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    Prayers for your daughter Mike.
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    Don't have to imagine, lived in Singapore for 3 years, 137 km from the equator. You want hot? You want brutal sun? That be the place.
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    === simple enough. Stop praying, quit bowling. Git sumptin’ done —
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    there was no "mastering" it. if you hit a bump, you were off. Was fun when the "big high school" boys would want to try it [I was a punk jr high kid]. Didn't give them much exercise. If they made 20ft, they were doing good. I had one of the fancy wooden ones with a metal rudder/skeg/keel and tire studs to stand on.
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    There's the answer, were a little to close to the sun, we don't really insulate for winter down here, it's all for summer. Could you imagine down by the equator? I say this because we have left here in Jan or Feb when it was in the 30-50's average and went to Mexico about 684 miles South and it was in the mid 80's there. The equator is about 2060 miles South of here, a little to close to the sun for me.
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    81 degrees on the inside of the north wall.
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    I wanna hippopotamus for Christmas......
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    Yes, that does seem extreme. It's not even hot outside there.
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    Had enough time between church and the Texans game to start the framing. After the game we bowl so this is it for the weekend. That's why my projects take so long. Lol.
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    If you have a corners in your room, I would not hesitate to buy them. If you don't there are work arounds and not all of them are ugly. Make sure all the drivers are working (test CD with single tones at low mid and high frequencies - listen for output and no "scratchiness"). If you get them remember that the "top hat" is removable from the bass bin (photograph and mark the wire going to the bass bin). Also be sure to remove the side grills on the bass bin. The grille structure is fragile and can't support much weight. At this point you will simply need a screw driver and a crescent wrench. Plenty of blankets, of course. Each side (assembled) will weigh about 175 lbs. Remember these are speakers that folks keep. At this point, do not spend any time worrying about upgrades. Eventually you might want to re-fresh the caps but that can be done at a reasonable cost. IMHO, I think folks spend way too much time messing with upgrades. They will sound fine in their stock form.
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    I have an attachment for my table saw that allows me to cut a board that is perpendicular to the table. I just today made a few cuts that way to hit a tight angle and it worked great. For some reason one of my sons wanted a triangular boombox (I will complete the triangular top with a metal handle) Please ignore that I am cutting mdf. I have my reasons and I am not a bean counter. I can cut wood but cant stop these dang pics from rotating. Hold your computer sideways.
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    If needing plain speaker wire for something Monoprice has the 12 awg Oxygen free cheaper than the 14 awg. Just noticed when I checked for a friend, #12 100' for $24.74
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    Was using it lightly to drive my now sold sub and hopefully going a different route for my mains. Specs on the amp: https://www.qsc.com/resource-files/productresources/amp/discontinued/plx/q_amp_plxspec_specs.pdf $275 shipped and paypal'd SOLD locally. Here's a quick pic for proof that it's real (the bottom one).
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    There are no good guys anymore fellas. We are just witnessing the parties turn to true cannibalism. You don't judge by the good anymore, just the quantity of bad.
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    Great idea ... should be good till the last (drop); OK note
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    Why is it 40 degrees hotter on the inside like that? It might pay you to pull the T111 off and add an insulation board to the outside then re-install the wood siding, at least on the sunny side.
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    Thank you everyone for all of the kind comments. These are now sold.
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    We had free Snurfers, as my father worked for Brunswick, which made Snurfers under license from the inventor, Sherman Poppen. My younger brother used them. I never tried to master it.
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    Love it. I'm glad we put the door on it though. Originally I didn't want it but it was pretty cold in there without the door to hold the steam in.
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    I was wondering what happend! Here's to a complete recovery.
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    Breast enhancement surgery.............................................................$6000 Wonder bra to display them properly.................................................$75 Cute low cut top to reveal them to the world....................................$50 Yelling at some poor schmuck "Hey buddy my eyes are up here"...Priceless
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    The prettiest speaker cabinet, ever.
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