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    Internet is to slow at the lake house to post a pic, this one was supposed to go with the other post. Added the wood to the walls also.
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    prolly doesn't care for a lady with some backbone/spunk still bottle feeding kittens. I'm too old for this being up every 4 hours to feed. Not cut out for motherhood. They're getting to starting to bite/chew... softened food is coming soon. Had to take the little girl to the vet. Monday, it was like someone let the air out of her. Spent the day force feeding her. She's doing OK now. Bought a bag of Mexican beans. I prefer the Mex over [this] Kona. Call me crazy... you won't be the first
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    .... (what I got today) ... my first klipsch Coffee mug
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    Yes....it's hard to believe Jesse James dumped her for that skanky thing he was chasing.
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    This is what the booth looks like at the watermelon thing.
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    They don't want to get boxed into a corner, eh?
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    Lol, I adhere to the very fine principal of laziness myself. Bringing sub to speakers or the other way around, seems far lazier to me, than the energy output to date. From dealing with Craiglister scammers, to all the keystrokes already made. Man, I'm tired just thinking about it.😀
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    Will do, I just ordered the SL last night.
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    Yeah, a tube amp, which only makes a few watts. A very solid 70 watts/channel like you've got would usually be well sufficient. Unless you're entertaining fair-sized groups a lot in a large room...
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    ... o O ( I need a 10 foot tree shaved branch handrail up my staircase) oh yeah... I also need another chainsaw carved 3 foot diameter tree for another project I've been unable to flush from my inquisitive nature lol... since you're probably not doing anything extra tonight.... o O (what'd ya say)
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    Yes, that’s the place. When I did the tree handrail in the cabin, he said I could use the little flatboat to get a cypress tree. I told him I was not going to cut down a tree from a 10’ flatboat. He said use any tree so I picked a oak on land.
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    ... o O (is the "lake house" - Rodney's place?) I ponder the thought about underwater chainsaw's... everytime I see a submerged tree...
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    Buy with confidence. I bought the Pioneer from Rivernugget and it was as good or better than he described it. Shipped quick and packaged very well.
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    well there is no accounting for love!
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    Well, I had a look at the specs on the Morel drivers. Not much of a replacement for a K-31. The Qts is wildly off and the required volume is about 3 times larger than what the Jubilee will provide. However, I do understand that for some of the folks around here will dismiss the engineering and throw up their hands and say "but it sounds good ...". So maybe this is a great idea of mixing drivers. After all, a guy on the internet said "but it sounds good". Wait: Am I supposed to insert a smiley face or something ?
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    Goat castrating, chicken plucking, capacitor swapping, yea its all pretty much the same
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    Must be the way they pump internet into the woods here.
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    Jeff, as shown below, you are missing out on a truly amazing listening experience! It's how I listen frequently!!! 😀 Maynard
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    More YES please sir Another classic album from 1971 that is much loved Artist - Yes Title - The Yes Album Australian first press SD 8283
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    My wife at Bishops Castle in the San Isabel National Forest, Colorado. A remarkable structure, built by one man (The castle, not my wife. She is remarkable as well, but required one man and one woman to build) on private property within the forest. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bishop_Castle
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    Hi All, Been looking at adding a 15" sub to my CF-3's, but really have no clue if it is needed OK; 2 channel setup. Small 12x12x8ft room. CF-3's on a Kenwood Basic C2/M2 (220wpc). Supposedly the CF-3's go down to 35Hz (@ -3dB ... meaning "half volume" at this point). Was going to try a Klipsch R-115SW ... actually "bought" one but the CraigsList seller "changed" his mind Specs say the R-115SW goes down to 18Hz (assume at -3dB ?). Would this (or another sub) increase my listening experience or is it a waste of time due to limited sub 35Hz sound in my music? Music is mostly 70's rock (Chicago, Genesis, etc) and classical (Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, etc). Many thanks for your advise. Cheers, Emile Add-on ... Haha; due to the small room size I would have to put the sub in a closet with ventilated doors ... afraid it would just rattle the shelves and make for a "bad" sound experience
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    Got a very nice pair of Altec A6's 288 drivers variable crossover 500Hz or 800Hz or 1200Hz new caps needs one terminal post.
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    Does anyone have experience with wireless subwoofer transmitter/receivers? The little I've read, Amphony iFinity and SVS Soundpath seem to be very well reviewed. I can't find any dealer / individual in Canada with SVS version for sale. The iFinity are available on Amazon. I have a room that may require me to either run long sub cable or use a wireless pair. The subwoofer is a Velodyne DD10 (I have 2, one will be near the amp, the other likely some distance away ... e.g. 20 ft. direct line of site). Thanks.
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    Soooooooooooooo, it would be consistent even if it meant consistently crappy for said application??!!
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    I am not Jeffrey, but maybe we can do a multiple choice on what the difference might be: A. It "removed the veil" B. My wife (who hates stereos) came out of the kitchen and said "wow, what did you do to the stereo"? C. The difference was "night and day" D. Your favorite can go here Jeffrey, I am just having fun. -Tom
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    Witch Altec horn & driver combo are you using ? Building a new set of bass bins for 10 or 15 Hz sounds like a complete waste of time considering with less time and money you could build a proper horn loaded subwoofer to add to the current La Scala bass bins. Getting things done right the first time will pay off in the long run.
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    Hey guys, didn't spell it out well. Think I should keep it? I do hate it when a song with a particular "weight" to the presence or ambiance that it can fill me with is F'd by a popping! "Echos" has tonnage of that weight with me, just like "And You And I" does... I sent that lp back with it's pop at the intro.
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    Yeah ... got one in my "main" room ... this is for a different room
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    The woofers, back air chamber and bass horn are a system and all have to work together. To get a horn to go lower, it must be LONGER, not taller. Longer inevitably means bigger. Look at some of Klipsch' cinema subwoofers. To accomplish what you want, you need to keep the K-33 and back chamber volume but make the plan view of the La Scala trapazoidal and maybe 6' deep all the while maintaining its exponential expansion rate (hint, measure the bass horn nearest the mouth and calculate the distance needed to double the area and continue to double the area at each increment of that length). Try this. Face the bass horn into a corner (backwards), centered and aligned on the 45 deg centerline of the corner. Space the mouth 14" from the wall measured from the front of the bass horn, parallel to its outside. See how that sounds. You may want to place a 2' x 4' piece of plywood also centered in the corner to block off the useless triangular part of the corner. This will simulate another fold in a longer bass horn, all for the cost of a piece of plywood. If you like it, start designing a new horn.
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    Why not try low watter Single Ended Triode Amp? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for the info on servos... I did not know that and was thinking of buying a servo amp for a Sonotube sub.
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    no forum issue on this end ... right now at least.
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    sounds tasty -- big fan of watermelon juice.
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    hmmm, last time i talked to sandra, she said she was done with the lake house. oh well, tell her i said hi.
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    ^trying to blowed up the forum website AGAIN?
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    I disagree. The worst spot he could be put in would be having to say "I can't discuss that here at this time." Next worse would be having to say "I don't want to discuss that here at this time." Or he could ignore the question altogether, if he's even aware of it... Any way: no harm, no foul in my estimation.
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    In regards to the original poster, it wasn't meant to be a poster, it's a canvas, they were developed for the Heritage dealer program, they are supposed to be exclusives. Nobody is going to have a source file and you aren't supposed to be able to buy them. These are the matching LS and Forte ones, I have both.
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    You can see my pictures here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/132760388@N06/7A5807
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    Matt Sommers, creative genius, but they call him the Creative Director, he is responsible for the Klipsch pictures and videos, plus designs the shirts for pilgrimage and many other things. He is very talented, he always seems to come up with great ideas or designs, always the right guy for the job. Thank You Matt.
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    Craig at the table, and Kevin in the dark red shirt, without these two guys nothing would get done at the new museum. And of course Jim hunter. in the black shirt. That's Richard Groves in the bright red shirt, president of the museum. It takes all of us to organize and get the work done.
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