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    A church inside a hospital. Can barely tell it is there from outside St Mary’s hospital in Rochester Minnesota.
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    I was out and about this morning.. Gia had a doc appointment @ 9.. then we visited my father after... went to health food store... then picked up some new outdoor bins and thermal socks... for Gia to play outside...
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    I'm trying to get in the mood to do housework... Been thru the first pot. Into the 2nd. Put some more motivating music on and turn this place upside down... then lick my wounds for two days. Recover in time to do it all over, again. for now it's Party On! and grab my mop
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    `Morning Mike! He got it to me faster when he was sending it from Bogota. Since they set up in CT it's like waiting for something you ordered from Mad Magazine!
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    Just get out the vacuum and suck face! All fixed!
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    These are the same drivers Bob uses in the ct120 tweeters. The horns are not a drop in replacement. I believe the drivers will fit the k77 horn with an adapter, but I have not confirmed this. I used these with my diy la scalas aligned with the mid driver to aid in time alignment.
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    You just got to love it when it happens of a sudden...welcome again.
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    Most Klipsch Heritage speakers, and some in the Pro Theater line, are designed around and voiced for the driver(s) they come with. Several forum members have found that installing more expensive drivers often makes them sound worse, not better. Paul Klipsch was very cognizant of both ends of speaker manufacturing: great sound, and affordable construction costs. He chose drivers that sounded good, sounded consistent, and were easy to obtain in bulk quantities. They may not have been the best on the market at any given time, but in coordination with the cabinet and horn design, they produced the sound that he was after. For another example of his efficient and economical thinking, the Heresys, La Scalas, and Klipschorns, were partly designed to have the minimum amount of waste material after the panels were cut from a 4’x8’ sheet of plywood. The only popular woofer upgrade that I’m aware of on this forum is the cast frame woofers from Bob Crites. I’m sure some other members will have opinions and advice for you, so see what shows up, and in the meantime, enjoy your fine gear.
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    Big shoutout to Blindman for the deal. Can’t wait to pick that bad boy up!!! Thanks to everyone who responded in the thread.
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    I'm about ready to book flights again... the temps went from 74 at night to 85 in the daytime...
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    Eclipse from Texarkana. First one of these I ever saw was in the early sixties. It was warmer weather and it occurred just after dark. I recall that, for some reason, I was at Spring Lake Park. Having a fire and brimstone father I was a bit concerned about the end of days as he'd quoted prophecy regarding the blood red moon. Almost lost my long lens, camera, and strobe to the eclipse. I was attempting to get it tilted enough on the tripod in the dark, cold, and with gloves and hit the wrong lever...the quick release, which did just that. It fell nearly four feet to the concrete. Seems I was being looked after as the old skylight 1A I had on it for the same reasons we did so in the old days did its job and gave its life for the lens. Seems it landed first and shattered, minimizing damage to the lens and the rest. Lens has a bit of resistance now in the zoom function but appears to be focusing and working OK. As to the pictures, I realized after the fact that I should have increased the ISO instead of the exposure as the moon grew dark. Last couple are a bit smeared due to the earth's rotation. Oh, well... Jack of all trades, master of none. Dave
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    Hello all, Need some advice here on the HT setup and configuration. I was thinking as the following configuration 1) R-610F FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER for the front left and right speakers 2) RC-62 ii for the center speaker 3) R-41M as the surround speakers 4) R-120SW as the subwoofer Receiver: Yamaha RX-V683BL Let me know if these sound good or will there be any issues while connecting them. I know that RC-62 ii is an old model and is currently not in production. Thank you!
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    This was sheet one. Sheet 2 And sheet 3
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    HistoryKid: You do realize this is posted in the Garage Sale section don't you? Let the OP do his business, with all due respect ....
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    Billy Idol concert was a lot of fun.
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    I'm actually getting ready to order the R820F Dolby Atmos Theater System 7.1.2 that's on sale now. I'll be upgrading from a full set of Synergy 3's (F3's etc.) 5.1 and a Denon X2000 to the Reference speakers (adding a 2nd sub) with a Denon X4500h.
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    I agree. The listening is almost addicting now.
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    hi everybody After long week to search i finaly find a brand new pair of Heresy III in walnut finition for the price usually found in France for this type of product so 1500€. It came from itally and where sell buy an english seller. Joy of globalization ! Unboxing and test this evening and i will post you some picture
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    Since no one answered your question, I will. I don't think there is any official forum for members system pics. Here is mine. Shakey
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    Sold to forum member.
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    I would go with the Heresy in that size room Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm pretty sure that I said you could potentially ALSO find La Scala in that budget. Settle for La Scala's? Ah, I don't exactly think that would be settling for anything.
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    What is tinnitus? I don't know and hope to never to. Oh yeah, but I know NOTHING of audio. Only those fully deaf know the best. Disregard what I say.
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    Yes.....that is sweet.
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    Sony ES in the mids to late 2000s was decent..... Overpriced? Sure. But Def decent.
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    Hi Russ, Very happy the 15's found such a great home with you. I'm pretty sure thread crapping is not possible on this thread......
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    These look nice,IMHO. but i'm just an imbecile.
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    Wow, those are nice. Think twice before selling.
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    Well, it's not that it's crap just something was better. Having been fully restored it's actually an excellent receiver. It's able to reveal little details like a chair being knocked over WAY in the background in Rebecca Pigeon Spanish Harlem that's very difficult with say some others I've had. Some songs that use a fluttering sound from one speaker to another one is able to follow it distinctly from left to right. So it's strength is being really smooth non offensive. Where the Realistic is forward, more powerful in it's presentation. That has it's cons sometimes in long listening session and may be the case six months from now. It's definitely has a wow factor right now.
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    No bluetooth or hdmi... 🙄 But I don't need that. And the tube pre amd amps I intend to keep. They have actually been pretty low maintenance.
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    May be a question better asked outside of a for sale forum....
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    And to think they started out as a pile of wood on September 23rd, 2017.
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    They are back together and in place for Christmas. Man, once that last coat went on and dried, then light sanding with 0000 steel wool, and a coat of Liquid Gold, they just came to life. They are all done except for bass bin grills and some minor black touch up paint. Man, they look and sound great! The pictures don't really do them justice on how the finish looks. Merry Christmas to all!
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    A couple more pics. Hard to get good ones in the garage with the lighting. That spot one the front is sweat. It was humid out there! One of the best looks with that veneer of the 8 things I put on sample pieces was with Watco Medium Walnut Danish oil. It kept that neat look of the ribboned Mahogany effect. Sorry for the crappy photos.
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    Woofer connections soldered and terminal mounted on one bin. Almost ready to attach one back on! Yay!
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    It's called chatoyance. This link explains it: http://www.rockler.com/how-to/what-is-chatoyance/
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    Wow... What's been up with the forum today? I tried to post a few times and it was down. Tried on cell and pc. Got some more pics to post. Veneer on front pieces and one bottom piece. I'm going to work on getting one bass bin finished up and move to the second one afterwards. Veneer has worked out great with the contact cement so i have to believe it has the backing that works like laminate/Formica. Here's what was accomplished this afternoon. Taking some shape. Next step is painting the angled pieces black along with the inner side walls and below the top piece. Then it will be ready to put together. I'm going to wrap the veneer like La Scala II's if I haven't mentioned that. I put a little water on the veneer to give an idea of the grain look. I believe it's gonna look damn good.
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    Edward, I still coming up with a discrepancy on the overall height. This might be due to differences between years or whatever. I think I'm going to blow it off. Klipsch sez the current Belle is 35&5/8" tall. up the dims I've got so far 2" riser, 22" bassbin, 1" riser, 10" HF section comes out to 35" even. Like I said, I think I'm going to forget about it, unless you know of some reason? Looks like I can lay this out on two 5' x 5' pieces of baltic birch. Not a lot of anything useful left over. The 1" riser will end up with vertical grain, I think. BTW, Thanks again for your time and trouble in sorting this stuff out.
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    THIS IS WHY I HATE CRAIGSLIST... REPLY TO AD: " need it. Let me know, is it still available? I don't check [craigslist] reply mail. If it is still available, contact with me to ....................." .............scammers these days can't even bother to replace "it" with "your speakers" or "your motorcycle." I love it when they say "i'm interested in your item." lol
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