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    Looks like everyone's coffee maker broke this morning.
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    Did'nt get these today but I just finished the refoam and put them together tonight and listening...................Sounding mighty fine at the Moment
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    The Heresy III Capitol Edition are smashing in person. Got mine last week.
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    Comments: 1) I recommend flipping your Cornwall upside down in order to get the woofer much closer to the AMT on top of the cabinet to reduce polar lobing and to get the midrange of the woofer much closer to the highs of the AMT. This audibly coalesces the vertical soundstage image further. If you have risers, just take the screws out and reuse the risers free-standing under what was the top of the Cornwall. A little wood filler will hide the screw holes from the riser on what was the bottom of the Cornwall box. 2) The electrical leads on the AMTs seem to be color coded opposite of the polarity that I'd guess. The reddish-purple lead is actually the negative lead according to the SPL vs. frequency near the crossover region that I ran switching polarity. 3) The phase plot for the AMT-1 is almost unbelievably flat--less than 45 degrees of phase wander (measured in-room) until you get to below 2 kHz. The harmonic distortion numbers are also amazingly low (all are less than -55 dB ref. a 90+ dBC on-axis). 4) These are really dipole drivers--believe it. The rear-wave shows up almost perfectly in the spectrogram plots. Recommend moving them out a little bit from reflective walls if you can. It helps the spaciousness greatly (but basically decreases deep bass response...bummer). I found that I needed about 1.5 ms of delay using Bessel 12 dB/octave filters if you reference the AMTs flush to the front of the Cornwall cabinet. They're also much less sensitive than the Cornwall midrange and tweeter, so you'll likely need to bi-amp them (as I'm doing) in order to avoid having to pad down the bass bins further. 5) This is, on balance, a fairly spectacular upgrade to a Cornwall--or any Klipsch Heritage loudspeaker (JMTC). $280USD for two. They're stayin'... Chris
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    No Sir. If mine had, I might have been here griping about it for a few then breaking out the manual method equipment again. No way I would have done as much as I have today without my two 14oz mugs of my current and probably last addiction!
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    Just got home from Mendota, IL with some beautiful K-horns. I need to make one final trip tomorrow to grab the other bass bin. I’ll post pics in a few days once I have it all set up. Many thanks to the OP for posting these!
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    John Lennon ... Happy Christmas / War is Over Got the CD in London in 1971 (???) Wasn't released in the US till about a year later. Absolutely my favorite Xmas song
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    And downright neighborly as well I guess it is but with a sneaky intent. Last time a neighbor wanted to borrow something it was a gas 2" water pump to empty his pool. I went and pumped it out for him, the main thought was I was not sure he was smart enough to add water to the pool much less to not run my pump dry, it was just easier than replacing the pump parts after he burned it up.
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    Bought two of em. No exotic colors unfortunately. One to power subs inside, on for KP302s outdoors.
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    Robert congrats your going to fall over when you get them home and set up.
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    Room treatments aren't sexy. You can't get excited over them like buying new electronic gear. Most don't fantasize over them like they would a new amp BUT they make a noticeable difference in what you hear. It's hard to push someone into buying into the whole idea of room treatments but those that have made the leap are believers.
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    You have the boxes so I believe they'll fit in a pick up truck. I'll ratchet strap them in too.
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    I think this is a guy off of the AVS forum. Early on I really wanted to try the Marty sub as it get rave reviews.
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    Stop with the temptation. I need to stop building speakers. I have no more room left.
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    @WAELDIAB I think it's best to: 1) Let Audyssey set up everything, including the sub. That way it will smooth out the response of the sub. Then 2) if the screen reports a proposed crossover lower than 80 Hz, set the crossover at 80 Hz. It's O.K. to leave the LPF for LFE at 120. Then 3) Turn the sub up by 3 to 6 or more dB using the control knob on the sub itself. This is because the AVR trim control for the sub level can easily clip -- some of the line drivers will clip at any setting above -3 dB, others with any setting above -5 dB, if you playback at any main volume setting above -10. Take about an hour to read this: "Audyssey FAQ Linked Here" it will be worth it.
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    My usual when the girls were teenagers was to be cleaning my 12 gauge when a 'date' arrived. One icy stare down through the barrel (at the date) usually ensured everyone got home safely and on time. Come to think of it neither girl ever came home late when they were living at home. 😉
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    Wolfbane, bet you had to beat em away with a stick!
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    I've always loved this song at Christmas time and this guy did it justice when he performed it on The Voice.
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    Bruce and Capo72 are right, the Paragon was never meant as a theater speaker. The confusion may be due to the midrange drivers (375) in the Paragon having been used in JBL's theater speakers, including those for 70mm Todd-AO, as requested by Ampex who Mike Todd & Co. (Magna Thearter Corp.) charged with designing Todd-AO 6 channel sound (IMO, the best ever in a cinema, at least above about 40 Hz). At first, the Paragon used JBL's 15" 154 series woofers, up to 4 of which were used in each channel of JBL's theater speakers. Later, I believe they put a pair of LE15 woofers in the Paragon. Also, Ranger of the JBL Ranger Paragon (which it was originally called) was involved in the film industry. He consulted on the design of the Paragon. Part of the original impetus was to get rid of the "Hole in the Middle" that some stereo tapes and early stereo records had. Improved miking reduced the need for this kind of help. PWK introduced his "wide stage stereo" at just about the same time, which used a Klipschorn in each corner and a derived center speaker. He eventually determined that the center speaker should also be fully horn loaded, therefore either a La Scala or a Belle Klipsch. Thanks to our Home Theater system being the same as our music system, my wife and I still use "wide stage stereo" for music. I heard the Paragon many times. I believe the first time was when the stereo Lp was released, and a bunch of us high school students just had to hear it. We descended in waves on the San Francisco HiFi Fair (1959 or 1960). I'd guess that the entire science club and most of our orchestra went [young people were actually interested in (good) audio then]. Some of us went twice. The Paragon was positioned on a riser, possibly to make the drivers at standing ear height. A mistake, in my view, because it may have short circuited the bass. There, and in many audio stores later, the Paragon sounded incredibly, almost unbelievably clear and analytical. There was no distortion on peaks. Even in the stores, with the Paragon sitting on the floor, there wasn't a lot of bass, but what there was, was clean as a whistle. But the Paragon was only 104" wide (8.7 feet) and, incredibly, most listeners, both at the fair, and in the various stores, were farther away than that. The 60 degree spread (the equilateral triangle, with speakers at two points, and the listener at the third) was not in vogue yet -- except in the Klipsch room, in which, thanks to "wide stage stereo" the Khorns were probably more than 100 degrees apart from the front row, and there was a center speaker (I don't remember which one it was). The Klipsch room seemed to have a little more bass. People said things like, "Now, that sounds like an orchestra!" The two designs were easily the best at the fair, and were close in quality, but the Khorns had better bass, and had a bigger sound field. Richard Ranger Benny Goodman? and the Paragon. A Klipsch wide stage stereo room at a fair somewhere.
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    My youngest Victoria, her husband Nick and my eldest Melissa.
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    An unmatched pair. Both 427's. From the Pavillions Car Show a couple of Saturdays back.
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    If you call the company and protest the charge they'll tell you exactly where in the ad that you agreed to auto ship and auto pay. It's not a scam but it's not very upfront as it's normally in small print where you don't see it but it's definitely there. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it is.
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    I ordered some electronics from a dealer fairly close to me. On the tape used to seal the box were the words "Expensive electronics inside, please toss underhand!"
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    I wanna hippopotamus for Christmas......
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    Came a cross a posting on CL. Got me curious. Anyone familiar? https://shop.gsgad.com
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    I have the Forte IIIs and I was wondering if the amount of toe-in that I use is similar to what other owners use. This could apply to other Heritage speakers.
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    A 1505 popped up locally at a really good price. Misspelled ad and everything.. Wanted to have it in hand before I got too excited and started sharing.
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    It turns out that 40 Hz has 28.3' wavelengths at room temp, so 20 feet of time delay offset (the most that my AVP does, too) is well below 1/4 wavelength--so "good enough for gov't work" applies. Chris
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    Afternoon gents and ladies getting over a snot monter in my chest. Puttering around today. Laundry - puttering. Listening to some music... Decided to look at the caller ID... see what calls I missed while listening to music... A call from Raytheon. This isn't the first one. Gonna call them back. If they have a job offer, I might consider it. Seriously, I have no idea why the call. Other than my ideas do not suffer from "conventional wisdom"...
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    T nuts never seem to stay put using MDF, if you happen to get them to work installing the driver they are even more likely to pull out if you ever remove the driver making a big headache. I would just stick with proper screws, yes they can strip out but an easy fix to repair.
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    HeHe, that's the $3500 dollar question isn't it? I certainly had a chance to compare them well tuned through the Xilica by Chris not at the same time but in sequence - first the BMS active 3 way on the Khorn bins (no BMS passive mid/tweet network connected) for a couple weeks then the TAD beryllium 2-way through the same source, pre-pro, Xilica and amps. The cynic or purist might say that such a comparison is obscured or even invalidated by the extra A/D-D/A conversion of the Xilica or its inherent sound imprint or my poor choice of cables or all 3. I'm not saying that :0) I will say that my goal is highs that are well integrated with the music (don't call attention to themselves - as in -"listen to those highs!") Highs that are true to the recording (e.g. piercing if the recording is, sibilant if the recording is, well balanced and revealing of treble instrument timbre - if the recording is) I'm aware that I'm probably in a transition period of training my mind/ear to be satisfied with less hyped high frequencies (happening whether I like it or not as I age) In the "wouldn't it be nice" department I'd like a soundscape that frequently has "air" - that elusive sense that the performers are in my room or I've been transported to the venue. In the recent sequence of listening the TADs approached these goals best. I'm looking forward to tuning the BMS in the HT room trying both passive xover and full 3 way active.
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    For the DIY guys, I bought a set of JBL plans off Ebay, which detail how to build those monsters.......not for the squeamish, but what a PROJECT that would be!!
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    My primary source is HDtracks, but never buy anything not on sale. Today I downloaded two Chesky produced albums at 25% OFF.
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    I had no idea, I was scared to try it, you learn something new every day.
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    Yes Rudy you were right, I have removed head from ARSE officially (I remember a drill sergeant or 2 telling me that) Oris 150 Horns setting on an 18" Goldwood 1858 pro woofer in an H-frame open Baffle cabinet. Horns from BD Designs in Europe are around 1300.00 unfinished, The Goldwood H-Frame is about 275.00 for the pair. and pretty much any full range 8 inch driver in the Horns prices range from Approx. 250.00 through 5000+
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    That would make sense to me. Tvs are all about video. Some receivers have ok video processing but it isn't their main focus. I'd prefer my tv to handle that department.
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    The they are B models but the order was the Ms. so they sent me the xos. I put them in small boxes that sit in back. It works really well. Ill look for pic
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    It's all good hopefully. I mean hopefully he's not in the morgue.
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    I recommend HDMI outputs on the player if your preamp has HDMI inputs. There are no suppressed-clock issues (i.e., bus jitter) with HDMI since the receiving device buffers the data on the output side, but there are issues with USB with regard to bus jitter. I never recommend using analog RCA outputs from a player unless you really, really like the DACs in the player (but then you've got common mode noise from your player to your preamp to deal with unless using XLR-XLR balanced connections, which no one does because of the higher costs). I've found, however, that player DACs may not be high performance. There are also digital RCA ports (AES/EBU) of the unbalanced ("coaxial") type, but these seem to be rarer nowadays. If you've got an RCA AES/EBU port on your preamp, then that would work well on a player as an output. Chris
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    It wasn't meant as a center channel. It was a standalone stereo cabinet. The cabs were complex and really built as fine furniture. They served their purpose, with excellent jbl components. Bruce
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    @AHall ... awesome ... love it ... but my wife would kill me Now ... if I could saw those in half
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    Need to add more.... The MM phone cartridge on the Parasound Halo is awesome! When I listened to my turntable on my Onkyo, I didn't realize my stylus was worn. My turntable sounded worse on the Halo with worn cartridge, I thought the Halo Phono section was broken. Luckily enough, I had another cartridge, hadn't played it in over 30 years, it's an Audio Technica DR 300e, the damaged stylus is an Audio Technica Series-V, I found a replacement stylus for it on the Internet and will order soon. Anyway, after replacing the cartridge, my records ARE ALIVE again! They sound phenomenal, who could have ever guessed. I am hearing music that I haven't heard in a long time, it all sounds dynamic and alive, maybe even more than CDs. I must be losing my mind.
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    The entire Vince Guaraldi Trio Charlie Brown album.
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