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    Available are my Klipsch Jubilees, pair. Original Klipsch, not a re-creation. - Two-way with Bob Crites passive networks designed for the included Faital HP200 Pro 2 inch compression driver(s). - Klipsch OE bass bin(s) - Klipsch 402 horn(s) with all mounting hardware - 402 horns have Dynamat on their reverse side - Faital HP 200 2-inch compression driver(s) - Bob Crites passive networks - also included which will ease pick up and/or shipping are Klipsch OE shipping boxes. In storage and kept dry with all internal packing materials. - very nice condition, very few marks on bins, 402 are perfect with zero cracks/defects - S/N are available for those interested parties Better pics on request to your email address. $6,250.00 - pick up 20 miles west of Kansas City, 10 miles from I-70. Pick up is much preferred. These will require 3 pallets if shipped and a pick up with trailer if picked up. *** And to answer the inevitable question - "why are you selling ". I have always been a "been there, done that" sort of guy. Whether it be Hifi, cars or motorcycles, I've been through my share of all. And so I've been here and done this. Still in the Klipsch game with a new possibilty on the horizon. +++ I also have oak Quartets and freshened walnut Heresy 1 at same location β€” Thank you - Rich
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    Slow day on the forum. I could tell you Gents about my new ride. A 2012 BMW Z4 35is. Black on black, auto was all they made in is trim. A straight six with twin turbos. 23,900 miles. My first navigation ride too. Fast with more of a GT ride than hard core sports car....better for these old bones. May 2-5 it goes in for extreme polishing and ceramic coating. You know pics will come!
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    === not in this house and it’s no secret. But I did forget the always popular AGon sellers disclaimer - speakers are from a kid free, smoke free, pet free home. That should cover it. Although the ad I placed a few years ago stated the piece came from a three pack a day chain smoking, cigar smoking home with four dogs, six cats and five kids under seven years old all with access to my gear 24/7. Kids used the preamp knobs to control their Starship Enterprise. Had the best responses ever from that ad - and of course, it sold.
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    Yesterday's drive by. A partial pic of the San Onofre Nuclear power plant. Closed down, but still a touch radioactive.
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    Looking forward to seeing it, that is almost new with those miles, the LF will look good in it, with you in it, it'll be OK.
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    https://www.ebay.com/itm/ATI-AT1800-Multi-Channel-Power-Amplifier-USA-1803-3-channel-w-original-carton/223314599033?epid=66779491&hash=item33fe965c79:g:7wIAAOSwOShcMpUF&frcectupt=true https://www.ebay.com/itm/ATI-1505-Power-Amplifier-Excellent-Condition/323639503480?epid=1908004529&hash=item4b5a6aea78:g:efIAAOSw~5dcM6o2 https://www.ebay.com/itm/ATI-AT1506-Six-Channel-Power-Amplifier/183700633671?epid=66773322&hash=item2ac5693847:g:l1sAAOSwyABcbKe6&frcectupt=true
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    In days of old, who said "Hmmm... these Klipschorns (Cornwalls, Belle's...) might look good in Rosewood, Macassar Ebony..." or some wild & crazy finish.... "furthermore, those various finishes might match up nicely with these various colors of grill cloth" I get that PWK designed the Khorn but was he the aesthetics artist too, deciding what finishes would be available and what cloth choices would match them? Memory tells me that the customer decided on the wood finish however, it was the factory that had to state what was available. How about today? Is that what Roy gets to do while hiding in his office eating Blueberries & talking about the Bass that got away??
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    Sold Professionally restored. Paperwork included. https://manuals.harman.com/JBL/HOM/Technical Sheet/L100t3 ts.pdf Not your fathers JBL L100's. Nothing about these are the same. Manufactured in the USA. One of the last ones made before JBL switched to production overseas. The L100T3 was the improved version of their very well reviewed L100T, with improved crossovers and newer titanium tweeters. The 4412A was the matching studio monitor. All original parts. The restoration includes having the 12" woofers rebuilt with new spiders and surrounds. These were my daily drivers, so no issues. The cabinets are in excellent condition, and you will not see the normal bikini lines that you will find with other examples of these T3 series JBL's. The grill cloth is perfect, and the grill frames are too, except for 2 out of 6 pegs on one frame are gone. The pictures say it all. Live demo is recommended. My location is Fall River, Wisconsin 53932 Let me know if you require accommodations on getting these to your location. Free Delivery is available within 100 miles from zip 53932.
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    sold A second Academy is available if you want a pair. My location is Fall River, Wisconsin 53932 Let me know if you require accommodations on getting these to your location. Free Delivery is available within 100 miles from zip 53932. https://f072605def1c9a5ef179-a0bc3fbf1884fc0965506ae2b946e1cd.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-specsheets/Academy-brochure.pdf Selling one very clean Klipsch Academy. This one comes with options. 1) Decide if you want the original box, packaging materials, with 2 matching serial # tags. +$50 2) Decide if you want Bob Crites titanium tweeter diaphram installed to timbre match your own front left and right channel. +$25 3) Decide if you want Bob Crites Klipsch Academy crossover board installed. +$95 4) Decide how you want to receive this. Shipping is at your expense. I will drive up to 100 miles, or meet you halfway.
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    This just in........... and final voicing with the Klipsch Reference HP-3's.... https://twitteringmachines.com/review-toolshed-amps-darling-head-amp/ Cheers! Matt.
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    Working on this and since I don't think there are many out there with people wanting to replace them it will probably be special order. I don't have a precise hole size these fit into which is of interest by the way. Now since these are somewhat bigger than the K-77-M style the cavity is also bigger and these should be slightly better sounding than the K-77-M's. If there is additional clearance inside the cabinets it may be possible to use the DE10 also and not just the DE120. You can PM me regarding these.
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    This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I think I'm gonna go with the 2x4HD version with the mic so I don't have to waste a perfectly good amp to drive the big twin pair of JBLs. Once here I might pick yer brain a bitπŸ˜€
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    I've got a Carver AV 806x laying around that has a really nice sound. 133w x 6 channels, 360w x 3 channels or other combinations like 133x4 and 360x1, etc etc. basically you can bridge any 2 and run the others by their lonesome. I even have the original manual. I'm sorta the original owner. I bought it new, sold it to @sunburnwilly some years ago, then bought it back from him so I bought it originally but am the third owner $400 plus actual shipping
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    Yup, pretty much how I'd describe the T18
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    New in stock https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15594 Not in stock https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15593 ATI OEM. Basically equivelant to ATI 2003, 2005. Not having 100% of the internals the same may make a difference, but I don't know that myself. At least they are new with 5 year warranty and meet your requirements.
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    === Eric - first, let me thank you for sincere interest in my adπŸ€‘!. And always wanting to be an honorable Forum Member I can offer you the beautiful, and hard to obtain, Klipsch Jubilee Pie Logos for $6,250.00. And for my slushie drinking buddy I’ll pay shipping! The speakers are then available free of charge to other worthy Forum members. We all Thank you πŸ™β€” (call Klipsch parts, ask for Jubilee logos. SN were not required)
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    we used to call those the Nuclear Boobies every time we drove past
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    A prudent thing to do is to run a tap through the Tee nut and make sure the threads are clean before speaker install. Another would be to hand start the screw to make sure it is not going in cross threaded.
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    Knee deep yet???
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    Very cool! I personally don't think you will need the reflectors for the low frequencies/long wavelengths involved. Looking forward to seeing pics of the build. Bruce
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    === mind readers, huh? Use your vivid imaginations - a Pair of 901’s atop each MWM.
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    Rayyyy the forklift made it back this afternoon. So work commences on these. Before I start though I thought I would upload the last design iteration and explain some things. Please note the brown colored pieces.These will serve two functions. One will be as a guide and brace for the inner plenum side walls. The other will be as a reinforcement to the back side of the TEE nuts used to hold the speaker in place so they cant be forced out by accident. Once this is assembled there is no way to get to the TEE nuts outside of some destructive means and this should end any possibility for trouble. Now for the top view. The two brown pieces are referenced above and you can see them in the assembly as guides for construction and strength. Green pieces are the 1" x 1" corner braces and the item of interest here are the two yellow pieces. This is a change and it does away with that silly little beveled piece I first had and uses instead an end cap to tie the two inner and outer plenum ends together. I have also attached a .step file for those of you (Marvel) who have access to design software. As time passes and I have the first build under my belt I will make time to do some 2D files for those of you who can't deal with 3D files. Sides and top are 1" (25mm) Baltic and the plenum is 18mm or .709" thick theoretical width. This initial build will have a removable back for the purposes of testing deflectors opposite from the plenum mouth similar to the ones in the La Scala. It will be screwed on and sealed with foam tape until I am happy with it. Also this is a darned big horn so the removable back will allow me to Duratex it all inside and out after construction and the back can all be screwed and glued to the box when I am done tinkering. I will start initially without the deflector and if it sounds and tests good enough I wont bother with deflectors. The MWM apparently did not need them so my guess is these won't either but better safe than sorry. final design for production super single mwm bin.stp
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    Buzz off πŸ˜€ These are the bees knees!
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    === comments from the peanut gallery are not endorsed or approved by seller. But I fully endorse - I am a great guy β€”
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    edge of tomorrow and the later transformers have about the most aggressive surround effects I've heard.
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    Sounds like we all should email him and ask "Hi, is that a typo on the asking price of 2000? Or is it 200 per pair?
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    It don't matter where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home
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    For $8,500 a pair, I'm going to need/want something with a little more "girth" to it than a single driver with a whizzer cone. That or they're going to have to do a reach around and give me a little kiss once in awhile.
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    Our apricot tree started blooming. I hope our recent cold weather doesn't screw up harvest season.
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    Thanks for sharing your trouble and release Brenda! Music is indeed a mainline to our emotions! Your sharing prompted me to search the web for music healing and I found this related story of healing music after surgery. https://www.classicalmpr.org/story/2014/10/06/classical-music-healing I think I'll start a list of healing , uplifting, music for emotional release. I've had healing tears like you described in the past when singing along. There's something about that Mr. Sandman tune that's very nostalgic for me and I suspect many others - the 1954 Chordettes hit rather than the Chet Atkins though. and yes Klipsch plays my heart best too!
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    I personally would opt for repairing the stock amp but I've used the BASH 300 in older subs and it worked really well, the Klipsch SW-12 and a Velodyne 15. It's on sale now for $140: https://www.parts-express.com/bash-300s-digital-subwoofer-plate-amplifier-300w-rms--300-750
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    So broadening the conversation a bit from the typical repetition of pop music (which by its own naming convention is popular with the rank-and-file...but perhaps not terribly challenging to listen to--as the speaker admitted openly), it seems to me that the speaker/author gave too little indication that the world of music has always been an artistic blend of repetition and invention. It's the balance of invention and repetition that largely defines music genres. Take blues, for instance (from which we got rock and all its succession of micro-genres). It is defined by the sameness of sound but also by improvisation within a strict harmonic framework (i.e., the "blues progression"). I didn't see any real measures on the "different-ness" of the non-repetitive sections of music being measured and discussed. There are such measures--such as variations on fractals and Mandelbrot sets, etc. I'm also a bit surprised that the TED speaker didn't illustrate something like a jazz standard (i.e., pop music from 50+ years ago) vs. something from bebop, which is differentiated via the observation that there aren't any lyrics by the soloist (or if there are sung parts, they're largely not words but rather vocaleses), and the musical theme(s) are followed by long non-repetitive (and much more inventive) phrases composed on-the-fly by the soloist and backing musicians providing the structure of the composition for which the soloists can freely compose/perform. There is structure and repetition, just not in the way that many people would identify with popular music. All music repeats to some degree, unless it's something like "plainsong", which of course relies only on the structure of the words themselves. So it is more the absence of strict repetition that is the main draw to improvisational genres like bebop, and perhaps also surprisingly classical music, like church organ music and subgenres of folk music that fused themselves into classical. Improvisation is still a core element in the pedagogy of these genres--which is still taught and used to this day. Chris
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    What's better is when the wife picks out the pro gear because she likes the way it sounds and looks, and the room just happens to be big enough. We were actually looking for our last pair of speakers after adding on a living room 24' wide and 18' deep and open 16' more behind the depth. We even put the rear wall windows away from the corners thinking it was going to be khorns. We went to Indy and Hope listening to Khorns and every single room sounded completely different and we went home confused. We didn't know what we were going to do and a few months later we got to hear MWM's and a 402 horn, within 2 minutes my wife and daughter said: " That's what we want! ". I can't lie about this, Claude was standing next to my wife, he heard it all. I didn't put up too much of a fight, have to keep the wife happy and all. I looked like this....
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    Hope you get to feeling better and without back problems, it's good music makes you feel that way.
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    Nice looking room. Hopefully you are playing those one pair at a time, and not all together....... Shakey
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    Typical power requirements on my Jubs at a relatively loud levels on music. ( ~100db and ~104db on SPL Meter ) Vertical bi-amp with MHA100 Left channel = Jub LF Right channel = K402/TAD4002 Note: You can Tap on pictures for full resolution of images
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    That bothers me, too. Changes are fine, but it is too easy for a reader to infer that some speakers are badly in need of an upgrade, because "upgrade" is the word that is often used by DIY folk when making changes. There was a discussion on another forum about whether the Klipschorn could still be considered a good speaker. The majority said yes, but a number said something to the effect that it must be bad because of all the "upgrades" people install. As our Queen Emeritus once said, Klipsch has the measurement facilities, including the revolving door anechoic chamber, etc. I'm not denying that some of the changes might be an improvement; Klipsch themselves has made at least 12 changes in the Khorn from 1963 on (by my count), including one in the last few months. That would be an average of one change every 4.7 years, although they often came in clusters. A somewhat similar thing happens in home remodeling. Too often people are merely conforming to whatever the newly touted style is, then calling it an upgrade (light colored kitchen cabinets, open plan design, white rugs, blindingly white interiors, etc.).
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    @Don Richard - We are actually in agreement regarding cable and wire. I've had some of the semi-mega buck stuff and found that Belden 8402 with Switchcraft RCAs for interconnects and Dueland 12ga for speaker cable sounded better. Very reasonably priced stuff that sounds very good. I would also add Canare to the list of reasonably priced interconnects and speaker cable. Just my opinion.
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    part of the reason that we started the company was to offer products that were too niche or too outrageous for other companies to offer. there are countless horn designs sitting in our design folders that we hope to bring to life over time. in some cases we will look to guys like you to help us determine what you would like. in other cases, we have some that we just think are too cool to not build and test. i don't want to speculate at the moment as to which ones or timelines, but hopefully we can begin releasing them sooner rather than later. :-)
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