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    Arrived at relatives via this small boat... 1 1/2 hrs crossing from Coron to Culion. Internet is very intermittant, hotel has a hotspot. T shirts and shorts... Can't show pics of beautiful women or I will wake up dead ... Other pic from SIL's house out over town to the bay. Bruce
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    It is a tricky subject for sure. Distortion is already recorded into any recording for playback, so additional amp distortion does exactly what? Even harmonic distortion is generally agreed to be more pleasing but many would say it is just additional coloration. Clearly a certain absence of distortion is desirable in an amp but as you say there can be a cut off where less is well, less. People have differing experience levels regarding what live sounds like, further compounding their preferences. Add to that the recent introduction (historically) of electrically amplified instrumentation and even voices which have lots of purposefully distorted sound played live, and it is no wonder there is a lot of confusion and differing opinion and preference.
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    Plus it is incredibly entertaining, like the bears or monkeys at the zoo. As long as it doesn't get personal, knock yourselves out. Happy New Year.
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    Nice here today.....73 and sunny. Washed the Bubble and walked the Jakester before 10am. Then over to my house to listen to the Spatials and do some chores. Third Evan Williams Small Batch. Firing up LF's Green Egg to cook some fillets, asparagus, and mushrooms. Then an early night for me. Life in the slow lane.......
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    This would be for those on a tight budget, or for a small second system. For $200, I think it would surprise a lot of folks. 60 wpc, 80 wpc at 4 ohms. Smart design, good parts. Two inputs and a nice attenuator. Smooth, open - but does sound better with a preamp in front of it. https://www.parts-express.com/topping-tp60-t-amp-tripath-ta2022-50wpc-(80wpc-4-ohm)-mini-amplifier--310-326
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    Old dogs never change. but your right.
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    Inevitably the conversation degrades back to PG.
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    Totally real. Did you see the montage of all the doinks (technical Madden term) for them this season? Then the always an idiot Collinsworth says after they show it, "what are the odds?" Well duh, after the montage most would say the odds were pretty good for it to happen again.
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    YES not only can I come to the forum and be educated with all the good stuff here, being serious now, I can also be entertained
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    Sure let me get right on that. Would you like it cross-referenced while I am at it?
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    I see no reason to justify locking this thread and I believe censoring should be the absolute last resort...!!!! IMHO it’s better to let all sides state their opinions and offer their evidence and facts of why they have formed their opinion. Then everyone can decide for themselves which side of the debate they fall on. 🙂 If you are tired of the thread just walk away and spend your time doing something that would make you happy. Long ago I protested the shutting down and editing threads instead of dealing directly with the offenders of the forum rules and I still believe this. It is by a persons actions and thoughts revealed in time that will help expose the truth and any motives behind what we do. If you want this thread to stop quit participating and it will die a natural death. Just ask yourself if you would like your opinions to be buried because someone else disagrees and then you might sence the danger in such actions and why it should be a last resort...! miketn
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    I just wanted to show one of the places we use to go see concerts, it was a great place, a riverboat. It would sail up and down the river as the concert went on, unless it was really foggy. If it was foggy they would just pick up the ramps and stay tied to the dock but still no getting off or on. It was cheap to see a show usually between $8-$10 depending on who was playing. If you scroll down the page in the link there is a complete list of everyone who played on the President, a great place to see a show. http://jerrygarciasbrokendownpalaces.blogspot.com/2012/05/riverboat-president-spanish-wharf-new.html
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    I think this thread tops anything that could have been fathomed in a hypothetical Klipsch political section and there is a stark resemblance in the threads essence. Anywho, no matter what side of the line in the sand you're on, Ignorance can be bliss and its demonstrated all around us. Im certainly glad I have a few traits of it here and there.
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    Last year I upgraded my center to a Klipsch RP450C. I had been using a M-L SLM surface mount as my center and it just couldn't keep up with my Heresys. The RP proved to be a much better choice at getting the sound field corrected. The system needed a center with an enclosure. The M-L SLM had issues with cone crash and could not provide an adequate sound field.
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    Being serious here also, I learn something useful nearly every time I come here. Travis
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    Well Dean others are participating in this thread and it appears to me they are offering good insight as well so why should they be shutdown just because others don’t seem to be able to walk away and ignore the thread if it frustrates them? miketn
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    Only similarities between the two are the decade they came out in. Kudos for your annual attempt, surprised that you keep a copy of 4.
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    We're simply highlighting your hypocrisy and your only defense is that it looks/feels pretty so it's ok to ignore your sage advice.
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    Thanks everyone for keeping his memory alive, he truly loved the forum and all the guys on it. That is what he was doing when he died. Miss him dearly.
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    Hey... While were at it crossovers equalize I try and use as little in the signal path as possible... But one thing I demand is being able to control tone to my liking. As long as imaging ,resolution, grain are not affected... Who cares.
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