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    I played the trumpet ( a horn) as a teenager. I heard of this cupping idea. I related the cupped hands trick to putting a mute in my trumpet. The sound was the same. Without the mute the horn opened up in all of its majesty, as do these horns. Just remember to not cup your hands over your Cornwall’s horns and you’ll be fine.
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    This unfortunate account can somewhat be laid at the doorstep of Klipsch. Klipsch has never done much in the way of marketing/promotion, etc. They did not educate the buying public allowing for salesmonkey charlatans to undermine their speakers and handed companies like Bose billion dollar markets. To this day I doubt if many movie theater attendees know that they’re hearing Klipsch products. If ever a company survived based upon consistent performance of a product line it is Klipsch. Still, imagine going to any bank with a business plan for commercial sound products and having zero marketing schemes in play. Never experienced the ‘cupped hand’ horn spiel. My parents owned custom made jbl speakers driven by Fisher tubes. That was my listening baseline that was not surpassed until the early 70’s. At a Federated store I was introduced to Klipsch. They carried the full Klipsch line and the khorns stood head and shoulders above everything else..... and still do as far as I am concerned. Was not able to buy khorns for 20 more years. On my 3rd set now.🥳
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    In high school, I started on the family's Catalina 22. In college, it was 420s and 470s intercollegiately: 470s looked like this: After graduation, I was into racing "hot rods"--NACRA 5.2 on Galveston bay (I took the pix): and the original Windsurfer (Canyon Lake with a friend on my board when I took the pix): and then NACRA 5.5 (18^2 meter)...that looked very similar to this: All the while, I crewed steadily on a J24 that looked something like this (crew of 4-5): (...the future wife in wide angle on the J24...) ...then crewed for a couple of years on a Tartan Ten that looked something like this (crew of 7-8): Then I had kids... Well, that was a fun exercise. Thanks for helping to resurrect those memories. Chris
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    Yes. The year was 1979. The place was Sheffield Audio in Houston. The person doing the propaganda delivery was actually my best friend at the time--an EE who mentioned in passing that they were somehow "colored" in their delivery (they weren't--in fact it was the other loudspeakers that were). That poor decision cost me almost 30 years of not owning Khorns. But it was my mistake for not trusting my ears, because they were playing in a well set up room with a Belle in the center doing center channel duty on some nice Phase Linear preamp/amplifiers, level matched with other loudspeakers in the room (the needle meters on the front of the amplifiers went from moving a lot when using other loudspeakers, to basically not moving at all at almost zero power when listening to the Khorns/Belle--about 83-87 dB average at the listening positions). I was ready and I had the cash--just not the resolve. I was also living in apartments at the time (Houston, Galveston, Alvin, etc.) so the Khorns would have been a handful and make it a bit more difficult to find an apartment to accommodate them. But they would have been sublime. Instead I went down the conventional route: AR90s (small) and Magnepan MG-IIIa's (not small). I guess it turned out well because I focused on my career and racing sailboats instead, then later marriage and kids. When it turned to empty nesting I again was able to afford the time and monetary resources for Jubilees. I've been enjoying them every day for the past 11+ years. Best buying decision that I've ever made. Welcome to the forum! Chris
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    Cool pic. That must have been from yesterday. I'm in SD right now, since Monday anyway, and am flying home tomorrow. Working here and have been driving all over. Poway, Escondido, Imperial Beach, Oceanside, Santee, etc., etc. Was looking forward to coming down then it rained heavy Monday, spotty Tuesday, but today was nice for sure. It was all better than 10 degrees though. Got a little needed Vitamin D. Nice to see CA getting some rain. By the way, got bit by the 15 to 78 junction northbound this morning. Was a little late for my first appointment. Lesson learned.
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    The end of 4 days or rain, the sun shines through. A few interesting shapes within this formation. Anyone see anything of note?
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    I had the same reaction . But, there was a time Indy and F1 raced together.
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    Thank goodness I was spared. Shortly after purchasing some Mac gear and Bose 901s I went to a dance party(hey it was the 70s) and had my first encounter with LaScalas. No salesmen gimmicks at the party. After inquiring what the heck are those and where do you get them I shortly thereafter had my own pair. And still have them to this day. The 901s were sold pretty much for what I paid for them. Good riddance.
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    Welcome. Did you finally get horns, or are you looking for encouragement? Fortunately, I was never duped by the cupped hands trick. My first exposure to Klipsch were the McIntosh powered Klipschorns at Almas Hi-Fi Stereo in Birmingham, MI in the late 60s. As a new teacher, I had neither the resources nor the space for Klipschorns, so I bought Bose 901s. Fortunately, entering law school forced me to sell the 901s for what they cost me. I soon hatched the scheme to buy 4 Speakerlab SKhorns for a mobile DJ biz. The SKhorns are long gone, but since then, I’ve owned every version of Klipsch Heritage. Color me pleased.
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    There was a couple of different stereo shops in the Flint area, one being a Klipsch dealer. The other one wasn't, and if you mentioned Klipsch in that store, they would do the same cupped hand thing. Luckily I ignored them and bought Klipsch anyway.
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    Thanks dtel. My oncologist says I've had it all. There's nothing else he can do. After radiation, that's it. Six months on the outside. It's been a battle and I love a good challenge. But that last part is really depressing, and I'm an upbeat guy. And a realist. We'll see. The lucky people just drop dead. I've got a good friend that I've known for decades. He played music in bands for years. In 1995 he had a really devastating accident. Over the following years he got in a really bad place mentally and financially. He lost interest in playing and in music all together. As I talked to him over time I thought of how I could help him, interrupt his mental direction. I thought of his love for music so I bought him Klipsch speakers. The whole 9 yards. It brought him out of his depression. His wife said it changed his direction. All to say, you are right. He still makes a big deal out of it to this day. I told him the other day he almost embarrasses me with it. I told him that was just what friends do for friends. A few bucks don't mean nothing. As you said family, friends, the good times and the memories are all that matter. Keep Smiling. Keith
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    Thank you very much. I just picked it up. I cannot wait to get it home
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    Not available anymore but the k45 ought to work really well.
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    Some interesting cloud layers in the back ground and in the foreground, a ghost plane maybe?
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    Thanks man. I try to buy and sell straight up. No games. That said. The price though fair to me isnt for everyone. If I can’t get $1500 after shipping or fees. It will stay and collect dust in a corner waiting to be rediscovered:-).
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    SOD, sprint cars on dirt, is my favorite racing. Saw my first race in the 70s at Terre Haute Action track. My brother and I sat in the stands and speculated whether a recent cloud burst had rendered the dirt track too muddy to race. Any veterans aound us must've had a hoot. Soon a water truck came out to spray more water on the track. IIRC, Gary Bettenhausen had the best equipment and won the race.
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    Back then, as long as your car passed tech and inspection, you could race in the Indy 500 and any IndyCar (Champ Car) race. The Champ cars were basically sprint cars, with massive HP engines. Those boys earned their money.
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    Dude! You should be telling us! I have been considering changing my rear channel Heresies to WDST surrounds (RP-502S or RS-62II). Whadda ya think? Packaging means the surround speakers will mount on the wall easier and thus be higher. Reflected sound might be more enveloping. Hey! Maybe an actual use for Blose!
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    I love scrolling through this thread on my lunch break. You guys have posted some incredible pictures!
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    Keith, My late wife posted on a Melanoma forum that "no one gets out alive", but she maintained her sense of humor for the whole trip. My prayers are with you, and have been since you first posted about this. Bruce
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    Prayers for you Keith, stay strong. Tim
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    I checked all the settings, played with the position and all is good now. I think they were set to small and crossover at 80mhz default. They are sitting 6 feet from each other, like 10 inches from the back wall and around 5 feet each from their respective side walls. I am using 14 awg speaker cable now and tomorrow will switch to double 14 agw, effectively an 11 awg, maybe that helps a little the low end too. Will upgrade the caps and internal wiring to 11 awg tomorrow, lets see how that works out. Was maybe thinking of glueing a washer to the back of the passive radiator(apparently max 2.5 oz), supposedly this helps them dig deeper??? Got some Dynamat for internal damping of the cabinet and the passive radiator metal brace. Will play with the angle a little tilted up to compensate for how low they sit? All these upgrades and tweaking could work for the better or worse, but it sure is fun though!!!
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    Here is my before and after on a pair of kg4 Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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