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    Just went to my profile to edit my current set up and noticed it's been 14 years today since I joined the forum. While some of you gents have aged I look remarkably the same😉 Funny when I joined Carl had a full head of hair and richieb was still handsome! Oh well...........
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    I warned y'all. It may not have meat.... that's about all you can say. ..... and don't get any in the real meat.... The carnivores will scream adulteration/meat extenders
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    Those suckers are super strong for their size. One latched onto my hand when I was a kid, shook it like crazy he slapped both sides of my arm. Only when I smacked it on the concrete did it let go. Similar to a snapping turtle.
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    What's in that suddenly popular Beyond Beef Burger? Check out the ingredients in your dog's food. Notice the commonality? Wb
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    I stopped riding about ten years ago for exactly this reason. The maniacs in their 6000 lb Suburbans, driving at 85 mph while talking on the phone, swerving in and out of traffic with no regard for anyone else's safety, convinced me that it had just gotten too dangerous. I still bicycle. It's going the same way -- too many maniacs, even on the back roads.
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    Thanks but I've known not to go to mcD's since the 1970s for a real hamburger
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    Finally finished this project. I've posted on this in Tech Mod section on the build. I totally removed all finish on these, cut off the front 1/2" edge that surrounds the grill frame, installed neo magnet on the front to mate with the magnets I installed on the original grill frame (with new cane grill cloth), veneered the fronts, sides, and tops with aircraft grade quartered figured etimoe veneer. I applied 6 coats of wipe on poly satin then wet sanded and applied wax with 0000 steel wool for a very smooth finish. I installed a front to back brace with 3 screws on the back panel, installed new Bob Crites 1228 woofers, new Sonicap caps on the mids and tweets, new electrolytic parallel cap on the woofers, installed foam sealant tape on the back screw strips. I have two emblems that come with these which I haven't attached yet so the new owner can do so with his/her choice of glue/tape. Consecutive serial numbers 139X001 and 139X002 The grill frames automatically attach when you put them on the fronts. Components are Crites 1228 woofers, K52H mid drivers and square maGNET K-77 tweets. Someone needs to give these a new home!!! Perfect Christmas gift! Will post more photos after I resize them. $750.00. I'm located in Little Rock. Thanks. Longdrive03 Longdrive03
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    I am sadly selling my Cornwall II's, mid 80's vintage. They are early with the round terminal cup and crossovers on a board attached to the inside back panel. I got them from the original owner who took excellent care of them. He was a rug collector and always kept two of his smaller rugs on top of the speakers and nick knacks on the rugs. They started life in birch raw but now have a beautiful cherry finish. The drivers and crossovers are stock originals and they sound great. The grills are in excellent condition with the badges. Cosmetically, they are virtually mint but have one very small veneer issue on the top back of one speaker( see pic.) I hate to sell them but there are other priorities. Local pickup in Redding, California, about 3 hours North of Sacramento on I-5, that way potential buyers can inspect and audition them. I am willing to travel a bit for the right deal. I'm asking $800 cash for them. Thanks, Mark
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    The usa also produces maple syrup. And just because it comes in jugs doesnt mean its only for swigging.
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    Why would you buy anything from that guy! Thanks 👍
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    You know I would never do that. Never. Ever.
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    Send a friend or 3 instead to purchase pairs then would you? Least you could do... 😏
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    Ghost should be as good or better than before...update in a few. The ghost is earthy with a citrus overtone and a lingering heat. I'm liking it.
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    Ghost to the Post and Orange Monster is going on right now. Monster is orange habaneros, shallots, garlic, carrots, lime juice and Hawaiian sea salt. Ghost is the same shallots, lemongrass, lime juice and Hawaiian sea salt. Prepping the chilies about took my head off, but I am breathing much easier now...
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    Thank you gentlemen! Sale pending............
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    Excellent deal. Those should go quick.
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    One of the few big Klipsch systems I haven't owned yet. If these where closer I'd work out a deal for my Kp600's or I have 4 mwm bass bins, ( the more desirable single cab bins ) Good luck with sale!
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    whatta cool bike. want it rebuilt?
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    Having a well balanced subwoofer system does seem to result in improvements throughout a speakers frequency range.
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    My vote is for satin spar polyurethane. I like a dull finish that allows all the beauty of the wood to come through and not be distracted with glare from a shiny finish. Birch will darken a fair amount with this and polyurethane will also help strengthen the wood at the sharp corners and be more resistant to chunks picking out on the edges. I like Watco for Walnut and Oak and it is recommended by Klipsch if you have oiled cabinets from the factory.
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    Like many fans I was totally turned off by The Last Jedi. It was a complete mess. Disney turned Luke from an inspirational hero, the only one who could save the galaxy into a green milk sucking "get off my lawn" loser. I'm looking forward to the Rise of Skywalker, it has some potential for greatness. George Lucas was brought back in as a consultant to save the franchise. I have zero faith in the Disney execs but Lucas really gets us Star Wars fans. I'll see it in theater, one of about two movies I see each year that way.
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    Would you stop that? It is making me nervous. Folks, this is a crazy deal. Bill
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    I'll just leave this right here... https://www.vhnd.com/2019/10/22/that-moment-a-fan-of-another-band-asks-you-to-take-a-picture-of-him-not-knowing-youre-eddie-van-halen/?fbclid=IwAR0n2aj2ATI4HLL8YsTT-kyF34L-cn5uef2wJVQQbXCQPWUek6snHHpUDAQ
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    Absolutely correct, otherwise your resume' goes to the "Trash Folder". For larger companies the application review process is automated. If too long and/or not triggered by key words, the system files your *** to the trash folder, an HR assistant won't even know you existed.
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    They aren't really known for much of a disease carrier. Rabbits in the wild have a tularemia issue, careful skinning with gloves is the answer. With possums, if they are to be food, you have to be careful to cut out the scent glands they use for playing dead to avoid ruining it. I'm not much into eating them, they do a good job around the house and when you can see them are entertaining, but they are shy. They are 100 times less likely to carry rabies than a wild/feral dog. https://www.kickassfacts.com/opossum-facts/ Leptospirosis comes from excremental excretions, and has infected a lot of fresh water in the Hawaiian islands thanks to pigs. So yeah, avoid possum piss and shit.
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    Neither did Racoons. We've got them here now. Didn't Granny Clampet had a recipe for o'Possum Stew'? I wouldn't want to risk catching leptospirosis or any of the other nasty diseases they can carry and transmit so I'd pass on the stew or even trying to catch one to put in the pot. After reading the ingredients list, I stay away from Beyond Meat burgers too. Wb
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    Riley used to be all alert and stuff; 7 months later it's all about naps. Smart dog as she learned what I do on the weekends. Takes her about 1.2 seconds to go from teats up on the floor to whichever door sounds a motion alarm; solicitors don’t stay at the door long. Average growth approx. 10 lbs / month vet estimates 110-120 lbs at adulthood. Mom is a show entrant and dad is police dog.
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    Krav Maga = Israeli military self defense discipline. MAGA = Trump slogan for Make America Great Again
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    Samantha, my guard dog. More like Jake, napping, eating plus belly rubs make up her day. Not much of a guard dog, we have only heard her bark twice in the two years we have had her and they were poor attempts at barking. I was recently down for the count for a few weeks and she would not leave my side. A very concerned care giver.
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    Yes, they tend to take on the traits of their owners after a time.
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    For me...............I was astounded at how wonderful the Jubs sounded in Roy's listening room. I have heard Jubs in that room 3 or 4 times and this was clearly the best. 691 drivers on the 402s. Seamless sound..........Sparkling things dancing off the slanted ceiling. Vocals jumping out front.........Clean clear bottom end with extension. While the Heritage demo was striking and very impressive and interesting to me (no need to describe as Mike already did).............the Jubs stole the show for me while at the same time flying under the radar it seemed. Regardless, Roy's fingerprints are on all of it. He is so calm about all of it, but this is clear. He's got a great FAMILY of toys for every kind of listener. Also of interest to me was the quality of sound of the amp Roy was using which was a QSC DCA 1644 Digital Cinema Amplifier. Excellent...........best sound I have ever heard in that room. Obviously we listened to many speakers. Finally, the room itself. I took notice of that right away in fact. A step up from my situation. My room is by comparison slightly over damped. While the Jubs were playing I texted my wife and told her............ "The good news is I don't need to buy any more speakers. The bad news is we need a new house." Hey..............we all went for different reasons. These are the things that jumped out at me based on where I am in this hobby. Finally..............seeing all the people I have known for many years and hadn't seen in 10 years...........and meeting some new people as well. Jim Hunter............What a great job at everything he does. Great presentations on the Klipsch and PWK history, and a great guy to talk to. Travis, Christy, Elden, Ian, Richard......and Company (I apologize to those I am missing)............the museum staff is a hard working dedicated group. They put on an excellent event. I am so glad I attended. Highly recommended.
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    My new, previously owned K-402 horn(s). Just sitting on some rolling carts in the garage. The included passive networks are crossed a bit high and therefore not exactly correct for using with the K-horn bass bin network, but it sounds very impressive anyway. Will probably active tri-amp these, after they settle into a fixed location. Edit: I looked up the crossover specs for the intended cinema application and it appears that the passive crossover on these K-402 will work okay with the K-horn bass bin.
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    This is my first post and I’m new to the forum. After owning a pair of Heresy 1s for close to 10 years, I decided to take the next leap and bought a pair of La Scalas in raw birch. One manufactured in 1987 and the other in 1988. They came with the infamous AL crossovers, which I switched out immediately with new Bob Crites AA without even listening to the AL. After vacuuming out the cobwebs I hooked these beasts up and played some music. Initial impression was that drums and other percussion instruments sounded more realistic with incredible 3D imaging. However, the mid bass sounded a bit boxy and stuffy at times compared to my Heresys. Not willing to let well enough alone, I ordered a pair of Allen A-55G drivers and gaskets from Crites to replace the factory K-55M drivers. I noticed quite a difference after this change. That “glare” in the midrange vanished and the soundstage opened up and sounded wider. There is more distance between the instruments, if that makes sense. Out of curiosity, I swapped out the K-77M tweeters with Crites CT-125s I originally installed in my Heresys. I preferred the K-77 in my Heresys over the CT-125s, but in the La Scalas I didn’t notice much difference, if any at all. In my Heresys the CT-125s sounded less detailed and the high end sparkle I liked in the K-77 disappeared. Not sure why it makes a less dramatic difference in the La Scalas, but I suspect it is because the midrange and bass on the La Scala are more efficient than those on the Heresy. I read some members’ posts on here regarding excellent results from replacing the stock K-33E woofer with the Eminence Kappa 15C. Initially this sounded like a dubious upgrade because of the thinner gasket issue but Parts Express had a great open box deal on the Kappa 15Cs a couple weeks ago, so I pulled the trigger for a small risk. I installed the new woofers last week. I must say that, besides the A-55G, this is the biggest, most noticeable upgrade thus far. That annoying boxy/stuffy sound in the mid-upper bass is gone and the bass is much more punchy and realistic. These La Scalas sound so much better now. Wide soundstage, accurate depth and texture, and clear detail. It’s hard to describe, but these speakers are leagues better than they were when I first got them. The only thing I’m itching to try now is Crites CT-120s vs the CT-125s I’m using now. Another curiosity is lowering the crossover point to 4500 Hz. Anyone done that with A—55Gs and noticed any difference in the upper end? This is a great forum and I really appreciate the knowledge you have shared here
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    Couldn't agree more. Slighter hotter, more detailed, retaining smoothness/ ever so slightly laid back and REALLY adding to soundstage. About 2 songs in, I knew I was keeping em. Solid work @Dave A, keep it up man! Keeping an eye on what you come out with.
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    $395 shipped for all
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    OK done and packing up for Hope.
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    Well, at least your post got bumped to the top... Chorus not so easy to find in your location said earlier. Maybe harder still to do an even trade.
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    Um no. Scotch. Bletch. How long before teenagers start sticking them up their butts?
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    I have Deang's crossovers in my Khorns and my LS. Made the speakers sing and me dance!
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