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    For dirtmudd, Cant Buy a Thrill, Steely Dan cincy
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    I've painted on the side for 40 years both indoor and outdoor. Actually, enjoyed the outside work! Love doing old 4-5 color Victorians in town. Crank up the tunes and sweat! Nuttin better! People flipped when they saw what I did. Soooo, the price went up on the next one. lol I can cut it faster than you can put 3' of tape down... It's just gettin my old butt in gear! lol Had a real job this was just pocket money for the most part.
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    Well it’s not the first time I’ve been wrong. On on the other hand you’re much closer than I thought. So anything I can do to help please let me know. And, you can come visit me too. But, make it quick. We’re selling the house next spring and moving to North Carolina. Cincy
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    Buddy is a mason and he knows a guy for the marble. He said he'll saw whatever I want. I just have to find the piece I want so that's covered. Next door neighbor kid is an electrical engineer so he's handling the wiring, lights and dimmer switches, Also running a dedicated circuit. His brother is a dry-waller so he's gonna compound the wall damage from rippin the fluorescent fixtures. The painting is on me and np there at all. Actually thinking about a theatre curtain I can draw around behind the couch. Just thunkin a bit...
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    Find a free picture hosting site and then insert a link to your photos. No site limit then. Cincy
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    You have a record player? And Albums? Why dint you crank that up when I was there? Cincy
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    I was praying to God, please let me win the Lotto, please let me win the lotto God, please let me win the lotto, please, please, PLEASE. And God spoke to me. He said "buy a ticket".
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    I can't I might get fired from the moderator thing then that big check will be cut off, oh wait......
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    Just doing my thing... The BOSS and I are wrapping her parents estate. It's been very tough on her. I feel helpless at times. So much red tape and ... but we do have a fantastic real estate agent... never seen an agent do eveything she has done to help us. got our 1st cord of wood delivered yesterday. Our neighbors( The young couple) hook us up for wood. Yea it's getting cold.. Trying to get back into training and working on my Honda CRX.... Check back later... MKP 🙂
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    The Bob Marley documentary Who Shot the Sherrif is on Netflix right now, it's very good. Very good background into Jamaica during the 70s, politics, etc.
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    Then I suggest to use masking tape Makes painting neater and easier
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    I would buy a subscription to the hair club for men for Carl....if I could get a waiver on the “for men” part.
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    I'll be buying beat up La Scala cabinets for restoration.....and a Ferrari or two.
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    Hey, start your own Powerball thread! /jk +++ The Powerball is up to a third of a billion but really, I wouldn't waste my time, it's only 199 million payout. Who can live on a 20% of a billion anymore? The drawing is in 3 hours Jim. How do you plan to spend your millions?
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    Wow that's late, not that's it's a bad thing. I got married at 21 she was 20, 11-11 will be 40 years, neither of can believe it, time passes when your planning what to do. But getting married save me, I would probably be dead by now if not. Legend is a good one from him, got it when it first came out. love reggae music, always have, we went to a small concert venue with about 100 people to see Peter Tosh about 35 years ago. Also like Toots and Ziggy Marley, well a bunch of reggae bands, it's one of my favorites types of music. It didn't hurt to visit Jamaica either, going back in 2 weeks, ya mon. Took this pic of an old Jamaican dude when there once, the real deal, 40 years since a haircut, he was funny.
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    I grabbed a 7012 and absolutely love it for everything. I would recommend looking for a "refurbished" one like I did for a huge savings. You won't regret it.
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    bought this new in april 2018 it’s just been sitting here SOLD
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    Nice job. I’m still working on mine. I found someone who will refirb my tube amp and then I’ll start cutting up a TT. For the install. I think I will just use some 10” full range drivers I have But yours is a very nice unit. Time to buy the wife a gift lol
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    Congrats, great choice! I have two "vintage" SL TTs that I still enjoy very much, and I'm confident your 1200G will be a keeper for the long-term as well. Happy listening! ~
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    Yep....ole man winter will be here soon. When I first read your post I thought it said working on my CBX, I thought cool bike, then I noticed CRX.
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    One more thing. To keep apples to apples comparison.........what would be the exact "stereo 85 db in sweet spot" power level for a super efficient compression driver on a K402 at, say 112 db/1watt input or "Zero DBwatts?" There are 2 drivers in stereo, so we can add 3 db for the second driver which doubles the sound pressure for a starting point of 115 db/1 Watt input at a 1 meter distance from the driver voice coil. But that's simply "stupid loud," so we need WAY less than that. So assuming that we are sitting about 13 feet away from those drivers (presumably i corners), we are now at a 4 meter distance, which, in theory should drop us 6 db per doubling of distance from the original 115 db@1 meter. Since we have gone from 1 to 2 to 4 meters, we should now be 12 db down from the original sound pressure level, or 103 db at our listening position (real world wall reflectivity, room gain, and reverberant field would NOT let us do this simplified analysis, but let's ignore that for a moment). Keeping going with all these power requirement scenarios, let's say we want to listen at an average of 83 dbA weighting on a sound level meter at our sweet spot, that is a minus 20 dbW of power requirement or 1/100th of a watt, or 10 milliwatts, which is exactly what I used to measure when I started caring about this stuff decades ago. When I visited Paul W. Klipsch at his home, he played me some of his symphony recordings. He told me all you needed was +17 db of headroom in the amplifiers. From a man who measured everything, I had no reason to doubt his statement, since a full scale Symphony Recording is WAY more dynamic than any commercial pop or jazz recording, it's a safe bet to use his number as a "crest factor" in the home. Even if we round this number up to an even +20 db, or 100 times the nominal power, we will never need more than 1 WATT for a modern 2" compression driver with a huge, heavy ceramic or modern smaller/lighter NEO magnet!! So basically it's a minus 20 db situation (1/100th of a Watt) from the original 1 watt per driver (times 2 channels) and a plus 20 db situation for headroom (100 times 1/100 th of a watt) for worry free listening. So I guess what I'm saying is even a 10 Watt amplifier on a K402 and 2" driver of any brand is OVERKILL!! The extra 2 db you think I'm ignoring would easily be made up by the reverberant field which would now dominate the sound by 80%, requiring even LESS power than my math points out!!
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    He is a brilliant woodwooker and craftsman but selling Klipsch modified speakers... Is that cool? At least not very original.
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    I met Greg. A serious woodworker and opportunist . I would not buy a used car from him.
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    Yes, it's annoying. Thanks to some audiophiles gathering some data, the 2 channel spec may not be completely useless. For 5.1 they found that 5 channels were each powered at about 70% to 80% of the 2 channel rating. I haven't seen any results for 7.1 or 9.1. In the old, old days (the late '50s and early '60s) the Federal Trade Commission forced manufacturers to be more fully disclosing. I remember photographs of them weighting down turntable platters, and running amplifier tests. Then the regs changed and the manufacturers went wild with exaggerated specs. Gradually it got better, perhaps because audio critics shamed them, as did a few honest companies like McIntosh. THEN, car audio became popular, and car audio standards were much lower.
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    I’ve measured -3db at 20hz using only the xilica. And -3db at 18hz using ARC from my Anthem avm60 pre/pro. Blends with Jubilees just like you’d want. Beast of a sub. I just wish I had room for a second 1802.
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    Build the H Frames with the emminence alpha 15 a pro. Trust me you will not turn back. I have had every bass unit you mention above plus a few more supposed highly praised units and I can say without any hesitation the H-Frame has stomped all others guts out period..................... the build is super easy and the drivers are under 80.00 each for under 200 you will have the best bass available to go with the Oris horns. Plus you already have the exact bass amp I am using. Rudy knows......................
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    Maybe I could finally get a room with corners... build my music room(s) and then a house to go around it..
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    It's all about ... How you play it back
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    IMO, that's the way to do it and not lose bass.
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    All the Tosh and Bunny stuff covered in the show.
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    why purchase a drive which is all ready out of production? How long are diaphragms going to be available? Might be a plan to purchase a set of diaphragms as a safe back up. You may never need them but better have them than have to change drivers later because you cannot find them.
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    I'd hire a staff to gather information on worthy charities, emphasizing social change for the "better," ecological reclamation, empowerment of the poor, etc. I like the MacArthur foundation's goals of "a more just, verdant, and peaceful world," except I suspect that justice is not in the skill set of our species. I'd put a few million into a family fund, and use the rest as outlined above. Oh, and an all Jube HT/musicc room.
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    Had I been killed driving it would have been a win for my wife in life insurance...not quite the payoff, but something none the less.
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    It wouldn't be a manservant for sure, female, but really wouldn't want anyone around that much either way. After taking care of the kids we would be gone. True, I think they say you have a much better chance of being hit by lightning than winning. Or they say you have a better chance of walking up to the average a coke machine to get a drink and having it fall on you and kill you. But neither pay as well.
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    Keep an eye out for Classic Albums, originally on VH1 I think but replayed on one of the other channels frequently. The Catch a Fire episode is really interesting. How the dude from Island records got Bob and the boys to be a household name. I really found it interesting. Now I listen to Catch a Fire in a whole different light.
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    Haha you know you have a, point there. I didn't even pay attention.
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    This is precisely why I'd like to see ALL amplifiers rated in DBwatts, but it marketing departments will never let it happen. A 10 W amplifier is a 10 DBwatt amplifier. So if you add 10 DBwatts from the amp to the 112-118 db BMS driver rating, you get from 122 to 128 DB of peak, unclipped output with that 10 Watts ins a single channel. Add another 3 db for stereo, so it would be 125 to 131 db sound pressure. I guarantee, that if you listen at modern OSHA approved levels of 85 dbA sound pressure in your sweet spot, you will be down in the 10-30 milliwatt range on a K402. Electrical amplification Power is NOT the issue here.
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    I think that center speaker would hold your TV just fine, 60 lbs isn't too much. You might place something on top to protect the finish. Give it a try, just keep an eye on things.
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    Congrats on the new speakers and welcome to the forum. If you state your budget, that will greatly reduce all of the suggestions you are about to receive. I'm a separates guy so not much help with receivers /AVR's but Willand is spot on imo....... Good luck!
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    Congrats; great speakers Yeah ... upgraded my AVR about 2 years ago (Onkyo RZ810) ... of course it's outdated now Couple of things to keep in mind ... First, do you need pre-outs ... how about zone 2/3 ... Second, if you are using zone 2/3 as a 2-way setup with a seperate amp, watch the HDMI inputs versus "throughputs." On my Onkyo "only" HDMI 1-3 transfer to zone 2 ... some other receivers are even worse than that ... and of course this "fact" is only in the "small print." Still looking for one that transfers "all" inputs. Cheers, Emile
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    Awesome you guys... this helped me so very much to heal and deal with the pain. It's truly awesome. I still swear I see her out of the corner of my eye all the time... when I look, she's never really there.
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    I hear you. The problem is, my house has no "man cave" space and even if it did, I'm not the type to hole up in a room by myself; I like the family room where I can hear the music from the kitchen and dining room as well...can't have everything I suppose...
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    Do you really need a center channel.. lol !
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    Thanks Maynard, I get your point and I like the philosophy I wish everything were so simple. I need to find some old fart near me that Knows how to build this stuff. I have for some time wanted to get into the build end of the hobby. I can when it comes to speakers but when it comes to the electronics my hands simply will not allow me to do the soldering work. My left hand gets progressively worse at shaking until it becomes almost violent the more I concentrate my efforts the worse the result. I must resign myself to using others products. If I could bring myself to live with music at a low / modest level 100% of the time I would have been happy to stick with SET amplification while most of my listening is of a mellow tone I go through spurts where I must turn on something much harder and more devious to satisfy some emotion I am going through. when that time comes SET simply will not flip the switch. It is a compromise to some degree I look at my whole picture and attempt to put a piece into play that can fulfill both sides of my listening habits. If I were rich or had a way of dealing with audio as you are able to I could have multiple amps to satisfy the itch. Sadly I am neither. I am HAPPY with the VRD's at low level they offer plenty of detail, imaging, and sound stage and stay very musical, when the urge hits they can become quite raucous in my space. Softening the digital edge is a must for me, un-tethered Digital will lead to fatigue and a headache and ultimately I grow weary and simply wont listen. I like many others dont care for tone controls I lie to myself and make believe I am getting a purer sound quality, all the while I am choosing gear that will alter the sound without the controls. The name of this insanity should be changed from Hi-Fi to My-Fi.........................as stated everyone has a preference to what they want to hear, and how they desire to go about getting that sound
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    My buddy has RF-3's and the RC-3. They match wonderfully. He bought the RC-3 from me after I got my RF-5's because it just couldn't keep up. (I ended up finding an RC-7)
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    Personally, I was never too impressed with the RC-3ii, especially for dialogue. The RC-7 has much more clarity and a broader sound IMO. YMMV.
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