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    A church inside a hospital. Can barely tell it is there from outside St Mary’s hospital in Rochester Minnesota.
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    I was out and about this morning.. Gia had a doc appointment @ 9.. then we visited my father after... went to health food store... then picked up some new outdoor bins and thermal socks... for Gia to play outside...
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    Not great, but photographs from last week.
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    === you tell me. Has he finished unloading your “snowmagedon” delivery? When he’s finished just point west and say Ponderosa—
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    I'm trying to get in the mood to do housework... Been thru the first pot. Into the 2nd. Put some more motivating music on and turn this place upside down... then lick my wounds for two days. Recover in time to do it all over, again. for now it's Party On! and grab my mop
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    `Morning Mike! He got it to me faster when he was sending it from Bogota. Since they set up in CT it's like waiting for something you ordered from Mad Magazine!
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    Went to a yard sale (Bar going out of Business) They had 10-15 Boxes of Vinyl they wanted 100.00 for the Lot, I did a quick perusal and bought them. Got them home and looking through them there was a lot of big band but I had seen a few Classic Rock. Turns out the 1 peach crate with the Classic Rock was the ONLY crate that took moisture damage and every LP in the crate the Jackets were stuck together and molded. I pulled the Vinyl out and Burnt the covers sleeves What I did was take a paint edger (https://www.lowes.com/pd/SHUR-LINE-Edger-Pro/50369766?cm_mmc=SCE_PLA-_-Paint-_-Applicators-_-50369766:SHUR-LINE&CAWELAID=&kpid=50369766&CAGPSPN=pla&store_code=2564&k_clickID=go_625682584_34615005790_111134768230_aud-431535000620:pla-261161108388_c_9010038&gclid=CjwKCAiAsoviBRAoEiwATm8OYLmrLk7uW0FcBuis57seHU-gR4rdDq--l8B1Uilrc5EfgdfqIek3hBoCfTAQAvD_BwE) I lay a bath towel on the counter then lay 2 filthy LP on the towel get the Paint Edger damp and apply some dish detergent directly to the edger. Take the Edger and SCRUB the Vinyl (The edger automatically follows the Grooves with its 100's of little bristles) Flip the LP and Repeat. If the center label had mold mildew I would lightly swipe it once with the edger. Now I lightly ran tap water (We have a Well, so no county / city additives to the water) over each side of the LP (Including the label) place them in a dish strainer. I continued this Process till the dish strainer was full (Approx. 15 LP) Next I take the LP out of the strainer 1 at a time, Fold the Towel so the dry half is up, Place the somewhat dry LP on the towel, Take a micro Fiber cloth and gently polish in a circular motion following the grooves again, Flip & Repeat. Next I place the dry LP on my VPI 16.5 and clean it with home made solution Put the Vinyl that was minutes ago Molded with the paper sleeve stuck to it on the EAT C Sharp with Grado cart and so far (Approx 20) Without fail EVERY lp I have cleaned in this manner Plays through absolutely as New with VERY VERY Little background noise, They seriously sound quieter than many new Lp I have heard and own I ended up with 99 LP like this, I bought some inner sleeves and am storing them in this manner so far I plan to put those inner sleeves in some of the poly outer sleeves with a 12" X 12" Piece of heavy card stock to write the title on. for ease of finding the LP when I wish to play hear it I know for fact I have tossed many an LP in the past for this exact reason (Mold / Mildew) Never again though they loose the value of the jacket it is a cheap A$$ way to end up with some mighty fine playable copies of great music Thought someone else might find this of use. Happy Listening
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    is Juan Valdez going to deliver the coffee ?
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    Well, you know what you can do with that coffee, no sugar or cream needed. I think I will skip that until I have a really really good reason and have no other choice.
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    @Westcoastdrums My wife when we first met. This was in Hong Kong in 2007. We've been married 8 years now...
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    I’d quote MIKE’s reply above, but it was long enough already . Been inside all day Mike? Cincy
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    I upgraded my Epic system to the RF-7iii system and thought I would share a few photos. The front two and rear two mains are RF-7iii’s, the center is an RC-64iii, 502s surrounds, 500sa Atmos speakers and two PB-16 ultra’s for bass management. Powered by a Denon 8500 receiver.
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    Just get out the vacuum and suck face! All fixed!
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    Dang those Catholics always building hospitals and stuff. They're so evil.
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    These are the same drivers Bob uses in the ct120 tweeters. The horns are not a drop in replacement. I believe the drivers will fit the k77 horn with an adapter, but I have not confirmed this. I used these with my diy la scalas aligned with the mid driver to aid in time alignment.
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    Speaking of garage speakers, check out this guy's garage build over at AVS. Big Marti subs, with built in speaker inserts. he calls them the JuggerNogs. Nice! https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/3033928-juggernog-full-marties.html
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    That is my good friend Amber Nicole Miller! The original ring girl for the MMA!
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    Well, #6 Sparty made defeating the #13 Terps look relatively easy last night. If they can do that to a good Maryland team without Joshua Langford and when Nick Ward has no offense, imagine what they’ll be able to do come March if all are healthy. The depth developed by having to play around injuries pays great dividends at tournament time. Maryland is the school I almost attended. A scheduled trip to visit was cancelled by me at the last moment. East Lansing seemed like home. My wrestling coaches wanted me to attend their alma maters, Michigan and Western Michigan, but I preferred MSU. I met my bride in East Lansing and made lifelong friends there. No regrets. GO GREEN!
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    Our 2 pairs of Heresy III "One Buttons" are on their way to Australia and should be here within a few days! I could not resist the bargain price of these. They come in raw, unfinished Ash book-matched veneer which is just perfect for me as want to finish them myself. They also don't have grills, badges or stands, but I've made countless grills and still have the patterns for the angled risers I made from Tasmanian Oak (similar to Ash) for our Heresy 1.5s. The price paid per pair, including shipping, GST and import taxes was still less than a third of the retail price over here (AUD6000 or about USD4300), so I'm happy that the excise worked out OK and a few minor omissions are no concern. More challenging is finding suitable speaker cloth over here. We're after cloth that will complement our soft furnishings. Best I can describe it is a beige or off white/cream so will likely have to import that as well. What I need to know from anyone who has changed their speaker cloth to a light colour, is what this will look like over the top of the black faced Heresy's? Does the black motorboard show through a light coloured grill cloth? I've put new caps into our lightly restored 1985 model 1.5s (E2 x-over), so we are looking forward to comparing them side by side. We like our 1.5s very much. The intention is to put one pair into our main listening/living room and another in the media/TV room and possibly sell the other pair. One thing we both noticed is that the III's are not as pretty as the I's. The I's have the speakers fixed from the back of the motorboard so they have a much cleaner look. Why did Klipsch change this?!
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    Close ups of the crossover and the few blemishes. Also a photo of the glass top.
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    Just for the heck of it, even though K T and I have already reached an agreement, since I pulled it out of the armoire, I decided to take a few more photos.
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    YES , applyingan Xilica XP-2040 on a Pair of Ki-396's. I was disappointed, hearing these right out of the box, ...but Cory Harrison suggest I give them a break-in period. The speaker didn't come alive to me, ...until I placed them in my acoustically treated Jubilee room upstair and gave then a serious DSP treatment. With a little struggle i finally got them within 2db of Flat response, ...then added a little of a House Curve to give them some extension on their lows, ...before adding my Danley TH-50 in, for the Sub Sonic duties. I have only had these Ki-396's for a few days now, and am liking what I finally am hearing, ...thanx to my Xilica DSP applications. Rock on, Craig
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    Still MAHL but followed by Machined Walnut or Red Oak. You can say MAHL but not MWHL or MROHL so it is what it is. Probebly will change it to MHL before I get a web site going since MAHL is pretty specific.
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    You just got to love it when it happens of a sudden...welcome again.
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    Most Klipsch Heritage speakers, and some in the Pro Theater line, are designed around and voiced for the driver(s) they come with. Several forum members have found that installing more expensive drivers often makes them sound worse, not better. Paul Klipsch was very cognizant of both ends of speaker manufacturing: great sound, and affordable construction costs. He chose drivers that sounded good, sounded consistent, and were easy to obtain in bulk quantities. They may not have been the best on the market at any given time, but in coordination with the cabinet and horn design, they produced the sound that he was after. For another example of his efficient and economical thinking, the Heresys, La Scalas, and Klipschorns, were partly designed to have the minimum amount of waste material after the panels were cut from a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood. The only popular woofer upgrade that I’m aware of on this forum is the cast frame woofers from Bob Crites. I’m sure some other members will have opinions and advice for you, so see what shows up, and in the meantime, enjoy your fine gear.
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    Big shoutout to Blindman for the deal. Can’t wait to pick that bad boy up!!! Thanks to everyone who responded in the thread.
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    Stuff them all the way into corners and toe them in 45 degrees Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    === yep, ‘Mudd. Coffee for all to drink, self induced coffee enema’s for those “bottled up”. Plenty of room at the Ponderosa on the Great Plains —
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    Dave, We're just about ready to head back. I can't believe I used to live in Wisconsin. Right now, North Georgia isn't far enough south. Another Filipina friend was just here and is also ready to go. Her daughter graduates from HS next year and they are planning a trip together. Bruce
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    Ha ha, thanks. (I would.) As far as I remember, when I placed it inside the armoire in 2010 the sides and top were immaculate. I really wasn't really planning on selling it until I came across this thread today. Therefore, I have not pulled it out of the armoire yet to photograph it from all angles. (NOTE to SELF: In the future, take photographs of every side of an item BEFORE placing inside a cabinet. - LoL) Maybe I should go ahead and do that now since there seems to be interest from the forum to purchase a single Belle? My main reason for selling it? I have no friends or relatives who are interested in inheriting any of my Hi-Fi components after I pass. Might as well start placing my "extras" with people who appreciate the hobby?
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    Better. You have a KILLER setup man. Very nice!
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    Here is a photo with the flash on - should help. I have a Sony VPL-VW1100ES projector and a Stewart G3 110” screen.
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    I'm about ready to book flights again... the temps went from 74 at night to 85 in the daytime...
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    Eclipse from Texarkana. First one of these I ever saw was in the early sixties. It was warmer weather and it occurred just after dark. I recall that, for some reason, I was at Spring Lake Park. Having a fire and brimstone father I was a bit concerned about the end of days as he'd quoted prophecy regarding the blood red moon. Almost lost my long lens, camera, and strobe to the eclipse. I was attempting to get it tilted enough on the tripod in the dark, cold, and with gloves and hit the wrong lever...the quick release, which did just that. It fell nearly four feet to the concrete. Seems I was being looked after as the old skylight 1A I had on it for the same reasons we did so in the old days did its job and gave its life for the lens. Seems it landed first and shattered, minimizing damage to the lens and the rest. Lens has a bit of resistance now in the zoom function but appears to be focusing and working OK. As to the pictures, I realized after the fact that I should have increased the ISO instead of the exposure as the moon grew dark. Last couple are a bit smeared due to the earth's rotation. Oh, well... Jack of all trades, master of none. Dave
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    I’m curious why you aren’t going with the “wi-fi outlets” that 2 people have suggested. I use Google Home, and a Wemo Mini Smart Plug to turn on and off my 1950s era Fisher 500 mono tube receiver in my bedroom. (The Wemo Mini Smart Plug is rated at 1800 watts, which is ample for this use.) I can say: "Hey Google, turn on Fisher 500." "Hey Google, turn off Fisher 500." You can also use a smartphone or tablet to control the Wemo Mini Smart Plug. You can use the Wemo app on a smartphone/tablet to set an Auto-Off Timer for the Wemo Mini Smart Plug, i.e., turn off automatically after X many hours and Y many minutes. For example, you can turn on the vintage receiver either via smartphone/tablet (or via voice command to Google Home smart speaker), and it turns off automatically after 2 hours (or whatever time period you set). The Wemo Mini Smart Plug is currently available on Amazon for $23 (free shipping). Wemo Mini Smart Plug If you want voice command (vs. using smartphone/tablet), you can buy a Google Home for $89, or a Google Home Mini for $29, which opens up a wealth of “smart speaker” capabilities. For example, I can say something like "Hey Google, play 'Classical KUSC' on Chromecast Bedroom", and that internet radio station will be cast to a $35 Chromecast Audio gizmo connected to an Aux input on my Fisher 500. You can also use Google Home to control Spotify Premium. (This works well for pop music; not so good for classical music.) And of course, Google Home (or Alexa) can be used for countless other things. I’m just curious why you would choose a vintage timer vs. modern technology. P.S. I see that @capo72 recommended a different brand (TanTan) of wi-fi outlets that sell for $33 for quantity 4. They're rated at 10A vs. 15A for the Wemo gizmo that I bought a year ago. I don't know if the TanTan wi-fi outlets have the Auto-Off feature. P.P.S. I just asked "Hey Google, will the Chiefs win today?" She stated who is playing and game time, but declined to predict a winner ... 🙂
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    Only pic I have at the moment when I was getting it into positron. This thing is amazing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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