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    Lake Peyto in Canada. That is the actual color. Glacier melt passes through the moraine field. The silt suspended in the water helps to give it that color.
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    What I got today, Marantz SA-KI 40th Anniversary SACD player,beautiful built like a tank player made to celebrate Ken Ishiwata with Marantz.I love the way the player sounds and the smooth way the drawer opens and closes,plus the top has his signature stenciled on it with a real ruby stone.
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    Up date. Juan came over fixed the ceiling patch, put two coats of paint on the walls, and one on the ceiling and was away by 2pm. $200. I'd rather make money and let him do it. Having my second cheap Scotch (Famous Grouse). Cheers muchachos!
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    But it's hard to beat the water in the Carribean.
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    The color of the Gulf away from the land and the river. Plus a flying fish just because, blurry because they are fast and unexpected and I am old.
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    Somehow, even if they can, I don't see one more beer added to the 30,000+ already available in the world, having any impact on the market, regardless of what the yeast flavor might be, but more power to them. I'd rather have them focus on bringing back a T-Rex so we could thin out the herd. 😅
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    … o O (133 year old beer technology) … it's strange to think that when I had my first beer 50 yr's ago, free from my friends parents garage refrigerator, somehow I wished that Schlitz would figure out how to step up their game... but I'm pleased with Dos Equis these day's, however they do it....
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    Great that's all we need is bicentenary beer farts!
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    Last year, an Australian brewer produced beer from yeast recovered from a 220-year-old shipwreck.
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    Today's goals were accomplished fully, with no flaws : Rewired the complete system into a 5.1 Bi-Amp'd configuration, using 10 Carver Pro ZR1600 MONO Blocks ! Labeled every single Cable (...that's both ends of every single cable ) Labeled every Input + Output on all of the 11 amps. Time aligned all the K-402 Horns with their Bass Bins, using my XILICA XP-4080 DPS's ; applying Chris' recently shared formula / a 4th order Crossover / REW Spectrogram . Thank You CHRIS for all the guidance; ...everything was spot on, as anticipated. Here is a picture of my stacked amp racks, I rewired today ! This Anvil rack holds the 6 amps needed for the front stage L/C/R Jubilees ! This rack stacks on top of that Anvil, and holds the 4 amps needed for the KHorn Bass bins/K-402 SURROUNDs , as well as, a Crown MacroTech VZ3600 Mono Block, for my Danley TH-50 sub. ALL of these amps are stacked outside the upstairs Jubilee Room . TOMORROW's Goals: Time align each speaker bank, corresponding to the listen position ! Then, set all the AMP levels with REW SPL Meter. Begin the TUNING... Have a great weekend , everyone ! ~Rock on , Craig
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    BEER FROM 1886 SHIPWRECK MAY YIELD NEW BREW A bottle from a 133-year-old shipwreck may yield yeast for a new brew in upstate New York. CLOSINGS: View Closings BEER FROM 1886 SHIPWRECK MAY YIELD NEW BREW A bottle from a 133-year-old shipwreck may yield yeast for a new brew in upstate New York. Posted: Feb. 16, 2019 7:44 AM Posted By: The Associated Press COBLESKILL, N.Y. (AP) - Ahoy, beer lovers: A bottle from a 133-year-old shipwreck may yield yeast for a new brew in upstate New York. Biotechnology students at the State University of New York at Cobleskill uncorked a bottle from the shipwrecked SS Oregon on Thursday. Serious Brewing Company of Howes Cave plans to develop a new brew if the students successfully extract yeast. Bill Felter, of Serious Brewing, acquired the beer from a customer who owns an assortment of artifacts recovered from the Oregon. The ship was en route from Liverpool, England, to New York City with 852 people aboard on March 14, 1886, when it collided with a schooner near Fire Island, New York, and sank. All but one person survived.
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    Hope you haven't missed out by now with all of this jabbering.....IMHO, offering $1K less than asking is a bit low....start with $2400......the combo with the Marantz should sound great, you might have to turn your volume dial to 3......
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    If Juan does not want to do it themselves Juan can hire Juan and get it done just as Juan wants because Juan knows what Juan expects when Juan is hired.
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    I have one back together now and it is glorious. To be honest, I didn't believe that a couple of loose bolts, some dust bunnies and some capacitors were going to make any difference but they certainly sound better now! The bass speakers were bottoming out before and now at least on this first speaker it is booming and no longer muddy. Can't wait to get them both up and running now. I may have make room for them somewhere. The garage has a flat roof (like the house) and so has no space above the rafters. Anything above the rafters would technically be considered outdoors. I may have to rearrange the living room.
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    Little feat let it roll... Thanks John... Little feat cds sound awesome !
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    Congratulations. We all showed up around the same time. Looks like I joined in March of '04 and a month later had already gotten into tubes. I had more money before I came here.
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    … definitely too many brands out there... I'll buy a weird beer every once in a while.... ahhh like this, just to see the packaging technique lol
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    The guy I call for sheetrock & texture repair is named Juan too lol ….
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    This speaker is a current production model, not a kit for "home builders". Do you think it's appropriate to encourage people to make knockoffs of current premium-level Klipsch speakers on the Klipsch forum?
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    Yeast can be dormant for a long time. Fermentable sugars and the right temperature can bring them back. Not sure they can go that long, though.
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    === for a bit of perspective - a 20+ year old Pioneer Elite PD93 --
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    Personally I have no idea between those two particular players, but there is NO REASON why a modern player should not be doing both duties at a high level. There are MUCH MORE expensive CD players, but up to a very acceptable level for most of us, a single player can do both very competently.
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    Not if you have enough power behind it. Just start out really loud and anything less than that is considered cordial by your neighbours.
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    So I'm not the only soul that like little feat.
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    That is a nice deep blue in those Gulf waters, and the clarity of the water in the Caribbean pics, always impresses.
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    best tip i can give you do not tell anybody where they are until they are sitting in your living room. lots of lurkers will steal them right out from under you 2nd best tip is always do what Deang says 😀
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    Picked up a roughed up RSW-12 from Offerup last night. Has a shredded grill and is missing feet(orig owner said it never had them 😕). Drivers are damage free and it pounds like it should so I’m happy.
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    Only a cell phone pict, but this isn't cartoony.
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    Lots of places....and not all. @USNRET
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    Just having a Heresy fest in the lounge room at the mo.
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    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F323688160301 appears to be anyway. Its not my listing i just figured it mite be a good deal for someone in that area
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    I came across this post by Grover Neville at Inner Fidelity, which lists "new music and artists who do sincerely care about sound quality". Read more at https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/where-did-all-good-music-go-its-right-here#qrSlpQLsVSTSSV38.99
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    Just finished up the wiring and both cabinets are working. Equal volumes and I assume full range. I am using a very modest Pioneer receiver for testing but I am encouraged. Started cleaning the cabinets and really not much work will be needed to have them looking great. The mahogany veneer on top, front and sides is thick and attractive. The backs have no veneer but are nice plywood with great patina. Flipped the doghouse cabinet over for the first time and there are maybe 16 screws holding the bottom on...this provides access to driver inside the doghouse. I will not open this up unless it is needed. thanks for everyone’s help
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    Bonzo. I think in the end you're going to find that you'll have more issues with the lower rated pin compatible tubes you can use in VRD's like 6L6GC, 7581A and so on simply because those tubes are running near there maximum design center lines in the amps while the KT88/6550 family of tubes are running nice and easy.
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    Speaking of beer, look up Toi Sennhauser’s OPB. I love the label.
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    I figured it could start again but didn't know if it would be new yeast or like the original. Bet it would have a different taste than many of today's beers, I would think?
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    Today's pile... Off into the cosmology of nothingness... Cya when I cya! 😂 😎
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    I'm in the process of looking for 15-25 acres and when the right piece comes along, I'm going to build and get a little more elbow room. Until then, I do try and keep it respectful regarding the hours, with some exceptions when I'm working in the shop with the doors open and there are a few adult beverages involved. 😈
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    The entire production is pretty damn good.
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    All of the above is good advice, hope you find the culprit. Bottom line is you will never know how good they can sound while still using the AL crossover. I usually recommend rebuilding the x over, but the general consensus is that ALs are not worth the effort. I would look for A or AA. Bob Crites has both and will give you great bang for the buck. There are better ones out there but get pretty costly. Once you have eliminated that weak link you can more readily track down any additional problems (if there are any) Good luck, it should be fun. You will love the LS sound once you get them up to speed.
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