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    Easy solution.....I'll cancel their phone plan 😀
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    That rack is looking great! Very well done! I'm can't wait to see the completed project. I had the same thoughts about "why audio racks are so expensive" when I built my 2-channel audio shelf. There wasn't a shelf on the market that was exactly what I needed, most of them were flimsy and way too small, so I built my own. I used hard maple and stainless steel tubing for the supports (without the electrical components it weighs 165 lbs). More than enough mass and it's wide/deep enough to resist/dampen normal room vibrations.
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    How many "likes" can you do in one day? I have a tendency to like everything and everybody when on pain meds. I get over it quickly after my stash wears down.
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    Hello. I am new to this forum but I am interested in the Heresy IV. I was at RMAF and listened to them with the Cary SLI-80HC amp. In speaking with the Klipsch rep, he stated the change in the Heresy IV from the III is: (a) the speaker is now a bass reflex speaker with port in the back, (b) all three drivers are updated based on what they learned from the Forte III, (c) the box is about 1" taller to accommodate the updated design, (d) the riser is updated (in black and no curve), (e) grills will be updated , (f) binding posts are updated to a higher quality, and (g) in addition to the standard three finishes, the IV will be available in distressed oak with the linen grills, Finally, availability will be December 2019. Hope this helps.
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    Got up early this morning and having a listen to some very nice Jazz fusion Some top musicians are here on this album The title track and Dolphin Dreams are standouts Artist - Lee Ritenour Title - Captain Fingers On the Epic Label - 1977 ELPS 3824 - Aust pressing
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    That was a great many years ago ... i don’t remember what we did with it. I do recall when i was 16 and put one in the trunk of my Dad’s car. Now, who remembers what they were doing every time they had a rattlesnake; but it was dead and i just forgot about it. My Dad went to get his golf clubs out of the car one day and found it. He very calmly said, “by the way, you can never drive my car again.” That didn’t last long though ... like the day after i got my drivers license and he took it away. I had accidentally forgotten to go to school, and so did two of my friends, so we goofed around all day, and the school called to reschedule some sort of conference that i had forgotten about. After a few days of getting home from work and lying on the couch to take a nap and my Mom waking him up to go to the store, he finally said, “Your license is on my dresser, you can have it back, now go to the store for your mother."
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    This is the Klipsch forum. We need to be discussing horn-loaded smart phones. With vacuum tubes.
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    had to dispatch a rattler last night. I was in the kitchen and heard it sound off. Yes, it was outside. 4 of our cats had it surrounded. Snagged the cats and brought them into the house. After a few minutes of debate, we decided to do away with it. Asked the wife for something to bash it... She started bringing me things... No, I need something better than the broom. Eventually she found something adequate... My broadsword. Snake was coiled up... I got a good [lucky?] blow and hit it an inch behind/below its head. Done deal. then dtel's buddy came in for a visit. Had to usher a tarantula out of the house. busy evening
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    @mustang_flht Your turntable is tough looking with that marble. Some trippin' tunes you posted too!
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    almost put my hand on one while in death valley. was doing some climbing and the guy next to me kicked my hand out of the way, i looked down and I was about to set it on a tarantula. Not sure if those ones are venomous; but, definitely ugly. i grew up around black widows ... they were everywhere. Anytime cleaning the garage or patio, had to carefully pick things up in case there was one under it. Had one in my long hair once. don’t know how long it was there. Happened on a job site, went back to the shop, we’d hang around and drink a few beers, then i had about a 30 minute drive home. Water from the shower rinsed him out of my head and i screamed when i saw it. My roommate said i was acting like a girl.
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    All of your folks supposed annoyances will be completely forgotten the first time your spouse, children, friends, or elderly parents need to use their phone in an emergency. I have had two medical emergencies myself in the last five years where my phone basically saved my life. End of story.
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    The company could not AFFORD to go to 1” side panels for the La Scala due to the increases in production costs involved…here is why: 1. The pic above showing the La Scala with the braces was taken sometime in mid-to-late 1977. Klipsch doubled the size of its production facility in 1976. The construction of the expansion of the plant began in late 1975, but was not ready to move into until the end of summer in 1976. I’m sure that the company still had a HUGE loan to pay-off on that expansion. Even though the company was producing more speakers than ever, the company HAD TO constantly borrow money to meet the payroll and production costs while awaiting the payments by the dealers for the speakers shipped. These were very short-term loans, but the interest rates were around 20% or more in those days, which SEVERELY ate into the company’s profitability. The company, like so many others in the audio industry, was struggling for survival while actually increasing production (unlike most of the competition!). This was the time frame where what became H/K International was actually buying-up other speaker companies, such as JBL and ALTEC, who were giving up the struggle to remain independent entities. The world-wide economic situation was terrible for the audio industry, in general, but Klipsch was actually GROWING under extremely difficult financial strains. Klipsch was already having to raise the prices for the speakers way too often in order to stay afloat in those days. 2. The La Scala was, at best, the THIRD largest seller in numbers, but those numbers still only amounted to a VERY small percentage of the numbers of speakers manufactured by the company, and lagged EXTREMELY FAR BEHIND the numbers of the top seller, the Heresy, and the Cornwall, which was actually not selling in numbers very much higher than the La Scala numbers at that time. It was the HERESY speakers that kept the company afloat, PERIOD! 3. Klipsch would not have had the discount thru high-volume purchases of 1” custom-laid “void-free” birch veneered plywood to justify the change for just the SIDE PANELS for ONLY the La Scala production. This was directly opposite of the company's production intent…which had always been commonality of parts between the speakers, in order to secure discounted prices thru high-volume purchases. IOW, since the amount of custom-made 1” plywood would not have been discounted for a high-volume purchase, it was simply not done. It doesn’t help things that stuff like saw blades would get dull much sooner when cutting 1” thick panels. And to top things off, we would have had to use either longer nails or screws to attach those sides during construction…and that is an expensive thing since the nail-guns being used at the plant were already shooting the longest nails they could. It also would have added to the WEIGHT of what was designed as a relatively-easily-maneuverable stage speaker. I PWK probably felt that if somebody wanted to "solve the resonance problem" after purchase, they could add their own braces to the bass bin,...but the company could not afford the losses entailed by "pricing a damned-good speaker out of existence" in order to solve a resonance issue which very few buyers at that time would even care about very much!
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    Thanks to Mike D. (@Md5150) I've got full Jubes in the living room system.
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    ah, the smell of a skunk in the morning.
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    I don't remember who it was, something like this. Two men were out hunting in the woods and one had to go to the bathroom so he walks over to a bush and while standing there he was bit by a snake. His friend said I will go back and ask what to do so he hurried to a local store where this old lady was working and asked what should he do. The old lady told him the old way of doing it was to make a cut and suck out the poison then try to get to a hospital. So he want back to his friend thinking about it the whole way and when he got there he told his friend, they said you're probably going to die.
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    Well, here's someone that's doing something about it!! WARNING!!! SATIRE! SATIRE! SATIRE! https://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/trump-signs-executive-order-giving-him-control-of-weather
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    My favorite is Obsessive Compulsive. It gets the housework done faster. 🤣 +++ It's like the man whose wife thought she was a chicken. After a year he finally took her in to see the doctor. The doctor asked "why did you wait so long to bring her in to get help?" to which her husband replied "we needed the eggs."
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    That's 3 votes for the rack 😀 Back to how good or bad a smartphone sounds, my iPhone XS Max sounds better than a Bose system!
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    this question has only one answer....Kill it.
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    Then they’ll become immune to the pesticide and grow bigger, stronger, and more aggressive. Then they’ll get smartphone and track your location via GPS. You can run from them; but, you won’t be able to hide.
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    Better not have a sore, or cavity, in the suckers mouth... There is a old joke about that...............They said your going to die
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    I would rather have to deal with a rattlesnake, usher is not what i would do. Then I would spray for spiders including the yard, twice, maby more.
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    Thanks dtr20. I bought them from Mike D in Maine but live in Upton, MA. You are welcome to stop by for an audition.
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    @BigStewMan if you are going on the lam you have to change your name to "Mint Jelly". https://youtu.be/0Rlp4pzkmoY
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    The artificial intelligence monster has read these posts, traced our locations and we should expect to picked up by the "soylent green" garbage truck sometime today.
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    Since no one is responding, I'll be the first. Seems they are usually advertised at about $1500+ ... but believe that's high. IMHO $1000 is fair (if in good condition). Good luck with your search
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    "alexa...please listen to my conversations..."..."I'm already doing that, Dave..." (HAL9000) Bill
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    I have gone out to dinner with people and said that I would leave if they looked at their phone one more time. Sometimes it's my wife that I'm saying it to. I don't even take a phone into a restaurant.
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    I have a contract with a Ford dealership See the Mustangs on the showroom floor every day
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    I also like the progressive rock of the Canterbury family, do you know? It is also an important musical style that has no commercial success. The musicians are very talented, but none knew the star system. The only guitarist in the successful Canterbury family is Andy Summers, when he left the family to rock: The Police. Here is my favorite band of this movement, I have LP vinyl for 40 years:
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    hi JohnJ, Yes the Teac is a beautiful turntable, but you have to like marble. The Krautrock is not a popular musical style with much success, but it has had a huge importance on upcoming music: ambient, post-rock, new age, ... After bothering to listen to these tracks hard, it's not easy music, you'll certainly appreciate this music so beautiful. Please: now that I have put you on the road discover this music by yourself: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krautrock Hi Dave1290 : Thank for this song : Yeahhhhh ! is very good and great. My Sally : 👍
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    Thank you. I really appreciate that. It will be a while longer before I am done done. I have a small workspace, so I did not have enough room for all of the pieces to be finished all at once. Some of the trim on the rear, and decorative side pieces will be added on later. I have to go through the exact same finish process all over again. I think there are something like 11 or 12 coats of various products with curing and sanding in between each. Don't worry the rack will up and running first. I love what you did there. Tubing is great, feet are a nice touch, the dimensions are definitely custom. I know that maple butcherblock is not cheap either. I went through a lengthy process trying to match oak to walnut with the "Flexy" racks I built for my other system. I also needed something custom for integration across the front wall. Here is a pic to my other systems diy racks.
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    Looks like are wishes have been granted, K510s in a 2 way home tower. Hopefully the LCR speakers will be orderable separately from the subs for 2 channel. Thanks team! https://www.klipsch.com/cedia
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    Those are K510 two ways with 15” bass drivers. Essentially the home 396 we’ve been pining for.
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    EVERY time I see your nickname Mustang this pops in my head... Come on man! 😂 😂 Great nickname brother!
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    never had a rattler strike at me; but, i’ve been within 18 inches of one twice. when i was a kid, i caught one and called the hospital trying to sell them the venom. They told me that they buy their venom from a lab. “crap, now what i do with this rattlesnake?"
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    rain today. got caught in a torrential downpour. wipers on full blast barely cleared the windshield. sound of the rain drowned out the radio completely. hard rain only lasted a few minutes.
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    Yes and water moccasins, and plenty of non poisonous snakes, deal with probably 8-10 every summer on the front porch alone, non poisonous. I am not scared of snakes or other bugs and grew up around alligators, had small ones as pets when I was a kid. BUT there not big hairy spiders. It's spiders, just spiders, anything bigger than a really tiny one are a problem.
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    The truth is almost all smartphones are smarter than the user, yes probably yours. I say this because they can do way more than 99% of the owners know, plus they are tracking you and spying on you in ways you have no idea.
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    they do take a little getting used to. @dtel don't you have cottonmouths and gators?
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    Will be thinking of her. My mother had one. She was probably in her 30's and went on to be a lovable grandmother when she passed at 84
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    Yes, not a fan of big spiders or snakes.
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    I don't get pop ups on my android either. I'm going to implement a policy at my house but can't take credit for thinking it up. I'm getting a phone basket for my kitchen table. Whenever the family gets together for a meal, everyone's phone goes in the basket. Everyone can certainly survive 15 or 20 minutes without looking at their phone.
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    I'm more annoyed by smartphone users than smartphones themselves.
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    It is amazing...What works for me is if your not in my contacts I will not answer. More often than not no voice mail, even if there is a voice mail I will and to block list.
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