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    Back to work. Busted butt this weekend getting the grill resurrected/pool opened and ready to swim/landscape bed cleanup/mulching/cutting grass. Going back to work because I need a break.
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    Ooooo I see Brain Salad Surgery - what a superb album
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    It happened so fast I couldn't even tell the friend what was happening. I was having convulsion-like shakes, diaphoretic, lethargic and nearly unconcious. I just remember that I wanted to go to sleep. She (the friend) got me to the ER, who was already called that I was coming, gave me an amp of D50, 3-4 oz. of orange juice and a meal that had more carbs than the Holley company puts out in a month. Went to my GP doc today to tell them what happened and get my meds adjusted. All this so I can also pass a pre-op exam to get my hand operated on (painful trigger finger).
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    Cake icing in squeeze tubes works well especially if the person is non communicative. Squeeze some between the cheeks and gum. You always run the risk of hard candy choking the person in need especially at that low a blood sugar reading.
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    I’ll in progress on a build with K510s on top of 2x12 Kappalite LF drivers in a sealed bass bin. Two way active crossover. Should have them moving air tomorrow..
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    It still sucks... But I will spin it anyway
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    Snare drum - check Marching rythym - not really
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    First, welcome back. I'm guessing that puts some clarity on some aspects of your life. I get the weight thing too.... I dropped from around 165 to 129 in about six months. My wife bought some jeans....had me try some on....then said "here, try THESE on" and they fit. Looked damn nice on me.... then I stopped cold in my tracks, turned and said "These are YOURS, aren't they??" They were.
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    === so we’re prepared, any idea where you are on the countdown - before and after this post —
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    Oh, I thought you were a developer, rather than a porn photographer....
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    The big suction cup sounds like a great idea, but the rough surface could be challenging to get a good seal. Prying is an option but damage to the wood is very possible, either the cover or cab. If they use some form of putty or sealant from the factory, it will probably be pretty difficult to pry off cover without damaging the cover and cab. Let me preface I don't own this cabinet, nor have I ever attempted to open one but I do have an alternate idea. Since it is the bottom of the bass cabinet and is rarely seen, I would purchase a single sturdy pull handle attached by two wood screws. I know you are in Italy and may not have a Home Depot, but surely you have access to a hardware store. I would attach this handle about 40 mm from the edge of the access panel then use handle to open. If you cannot do it with just your arm strength, you could also pry against it (handle opening) using a extra large screwdriver or a lever of some type (crow bar or metal rod), using a block of wood to protect the cabinet where your pry bar contacts. Once you have it open, remove the handle and re-insert the 2 screws. You can use the handle on the other bass cab hatch too. When you purchase the handle, also purchase 2 extra attachment screws as they usually just come with just 2. If you are really attention oriented, you could apply as small amount of rtv silicone sealant to the screws to completely seal when re-inserting after removing handle. Hopefully I have presented my idea sufficiently here. Drill an appropriate pilot hole for the handle screws before insertion. 1/16" min (1.6 mm), but based on the diameter of the screws. Not too large on the pilot hole tho. In the end, you will have two extra screws in each access hatch, on the bottom of bass cabinet. Big deal. Link to the the handle I'm describing/proposing below. Handle could be a bit larger, but you get the idea. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Liberty-Hammercraft-3-1-2-in-89mm-Center-to-Center-Black-Front-Mount-Drawer-Pull-P93000C-BL-C5/100146770
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    Weekend project. More work than I thought.
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    Talk, it's only talk Arguments, agreements, advice, answers, Articulate announcements It's only talk Talk, it's only talk Babble, burble, banter, bicker bicker bicker Brouhaha, boulder dash, ballyhoo It's only talk Back talk Talk talk talk, it's only talk Comments, cliches, commentary, controversy Chatter, chit-chat, chit-chat, chit-chat, Conversation, contradiction, criticism It's only talk Cheap talk Talk, talk, it's only talk Debates, discussions These are words with a D this time Dialogue, duologue, diatribe, Dissention, declamation Double talk, double talk Talk, talk, it's all talk Too much talk Small talk Talk that trash Expressions, editorials, expugnations, exclamations, enfadulations It's all talk Elephant talk, elephant talk, elephant talk
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    I didn't mean to take your health lightly either. Dtel had a story of snacking on dry dogfood whenever he felt hungry. But that's another story... I'm glad you had someone to help you when you needed it. Bruce
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    No idea. I keep surprising myself with my tenacity.
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    When I was in Florida, I tried the pan fried NY strip..... though it had to be among one of the best I ever had, it FILLED that little apartment with so much smoke, I turned the (window) AC unit on 100%, opened the door and as I recall, a bedroom window (to allow more air to flow through) The smoke was THICK. A stranger walking by could have thought something was on fire... Meanwhile, I was munching on that delicious NY strip and some home made fries. I love a crusted exterior.
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    Too bad i've read this just now. I'm pretty sure that would have worked too 🤣
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    I had surgeries on both hands over a year ago a month apart so I could have the use of one at a time. Being a drummer made switching hands for everyday tasks relatively easy, but was still a small challenge.
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    Dean lives off the Moraine area off 75 about 20 mins from me here in Monroe/Middletown area. my power went out for an hour no damage here. hardest hit was I-75 and I -70 trotwood area 75 and 35 got hit hard
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    That's pretty light. I've a small frame, and been at 145-150 for the past ten to fifteen years.
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    I wouldn't ever hook one pair of speakers up to two different amplifiers simultaneously. You'll need some sort of switch to do that safely.
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    That would work better than dog food...
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    True you were close to dead, if I were you I would carry around a couple of pieces of candy, if you were awake enough to know what was going on to eat them. I remember going through this with my mother, it would drop and she would be what looked like almost passed out, or at least on the way out to not be able to say or do anything. Well, glad you're still with us.
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    Walnut and some pic's on how they build them. I wanted Walnut because of the color and it has more of a grain pattern on average. link VVVVV http://www.cyclonecj.com/dtel/Dtelcorns-small/
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    SOLD Nice pair of Klipschorns for sale. Birch with walnut stain finish. Manufactured in 1981 (not consecutive serial numbers but only one "lot" apart). Both bought new and owned by one family since new (my father has graciously let me "borrow" them since he move to a smaller home seven years ago!). Non-smoking homes. Speakers in very good condition. One scratch at bottom of one speaker as shown in photo. Another few scratches on top of a speaker. $2,750. Local pick up only. Jackson, Mississippi. Here's link to my US Audiomart listing with pictures: https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649504145-klipschorns-1981-birch-with-walnut-stain/?fbclid=IwAR14YhDNmfYsp9itEhNveYZfpOFr6Mj4S49ZPyjtLYLZRgoQKqLA1BNDJHQ
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    Yikes, Looks like more than just a project. Like Jim said the value is probably in just the parts. If you decide to take it on as a project, the 2 things I would check first are: 1) Life insurance is up to date 2) Last will and testament is notarized Good luck!
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    It's $25 OR BEST OFFER! What's a lowball price on a $25 item?
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    Here's a link to the whole plans for the A7... http://www.lansingheritage.org/html/altec/plans/1968-plans.htm
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    REDUCED folks I am cleaning out what I do not want and price is reduced to $350 includes shipping to lower 48. Read the specs this is not junk.
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    Here Is a closeup of my Cherry Cornwall llls
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    🤣 My mistake, it's a 15"
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    Thanks guys ........ it’s really hard to capture the true beauty of the veneer but I hope to try to post some better pictures in the near future. Klipsch’s redesign of the cabinet allowing Top and Bottom cabinet’s continues veneer matching on these as well as the Pair Matching is stunning in person IMHO. 🙂 miketn
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    Speakers are sold!!
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    Apparently the size of the flowers on her chest are not far enough down the alphabet for your taste. Here's a different view.
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    Buddy Miles was great playing w/Jimi, VERY laid back, funny and could flat a$$ cook when he wanted to. Some great renditions on this LP. I highly recommend it. This one is #2 since #1 has been pretty much polished over the years. Now I'm clueless... Think it's about time for ni ni ... Nice way to head out the door! Play nice!
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    Jeff isn't exerting any superiority over anyone...he just gave an honest opinion, with truth involved.
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    Quick setup and the first sound heard through them was Muddy Waters...and then Leonard Cohen 🙂
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    Well look what came today...😄 Awesome packing by Jim Hunter and Klipsch..!!!
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    175 was shipped to Joe Minor at Berkeley Custom Electronics on 1/4/1950. However, it was previously utilized in a PWK speech at the Dallas IRE meeting December 8-11, 1949. It is mahogany and a style 7.
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    There is no way to predict how a particular tube will perform in your amp. The only way to know is to experiment and draw your own conclusions. Maynard
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    Well, I could take credit for typing that fast, but remember what I wrote in the first sentence of this thread: I copied those posts from another thread. So my error (I suppose ) is that I didn't update them faster than the first poster in the thread to be mutually consistent without the intervening posts from the original thread by people other than myself. Sorry about that--I'm not THAT fast. Thanks. It's nice to hear from time to time. Absolutely. Thanks, Bruce. Not rudimentary but actually extremely insightful. The "minimum-phase story" is one that I didn't talk about above, but it is actually critical to understanding what is occurring with recordings, mastering, sound reproduction systems including really good loudspeakers, and listening rooms. The problem (as you already know, Bruce) is the concept of minimum phase isn't part of high school education (which is about the only common point of reference for all readers)...🤔 I.e., tying those few really hi-fi recordings whose originating phase relationships are perhaps largely still intact to flat frequency response and flat phase (i.e., non-multi-track recordings), then reproduced by loudspeakers having flat frequency response and flat phase (if the frequency response of the loudspeakers isn't absolutely flat, then the phase is also then messed up--because loudspeakers are minimum phase devices) and having very good directivity that keeps the early room reflections minimized, and into a listening room that doesn't immediately mess up those phase relationships by adding nearfield early reflections before it can reach the listener's ears. These are simple concepts for those that have been exposed to them in advance of this thread. But not so much for those folks that are being exposed to them for the first time in this thread. That makes the thread a bit more than a 60-second sound bite, unfortunately. A lot of people say: "well, I don't listen to music that has that level of fidelity". Okay, so you don't. But I do. I like my music with as high fidelity as I can get it--even if that means I have to undo some of the damage done during mastering (but I can't fix mixing issues) via undoing the "translation EQ" and perhaps a few other things--which opens up a lot of recordings for higher fidelity reproduction. So I do demastering--and I've written about how to do it in a thread on this site. Same thing for doing measurements using a calibrated microphone and REW, dialing in loudspeakers (PEQs, delays, etc.) and rooms with DSP crossovers, and acoustically treating my room to control early reflections. Well...there it is: the concept is actually pretty straightforward...just not often found on these web pages. Chris
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    tried the liquid shoe polish and it didn't work well at all -- looks really bad now -- might have to replace the woofer because I cant live with things looking like crap even if people cant see it under a grill
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    He is actually still alive. Reading some of the posts on this forum, I die a little each day.
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    I called it a day yesterday.... been eyeballing the switches. What I don't get is when I first did it, I didn't realize the lights were on (oops) and touched the wires. They HAD power until then. Now, it is dead but the others work.
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