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    Our apricot tree started blooming. I hope our recent cold weather doesn't screw up harvest season.
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    I'm going to send you some..
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    It don't matter where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home
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    Beautiful. So does that all turn brown in the summer or do you get enough rain to maintain some greenery?
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    When I was up in Elkhart, we stopped at a popular local/homestyle taco stand/restaurant... It was very good. The salsa was great. Both red and green. I had pulled beef tacos. The tortilla barely wrapped the meat. $1.50 ea. I had to force the 3rd one down. I actually feel good this AM. Had to look in the mirror to make sure I am still here... Warm weather agrees with me. I've been getting a lot of "golf" in. Take my one club... a #5Whip Sickle. Played a quick 9 before dark, last night Weeds got big... fast. Thing are starting to come into bloom. It's working its way up the hill. Around Phoenix now. this kind of weather scares me a little. I know we are going to see a ton of bee swarms. They are all Africanized. I have a few outbuildings that I could see as good place for bees to settle.
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    Do you remember the name of the place, or where it was at? I'd like to check it out....
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    Feeling like some Seger tonight, I can remember back when if you had the radio on for a half an hour you would hear at least one of his tunes. Never thought of it as pop-music, more easy rolling rock-n-roll maybe. Found another survivor in the cabinet!
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    Finally got to where I can post the details on my Indiana trip. The last 3 day, had me talking it up with 3 different audio nuts in 3 different locations. My host in Indiana was great. Entertained until 10:30PM before I even got to the loading them up part. Stayed the night in Elkhart. Enjoyed the trip back the next day. Got everything inside just after dark. It was not easy moving 6 speakers (85 pounds) around to rearrange things. Some compromises are obviously required in my small JBL room. I really needed these for a seamless center channel. Thanks to SaturationPt on the AK site for this opportunity Thanks to @jimjimbo for the good cheer Thanks to Mike, a local guy who trades for coming over to check it out. Here they are.......JBL 240Ti And the now the front stage looks like this. I took out the L100T3's. The darker pair is running in 2 channel on a separate system.
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    Yes it all goes to dead, like all life on earth without precious liquid water. Some years it is so dry it goes from brown to gray as the bigger woody stalks dry out further.
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    it gets crowded. 3 booths indoors. A couple picnic tables outside. Worth it. The waitress we had was cute, too. Maybe it just me. I think most women are cute. Always tell the wife, if I stop looking, I have lost interest... then, what good am I?
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    fire season comes right after bee attack season... It all turns brown. I'll have to ask my sister/s. It's out toward Goshen. I wanna say it's called Ricky's.. My memory isn't as bad as I thought c/p no affiliation Ricky's Taqueria 4.5624 Google reviews $Mexican restaurant Pint-sized, no-frills taqueria dispensing Mexican staples, including tacos, burritos & quesadillas. Address: 57995 Co Rd 9, Elkhart, IN the red salsa is mild. Green has some bite
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    God bless the great women in our lives! Mine ain't so much into audio, but she makes sure I don't miss a hot chick changing tops at a biker rally!
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    Don't look that bad they just buff right out. If he does get the asking price I have some stuff I want him to sell for me, he can even keep 25% for the trouble.
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    What's better is when the wife picks out the pro gear because she likes the way it sounds and looks, and the room just happens to be big enough. We were actually looking for our last pair of speakers after adding on a living room 24' wide and 18' deep and open 16' more behind the depth. We even put the rear wall windows away from the corners thinking it was going to be khorns. We went to Indy and Hope listening to Khorns and every single room sounded completely different and we went home confused. We didn't know what we were going to do and a few months later we got to hear MWM's and a 402 horn, within 2 minutes my wife and daughter said: " That's what we want! ". I can't lie about this, Claude was standing next to my wife, he heard it all. I didn't put up too much of a fight, have to keep the wife happy and all. I looked like this....
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    Sounding pretty good this evening!
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    See, you forced me to e-mail him....
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    I took an old beater pair of LS and did a revamp to look kinda like the pro series. I went on the cheap and just used 3/4" angle and beveled the corners. Tuned out nice for only a few bucks worth of aluminum. Not too dissimilar from the ones in the old Klipsch add above. I also have a pair of legit LSi splits, and the genuine corner pieces look much cooler, but I like them both. Finding the real deal is not easy but show up from time to time. (sorry for the sideways pics, too lazy to fix)
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    I emailed him to ask if he made a typo and this is what he did to me. Lol Look at this pic
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    Might as well add the subwoofer addition also. Just not today.
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    And that is what many don't understand about the big pro gear. Outstanding at any level and like many I find myself listening to these at lower levels than I used to with La Scalas for instance. The definition is so amazing you want to hear all these things that tend to get drowned out with the volume knob or smaller boxes.
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    Well this is my second quad. I put these woofers in my other 30's in my main system last year about the same time. Compared to stock.....better build quality but most of all they just flat out sound better. They're tighter, cleaner, punchier and give the speaker an overall better sound. Although I power mine with low powered tubes most of the time, they love big power thrown at them. .....and THAT my friend, puts a big grin on my face.[emoji39] Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    & I'm ticked..... had to go to the Publix 5 mi north for decent produce (the store, different name in the middle of the 10k sq ft mansions & Lambos a mile away just has crappy sometimes rotten onions, green bananas, $3 stalks of celery) they can keep it. So I get the good stuff priced right then go to their bakery where I've been able to get canollis without the d*mn chocolate chips in it for three years.... no more! Past couple of months there is always chips in it. To buy the empty shells costs the same. (red faced smiley with steam coming off my head) Was it just that particular Italian family I was a part of for a while that doesn't like choc chips in the cream? `Cause that is my way now too! I still like the guts with the plain cream, cocoa powder on top of the whip cream that's on top. The canolli cream is easy to make but the shells... might have to pay for them
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    I think he will get his asking price. It is obvious that his negotiating a deal making skills have made him very successful.
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    LA Town- Bagfull Of Boogie:
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    Or maybe that's how long he's been trying to get 2K each
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    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2282284202091637/ No Affil
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    WVU, I already implemented plan b. I have three La Scalas now across the front and two Cornscalas for the back. Just would prefer three Cornscalas across the front if possible. It sounds great as-is. I just can’t seem to leave well enough alone.
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    The beginning rain scene....great bass and awesome surround effects and thunder
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    😲 Might find `em if I looked around, but that would be appreciated! We've had Greek food supply stores for ever here, got to be Italian somewhere. There are mexi stores on every corner, they're the most prevalent species here.
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    The problem for most is space and WAF for the pro gear. But it is certainly next level. I've had them all, from Heresy's to Belles and everything in between. The MWM's are something amazing.
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    You have a nice pair there. I'll second the fact you can trust Carl. Sent from my Z981 using Tapatalk
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    Does it feel funny saying, wife. What is that picture? I love swimming and snorkeling in the Carribean but don't think I would do it at night when I can't see what's there or especially at night with lights. I have seen enough large fish snorkeling, which is not as bad because I can see them, but in the dark, they can see me but I can't see them. Not that it really matters I guess, if a Baracuda decides to attack you there is nothing you can do anyway.
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    You were thinking about connolis
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    Ciare 12" woofers for KLF-30's [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Does this mean that you are selling your stereo? tbh My wife actually likes my big black Scalas. That's good. I would hate to have to make a choice HaHaHa congrats.
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    Brenda, my wife had the same surgery as yours five years ago. It gave her life back to her but it actually took her ~1 to 1 1/2 years to fully recover. Don't rush it. There'll still be concerts to go to in a year. Enjoy your Klipsch. I do--every day. I believe they've been largely responsible for staying in good health over the past 10 years or so. Chris
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    Exactly. I guess that's what I'm interested in. I have pretty decent corners but in one of them, I will not be able to get the flush tight seal I used to have my house when I had Klipschorns about 10 years ago. It's going to have to be about an inch away due to some stone work. So now that I see people screwing wood on the backs of some older Klipschorns, I'm scratching my head and saying who-what-huh? Thanks for the comments, all. I would like to see what Roy might say about the new ones and if they measure any differently if they're tight sealed vs. a few inches away from a corner
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    Been enjoying "big and clean" in one form or another since I was 19 and built my "Super Altecs" and "CornScala" center in the mid 70's. Soon replaced by Khorns and a LaScala (Birch sanded & tung oiled by me) as soon as I got married and my wife co-signed for the bank loan to buy them and establish my own credit (Khorns were a lot of money to a youngster, believe me).
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    === I try to claim any Hifi purchase on my Medicare insurance for being beneficial to my overall mental and physical wellbeing. As of yet they haven’t bought into the idea —
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    Perhaps not entirely impractical. Herman Kahn, one of the three people on whom Dr. Strangelove was based, thought that one day we might have a small remote we could keep clipped to our belts that would provide us with practically any kind of pleasure by direct neural input. It would simulate the sensation of having consumed alcohol, or drugs, but when ready to drive you would push a button and be sober! You also could satisfy hunger without eating (Kahn sorely needed this), to say nothing of a menu of sexual satisfaction. So, could a direct neural transfer of music or movies be far in the future?
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    The K-402 and K-69-A combination is really good. I know there at better CD's out there but I don't feel the need to explore them right now. I use the KPT-904 for the 120-500hz region. I like it, but maybe I explore other options. The thought of horn loaded lower midrange is intriguing. The bottom is handled by two horn loaded 24" Precision Devices, one in each front corner of the room.
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    My wife is from Russia and she does not know that song They are very good
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    Thanks CoolCanuck. I like tubes. I like turntables and playing LPs. Don't call them vinyls. LOL But I am not an audiophile. I am a hacker that loves listening to good music. I love trying to make a particular piece of equipment sound better. My turntable is modded to the point that is sounds pretty decent. Next is getting the speakers to the point I like them. That is part of the fun for me at 67 years old, my hearing is not what it used to be. Too much loud music and not using hearing protection around wood working equipment. Had I to do it over I would have. But I still love listening to rock and roll and pop music from the 60's 70's 80's. I built my first speakers when I was in high school. I took them to college and thought they sounded pretty OK but then had a chance to AB them against some others in a local HI FI shop. They really sucked. LOL Just goes to show that you can used to listening to bad equipment and not know the difference. Until that is you can directly compare them to something else. Which gets me to my point of how your brain can become accustomed to a particular sound and you think those speakers or other piece of equipment is starting to break in and sound better. Sometimes it is your own brain that is changing what you are hearing. On the other hand run in or break in of stereo equipment is a real thing. Speakers definitely do require a break in period just as phono cartridges and vacuum tubes. You can tell when you keep comparing against another speaker or cartridge or whatever that you use as a given standard. Just as my new Klipsch Heresy 2 plus's are starting to loosen up. Woofers in particular need time for the cone suspensions to loosen up and perform. I also think new crossover components need burn in time. Some will say I'm crazy and they might be right but I think all electronics need time to settle for best performance. Man this has gotten long. Sorry. I just want to thank those in this group who have answered questions for me and been very helpful. I have a lot to learn and this group obviously has some very smart folks that I can learn from. Keep on keepin on.
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