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    While up in Peoria, Illinois this past summer I stopped along Grandview Drive and took these guarding the driveway entrance to one of the houses.
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    I don't believe they've been designed to do that for a long time. Each iteration has been designed to be Klipsch's best for the given size. And for sure the new one is better than the previous model... more even frequency response, better polars, lower distortion and better phase response. While we can blah, blah, blah about incorporating the diy crowds innovations, they are , in fact, a totally engineered solution by Klipsch.
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    Love my LaScalas...you'll be pleased.....
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    Looks great but I would not want to deal with that level of crazy. Something wrong there, you would think the cold would have visible effects.
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    okie dokey that'll cure ya ... or kill ya a subtle thrill seeker. Some folks need near death experience to appreciate life? I remember some German guests at a campground where I worked a long time ago.... We were sitting around the pool [unheated] in coats, it was winter.... These folks wandered up and jumped it. Water temp was 50` or so. "oh, isn't this is lovely" In HI, we didn't swim in the winter. The water was too cold... 70` Had a hankering for home fries and eggs for breakfast. The potatoes were almost perfect. Golden, some crisp/crunchy. Forgot how long it takes to do them proper. I about died of hunger waiting. I was hungry NOW!
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    them gals been eatin' too much spinach We have weather! Started right on cue. 11AM/ Light rain and thunder. Had me scrambling to get the wood ricked up and covered. Gathered a nice load w/o leaving "town". Wife doesn't like me going cutting solo. If something would happen, it would be BorderPatrol or smugglers to find me no cell coverage where I normally go. Wind is huffing and puffing.... from the south. Still warm/ish 55`. That's as good as it gets today. Cold front blowing thru today. All the curtain/plastic on the windows made a difference in the sound. Almost wanna bump the treble up. just checking cl. A pair of LS $1800 local. Wife and I are getting along good ... maybe a good time to test the waters? She'd shoot me
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    I recently moved into a beautiful home in Nor Cal and we have been remodeling it .i finally got time to start in my audio room and will be setting up my new La Scalas II ( from audio classics) . That have been boxed up for 7 month in my garage , I will be running a Mac MC 275 am p/Mac c26 preamp/MVP 871 /thoren td145 mkII/ with mc transfiguration Spirt . Pic soon,,,, I'm very excited
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    Progress! All hooked up and running. No critical listening yet, low volume at work for now. Grills next.
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    Well, time for something a bit more feminine. Anyone for an ice bath.
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    Ok set them up and omg Mac tubes and la Scalas are a match made in heaven !!! Review to follow in the future
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    Peoria ... isn’t that REO country?
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    You should attend a Chief Bonehead Class then you might understand how BS your posts are..
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    I took this pic 20 minutes ago.
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    No vice grip. Dropped on my itty bitty head! I thought it was gonna be the vise grip but ummm nope! lol Guy before me got to wear a football helmet. hahahaha
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    As someone who started at the cheap end (minidsp) and then a little better (dbx), and then FINALLY ending with the Xilica 4080 do yourself a favor and save up and get the xilica. By the time I got to the Xilica I had wasted the difference in cost in upgrading ..and the Xilica rocks. I am biamping jbl 2446h on large format jbl horns with dual 18 " jbl lowers and with REW and xilica it only took me about a week of playing with it to get it figured out and the results are phenomenal, i'll never go passive again unless forced to.
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    I remember when I first came around here and posted, asked questions, got opinions. Followed my gut, took risks and couldn't be happier. 13x19 room. 45 tube amp, 2 lovely watts. La Scala's here too. I agree with the others...totally changed me.
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    Lol, I guess you guys are unfamiliar with Wim Hof, The Iceman.
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    If you pick the right B&C compression driver and horn and you can build a 2-way system. DE250?
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    I don't think that anyone has stated the DIY projects were "the reason" for the new line, but I believe some of those, myself included, believe that due to the popularity of those projects that it is possible that additional looks/research/product updates were made. Why that is so funny I don't understand. Customer feedback, both positive or negative should be held as very important to any well run company.
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    My lips are sealed. You could take an interest in Chinese movies from the '70s which have overdubbed English! In all seriousness I feel for your dilemma. Does anybody have to market a standalone device which specifically deals with delaying one or the other content, I wonder? If not, it seems like it could be a worthwhile undertaking, financially speaking...
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    Hi, In addition to the good reviews already given. You have an Australian friend who built filters from La Scala, he may have some good advice:
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    The strongest cheerleader https://alchetron.com/Anna-Watson-(cheerleader)
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    You are correct. My comment is dismissive. Porting a cabinet is one of the tools an engineer can employ. Please remember that all these decisions are based on trade-offs. For example, there are a number of folks that like the idea of porting a La Scala cabinet. It does have consequences however. Is it a good idea? Well it depends on what your priorities and targets might be. Of course, there are reasons why you may not want to port a cabinet ... it depends on your goals. However, the notion that that this is some "new idea" for a Heresy is a bit of a stretch. If the Super-Duper Heresy (with its porting) is a great idea and fills a need, then great. I hope everyone enjoys it. Good Luck, -Tom
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    Why aren’t you just enjoying them? As for the rest of you, don’t make me come over there from St. Freakin’ Louis.
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    Greetings from Edina - I had a call from Patrick W... today about your EV horns & drivers - told him to run not walk! He's heard my ALTEC Mantarays outdoors a few times - I explained they were developed by the same team as your EV's. I helped him sell a pair of ALTEC Magnificents a few years ago, and we became friends. Good luck with your sale!
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    About time they ported the Heresy. Sounds like Claude's super Heresy design got around enough for somebody from Klipsch to notice.
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    ask and ye shall receive. Heresy IV - Spec Sheet - v01 (1).pdf
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    I'm their biggest fan
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    Got my four tickets purchased for tomorrow’s show here. It’s forecasted to pour rain for three days so I get to see Carroll, Henry Ford II and the GT40 kick some Italian a$$es. Wb
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    Come on old man, that is all you have for a review? Need a nap after a busy afternoon out?
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    B&C audio out of Italy and have UK distributor. I use their 12 in woofer in Heresy set, and many folks, including me, use their tweeter drivers. Mid range also available but not as widely used, but certainly worth checking if more local to you. Keep us posted with your project.
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    Glad you survived the vice grip @Dave1290 !
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    Grandma, what big arms you have. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7697277/Robin-Hillis-says-works-SIX-times-week-maintain-14-stone-frame.html
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    Mike, When I get the necessary hardware, I plan to do the FIR filtering trick on the Jubs, K-402-MEH, and/or AMT-1s with Belle bass bins (i.e., I'm pretty sure that the miniDSP 2x4 HD I have doesn't have nearly enough taps to flatten the phase outside of the crossover interference band--so I'm going to need JRiver or something like that with a dedicated PC to do the convolution engine duties). I don't expect that the audible difference is going to be very much when I try FIR filters, as discussed in the article that you linked just above. I think that minimum phase is probably much closer to where you want to be--as posted in the "Subconscious Auditory Effects of Quasi-Linear Phase Loudspeakers" thread. When you're within 45 degrees of flat phase (i.e., zero relative phase across the listening band--not linear phase) and group delay below 1 ms everywhere (psychoacoustic smoothing) above the Schroeder frequency of the room--nominally 150--200 Hz, I think that you're already well within the ear's discrimination of phase or group delay distortion threshold. This is just like being within 90 degrees of correct time alignment at the crossover interference band. I think that people are going overboard with the linear phase requirement--more than the ear can discriminate. Chris
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    Stick those KG4's in the corners, angle them in at 45 degrees, and crank those suckers! An audio system is just that: A system. All the pieces will work together to produce a particular sound. Work the placement, work the source, work the connectors, wires, tubes. You will eventually get the best possible sound you can get with that system. It'll take a while. Then you'll know what you do and don't like about your system, It might not be the speakers you change.
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    Had the Mac c26 pre amp when I was about 22 years old, many moons ago, used it for years then got into Hafler stuff. Also had an MC 240 tube amp, which I sold, along with all the other big name tube amps, including the 8B. I met Saul Marantz once in the late 70's. He told me to use Solid State on Subwoofers and tubes on the full range speakers. Great advice from the Man himself! That C26 was my first Mac purchase but someone made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
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    Every team I was rooting for today lost. Pay me enough and I’ll root for the team opposing your favorite team.
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    My waypoint on the App Trail north of the Fontana dam
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    My new, previously owned K-402 horn(s). Just sitting on some rolling carts in the garage. The included passive networks are crossed a bit high and therefore not exactly correct for using with the K-horn bass bin network, but it sounds very impressive anyway. Will probably active tri-amp these, after they settle into a fixed location. Edit: I looked up the crossover specs for the intended cinema application and it appears that the passive crossover on these K-402 will work okay with the K-horn bass bin.
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    You are probably right. So, we should all just leave the attractive original grills on when the girls are visiting.
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    I personally enjoy the EVO300 PL with KT150s and Red Lion Re-Issue preamp tubes with LaScalas that have all the Crites upgraded drivers and A-4500 network. You can't go wrong with PL IMO.
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    Cory posted a video on FB with Roy commenting on the system.
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    The k48 is whats paired with the 510/691 in the 396/904 might be a worth while upgrade as well
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    Not much of these are actually Klipsch, other than the HF Lens. Dressed up with the Walnut, they look pretty good (to me) and sound great!
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    Wow, just wow. I had no idea you went through that, That BLOWS as opposed to SUCKS.
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    These tri-amped speakers are part of a totally separate stereo system from the other speakers in the room. They are temporarily modified, but just like the others, these Klipschorns can be easily returned to original condition when desired because I saved the parts for that purpose.
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