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    First Orange flower of the year from my 'Henry' cactus... soon there will be dozens.
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    I order this NAD C 658 Preamp, as it comes with decent DAC's and a BLUOS music streamer. I like the Blue OS. It's easy to use and very functional. I already have the NAD M-12 and this one looks similar, with the built in BluOS, so no need for extra module like on the M-12. The C-658 lacks the screen, but oh well, I can hardly see the screen details anyway from my sitting position, and that's what the iPad BluOS app is for anyway !. I think this should be a good companion for the recent McIntosh MAC6700.
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    I took this a few days ago on my way to work.
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    Always amazed that you can get orchids to grow in Las Vegas, with a normal air humidity of what, around 10 percent or so? They must get some round the clock misting. 😀
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    There is much more to that than Dean said. I could probably build a type A crossover from scratch quicker than I could turn an E-2 into a type A. Lots of rewiring on the terminal strips (which are fragile by that age and likely to break) and also the inductor is wrong value and would have to be replaced. And with what the guy is selling that pair of E-2 for, probably cheaper to buy a new pair of type A.
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    I have a fuchsia flower that is easily a year old, probably a bit longer.
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    Also, location will help.
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    One of my friends asked me why I wear ear plugs while riding such a quiet motorcycle. I said it is so I don't have to listen to his annoying loud exhaust.
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    We are in the playoffs now with our baseball team. The opposing pitcher.
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    Lately I have been trying to get the pitcher and batter in frame and trying that composition. The last one is from a medium format camera. Who says you can’t shoot baseball at one frame per second 😋
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    There is an old house in town that was built in1927, been in disrepair and empty for quite some time, that is up for sale and had a open house yesterday. My girl and I walk past it often, went in for look-see. The claim to fame for this house besides the view, are those who visited and partied in it, back in the day. Bogart, Gary Cooper and Errol Flynn to name a few. The house across the street used to be owned by Gloria Swanson. A shot from the deck. I guess this town was a nice escape from the rigors of the limelight.
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    And new better parts too.
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    I tried above idea. undecided.
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    Klipsch is mentioned only once in this list.... Source: http://www.rutherfordaudio.com/shop/cad/news/11-best-audiophiles-on-the-big-screen/ As audiophiles, we often find the people around us have trouble understanding the intensity of our passion for music and electronics. It’s easy to feel isolated when family members (often our own wives) deride us for our expensive hobby. So, to bolster your already firmly held conviction that being an audiophile is awesome, here’s a list of audiophiles in the movies who you can relate to. There are many audiophiles out there, and some of the most appreciated characters in hollywood are audiophiles.. 1. James T. Kirk - Star Trek into Darkness Vinyl will never die. It will be used well into the future, even as far as the year 2259. At least, that’s what the director of Star Trek into Darkness seems to believe. We couldn’t agree more. In this scene, Captain Kirk is philandering in bed with two beautiful alien women. The camera pans over his fantastic bachelor pad and briefly shows his majestic retro audio setup spinning a Beach Boys track. The turntable is aptly named “the Bachelor.” It’s a custom table with an ebonized wood plinth and a VPI Platter. Kirk goes all-out with his vintage setup and even has what seems to be a custom tube amp. Here’s a photo of the set during production with clearer lighting. Vinyl won’t merely exist in 2259, it will be the centerpiece of the manliest and most prestigious bachelor pads. 2. Tony Stark - Iron Man 3 Once again, the most accomplished and manly men are depicted as audiophiles. This time it’s Tony Stark as he’s working in his man cave. You can see the turntable (maybe an Audio-Technica?) on the right. You’d think it’s an odd choice for the set designer: why would the most technologically advanced man in the world be using an analog playback device? It’s a sharp contrast; a room full of flying war robots and an old 1980’s era record player in the corner. Shows that even the most forward-thinking engineers recognize the timelessness of vinyl. 3. Alex DeLarge - A Clockwork Orange "Oh Bliss! Bliss and Heaven! Oh it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied I knew such lovely pictures!" Those are Alex DeLarge’s words as he’s listening to Beethoven on his priceless, hand-made Mitchell “Transcriptor” turntable. Shows that even the most hardened and rapacious criminals have room in their hearts for the sweet and supple sound of Classical music on vinyl. 4. Harvey Specter - Suits This widely popular TV Series, now in its 5th Season, features the ruthless lawyer Harvey Specter. In his opulent office we regularly see his spectacular vinyl collection and his Pro-ject RPM 1.3 Genie but for some reason he still uses cheap Klipsch RB-51 (or 41) speakers on his system. The Vinyl collection is featured much more than his audio system and it took until Season 3 to really get a glimpse at his turntable. Season 5 is still running so maybe since he is a named partner now he can upgrade his rig with some better speakers, perhaps some Criterions. 5. Lyle “the Napster” - Italian Job After the big heist in Venice all the main characters are drinking champagne in the Swiss Alps. They take turns describing what they’ll buy with their money. Lyle, played by Seth Green, says he’s getting a “A stereo with speakers so loud, they blow women's clothes off.” Of course, the bad guy steals his idea, and it takes a while for his plan to come to fruition. But in the closing credits of the movie he gets everything his heart desires. The speakers and the women. 6. Jason Statham - The Mechanic This is easily the deadliest audio system in the history of cinema. While the speakers in the Italian Job blow women’s clothes off these puppies literally explode in a fiery ball of death. Earlier in the film Jason Statham’s character, a hit-man, yells at his protegee for touching his turntable. Of course, the protegee is a bit resentful, so he later plays a record when Statham isn’t there. Bad idea. The turntable is rigged to explode when the needle reaches the end of the Vinyl. The rig isn’t immensely spectacular. Statham has a Pro-Ject RPM 9.2 turntable with a Jolida 502BRC tonearm. And he has a pair of Pinnacle BD 1000 Tower speakers. Maybe he wanted an upgrade and thought an explosion would give him the right excuse. If anything, this is a good lesson not to mess with another person’s audio system. 7. Rob Gordon - High Fidelity Not as flashy or extravagant as the other audiophiles, this character dips a bit more into reality. While Kirk, Lara Croft, and the others are all unblemished and perfect, Rob Gordon is a bit more relatable. He’s an average guy living in Chicago with an elitist passion for high fidelity. And just like him, we audiophiles sometimes find our obsession with music makes us overlook the importance of relationships. Here’s to you, Rob Gordon. Thanks for reminding us our passion for audio, no matter how awesome it may be, always takes a backseat to the important people in our lives. 8. Jang - Lucy Any good list of movie characters needs to feature a villain or two. There are probably a plethora of Audiophile villains in cinema, but none more stylish than this guy: Jang. A brutal and capricious evil gang leader with a wicked sense of style. In one of Lucy’s most iconic scenes Scarlett Johansson sneaks into his apartment to enact revenge. He’s blissfully unaware of his imminent death because he’s listening to music on his slick aluminum-leather headphones. It doesn't take a close inspection to see these stunningly designed portables are non other than the VK-1, A.K.A "Valkyrie," headphones designed and manufactured by French company Aedle. You can purchase them here. Lucy doesn’t hesitate to utterly destroy him. But at least his final moments were in the heavenly realm of high-end audio. 9. The Adulterer - The Case of the Scorpion’s Tale You can’t have a complete list without a classic film either. In this 1971 Italian Giallo film (basically a campy old murder mystery/thriller) a beautiful young woman is seduced by an enticing man. Just a few minutes into the film we see this gorgeous sight in his apartment. Can’t blame her for falling in love. Any man who owns a Thorens TD124 turntable is a man who appreciates beauty. These Swiss made masterpieces are legendary. Unfortunately for her, cheating on her husband doesn’t work out too well. It contributes to a host of bad circumstances, ultimately leading to her untimely death. But who can blame her for falling in love with this man? Check out the current Thorens products here. 10. Galahad - Kingsman Another fantastic character with a good ear for music. Harry Hart, code-named Galahad, is the brilliant and sophisticated spy we all admire. As a refined man, he also has good taste in audio. Seen here, his office sports a pair of B&W Speakers. You can’t help but wonder why he placed them behind his back; the bad placement seems like a waste of good speakers. It’s almost like the Sun newspaper headline on the right is speaking right at him. 11. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider To top off the list, we have the greatest female audiophile; Hollywood’s most dangerous archeological vigilante, Lara Croft. 2001 was easily one of the lowest years for vinyl sales, but vinyl junkies still made it on the big screen, and in a very extravagant way. 26 minutes into the movie Lara Croft is unwinding in her lavish mansion. She chooses a Johann Sebastian Bach record, plays it on her $150,000 Clearaudio turntable, then proceeds to do whimsical yoga acrobats in her living room. Not only does Lara Croft prove women can be audiophiles, she outdoes us with her pomp and showmanship.
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    Probably the wrong guy(very biased) responding here but I feel it is always "better" to have more horsepower under the foot than not enough. If it is cost effective for you to add an outboard amp then by all means do it. I shop mainly on the used market and some of the amplifier bargains I have taken advantage of have really enhanced my systems. A little hum that is not audible when things are all fired up never hurt me. Yes, have everything powered off or better yet unplugged. Bill
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    Yup thats what I'm doing
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Per forum rules you must list a price, welcome and sad too see you have to part with them.
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    We kind of thought... if you have to go, Easter morning is a good time to do it...
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    Except that the majority of motorcycle exhaust noise is directed toward the back, while the majority of motorcycle accidents are front-end collisions. I will leave it at that, because this argument can very quickly become passionate. https://chicagoinjurycenter.com/common-types-accidents
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    I vote Acurus. The A250 runs in Class A mode up to 1.25 - 1.5 watts (can't remember which) so most of your listening will be down there. It has massive reserves and can deliver ~400 watts into 4 ohms. I'm driving 4 VMPS Larger subwoofers with 2 of them. Not that you'll ever see it with KLF-30s.
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    Moses: The Lord, the Lord Jehovah has given unto you these 15...Oy!Ten! Ten Commandments for all to obey! A classic Mel Brooks scene.
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    If you would be willing to sacrifice some of that awesome closeup detail, you might try standing on the first base side (for a right handed batter) near the fence and a little closer to batter than pitcher to get both faces in the frame.
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    I have long thought it would be fun to open a second hand high-end audio shop and make a living searching out these gems... well, fun or maddening I suppose.
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    This has been a fun read to track Neil's @DizRotus adventures. I wish I was retired. Thanks!
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    I will take pictures of them came in a trailer with some huge PV woofers a boat anchor amplifier from Peavey turntable CD players with q so we're going to unload it and set it up again now that it's home speakers have awesome sound through that amp
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    Looks like Dave again, jumped in front of me! Must have been while I was babbling about Otis.....he was asking relevant questions!
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    Saw your title..... Pictures would help us know what you have. I don't think the factory used cloth on them but, it could have been added later. Your title made me think of "MY" Otis..... meet Otis both as a puppy and now.
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    It appears that Panelhead's LS openings had more of a "round over" on the outside edge than yours do. Adds a little more character, but I like them both. I have seen ones where trim is added around the perimeter and the grill fits inside, that looks nice as well. Guess I'm easy.
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    @dirtmudd A BBQ lunch on a Cyprus grill with the family for Easter Sunday Just like this
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    About a decade or more ago I built up some prototype La Scala cabinets in oak-veneered plywood to test-out my plan of using different joinery techniques so that no fastener holes showed except at the rear, and underneath the speaker. I also tried to make them as visually aesthetic as possible using what I had planned. They came out pretty nice, and Daddy Dee bought them from me. He decided to add grille cloth panels to-them, for some odd reason, and used magnets to hold them on...magnets were peel and stick versions. I would not have done it, myself, because I went to great effort to make them look really nice without grille cloth covering up my work! BUT, since your La Scalas are standard butt-joint, non-mitered factory builds it would be a viable thing to do, using magnets for attaching grille cloth panels to face of motorboards! His panels were just routed out from either thin plywood Or Masonite type cardboard, just like for Heresy grille panels. The panel bodies need to be as light as possible, so that the magnetic attachment holds well. This was really not so bad of an idea...but I would not have done it myself and you can see why in the pics with grille panels detached! So here are some pics to give you and ideal of what he did!...and why I wouldn't have done it, myself: Grille ON: Grille Off: Magnets detract from cabinetry craftmanship: With Grille off, you can see that I had put lots of effort into intending the top panel mitered to the motor-board panel would display wood-grain continuation from motor board up and to top panel and to rear of top panel...grille panels detracted from noticing that flow because they covered too much area on front panel...this is detail pic of facing speaker, looking at top right corner and shows detail of grain flow:
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    i hope everyone enjoyed their Easter gathering .
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    Have I ever been to your place? Those certainly look like the marbles I lost!
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    The Caribbean...... 🏝️ just kidding, almost, if I am in AR any more I will need a PO box there, I already think my accent is changing. na 7 hours for us So that adds up to 42 hours driving just in the last 2.5 weeks by the time this coming week ends, just to AR. I'm done for a while after this, I hope.
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    I can imagine PayPal, come to think of it, I’ve used PayPal for such transactions. You’re much more likely to be given a counterfeit Benjamin than a bogus PayPal transaction. FWIW, this gentleman seems honest. I’ve no serious concerns should we consummate a deal.
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    I have to pass. It sounds like a good deal for someone looking to get LaScalas at a fair price, but I have too many speakers right now.
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    One of my favorites is "History of the world part 1"
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    Mel brooks is easily one of my top favorite comics. if you can't make fun, then you just don't have a brain---his philosophy rocks throughout time.
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    But did Nike sponsor him? Did his wife wear him out with a 9 iron? I thought not.
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    My 2A3 PP amplifier, designed and built by Jeff Lessard will be my last amp.
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    Gimme first crack at scalas, 'member were nabors.
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    He spelled “nabors” correctly if you live next to Gomer Pyle. BTW he returned my call. Seems OK. When I told him I was calling about the Craigslist ad he said, “Which one, I’ve got many?” The package is still available. We’ve made tentative plans to see it Saturday. I’ll take photos and notes. The determinative factor will be the non-Klipsch part of the package. Can the rest of the stuff be easily flipped to make the La Scalas a value? Time will tell.
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    To me, after being in the business from about 1984 till 2010, most all of the surround technology became more of a gimmick to better give people somewhat of a reason to spend money on "new technology" versus keeping what they had for years. Look at things like the HD-DVD/BluRay battle, the failure of 3D stuff, curved TV's, etc., etc., etc. I'm so glad to be out of that business as I'd have a hard time persuading my dealers to stock up on new emerging technology that may or may not make it over the course of a few years. They are running our of ideas and are grasping at straws to figure out how to keep it all going. That was told to us by MANY manufacturers and some of the people in R&D. (I got to sit in on some of their "pow-wows" over the years) It was quite humorous, really. I'll probably do a small surround system in my upstairs bonus room but it will be like I did before where it's completely separate from the 2-channel rig. In my last house in Texas, I used 3 in-wall speakers for the front and 4 in-ceiling speakers for the surround along with 2 Sunfire subs. Not high dollar stuff...but happy average. Thankfully, I bought it all at Rep sample pricing as there was no way I'd spend the retail money on it. Same goes for now. I'm happy I still know all the Nat'l Sales Managers for the companies I used to rep plus many I didn't so I don't have to pay retail. That or I'll just buy used as it's really not a big deal to me. I wonder what the next gimmick will be after this runs its course....
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    You can actually buy the horn kit, it comes in a bunch of pieces. You have to glue it together, and then the fun starts. Sanding and finishing is very hard work, and takes a long time to get right. I have never seen one done the way I did it? Here is a pic of the innards. This is the finest version of this speaker that you will ever see. Never seen one built better? Regards,,jon
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