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    That was a great many years ago ... i don’t remember what we did with it. I do recall when i was 16 and put one in the trunk of my Dad’s car. Now, who remembers what they were doing every time they had a rattlesnake; but it was dead and i just forgot about it. My Dad went to get his golf clubs out of the car one day and found it. He very calmly said, “by the way, you can never drive my car again.” That didn’t last long though ... like the day after i got my drivers license and he took it away. I had accidentally forgotten to go to school, and so did two of my friends, so we goofed around all day, and the school called to reschedule some sort of conference that i had forgotten about. After a few days of getting home from work and lying on the couch to take a nap and my Mom waking him up to go to the store, he finally said, “Your license is on my dresser, you can have it back, now go to the store for your mother."
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    I don't remember who it was, something like this. Two men were out hunting in the woods and one had to go to the bathroom so he walks over to a bush and while standing there he was bit by a snake. His friend said I will go back and ask what to do so he hurried to a local store where this old lady was working and asked what should he do. The old lady told him the old way of doing it was to make a cut and suck out the poison then try to get to a hospital. So he want back to his friend thinking about it the whole way and when he got there he told his friend, they said you're probably going to die.
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    That's 3 votes for the rack 😀 Back to how good or bad a smartphone sounds, my iPhone XS Max sounds better than a Bose system!
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    this question has only one answer....Kill it.
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    @BigStewMan if you are going on the lam you have to change your name to "Mint Jelly". https://youtu.be/0Rlp4pzkmoY
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    Mine came already today, but they didn't knock on the door. Apparently I'm not worthy.....
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    I have gone out to dinner with people and said that I would leave if they looked at their phone one more time. Sometimes it's my wife that I'm saying it to. I don't even take a phone into a restaurant.
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    I have a contract with a Ford dealership See the Mustangs on the showroom floor every day
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    hi JohnJ, Yes the Teac is a beautiful turntable, but you have to like marble. The Krautrock is not a popular musical style with much success, but it has had a huge importance on upcoming music: ambient, post-rock, new age, ... After bothering to listen to these tracks hard, it's not easy music, you'll certainly appreciate this music so beautiful. Please: now that I have put you on the road discover this music by yourself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krautrock Hi Dave1290 : Thank for this song : Yeahhhhh ! is very good and great. My Sally : 👍
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    Thank you. I really appreciate that. It will be a while longer before I am done done. I have a small workspace, so I did not have enough room for all of the pieces to be finished all at once. Some of the trim on the rear, and decorative side pieces will be added on later. I have to go through the exact same finish process all over again. I think there are something like 11 or 12 coats of various products with curing and sanding in between each. Don't worry the rack will up and running first. I love what you did there. Tubing is great, feet are a nice touch, the dimensions are definitely custom. I know that maple butcherblock is not cheap either. I went through a lengthy process trying to match oak to walnut with the "Flexy" racks I built for my other system. I also needed something custom for integration across the front wall. Here is a pic to my other systems diy racks.
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    The truth is almost all smartphones are smarter than the user, yes probably yours. I say this because they can do way more than 99% of the owners know, plus they are tracking you and spying on you in ways you have no idea.
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    they do take a little getting used to. @dtel don't you have cottonmouths and gators?
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    Anyone have any experience with this thing found on page 9 of the Parts Express catalog SS Vol. 11? For $129 I might get one to build as a gift for the Millenial kids. Better yet, I give them the kit and let them build it.
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    2 years ago I bought a pair of oiled oak CW II with cane grills and they were a 9/10 for cabinet and 8/10 for grills. Price was $675 from a motivated seller. I sold them one year later after recapping and putting in Ti diaphragms in the tweeters. I received $1060. A few months later I bought CW I, black, with rough cabinets about a 4/10 and grills a 2/10 (the grill board was falling apart), but the drivers were all good. I paid $475 for that set. I have a much delayed refinishing plan. In my area, Boston, I regularly see Cornwallis listed. Prices go up to $1,500. But, they seem to actually sell in the $800-$1100 range.
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    the dumbing down of America had more to do with the election than social media interference.My smart phone told me to say that.
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    Vote for the rack. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I know it's very sad, but 25k people were saved.
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    I've removed the screens a few times and feel as though I can hear a noticeable difference. Some screens come out much easier than others; the radius is easily deformed. They can be straightened and they press easily back into place. Pull one screen off, play your system in mono and compare the modified driver to the stock driver. It may just prove to be worthwhile!
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    All set. Got them. i have built a couple Heresy and Cornwall speakers periodically for friends and family. i have them pay for parts and I enjoy putting them together. So, being impulsive, dont be surprised to see me asking for parts or selling them back time to time. Its not for me, just part of the hobby...
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    === this type of high tech crap has me wish for my old land line coupled to Ma Bells rotary dial and handset — 📞
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    that’s twilight zone stuff
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    Yes I have the Take 5 Classic set which I got on a good deal. My room isn't large so they work pretty good but they don't get very loud. I did blow 2 fronts and so trying to find replacements or slight upgrades.
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    @parlophone1If you've got android rooted get adaway. Got a newer one with dual partitions a couple of years ago and the process was a little much for me so for about $30 I bought a lifetime subscription for Adguard that works on stock phones. Well that and the PureNexus Rom creator retired. @thebes think that's your carriers fault (or did you tick someone off in dc?) I never had issues like that except way out in the stix a few times.
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    HEY you did not ask where the S-MWM rates in the shootout heh-heh-heh. I can tell you that too.
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    I don't believe so, I don't go out a whole lot anymore, most of the events here lack good taste or quality sound imo, so I pretty much stopped going.
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    Were they playing those H4s at all? Or just the cornwalls? What did this Rep look llke? Guy with glasses and a goatee, or bald guy that talks a mile a minute. One of those two guys you can never trust. Just in time for Christmas!
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    I do indeed have a highly honed set of (questionably useful) skills.
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    Yea EpicKlipshFan,i totally understand everything you are saying, im well aware of distortion killing a speaker, i don't do distortion lol, i like to think i have a good ear for listening to audio, i mostly listen to music dvd's, some are good some aren't and some are very well recorded, some sound excellent at only half volume and is extremely loud, some i can turn the volume up close to wide open to get the same effect, all due to how it is recorded of coarse, but i don't get distortion even when it's at level, but it is really working the amp, that's usually when the overload prevention happens, I've always been a Sony fan, i think for the money they make pretty good stuff, i can't afford the high dollar stuff that some have, but let me tell you this little reciever loves these speakers! I am a big believer in an EQ, every recording is different and it really shows with these cf4's, i tweak just about everything i am playing, i think that also helps with distortion to some extent, some things i listen to in 2 channel and some surround, i picked up a M.L. 12 inch 500 watt sub of CL a few months ago, my last one was toasted by lightning, wasn't on a protector, i missed it, but man, this sub fills in the bottom seamlessly, glad to hear some still enjoy the vers.3's , like i mentioned, i have never heard the others, but it's hard to imagine anything sounding much better, after all most 25 years i am still in love with them, and i think they sound as good as they ever have, definitely looking for an amp tho, thanks guy's, any opinions are always welcome
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    Sad to think about and now that you're out it totally puts things in perspective. Glad everyone's ok.
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    The one thing you can't do on a smartphone is have a real conversation. The sound is awful, then there's the random buzzes, breakups and cutoffs. If I want to have a meaningful conversation with someone I almost always call them on my landline. Quite frankly I don't even know why they call them phones, that's a gigantic lie right there.
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    Yes, smartphones are annoying But it's mostly people that think they are "smart" by using them
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    I think that California has more fires than any other state. Glad you guys are OK.
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    That sucks, couldn't live there or anywhere with tarantulas, not going to happen.
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    Kevin has both setups and I told him once I had never heard the 1900's, his opinion was they are not as good as the 600's in his opinion. I have still never heard them, or the Grands. He uses his Ipad and some , I can't remember what service or at what rate they are played from, I do know it is not Pandora or Spotify but another he subscribes to. At one point in the evening I gave him my Ipad when the wifi was acting up, it had 10 gigs of downloaded music on it, in lossless. I don't remember listening for any difference so I can't say, but it did play until late that night..
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    Few things ever in history as aggravating as parents glued to cell phones whilst their youngsters run amok in a restaurant, etc........🤬🤬
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    flames, maybe? John is getting bad ideas now
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    that is what all of my gardens end up as. Turning it under makes it come back thicker. The deeper you turn it under, the deeper its roots get. I cut sod from where I want to plant. I have a love/hate thing with it. The roots break up this hard dirt and I find earthworms in it... Flip side... can't get rid of it. Pretty amazing stuff. It survives here. Well enough to need to cut it. Won't make a lawn w/o watering... but you still need to cut either way. I got tif-green. It came with the place. It went several years w/o care. When I saw what it was, I cultivated it... errrr, gave it a running start on the weeds. Early spring weeding is easy. Anything green is a weed. The grass doesn't grow until it gets warm.
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    Hi men, Here are the photos of the albums that I listened to yesterday, I have others ... and hopefully you liked the videos And here is my turntable
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    Just been playing away this evening and thought I'd share a few... Just for you Dirtmudd Donovan's Second LP from 1965 I'm thinkin... Great LP! Everyone wanted an album from Joe Walsh and The James Gang in 1969 so they gave them one! "Yer Album" In the locked groove at the end of side 1 of the LP version of the album (which is normally silent on most phonograph records), the spoken phrase "Turn me over" repeats in a loop, while the locked groove at the end of side 2 repeats the phrase "Play me again". Both phrases were spoken by Walsh. Typically Joe back in the day. In other LP's he inscribed notes & jokes in the locked groove.
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    TBH John I think it is the lean meat we are getting. Someone decided we can't handle animal fat.... and replaced it with Crisco
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    I bought one to build. Have the cab assembled. I think it’s a great project. I do wish I could of grills. I found an ok grill for the tweeter but not one for the woofer. I’ll let you guys know how the project turns out. 😉
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    a little TLC and those RF5 will look like new again, someone could have an easy to restore set of very fine loudspeakers time to step up in the north mid west and or southern Manitoba Saskatchewan and even Alberta would be a fine time of year for a road trip to Nebraska. Good luck with your sale.
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    Where we are: Our power amplifiers (solid state & valve), preamplifiers (passive or active), CD players, DACs, turntables, integrated amplifiers & AV receivers all have one thing in common: Their “sound” is not affected by a room’s “acoustics” which include the dimensions, shape, dimensional ratios, reverberation time, standing waves, etc. That leaves the loudspeaker which, for the most part, is at the mercy of the above “acoustics” for its “sound” and whose measurements we often question. Where we’ll never be: In a perfect world, all reviewers in the audio magazine bidness would have identical listening rooms with the size (ratios, shapes) and acoustic treatment taken from the experience of notables such as Floyd Toole, Peter D’Antonio and the like. Then, maybe at least the objective measurements would be in closer agreement with the manufacturer’s specs. The subjective assessments would, however, be left to the whims, prejudices, and “golden ear wax” of the reviewers. Where we could be: If my memory serves me correctly, the factory listening room in Hope has four square corners but splayed side and end walls. I think it was constructed about the same time as the anechoic chamber. Shameless Aside: When the chamber was under construction (late 70s?), I visited the plant and found PWK spinning the revolving corner at maybe 40-60 RPM! I can still remember the whoosh of air as each partition went past. He quipped that he was testing the door’s bearings which were from a pair of truck axles. JRH probably was there as well as he drove a lot of the door’s unique, patented construction. https://patents.google.com/patent/US4387786?oq=klipsch WWCB (Cont’d) Anyhoo, I propose that Klipsch get a qualified acoustic consultant and outfit that listening room (Indy's as well) with the proper wall/ceiling/floor treatment that any manufacturer in the loudspeaker bidness should have to highlight their products. The present wall “treatment” at Hope is just sad. What we are striving for is an “ideal” acoustical space using proven solutions; not a few pieces of “acoustical” foam and wall-to-wall carpeting. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/177136-klipschorn-new-build-introduced-to-pilgrimage-attendees/ Next, starting with each Heritage loudspeaker, measure every electrical and acoustical parameter known using state-of-the-art, calibrated gear, not a laboratory microphone adapted for entertainment use and the decades-old MLSSA testing software John Atkinson uses. Audio Precision not only manufacturers top-of-the-line measurement gear but also has some powerful, easy-to-use loudspeaker measurement suites. One can make more than a dozen accurate, repeatable acoustic measurements in a few seconds with a single mouse button click. https://www.ap.com/electro-acoustic-test/ Just think, you could start with a pair of Cornwall IIIs in the corners with the tweeter axis pointed at the microphone (at the listening position); take a slew of measurement; and then gradually move the CWIII toward the center all the while taking comparison measurements. Of course, these comprehensive measurements would trickle down the product line as warranted. As a “reference” each loudspeaker would be tested in the trihedral corner of the anechoic chamber to compare FR curves and those pesky sensitivity specs with those taken in the listening room. Finally: The end result of these measurements would be to, a) have a baseline for each loudspeaker model which could (should?) be used in product advertising, and b) could (should!!) be used to refute/dispute an audio magazine’s poor measurement results. In the case of the AK6 review, if Roy was privy to the poor measurement results prior to publication, he should have (at the least) moved heaven and earth to get those measurements re-done indoors or used the Manufacturer’s Comment section to strongly contest the AK6’s poor measurements. Lee
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    Just called Bobby Crites/B&K Enterprises this AM and ordered a pair of: pr CT120 tweeters $225.00 Shipping & Handling: $15.00 Tax on Shipping: $0.00 Tax Amount: $0.00 Total: $240.00 :-) I am VERY excited! :-) John Kuthe...
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    Give Bob Crites a phone call and he will be happy to discuss your options and the the one which will best suit your needs. You won't find a nicer more Klipsch knowledgeable person to deal with than Bob. https://critesspeakers.com/contact_us.html
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