pictures, they were very lucky.
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    Had one of those ... sold it about 6 months ago and replaced it with a VTA ST70 tube amp. Still regret that decision. The 1060 is one of the best sounding ones around.
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    Wow, you must be bored.
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    I've never heard these but I'm pretty sure these are meant to be paired with subwoofers I believe, not as subwoofers. Usually they have a horn on top. Scrappy Due I believe ran a trio of these up front with eight DIY eighteen inch subs.
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    I must say that I'm still drawn to passives and analog despite the control and versatility of DSP.
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    Thanks everyone, the speakers are now in a good home. I was going to use these components and do a new box for them, but my focus is now getting 3 Heresy iii's for my home theater.
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    Thanks man! Yeah, it's German u now;)
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    Sounds good Steve. I have another member who is interested. We are going to talk tomorrow and I will let you know what happens. Thanks
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    I've had Marantz fever lately. Trying to control myself here..... The Model 140 amp I just bought was restored with the same exact caps you mentioned above. Thing sounds fricken amazing. That 1060 has a boatload of respect. Man, I'm thinking hard about this one..... Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Gonna play their chanel mates no doubt.
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    Hello Steve, Glad to hear the Music Hall is still serving you well. I got a couple of quotes for packing, shipping and insurance for another member. To the mid-west it was between $75 to $100 which I think is a bit ridiculous. Also, I would hate for this beautiful amp to get damaged. Short of using a nuclear containment vault, they can damage just about anything.
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    the musicplayer4u guy that teaman and I bought stuff from is in Orlando The KP-3002 seller is a CraigsList guy in Miami ... OK; Homestead Sending him a note that says "SOLD" right now Thanks, Emile
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    Just got back from my latest grandsons baptism in Kansas City and what do I find in my mailbox? Some liquid deliscious, courtesy of @oldtimer. Both are quite zesty and tasty. The Mordor Mud is fruity and fast acting, with a smooth finish, while the Soltice Scream wakens the whole palate, with a building finish that concentrates on the front of the tongue. 👅. Thanks @oldtimer.
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    Either way those are well worth a price up to 400 per pair. I love the sound of the KP , KPT and the KI line. I’m useing KI-102’s for my HT setup and love them I did have the A complete KPT setup at one time Kpt-904 mains Kpt-484. Times 2 for subs And 8. Kpt-100 for sides and rear in a 11.2 setup in my last big house I ran them all off those marantz mono 100 watt amps and the sound was crazy in detail and impact So I say if you can. Buy them for under 200 and your getting a great deal. I can show you how to make the cabs a piano black finish with not much effort that’s what I did with my big yamaha two-way horn loaded center speaker that I have
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    I have a KLF badge. It is missing a pin on the back but seems to stay put when put in the spot on the grill. PM me if interested. Tim
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    Its funny, the more you look at this photo more superb it is from a composition standpoint. The foreground hummingbirds' beak draws you perfectly up the turkey leg to the other hummingbird. Then the other hummingbird's beak draws you to the feeder which in turn draws your eye up to the hook which is a leading line to the deer running away. The deer looking to the left then draws your eye to the negative space by the garden then drifts back down to the other turkey which balances the first turkey as they are both looking opposite directions. You really have some artistic wildlife...
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    I've considered it, but I think that actually puts a lot more potential work for mods and myself. Spammers come and go in waves, but real people sign up and post here every day. Many other forums have dozens of moderators. We have a handful, yet probably proportionate to our active member base.
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    Lol, I see a roadtrip in your future!?! It would be neat if you could find another deal of something or other as well. Spend the night, dine out, or in. Carry a driver to spell you for a quick rounder. See deals all the time I would like but, to far to be practical. Of a sudden, a deal pops up nearby even more desireable. Maybe Carl or Colter, others will drop by. Be safe! whatever you decide...Cheers!
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    @dirtmudd I think you will like this album
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    These guys are from Iowa. Go figure. Cool section at the back end of the song, drums, a little left to right play. Reminds me of some older 60's, 70's tunes. Radio Moscow - No Good Woman No good videos of this one.
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    Ah, come on, that doesn't count. It didn't cost you money and nothing caught on fire. You get a full point for that one. Two points if the meltdown would have taken the speakers out as well.
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