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    I saw the news earlier and it is really a bad situation. Ice is almost impossible to drive in, and remove from the streets. I hope your drive into work today is much easier.
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    Then slushy with the temp going up!
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    I’m In Birmingham Alabama heading back to Orlando Florida on Sunday. Have some room in the truck to bring anything back to Orlando with me Just trying to keep the express train going PM me Thanks Carl H
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    I have found the best way to evaluate an equipment change is to live with the new piece for a few weeks or months and then switch back to the piece it replaced. (assuming the piece that was replaced was also "lived with" for at least a few months). In fact I have gone back and forth between two pieces many times before I came to a conclusion which one I preferred and eventually kept. I only recently did so with some speakers I have been switching back and forth for over a year. Each had their own strengths, but it was each of their weaknesses that made me decide. There are some weaknesses that cannot make up for some strengths. So it is with almost any choice I have made through the years. (hint: I am keeping my Klipsch Forte Is). A/B tests can be useful if the differences are large enough to be able to eliminate a choice or two within a few hours or even minutes. But it is most helpful to already have a base established. That is a default system that you have lived with for some time.
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    Period. End of sentence. No mas.Each and every post following this will be counted as a hanging chad and disallowed.
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    Figured I would post this to help others. I have been buying gear from this guy for years and he gives EXCELLENT prices on anything you need from Sweetwater. Tell him Chris from California sent you and post your hear here if you score some stuff so we can all googly eye it 👍. His name is Chris Kress CALL 800-222-4700. Chris's extension is 1757. You can also email chris_kress@sweetwater.com.
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    I recently replaced my vintage Luxman gear with a new Luxman L-509X integrated amp... the combination of power and detail from the 509X and the sensitivity of the LaScala IIs is incredible! It seems like this combo was made for each other... I know this is a lowly YouTube video, but here's a clip of the last several minutes of Doråti's 1812 Overture... an amazing demonstration of how dynamic and refined the La Scala IIs are (with an admitted assist on the cannon fire from an SVS SB16-Ultra)...
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    Hi guys, Few months ago I bought rf-7 ii, Rc-64 ii and r-115sw drivers. I had the chance to get them very cheep so I did. Only the drivers. Then I saw a guy selling the an empty rf-7 ii kabinet so i decided to buy that too and some more stuff and build the whole thing. Most parts I got. I miss the horn drivers and the crossovers I cannot find in europe and shipping from the States is all together more expensive than I want to spend. So I decided to use an active crossover (behringer cx3400) splitting two ways using two amplifiers. First one would be behringer A500 on the low and onkyo sr608 on the high. The thing is that I still don't have the horns so I used the Rc-64 woofer, which fitted perfectly on the spot of the horn. On the top I added a super tweeter with built-in passive crossover that goes from 5000-40000 hz. I use separate r-115sw for the very low, set to 60hz When I hooked everything up it sounded great, soft and complete, definitely better then my old rf-82's which I play along to hear the difference. But I cannot compare that to original rf-7 ii because I never heard those. I would like to have the sound at least as original rf-7 ii producing the whole range but I don't know if I'm missing something in the range without the horns. I cannot find the documentation om Rc-64 to see what range de woofers produce. And Im struggling how to set the crossover points. I would appreciate your suggestion and help.
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    Those jeans are so tight, if she farted it would blow her shoes off 😀
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    ^^^^^ === I see what you’re “Thankful” for — and I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again - you Dawg you —
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    Made the trip to Safeway w/o following any ladies home... drat... I'll be doing the cooking for Thanksgiving. Grabbed an 18lb bird. Should fill my roasting pan pretty full up. They had Macintosh apples... We gonna have an apple pie. Candied yams, mashed whites, green beans, the bird and stuffing ... the stuffing is ... well, let me put it this way... A turkey is a very good vessel to cook stuffing in. And pies, of course. Cleaned the oven today. Have it burning out the smell now.
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    I would change a couple things: Put the RP-250s as your sides. The RP-140SA are Atmos speakers that aren't designed to be use as actual surround speakers. Go with the RP-160m for rears. Side surrounds should be a wide dispersion design, rear surrounds should be a direct radiator design. Your RF-7IIs are massively more powerful than the R-10SW sub, even having two of them. At minimum I'd go with two R-112SW or two R-115SW subs.
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    i don't need another set of K-horns but i'm back from Toledo
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    Resent!!! I am currently noodling a pair of Peavey FH-1 bins that will be mated to a K510 top hat. My last noodle was a pair of Jub-likes in Tigerwood (Claude is now the guardian of these), I decided to go with Flatcut Walnut for these new ones. The Rosewood on the above Heresies is gorgeous, whether OEM or noodled.
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    Thanks for helping me spend my money! Costco has no inventory for the Vizio PQ65 but Sams Club does! The Sams price on-line only dropped to $1400 matching the Costco price which went into effect just this morning. It cost me an extra hundred bucks for the state sales tax but if there is a problem, the peace of mind to return the TV to the store is worth it. I also got the extended 4 year warranty for about $30 per year. I just ordered the Viz, due to be delivered to my house by Dec 3. Just in time to miss all the Thanksgiving day football games! Oh well, what else could I do? Now, if I could just make that office chair decision I've been putting off for two months...
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    The last in line....wins this thread, hence
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    I'd certainly volunteer to help carry the load.
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    They had a little better food but nothing to get excited about, now fried mushrooms would have been my choice and horseradish sauce can go with almost anything. That what scares me, a little snow on occasion if good, your amount of snow is not........for a Southern anyway.
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    One of my favorite clips is Roy Clark on the Beverly Hillbillies... Boy Blue And His Electric Zooo
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    Excellent taste in the speakers as well as the socks may I say sir! Well when you get tired of those khorns, I certainly wouldn't mind putting a couple bucks in your pocket so you can buy some shiny new silver speaker cables.
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    And speaking of shorts.........
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    Agree. A turkey is a very POOR vessel to cook stuffing in. Why complicate the issue? Slice an apple, throw a couple of sprigs of thyme in there with some salt and pepper. Truss the legs with some gold plated speaker wire, and you're good to go.
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    === just be cautious. I look at this audio site daily (yeah I know) and these amps have been listed at different times for a long time, well over a year or so. I’m not so sure I didn’t inquire early on.
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    NO! LOL. Chuck offered to buy mine so I could upgrade to another amp. I told him I'm not sure what amp would actually be an upgrade.
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    Already asked him. He say's no. But thanks for the tip.
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    That's hilarious! I changed it....if she saw that, I would be getting a whippin!
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    Getting ready to purchase a Pioneer Elite SC-LX901 11.2 channel receiver from accessoriesforless. Its what the person that worked there recommended. Would this receiver be a good choice to go with the following. Or if there is a better choice please let me know. Left and Right Klipsch RP-280F Center Klipsch RP-450C Sub Klipsch R-112SW Surrounds Klipsch RP-250S Backs Klipsch RP-160M Atmos x4 Ceiling Polk Audio RC80i
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    I bought the Vizio I had at Sam's too. They have/had a 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee. So at about the 60 day mark it started turning itself off. I tried the Vizio warranty first and they sent a guy out and he couldn't fix it with the board he brought. I returned it at that point and got something else. You may have a great experience with yours and I hope you do.
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    It would work fine, many people do it. I'll bet close to half the home theaters are powered off amps connected to an AVR.
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    Thanks wvu80. In that case no offense taken haha. By the way I'm from Holland.
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    Yea it took me 4.5 hours to get home last night. 32 mile drive. Then back to work today.
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    Thank you sir!! Will do...
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    Beautiful Forte IIIs and stands. Good luck with your sale!
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    Buy a pair Cornwall IIs. Recap. Save yourself a ton of money and get great sound. You can swap drivers and or diaphragms as well for not much coin.
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    There moves a thread that has no end
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    All good points but if the price of entry is reasonable and it operates properly, he is in for a real treat. Bill
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    A real shame. I grew up watching Hee Haw with my Dad. It wasn't my kind of music (being 12 years old) but I did like the show a thought he was a good player. Later I realized he was a fantastic stringed instrument virtuoso.....RIP Mr Clark
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    It's incorrect calling Mr. Clark a guitar virtuoso. If it had even a single string on it he could play it masterfully. Roy Clark, Stringed Instrument Virtuoso covers it fine. Saw him at Arthur Smith's studio playing with Arthur & Tommy Faile when I was a kid. Incredible person, incredible talent, very funny man.
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    And I scooched over to the center couch seat last night while we watched the CMA's. Told the wife what I was doing and she said "Aww, you want to sit next to your wife." in a joking way, and grabbed my hand. 😀 Also asked her if she has ever noticed right speaker dominance in her seat. Of course, she said she never noticed anything. 😀 Imaging is just fine in the center seat, as it has always been with every speaker set we've had in this system.
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    Just went to Costco again and now they have added an LG 65" OLED tv to the offerings there at $2499.00. Interestingly they have the Samsung QLED and LG OLED tvs on one side of the isle and all those other less impressive Tvs on the other side.
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    Thanks for the input, this helps. As I listen to more recordings, I'm finding that many recordings of the same work (classical symphonies) sound poor, but some sound fantastic. I guess the Heresy just needs good recordings...
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    a member here names moray james has lots of mods hes tried & says are improvements for the chorus 2. he may chime in soon. but heres a short list of some things you can do. add 1-2 oz of weight to the passive radiator to lower the bass freq a little. add bracing to the cabinets to stiffen them up some & experiment with some acoustic foam. also wrap the backs of the horns & woofer baskets with some type of product to dampen them, some use rope caulk on the horns others use dynamat type material. & another thing for these speakers is they like clean high power, they sound fine on normal reveivers or 50-100 watts, but they have a peak rating of like 1000w & really come to life when you have closer to 200watts per ch. i like mine on my onkyo 100wpc receiver, but when i hooked them to an adcom 200wpc amp &pre they were at a whole nother level. & yes, good recordings!
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    So I called Duracrest Fabrics a few minuets ago and spoke with Ralph Fortino, president of the company. What a great guy! Completely unpretentious. Said he could re-do my forte II grill covers with current lambswool fabric on forte III for just $100.00 after the 1st of the year. That is material, labor, etc. Also stated he has current Heritage grill cover badges for $20.00 each. Just a hop, skip and a jump to factory in Elk Grove Village, IL. So, should I stick with original badges which are perfect, or go with new? Decisions, decisions! Best regards, John
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    No one here would EVER think about using Klipsch pro gear in a home environment with consumer level gear. LOL.
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