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    Our apricot tree started blooming. I hope our recent cold weather doesn't screw up harvest season.
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    It don't matter where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home
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    Beautiful. So does that all turn brown in the summer or do you get enough rain to maintain some greenery?
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    Yes the desert is in bloom
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    Do you remember the name of the place, or where it was at? I'd like to check it out....
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    Feeling like some Seger tonight, I can remember back when if you had the radio on for a half an hour you would hear at least one of his tunes. Never thought of it as pop-music, more easy rolling rock-n-roll maybe. Found another survivor in the cabinet!
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    it gets crowded. 3 booths indoors. A couple picnic tables outside. Worth it. The waitress we had was cute, too. Maybe it just me. I think most women are cute. Always tell the wife, if I stop looking, I have lost interest... then, what good am I?
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    Sounding pretty good this evening!
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    See, you forced me to e-mail him....
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    I took an old beater pair of LS and did a revamp to look kinda like the pro series. I went on the cheap and just used 3/4" angle and beveled the corners. Tuned out nice for only a few bucks worth of aluminum. Not too dissimilar from the ones in the old Klipsch add above. I also have a pair of legit LSi splits, and the genuine corner pieces look much cooler, but I like them both. Finding the real deal is not easy but show up from time to time. (sorry for the sideways pics, too lazy to fix)
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    I emailed him to ask if he made a typo and this is what he did to me. Lol Look at this pic
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    Might as well add the subwoofer addition also. Just not today.
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    Well this is my second quad. I put these woofers in my other 30's in my main system last year about the same time. Compared to stock.....better build quality but most of all they just flat out sound better. They're tighter, cleaner, punchier and give the speaker an overall better sound. Although I power mine with low powered tubes most of the time, they love big power thrown at them. .....and THAT my friend, puts a big grin on my face.[emoji39] Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I think he will get his asking price. It is obvious that his negotiating a deal making skills have made him very successful.
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    Or maybe that's how long he's been trying to get 2K each
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    Over the past two years, I've upgraded by 1982 LaScala's. For sale: Original LaScala horns with refurbished drivers by Bob Crites. Also Crites C125 tweeters, which are replacements for the K-77. All in good working condition. As you will see on the picture, I've place dampening material on the horns to smooth the sound many years ago.. The material can be removed. Would like to sell all together. But, maybe will break up the set. $400.00 plus shipping.
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    Sold Professionally restored. Paperwork included. https://manuals.harman.com/JBL/HOM/Technical Sheet/L100t3 ts.pdf Not your fathers JBL L100's. Nothing about these are the same. Manufactured in the USA. One of the last ones made before JBL switched to production overseas. The L100T3 was the improved version of their very well reviewed L100T, with improved crossovers and newer titanium tweeters. The 4412A was the matching studio monitor. All original parts. The restoration includes having the 12" woofers rebuilt with new spiders and surrounds. These were my daily drivers, so no issues. The cabinets are in excellent condition, and you will not see the normal bikini lines that you will find with other examples of these T3 series JBL's. The grill cloth is perfect, and the grill frames are too, except for 2 out of 6 pegs on one frame are gone. The pictures say it all. Live demo is recommended. My location is Fall River, Wisconsin 53932 Let me know if you require accommodations on getting these to your location. Free Delivery is available within 100 miles from zip 53932.
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    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2282284202091637/ No Affil
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    I got a great offer on a parasound hint 6. Ive had it for a week now and im very happy with the Hint 6/rp280f combination so far. Thank you guys for all the help
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    I live in Florida for a reason And it goes bang bang. Lol
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    If I'm reading correctly, reading from bottom to top, HE reported YOU to Craigslist? Man, I would not want to be you when the Craigslist police come knocking on your virtual door. I take it you are planning to flee where nobody can find you, like Mexico or West Virginia, to escape prosecution? If you decide to stay and fight this and need a lawyer, there are several who post here. We'll start a GoFundMe for your defense. I'm sure @dwilawyer has done hundreds of these kinds of Craigslist cases.
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    The beginning rain scene....great bass and awesome surround effects and thunder
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    So, really impressed with this bunch of folks, they've played here a bit the last couple of years before I heard of them from this thread. They've got one cd out at discogs closest country shipped from is CA, had trouble once... I've got youtube. So the singer that looks like he'd sing country is pretty good too, it's not just the short haired singer. Then the older guy with the hippie hair... listen to him here with the pianist. I'd bet he could sing the entire Holy Diver LP and sound exactly like R J Dio! Fantastic Musicians All!
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    Thank you for the kind words These just got sold Thank you
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    The updated Wall of Sound. It's sounding pretty good .... Sorry, this is not a Cain & Cain walla walla... The Mc2205 provides plenty of ooomph.
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    The problem for most is space and WAF for the pro gear. But it is certainly next level. I've had them all, from Heresy's to Belles and everything in between. The MWM's are something amazing.
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    You were thinking about connolis
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    He is actually asking $1200 for his. 🙄
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    Ciare 12" woofers for KLF-30's [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I bought me a new car, so I'll be selling one set of speakers (outdoor setup). Indoor setup I will be upgrading, not getting rid of whatsoever👍
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    Brenda, my wife had the same surgery as yours five years ago. It gave her life back to her but it actually took her ~1 to 1 1/2 years to fully recover. Don't rush it. There'll still be concerts to go to in a year. Enjoy your Klipsch. I do--every day. I believe they've been largely responsible for staying in good health over the past 10 years or so. Chris
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    Exactly. I guess that's what I'm interested in. I have pretty decent corners but in one of them, I will not be able to get the flush tight seal I used to have my house when I had Klipschorns about 10 years ago. It's going to have to be about an inch away due to some stone work. So now that I see people screwing wood on the backs of some older Klipschorns, I'm scratching my head and saying who-what-huh? Thanks for the comments, all. I would like to see what Roy might say about the new ones and if they measure any differently if they're tight sealed vs. a few inches away from a corner
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    Speaking of "Wildmen," official, or not, there are more being created by influence of this Forum!!
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    Been enjoying "big and clean" in one form or another since I was 19 and built my "Super Altecs" and "CornScala" center in the mid 70's. Soon replaced by Khorns and a LaScala (Birch sanded & tung oiled by me) as soon as I got married and my wife co-signed for the bank loan to buy them and establish my own credit (Khorns were a lot of money to a youngster, believe me).
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    The main reason why it's "hoops n tunes" here for most NFL games and the NCAA. Even though they have nothing to do w/the bracket pairings it's almost like ESPN is trying to control everything anymore. They state they just report and cover sports "news." I can't wait 'til they open up "sports betting" during games. They're saying you're going to be able to not only bet on games but also on single plays during the game. 20:1 that Dis Diz makes that 60 yard field goal. "Here's the snap to wvu80, it's down and Diz makes the kick... Is it good?" Flashing on the bottom of the screen while you place your bets. Gonna be great! hahahaha
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    Were exactly the same way, it's not about loud, it's about sounding big and clean. But it is nice to know it's no problem for the occasional rattle the house times.
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    === I try to claim any Hifi purchase on my Medicare insurance for being beneficial to my overall mental and physical wellbeing. As of yet they haven’t bought into the idea —
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    Maybe Roy can comment on the new Klipschorns and how they handle loading when not flush in a corner. Even with a back the new ones shoukd load the bass best when flush in the corner. How much will depend on the placement. Adding back panels to older models may not be the same as the new models. I suspect there is more to it than screwing some plywood to the back.
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    Stupid is, as stupid does.
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    ex Conrad Johnson engineer..And first employee
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    Happy St. Pat's Day!...Never too party to hardy...Know my Irish( or not) friends are, or not so much nowadays: ... Best of fortune...green
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    Perhaps not entirely impractical. Herman Kahn, one of the three people on whom Dr. Strangelove was based, thought that one day we might have a small remote we could keep clipped to our belts that would provide us with practically any kind of pleasure by direct neural input. It would simulate the sensation of having consumed alcohol, or drugs, but when ready to drive you would push a button and be sober! You also could satisfy hunger without eating (Kahn sorely needed this), to say nothing of a menu of sexual satisfaction. So, could a direct neural transfer of music or movies be far in the future?
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    The K-402 and K-69-A combination is really good. I know there at better CD's out there but I don't feel the need to explore them right now. I use the KPT-904 for the 120-500hz region. I like it, but maybe I explore other options. The thought of horn loaded lower midrange is intriguing. The bottom is handled by two horn loaded 24" Precision Devices, one in each front corner of the room.
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    I just sent payment, this will be my first time going. I can't wait!
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