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    Darn you guys! I just found a Fender Telecaster that i think i need. Not that i need another guitar; but, i’ve had a hole in my heart since i stupidly got rid of a telecaster back in 1991. I don’t want to blame myself for this purchase -- so i’m blaming all of you. That’s what friends are for right?
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    Just went to my profile to edit my current set up and noticed it's been 14 years today since I joined the forum. While some of you gents have aged I look remarkably the same😉 Funny when I joined Carl had a full head of hair and richieb was still handsome! Oh well...........
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    If that's what it takes to fill that hole in your heart, I think it's a done deal. Hopefully it's the only hole in your heart.
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    Getting in the groove pretty well. I’m thinking a beer delivery robot might be a good investment. Cincy
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    These are in fact them, they are wonderful only reason I sold them was to put money towards LF cabs for my 402's. I made JWC a good deal on these and he is paying that forward. YOU WILL NOT find more value for the money on essentially brand new speakers than these.
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    Bye the way folks, my current wife of over a decade has NEVER EVEN HEARD KLIPSCH SPEAKERS...YET! She's heard large horn speakers....built locally, based upon pics in magazines....some are very close to being MWM's....in appearance, anyway! And she loves them, too! Karaoke is a mass-hysteria thing and has been for decades...throughout the Philippines. I can just hear her now, when she hears my Klipsch...."I love it, dear, now I can sing as loud as I want to, because I won't have to hear my own voice with these!" Ya see?...her favorite excuse whenever somebody hands her the mic when karaoke-ing and tells her it is her turn...is...at least until she has consumed enough alcohol, anyway...is "Oh, no thank you, I love the song, but the song doesn't love me!" And everybody laughs and somebody else gets her turn! All Filipinos love three things in life: music/singing, dancing of all kinds, and FOOD! In that order! SHE GONNA HAVE SOME FUNNNNNNN!
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    I have been married twice, so I get to work off of an AVERAGE....using only my first wife, I would have to say things are about the same as electronics' burn-in times...BUT, with my current wife figured into the average, it has so far been a pretty-long time, lucky me, huh?
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    There’s a South Park episode where the boys were supposed to get Stevie Nicks to perform for a group of veterans but they could not get her to sing. So they got a goat instead and nobody noticed the difference. Ever since whenever I hear Stevie Nicks all I hear is goat sounds.😳
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    Maple syrup every time. Canadian, but not a 'gal'.
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    RF-5's are the most underrated speaker in the Reference series and one of my favorites. A very balanced speaker that will absolutely pound with a good high current amp. I should have never sold mine but sometimes you have to sell speakers to buy speakers. Good luck with your sale.
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    My dad refinished his La Scalas, probably 20 years ago. He bought them new in 1982 and they were fine, but the original finish he put on it was not what he wanted. IIRC, this is just some wipe-on Polyurethane. I am probably going to do the same to my 78 La Scalas.
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    Only one available? Damn so I'm out of luck on purchasing a pair.... Shame. I was going to take my recent winnings and treat myself to the ULTIMATE Klipsch experience. Sorry Jube owners, you don't know what you are missing!
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    The electronics will crap out just like the Stadiums and sub woofers with no factory support. Big time pass on this.
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    Much better now - thanks. With less than four more months left to go. NG and bed rest is going to get old pretty soon though. Got to keep your 'eyes on the prize'. Wb
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    Who else has heard of a top engineer with a major brand doing this? The chief is the man not only in the products he designs but also as a person, just awesome that he took time away from catching some large mouth to teach some fellow enthusiast the ends and outs. I hope I can attend the next one!
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    I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was also glad we got people a peak at the PWK 450 seat auditorium, and the possible future home for the Museum We raised a lot of money for the Museum, and had a lot of fun along the way. Ian got us a great projector for the Education Center; Christy and Elden just always get what ever it is needing done, done. Richard is the new king of the mobile bar. Jim for keeping that history alive, and Roy for agreeing to do a class to help increase membership and raise funds. @Chief bonehead was pretty much out of town the entire month of September, was at a conference up until the day before the event, and he is back right now in Colorado for another show. Yet he blocked out that weekend to put on a fall event. Roy is such an excellent teacher, y'all learned more about networks, poles, filters, traps in a day then some will know if a lifetime. The variables at play. I really want to thank the attendees, every one pitched in when and where it was needed. Hey @mark1101 Mark 13, remember that time you and I went into the chamber, sealed it off, and they did a 1/8 space test with (was it MWM with a 402) while we were in there? I plugged my ears as hard as I could but the sound just ripped right back to our spines. It's like being with hit with a Taser, you need to try it once just to experience it. Travis
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    * as music crazed teenage boys, on the cutting-edge of the newest music, I was on vacation with my buddies family in Grove, Oklahoma (Grand Lake). We were just leaving a convenience/gas station/restaurant/meeting place (hey it’s Grove, OK) when in walks Leon, looking his typical scruffy self. We look at each other, liked to shitt ourselves, mumbled a “Hey” to Leon and got a mumbled “Hey” back. He cruised NE OK a lot in the late sixties, early seventies—
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    Actually my wife does (mine). She does not know, or understand, the difference between a Bread Knife, Tomato Knife, Fish Knife and Paring Knife. The previous statement applies to the Japanese made Misono Knives. She does however know I keep them very sharp and how to use sharp objects on someone. As such, I keep the Bread Knife high up in a kitchen cupboard she can't reach without a chair and try not to remind her too often of the above. The name Bobbitt is never mentioned. Better safe and quiet, then drunk and screaming! Wb
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    and, of course..."She was the queen of the ROLLER DERBY!'''and many other greats by Leon...wonderful album! BTW, the very first concert I ever went to IN ARKANSAS, was the Leon Russell Show right after Carney had been released! FANTASTIC SHOW, too! I had visited California cousins a couple of years earlier, though...Winterland...Fillmore West....lots of fun! Saw/heard some really great folks/bands there...mid-summer of '68...early summer of "69...both sides of my Sophomore year in High school!
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    Calling for rain and 30 mph winds with dropping temps around here. Soooo, a Lil World Series action on the tv and these boys cookin hot and hard this evening. Hourglass began as an RnB group released their first LP in 1967. Mmmmm nope, nothing going chart wise hence the beginning of The Allman Brothers. The rest is history! The Best of Duane Allman is a 1979 release on Polydor Records I'm not a big fan of live albums yet most are exceptional IF the mix is right. Factor in a 2-LP? Usually a double UGH as was this one from 1976! Yup, it was too. just didn't come off as well as their 1971 "At Fillmore East." All that aside, "Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Gas" is it for me when I want a change. It's the way it was and it's also they way they were!
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    His dentist has got to love him!! Wb
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    I use organic Maple sugar on my Bob's Red Mill Oatmeal. No cream or milk. Wb
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    you Canadian? i know a Canadian gal that puts maple syrup on her oatmeal.
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    Ever try this? It's happenin' (well at least as far as oatmeal goes)
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    I've been eating Kashi cereals. Lo sugar and high fiber. Good stuff w/some milk. No, I won't do anything for them nor will you cook me and do a Bobby Flay throw down w/a pat of butter and maple syrup! 🖖
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    If/When you remove the rear panels to look inside of them, here is what you SHOULD FIND! First of all, they should be extremely clean inside, with no build up of crap over the years because they are "more or less" sealed cabinets. Second, you will notice that the grille cloth is not mounted to a separate grille panel attached to the face "one way or another" of the speaker motor-boards, but the grille-cloth was INSTEAD wrapped around that motor-board and stapled to the back side of it. This actually produced a slightly less "sealed cabinet" intil they stopped the way the grille cloth was wrapped around the motor-board and stapled to its rear....and started gluing the motor-board DIRECTLY to the glue blocks inside around the inside perimeter of the cabinet. Another thing is that the motor-board is SCREWED to the glue blocks from the outside, most likely, instead from the inside. Doing this required getting the screws started through the grille cloth and before totally tightening them, gently separating the cloth so that the screw-heads could get through it so that they would remain unseen, because they are now UNDER the grille cloth. I have seen this type of motor-board screwed in from both front and rear, though!...until they went to grille panels attached to the motor-board after assembly. Now...HOW TO REMOVE THE REAR PANELS CORRECTLY...and how to re-install them CORRECTLY. First do this to ONE speaker at a time....you will understand WHY a few lines down. Lay the speaker face down on a soft surface, like carpeted floor or towel....preferably on the floor. Putting one hand in the middle of the rear panel and applying slight downward pressure to it, start loosening the screws until they are completely out of the glue blocks inside of the box, but leave those screws in the same holes you found them in. Then take a FLEXIBLE putty knife or something, NOT A SCREW DRIVER, and work it in so that its leading edge can get under the forward edge of the panel and gently lift the panel to where it comes up...DO NOT TRY TO COMPLETELY REMOVE THE PANEL, yet, because the wires from the rear terminal are attached to the networks mounted inside by relatively short wires and you do not want them to come loose so just get it lifted up and rotate it where you can see inside the cabinet. Once you figure out how everything is attached wiring-wise, then you can remove the wires from the rear panel terminals...be sure to mark them to show "hot/ground".THEN you are ready to totally remove the rear panel. Mark it inside so that you know which speaker it came from. And you are ready to do the same process for the other speaker rear panel removal, following all steps given. While you are inside the box, you will most likely find that the terminal wires are screwed down using connectors at their ends to the network board. First things first...ENSURE THE NETWORK BOARDS ARE TIGHTLY attached to the speaker inside panel. As old as yours are they may have slightly loosened due to the thickness of the wood getting less thick as it lost moisture over the years. So, GENTLY tighten them up using the screws that were used to attach them. The wires from the network board to the drivers are also connected in that manner. But the wires at the terminals of the drivers are likely soldered on considering when the speakers were made. So, removing one wire at a time from the network, ensure the connectors are clean, no corrosion or crud build up...you can use rubbing alcohol to clean them with Q-tips. Any corrosion or rust can be removed by using one of those green scrubbing pads. Once the connectors on both the network board and the wires are cleaned, then use "di-electric grease" (you can get this at almost any automotive parts store!!) and apply a tiny bit to q-tips and ensure all connecting surfaces get coated, replaced to the CORRECT locations and screwed down. This will provide a long-lasting good connection which also resists corrosion....HINT! HINT! You will also need to do this routine for the terminals on the rear panels....both inside and outside of the panel. Many also change out the capacitors of the networks early on if the speakers are already old. If there are signs of leakage they DEFINITELY need to ALL be changed out! Signs of leakage are seeing an oily substance either around the edges of where the cans are crimped and/or where the solder was used to seal "filler hole" in the can after it was filled with oil. OK....so...now that you have done the necessary maintenance inside and whatever else stuff you wanted to look at or work on, it is time to replace the back panels. Take the rear panel marked inside of it for that particular speaker, put the screws in until they have just their points sticking out a tiny bit...and gently lay them on the glue blocks around the rear perimeter of the cabinet. Then wiggle them a little bit to "feel" the tips of the screws go into the previous glue block holes. DO NOT just start screwing them in...but one at a time gently start turning the screw-driver until the screws make contact inside of the old glue block holes, and then gently back them out and do it again once you FEEL the screws going back in with little resistance to exactly where the threads in the wooden glue blocks start...then place one hand down in the center of the rear panel, apply slight down-wards pressure to the panel, and gently get them all snug but not yet tight. Once that is done tighten them all up but be careful not to strip out the holes they went into...YOU SHOULD NOT SEE THE SCREW HEADS GOING DEEP INTO THE WOOD SURFACE OF THE REAR PANEL!...if they do you have tightened them TOO MUCH and will be stripping the wood out of the glue blocks underneath the panel!...which will create a new problem you do NOT want to deal with! OK? Now, hook them up and enjoy them...the electrical connections are clean and good electrical contact is now going on and they should sound great! I reviewed what I have written and don't think that I have left anything out! LOL!
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    Everybody has good points and bad points...I personally "endured" a step-mother who aggressively tried to erase the existence/memories of...of my father's previous wife...my mother and the mother of my other two siblings! THAT being said: I can see that when it occurs...or appears to have occurred. I am NOT one to point fingers, though! And I definitely knew that Ms. Valerie loved and was devoted to PWK, and saw herself as his staunch first line of defense...and over time I got to know her....so.... The only point I make about the commissioned biography of PWK is that Belle is pretty much left completely out of it, and it is a shame that she was. I am happy to finally see at least SOME of what I have wondered about...concerning her. And it is easiest to see that when one reads by her own hand, her descriptions of PWK in theses segments of the "lost story" which has come to light! Things like: "During his father’s life he taught Paul to shoot, a sport which Paul has followed and made contributions to the art. He does not care for hunting but likes target shooting, a highly competitive game." I already knew this, and it is EXACTLY WHY we tended to have a number of personal "in his office after work" one-on-one discussions to begin with!...simply a common-interest we both had which was totally un-related to work! "Well, Mr. Paul, I finally bought a REAL hunting rifle!" "What did you buy?...and what is its caliber? And why did you select that one?" "Well, Mr. Paul, it is a .300 WinMag….." "Mr. Barr, I just happen to have a number of .308 diameter match bullets in differing weights and if you can bring to me some of your expended brass, then, I can work-up some hand-loads for that rifle for you to try out!" Which he did! We also found other common interests outside of work during our chats...which led us to more discussions together! Ever since I left Klipsch, I have really missed those chats, too! and....things like: "During the years in Chile, his hobbies included golf, 16 MM Movies, swimming. NOT gardening – except to measure the growth of the Kentucky Wonder climbing beans up the pole each 24 hours, and eating the garden products." Anecdotes like this are very insightful/and at times inciteful to the "home-place working/living environment", along with PWK's eccentricities, while still showing Belle's sense of humor in the situation as she descriptively remembers it! I laughed out loud when I read this one!!😂 Biographies WITHOUT the anecdotes are slow reading, to me...but now we are finally seeing what SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN HIS! So...I am eagerly awaiting MORE of this, for SURE!😉
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    Lots of Cool Things on here. Maybe thats why they call it that 🤣! https://www.coolthings.com
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    NO, I appreciate the input. My wife's cousin came her from China with her boy and I was GRITTING my teeth. I hate to criticize, but in my head, she was parenting AT ALL and let the boy do whatever he wanted. Not in my house. He didn't take a liking to me as I laid ground rules down IMMEDIATELY. The cultural differences were striking. I have a feeling my style may be similar to yours.
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    Yes, excellent model. I've had a pair in Cherry for about five years now and won't be selling them. Maaaybe will go to a family member. That way I can always visit them.
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    Hey ... like the new Porsche Tycan shown on that site Starting price $103.8K Have owned over a dozen Porsches ... just don't know if I am ready for (an old people's) 4-door sedan ... 4 doors belong on an SUV. Cool looking though
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    Good site, I like that Leatherman multi tool.
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    Thats what I used on my Zebrawood Jubilee. Excellent product..!!!
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    That or Jubes and a center...and can also still get other new stuff! Sorry the jubes package WINS hands down!! Here's a thought...sell it to the caller who keeps buggin' me about my expired car warranty, OK! This can be his KARMA happening! Now how cool would THAT idea be??
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    The Cure - 40 Live Curaetion 25 + Anniversary What a Great time !! Hard to believe this is 40 years in the making. Robert Smith's voice is just as remarkable today as it was in 1978. An Anniversary set celebrating 40 Years of The Cure. Includes 2 Discs & features 2 Concerts from 2018 in London (one, a small intimate indoor venue, the other a large outdoor venue). The impressive DTS-HD audio track is outstanding, (my set up DTS-HD + Dolby Surround 5.4.2). Fantastic Stuff. PCM track is also available. Video is equally exceptional (1080p)... if someone told me it was 4K... it would be believable, its that good. Crisp, detailed, vivid. Highly recommended !! Disc 1: CURAETION-25 Features 28 Tracks (from each of their albums over the past 40 years) at London's Royal Festival Hall / 2hrs 24mins Disc 2: Live in Hyde Park London Features 29 Tracks in front of 65,000 fans at a large outdoor venue / 2hrs 15 mins
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    Like Hank lp also, of course. Saw them in smaller revue ... Yes Man... Asylum Choir
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    The usa also produces maple syrup. And just because it comes in jugs doesnt mean its only for swigging.
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    If you are desperate, starving, traveling with a pet and your local Rotten Ronny's will cook to order at your request (i.e. from from raw patty to cooked while you wait the 15 minutes) McD's is just okay. However, I believe most of their beef comes from outside of N. America and mostly from old Bulls, not beef cattle. God only knows how the source animal is treated (which should be respect and good care) or what they are actually getting in their feed! That said, avoid their chiken sandwiches like death!! My wife likes A&W burgers and convience but if I'm picking it up she waits (for my 'cooked to order A&W burgers'). Believe me it is worth the wait compared to the reheated, tastes like shat alternative.💩 Wb
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    Check out the rp600m’s, They are getting outstanding reviews no matter where you look and they are not oversized, However you may need to put them on stands
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    For me...............I was astounded at how wonderful the Jubs sounded in Roy's listening room. I have heard Jubs in that room 3 or 4 times and this was clearly the best. 691 drivers on the 402s. Seamless sound..........Sparkling things dancing off the slanted ceiling. Vocals jumping out front.........Clean clear bottom end with extension. While the Heritage demo was striking and very impressive and interesting to me (no need to describe as Mike already did).............the Jubs stole the show for me while at the same time flying under the radar it seemed. Regardless, Roy's fingerprints are on all of it. He is so calm about all of it, but this is clear. He's got a great FAMILY of toys for every kind of listener. Also of interest to me was the quality of sound of the amp Roy was using which was a QSC DCA 1644 Digital Cinema Amplifier. Excellent...........best sound I have ever heard in that room. Obviously we listened to many speakers. Finally, the room itself. I took notice of that right away in fact. A step up from my situation. My room is by comparison slightly over damped. While the Jubs were playing I texted my wife and told her............ "The good news is I don't need to buy any more speakers. The bad news is we need a new house." Hey..............we all went for different reasons. These are the things that jumped out at me based on where I am in this hobby. Finally..............seeing all the people I have known for many years and hadn't seen in 10 years...........and meeting some new people as well. Jim Hunter............What a great job at everything he does. Great presentations on the Klipsch and PWK history, and a great guy to talk to. Travis, Christy, Elden, Ian, Richard......and Company (I apologize to those I am missing)............the museum staff is a hard working dedicated group. They put on an excellent event. I am so glad I attended. Highly recommended.
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    Have not listened to this as a whole record in decades.... just not "partaking" in rainy day afternoons at someones house jamming and expanding.... From my favorite record-maker _ no one makes consistently dead quiet backgrounds and excellent sound on so many that I've heard, some in the worst states possible. This is full of genuine emotion and great writing/composing. Devoid of over-zealous editing. Simply Good Music with a Southern Twang!
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    I will get them in here. The CW IV was out of the park. After dinner on Friday until about midnight, pretty impressive. If you have a kid in college, motorhome, vacation house, cabin, the Three was mightly impressive. Filled the entire Education Center with great sound, several were fooled upon initially walking into the room that the CW IV's were playing. Travis
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    You know me so well. The weather is changing, maybe its time to switch it all out? Good point.
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    Post a photo of them, we'll tell you.
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    And you know I love my Fedora hats Especially my hand made in the USA beaver fur high crown Fedora
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    The wait is OVER! I now know what I have! Turntable looks great, runs but needs a new drive belt for sure then we'll give it a test run and see what happens. Hmmmm, I think I owe the UPS store that was used a BIG solid. Picked these up @ auction for $55. The auctioneer said they had the original boxes which was a plus as did the Thorens TD-160. Welllll, the turntable did but the speakers didn't so I must have begged well when I talked to them about shipping. Shipping? Well that's ANOTHER story but factored into the big picture I made out like a bandit. Shipped Tuesday and arrived here today. I posted the speaker pics a week ago in the Vinyl Record Spinning thread but had no clue since no tag pics. We all kinda had ideas what they were. MAYBE! We were ALL wrong! Sweet old pair of KG4's. I mean Klipsch for $55? Ya just CAN'T walk away from that! Yet to test run but no reservations, especially when the old guy that owned it had a stylus guard on the cartridge. Should be sweet for that lil college girlie of mine! Now WHERE is that stinking cat??? She's not gettin these! NOW where do I put them? Ugh!
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