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    Did'nt get these today but I just finished the refoam and put them together tonight and listening...................Sounding mighty fine at the Moment
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    The Heresy III Capitol Edition are smashing in person. Got mine last week.
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    John Lennon ... Happy Christmas / War is Over Got the CD in London in 1971 (???) Wasn't released in the US till about a year later. Absolutely my favorite Xmas song
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    You have the boxes so I believe they'll fit in a pick up truck. I'll ratchet strap them in too.
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    Stop with the temptation. I need to stop building speakers. I have no more room left.
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    My usual when the girls were teenagers was to be cleaning my 12 gauge when a 'date' arrived. One icy stare down through the barrel (at the date) usually ensured everyone got home safely and on time. Come to think of it neither girl ever came home late when they were living at home. 😉
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    My youngest Victoria, her husband Nick and my eldest Melissa.
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    An unmatched pair. Both 427's. From the Pavillions Car Show a couple of Saturdays back.
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    A 1505 popped up locally at a really good price. Misspelled ad and everything.. Wanted to have it in hand before I got too excited and started sharing.
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    She moves me too... Hubba, Hubba!!! Not into toes though...
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    I thought Plexus was a plastic polish, use it on my motorcycles.
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    Afternoon gents and ladies getting over a snot monter in my chest. Puttering around today. Laundry - puttering. Listening to some music... Decided to look at the caller ID... see what calls I missed while listening to music... A call from Raytheon. This isn't the first one. Gonna call them back. If they have a job offer, I might consider it. Seriously, I have no idea why the call. Other than my ideas do not suffer from "conventional wisdom"...
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    Many speaker drivers, in the correct cabinet, will play lower than their fs would indicate. Those will play low enough, but will cost a bit in efficiency.
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    Don McRitchie would know, but the literature never states that the development was intended as a center channel, especially when it was a stereo cabinet all along. Enjoy your day.
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    About 6 years ago.....................I had similar problems to solve This last one illustrates the "7 foot ceiling BLUES" in a big way, plus, it's hilarious to the right Klipschead!
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    CNC cut cabinet pieces in a flat pack, with detailed assembly instructions, at a fair price. One thing I would "upgrade" if assembling some of these is the driver mounting wood screws. I would use machine screws with T-nuts.
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    I was wondering about that. Like was mentioned in that thread I posted, it's very difficult to find individual parts that are not UL listed. So even if it's DIY or something commercial that's not UL listed, it's not very likely that it's going to go up in flames. In my lifetime, I've had several hi-fi pieces go up in flames. Being UL listed didn't guarantee failure.
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    HeHe, that's the $3500 dollar question isn't it? I certainly had a chance to compare them well tuned through the Xilica by Chris not at the same time but in sequence - first the BMS active 3 way on the Khorn bins (no BMS passive mid/tweet network connected) for a couple weeks then the TAD beryllium 2-way through the same source, pre-pro, Xilica and amps. The cynic or purist might say that such a comparison is obscured or even invalidated by the extra A/D-D/A conversion of the Xilica or its inherent sound imprint or my poor choice of cables or all 3. I'm not saying that :0) I will say that my goal is highs that are well integrated with the music (don't call attention to themselves - as in -"listen to those highs!") Highs that are true to the recording (e.g. piercing if the recording is, sibilant if the recording is, well balanced and revealing of treble instrument timbre - if the recording is) I'm aware that I'm probably in a transition period of training my mind/ear to be satisfied with less hyped high frequencies (happening whether I like it or not as I age) In the "wouldn't it be nice" department I'd like a soundscape that frequently has "air" - that elusive sense that the performers are in my room or I've been transported to the venue. In the recent sequence of listening the TADs approached these goals best. I'm looking forward to tuning the BMS in the HT room trying both passive xover and full 3 way active.
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    You have not even really set it all up or made the always necessary adjustments to fix room problems. This takes a little time adjusting everything, almost every speaker made is better with a sub depending on the music you like, try setting it all up, listen and make adjustments. How can you be satisfied if you never bothered to set it up completely? Could be underpowering them but remember your running them with an AVR, they have many settings, are they all set to make the speakers sound best without subs or many of the other settings? If not set for what your doing an AVR can make great speakers sound underwhelming. All I'm saying is this is not plug and play, like Wuzzer asked and you never answered, these kinds of things make huge differences. Or just start replacing things maby not needed, it's good for the economy. Sorry, but you asked for it, many here really know what they're talking about and just want to help, let them. Welcome................. slow down before spending any more......................can't believe I said that. Everyone here loves to spend other peoples money but making the best of what you have is just as important to everyone.
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    If you can DIY, make some panels with 1x4 for the frame. Install ROXUL and cover with the material of your choice.
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    I'm pretty sure that a forum member has used these. Here is a link.
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    My primary source is HDtracks, but never buy anything not on sale. Today I downloaded two Chesky produced albums at 25% OFF.
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    Haha hot damn. You had to link me to the twin turbo Lamborghini eh? Dangerous....
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    another direction worth looking at for sub power is the same amps that JTR and Seaton use. Speakerpower. http://www.speakerpower.net/store/p30/SP1-6000-HT.html
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    To be pedantic ... XLR digital is almost always AES/EBU, which is intended for professional applications. Coaxial digital is almost always S/PDIF, which is intended for consumer applications. Optical digital (TOSLINK) is almost always S/PDIF. AES/EBU and S/PDIF bitstreams are similar but not identical. But the commercially available integrated circuits that receive the signals are almost always able to decode both. AES/EBU and S/PDIF electrical signals are not quite compatible. AES/EBU is a differential signal while S/PDIF is single-ended. They expect different load impedances. And they use different voltage levels. It is possible to create an adapter so that an AES/EBU device can receive coaxial S/PDIF signals: https://www.electrovoice.com/downloadfile.php?id=971604 I don't know of an adapter that goes the other direction, but it should be possible. Long ago TOSLINK had bandwidth problems, so coaxial S/PDIF was clearly superior to optical S/PDIF. That problem has probably been solved by now, with superior electronics and local buffering and clock conditioning. - Greg
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    Urban’s retirement ratchets up the pressure on Harbaugh. If Michigan can’t beat OSU next year, under a first year head coach, in Ann Arbor, the Wolverine slappies will grab pitchforks and torches.
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    Yes Rudy you were right, I have removed head from ARSE officially (I remember a drill sergeant or 2 telling me that) Oris 150 Horns setting on an 18" Goldwood 1858 pro woofer in an H-frame open Baffle cabinet. Horns from BD Designs in Europe are around 1300.00 unfinished, The Goldwood H-Frame is about 275.00 for the pair. and pretty much any full range 8 inch driver in the Horns prices range from Approx. 250.00 through 5000+
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    Thanks bro. Sold my house close on 12-11 these will go to someone or go into storage.
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    I stopped loaning things out, it's cheaper to just go help someone and bring my tools back, with my memory anyway. And downright neighborly as well
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    … o O (Thank you for the idea about an addition to my Christmas List lol)
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    I learned my lesson also years ago about loaning out an album, cassette, or cd. After being burned once or twice, I told whoever wanted to borrow that music I would make them a copy, being a cassette or cd. I will make you a copy of anything I have, but I won't loan you a thing. I'm not into loaning out tools either, but I will to anyone in my family or close friends. Sometimes if someone needs a special tool for a specific job, I'll go with the tool to make sure they don't abuse the tool, like a gas powered concrete cutoff saw.
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    It wasn't meant as a center channel. It was a standalone stereo cabinet. The cabs were complex and really built as fine furniture. They served their purpose, with excellent jbl components. Bruce
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    Will share soon.. Don't want to jinx it.
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    stormfront.org|640 × 920 |Image may be subject to copyright. Visual Search
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    Yea but after how many martinis?
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    Time for a cocktail. Spent 6 hours in the ER with daughter today. She took a spill off a skateboard and attempted to stop a face plant ending up breaking her wrist. Temp soft cast until the orthopedic surgeon visit. Some stern warnings about keeping it immobilized due to the bone having one blood vessel and if it detaches.........
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    @AHall ... awesome ... love it ... but my wife would kill me Now ... if I could saw those in half
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    Need to add more.... The MM phone cartridge on the Parasound Halo is awesome! When I listened to my turntable on my Onkyo, I didn't realize my stylus was worn. My turntable sounded worse on the Halo with worn cartridge, I thought the Halo Phono section was broken. Luckily enough, I had another cartridge, hadn't played it in over 30 years, it's an Audio Technica DR 300e, the damaged stylus is an Audio Technica Series-V, I found a replacement stylus for it on the Internet and will order soon. Anyway, after replacing the cartridge, my records ARE ALIVE again! They sound phenomenal, who could have ever guessed. I am hearing music that I haven't heard in a long time, it all sounds dynamic and alive, maybe even more than CDs. I must be losing my mind.
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    It really helps to have amps with gain controls. I think you would find they would be turned down significantly. You could take more gain up front before the amps. This will give you a less noisy setup, and you would most likely see your processor LEDs dancing as you like. I set my amp gains to allow my preamp to get into its sweet spot. Just opening the amp gains enough to play as loud as I would ever listen. I found this to be a big advantage.
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