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    May be wrong @Full Range..thought I got a rise out of you, like a Fosters Ale with one...:
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    Well, hoping it goes to a forum member, some one that well take care of it Let me know if you have any questions, or want it shipped. I will pack it very well, and make sure 100% it gets to were ever its going safe
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    Sweet... Like Taxi...:
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    Thank goodness I was spared. Shortly after purchasing some Mac gear and Bose 901s I went to a dance party(hey it was the 70s) and had my first encounter with LaScalas. No salesmen gimmicks at the party. After inquiring what the heck are those and where do you get them I shortly thereafter had my own pair. And still have them to this day. The 901s were sold pretty much for what I paid for them. Good riddance.
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    Welcome. Did you finally get horns, or are you looking for encouragement? Fortunately, I was never duped by the cupped hands trick. My first exposure to Klipsch were the McIntosh powered Klipschorns at Almas Hi-Fi Stereo in Birmingham, MI in the late 60s. As a new teacher, I had neither the resources nor the space for Klipschorns, so I bought Bose 901s. Fortunately, entering law school forced me to sell the 901s for what they cost me. I soon hatched the scheme to buy 4 Speakerlab SKhorns for a mobile DJ biz. The SKhorns are long gone, but since then, I’ve owned every version of Klipsch Heritage. Color me pleased.
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    The Spatials are my good speakers. There is many things in my gear that would go first.
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    Nascar seems to be losing fans also.
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    GPS will bring you right there.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't a passive radiator sub just a different flavor of a ported sub? I was under the impression that the benefit of the former over the latter was the lack of potential port noise due to the lack of a port. Someone educate me on passive radiators vs. ports and vents.
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    Road trip in the McLaren at some point in this stage. lol, just kidding. I did see it on a trip out of town and had to take this photo. Then I had to take my real car for a safety recall and I saw the GT so I had to get a photo of that too. Then it was back to work.
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    To my vague recollect. that was the 1st lp. Someone can correct me but yes, night time is the right time My greatest hits has it and "Don 't Step On the Grass Sam" please...thanks man! Looks interesting... Guess you need Physical Grapphiti since you are a Led collector...
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    For sure. Understand completely. Sale pending. Should be marked sold tonight 😉.
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    What’s a “zobel”? Better explain it to me ...
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    They allowed F1 title points to drivers that raced in the Indy 500, but in 1950 none of those drivers raced in Indy. They stopped that in 1960.
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    Keith, My late wife posted on a Melanoma forum that "no one gets out alive", but she maintained her sense of humor for the whole trip. My prayers are with you, and have been since you first posted about this. Bruce
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    I checked all the settings, played with the position and all is good now. I think they were set to small and crossover at 80mhz default. They are sitting 6 feet from each other, like 10 inches from the back wall and around 5 feet each from their respective side walls. I am using 14 awg speaker cable now and tomorrow will switch to double 14 agw, effectively an 11 awg, maybe that helps a little the low end too. Will upgrade the caps and internal wiring to 11 awg tomorrow, lets see how that works out. Was maybe thinking of glueing a washer to the back of the passive radiator(apparently max 2.5 oz), supposedly this helps them dig deeper??? Got some Dynamat for internal damping of the cabinet and the passive radiator metal brace. Will play with the angle a little tilted up to compensate for how low they sit? All these upgrades and tweaking could work for the better or worse, but it sure is fun though!!!
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    Sure that you both know by sculptures I was talking about those uncommon speakers!
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    If they were made with the same parts and the same way, they would be the same amplifier by the same manufacturer and there would be no need to test one against the other. I've never claimed I could hear the difference between two identical (insert model #) from (insert manufacturer name)........... Shakey
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    Wow! Those abstract sculptures would stay if it was me! I'd cut back on the creature comforts first!!
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    Let’s say that you have an apple. That apple is the original musical performance. You then eat the apple. The apple goes through you, is processed by your digestive tract, and comes out the other end as a turd. You then cut that turd into two pieces, one piece is on the right, and one piece is on the left. That is the stereo representation of the original apple. It’s not the same as the original apple. Obsessing about linearity is effectively trying to make the turd be a linear representation of a turd, not of the original uneaten apple. Isn’t it better, given that you have a turd to work with, to find a topology that makes the turd seem more like an apple rather than striving for an exact representation of the turd?
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    I have a swamping resistor in my DHAs as well, but they don't soak up as much as the ALKs. And I have no problem with output from my 2A3 amps. Is this a flashback to 2010...? 🙄
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    ATI even winds their own power supply's. Who does that and why? Because they actually build amps in the USA, not just for themselves and their other companies like Theta, but for Mark Levinson, Lexicon, Outlaw, JBL Synthesis, Cary SS, Dynaco, Aragon, Crestron, Adcom, Integra Research, and B&K and many others that are shaded, because these boutique companies don't want you to know . The last couple of bench tests I have seen for ATI have been nothing but at the top.
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    If I ever get rid of mine it'll be for another one.
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    That is our Olivia and your John
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    My current enthusiasm is necessarily directed towards interior finishes and surfaces:
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    Well yeah, the Schu mann resonant frequencies. Boo!
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    Well yeah, the Schu mann resonant frequencies.
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    I think Parts Express is showing some love for the same with their relatively new passive radiator kits https://www.parts-express.com/passive-dayton-audio-reference-15-with-dual-passive-radiator-subwoofer-kit--300-7156
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    If you say it's good than it's good. Thank you!
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    Whether I go or not this year, would like to support
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    My opinion..... Since this is my post, Kinda agree with Westcoast...... users sometimes do Crap on the sells in here. saying things like, it junk, old, to high of a price, and bash other people. Its a GARAGE SALE....... not a free for all. Sellers ask fr what they want, all you can do is buy it, ask for a lower price. Or just move on about your way.
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    This in fact still occurs. Our local independent electronic/home entertainment shop retails Klipsch, Paradigm, Monitor Audio, Definitive Technology and Sony ( as well as an assortment of lifestyle blue tooth products). Before purchasing my RB 61 IIs a number of years ago,they had a sales guy who more or less loathed the Klipsch sound and bent himself backwards trying to steer me to Paradigm (extremely good speakers to be true). The ol' cupped hand demo came up. This shop has always been stellar, a family owned business with the second generation gradually taking over. Their staff are paid very good salaries - not commission and are exceptional in product knowledge. The fellow I dealt with had a very short tenure at the shop.
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    Sorry to hear this. Prayers and good vibes sent your way. You sure have a great attitude, I know that helps.
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    That's one more than I've had.
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    Position and correct cable AWG made a world of difference!! Thanks for all your help and guidance👍
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    Totally agree on both counts. ..My suggestion is a way of applying a tiny bit of scientific rigor with the least amount of effort. .But you're correct. My method assumes that both channels of both the amp and the CD player are functioning properly and playing at the same output level. This is not a tall ask for any CD player, but it may be for some amplifiers - particularly those coming from small boutiquey outfits That said, your recommendation would be even better. Still, I expect few to do either. I think the truth is that most audiophiles really DON'T want to know whether the differences they are hearing are real or the result of expectation biases that naturally and unavoidably follow from sighted and non-volume matched comparisons.
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    I don't know the answer to many of those questions. I don't think there is much cleaning of the floor, maby with a shop vac in the cracks, wouldn't want that job. The door is big and heavy it turns pretty easy but does take alot of force. There are different sides, one with all the cones, another flat like a corner and one with a way to attach panels to test just drivers or in-ceiling /wall speakers, can't remember what the other one is. It's a strange place, to get an idea of the size. The door weighs tons, I forget how many we were told.
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    I think so too. I hope my city never ends up like this:
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    It is kind of out in the country, but I don't remember banjo music. The Blue building next to the bigger roof is the Clubhouse where we go. It's at 7:40 in the video. 600+ acres
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    I began putting a new High-End system together about 6 months ago , it is now complete and pretty much optimal with everything broken in . I went with the First Watt SIT-2 amp because I thought that either the SIT-1 or SIT-2 would be my idea of the best possible match up with the Danley Sound Labs SH 50`s for in home use ( Not for Stadium or Concert hall use ) , I have used only Single ended tube electronics ( 300B , VT-52 , 2A3 ) for the last 35-40 years , and most of those years those tube electronics were driving a pair of Klipsch La Scala`s . I also had some Lowther horn speakers ( Hated them ) , and klipschorns briefly ( I used them in there original state , and later with the Klipsch K-402 horns ) . One of the reasons I wanted to make this post is because I am happier and more satisfied with my audio set up then I have ever been before in the many years of my audio hobby . I can`t say enough about how much of an amazing amplifier the First Watt SIT-2 is , and how amazing the Danley Sound Labs SH50 speakers are and the synergy between the two . My new audio set-up has exceeded my expectations . I have included the details of my new audio set-up below . My main area of interest in the audio hobby is the minimalist philosophy with high sensitivity speakers ( Horns ) and low powered amplifiers ( Low powered , smallest , and simplest designs possible are the best sounding amplifiers ) . I believe that the First Watt SIT-2 would sound amazing with any of the Klipsch ( Heritage horn ) speakers . I am planning on putting together a 2nd stereo system in my basement with Klipsch K-402 horns and the ClaudeJ1 Quarter Pie bass bins for the lower frequencies in either a 2 way or 3 way set-up and maybe using it for analog with a turntable . I have included all the equipment I am using in the new system below . Danley Sound Labs SH 50 Speakers 4 ohms First Watt SIT-2 Amplifier 8 watts into 4 ohms ( Discontinued Sept/2017 ) Pass Labs XP-30 Pre-amplifier Line level McIntosh MR-71 (Tube) FM-Tuner Vintage ( Restored ) Rel Stadium III Sub woofers ( Pair ) 1 per channel APL NWO-Master Universal Transport/DAC ( Esoteric UX-1Pi ) CD Transport and outboard Tube DAC
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    Would try a light white vinegar and when clean and dry use a light coat of baby oil... And by the way, welcome to the forum...
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    When you get a chance, try the Fortes on the outside of the 83's, spread out and closer to the walls (12 to 18 inches or so)
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    Thanks for the note. The seller did not note if it is the standard or upgraded power supply. I'd only be using 2 channels and keep the 3rd installed but as a warm backup. Will see what happens, the good being the amp is already here in Calgary which removes foreign exchange, duty and freight from the costs.
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    We're still making progress...
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    === smart man. Your momma didn’t raise no dummy —
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