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    About an hour or two. I shared with my better half. MIL is much better. Thank you for all your prayers. They transfused 2 units of blood to get her blood count up. She has pneumonia in one lung, they are treating her with antibiotics. I think this is the best outcome we can expect at 98 years young.
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    } Keep up the good work and the gears of commerce turning — 😏 No rest for the wicked. Us retirees appreciate you young whipper snappers -
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    Congrats man, cute little girl. Soon she'll be off to college.
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    Darn that 3 rib standing rib roast made 6 steaks. Chive mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, salad, shrimp cocktail to start and apple crumb pie for dessert. Stuffed again. Did I mention the upcoming diet?
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    Hatch chili brine Prep Ready for flame. No legs open like an OSU sorority girl
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    Looks like you both could use some lessons. I carved meat in a buffet line when I lived in Daytona. Turkey, lamb, steamship round, etc. Guess who gets always gets appointed to carve the turkey every year at Thanksgiving, LOL.
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    I just found the wife was related to a few cool people. Anchalas, Alpin, Kenneth I, Constantine I ,Donnald II, Malcom I, Kenneth II, Malcom II, Duncan I, Donald III. What do they all have in common? They were all kings of scotland! I was blown away when I found the first one. 10 kings! It was on the wifes dads moms side. Some of them are on here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Scottish_monarchs#House_of_Alpin_(848–1034)
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    Eh..... A little better now (a little).
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    You and your videos and Thaddeus and his memes. Merry Christmas to all (oh no that was only at Walmart a month and a half ago or so.)
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all. I have a lot to be thankful for this year (insert sarcastic comments here I'm sure).
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    Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Quiet time here ... just me and my brother --he’ll do the cooking; but i get to play with the electric knife to cut the turkey. Fitting that it’s just me and him today -- it’s the golden anniversary of our car accident that took our parents. There were only four of us back then ... now there’s only me and him left from the original family. (I do have sisters from when i got adopted). So for those of you out partying today ... don’t drink & drive. That drunk driver messed us up in a ton a ways that still affect us today ... an eight-year old kid shouldn’t stand there with a seriously broken arm and watch his Dad lying in a pool of blood screaming. I like a drink as much as the next guy, but it’s not worth all that. so please be careful for your sake and for the sake of others.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    Hope everyone has a good day, happy Thanksgiving.
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    OK... Morgan baked 3 loaves of bread using einkorn flour today, to be used for stuffing tomorrow. She's also making einkorn rolls and pumpkin pie from scratch with einkorn flour for the crust. Einkorn for the uninitiated: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einkorn_wheat I'm thawing chicken stock I made a few months back, to be used in the stuffing and for gravy. Harvested turkeys Sunday and two have been resting in the fridge. I plan to do simple seasoning, butter under the skin and roast them one at a time tomorrow. Leftovers will go into the soup pot. Miscellaneous veggies will be roasted. Fancy beer. I think my folks are bringing mashed potatoes and apple cider vinegar pie, aka "Chess Pie".. it's a sweet tart with a unique flavor that forms an odd crunchy top layer after it bakes/cools. Morgan's folks are bringing a salad. Salami, cheeses, pickled herring, homemade Braunschweiger, crackers, Jim's spicy beans and pickles, homemade pickled beets for hors d'oeuvres .. Fuckin' A that's shaping up to be quite a nice feast of locally sourced, hand raised, and from-scratch homemade foods. Happy Harvest!
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    Spent most of the day making Beef Stew for my daughter Melissa. That's what she wants as her last dinner before flying back to Toronto and work tomorrow (over going out for dinner). I usually use Sirloin steak cutup, this time a mix of Sirloin and Striploin. Wb
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    Youngest has a Chrysler 200 in Phoenix. Started overheating so she took it back to a dealership several times and they wanted to replace the motor because they checked everything else. Wrong! So she called the oldest daughter who's hubby tinkers working on cars. He told her what to have put on and it's been fine ever since. Young good looking blonde sure we'll sell her a new one. Didn't happen and she's not going back. She did call the service manager and tell him what the problem was for his future reference. I'll bet that was a great call. lol
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    BSM I thought your Bro was coming over to do some fancy cooking. Three meals a day? Forgitaboutit. Late breakfast - light supper - I'm good.
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    That's your saying, not every body else's. fixed it for ya. My sis had a suburu. Loved it. Then it started overheating. After multiple trips to her [shadetree or ???. I dunno] mechanic, she ended up buying another car. Think they finally decided it was a cracked block. My SIL [in Tucson] is going thru the same bs. Same result. New car. Hope yours works out differently. Need to get out/off the property. House call. Friend's wife has cancer. Not a good prognosis.. Trying to help her and keep his feet under him. They just married in Sept.
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    Not uncommon for a connector to come loose on a driver but even more common is a loose jumper on the terminal cup.
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    Doesn't take much money to only drink on the week ends.
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    Says our resident Bourbon connoisseur.
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    Santa Baby....been an awful good boy, Looking for a center channel, oiled walnut would be bonus. Anyone have a spare that they would be willing to part with? thank you. Ned
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    Santa Fe...should be a Single Heresy aound somewhere... good fortune
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    Looks like Tangent 500. My Tangent 5000 has a ribbed woofer cone, not smooth. Not sure what the difference is, other than that. I really enjoy my Tangents!
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    15" woofers on there way for the project. Got a deal on the kappalite 3015lf4 for $300 shipped per pair. Cornscala script badge in the works. A little at a time.
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    https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/bills_players_mock_dak_prescott_ezekiel_elliott_after_win/s1_12740_30667349?mb_edition=20191129&mb_loc=left_h Love this! Zeek is annoying with that "feed me" gesture😁
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    That’s a good site. I put in a few dead grandparents and it suddenly went way way back. I knew several generations back and they had it all as I knew it, which gives me confidence about the rest of it.
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    Thats it! Im back to around 1200 AD. Really cool to see some of the names. A few with titles.
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    https://www.familysearch.org/en/ Google is your friend(?)
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    Maybe I shouldn't have asked 🤣. Eh, I'm willing to be dedicated and put in the work. Dinner was delicious and it's always a pleasure to see family (its not often). Hope you all had a fantastic day filled with tunes, family and food.
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    } You have many years to discover that — it ain’t even started yet —
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    just remember that changing diapers.. is the easy part !
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    Happy T day from the PAC NW.
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    Myself, and many many others, have found every component inside an amplifier imparts its signature on to the resultant sound,..... every part !! That is why some design amps and build by ear, not by test gear. That is one reason why we use high efficiency speaker systems, because it TELLS you right away, what a parts change has done, while operating at perhaps only 1/4 of a watt !! Its sensitive - puts it " right in your face ". But this thread is getting off track ! Jeffrey Medwin
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    Happy Thanksgiving you bunch of Turkeys! Chuck, glad to see your LF's MIL doing better and coming home.
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    Besides the traditional turkey, we'll have cornbread stuffing with sausage and corn nuts, cheesy brussels sprouts gratin, and of course, pecan-rye pumpkin pie.
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    Made another trip to Best Buy today, this time with my wife. Ended up liking the 65" Samsung 8 series the best. It's only a few bucks more than I originally wanted to spend. rtings.com gave it very good ratings. Going back there Saturday, hopefully to finally buy. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-65-class-led-8-series-2160p-smart-4k-uhd-tv-with-hdr/6325564.p?skuId=6325564
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    Infinity made some truly exceptional speakers. But, fact is, if it's not Klipsch, it's krap. In the case of Infinity, not so much crap as over priced compared to Klipsch. Dave
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    Back in the early 90s I brought home a pair of Klipsch Fortes from a store called HiFi Buys. Part brainwashing from the salesman who was against my choice and part excessive dynamics that may have initially overwhelmed me, I took them back 2 hours later and exchanged them for a more expensive pair of Infinity Kappa 8.1s. I owned the Infinity Kappas for 15 years before selling them. I never once missed my brief encounter with the Klipsch until now. I should have given them time to win me over. I will buy a pair again, God willing.
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    I found the art at a local consignment shop. Actually, it’s kind of a funny story.. I was in the area and I had a break in the action so I decided to pop into my favorite, local, consignment shop, to see what new arrivals they have. As I was shopping, an older woman asked me if I could help her get a shelf out of her car. At first, I was thinking “why couldn’t someone who is working here help her?”, but it turns out they have a policy not to help people load or unload furniture. I decided to help her out as she looked desperate and she had driven about 2 hours to get the shelf there. It was pretty large and I had to to a majority or the lifting, wearing a suit none the less, but we managed to get it into position without any damage. The lady thanked me profusely for the help. Back to the art. I continued my shopping and found those two pieces for around $280 for the pair. When I took them up to the counter, the ladies working the counter thanked me several times for the help. When I went to pay, I noticed that they took 40% off the invoice. I guess doing something good here and there can actually payoff! 30 minutes of my time saved me $100 on the purchase, which I love. Thanks for the compliments!
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    You mean you didn't pardon one?
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    Your knees, the Super Heresys, or the doctors?
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    Progress! All hooked up and running. No critical listening yet, low volume at work for now. Grills next.
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    Dust is a given in a pair of La Scala. And it's usually complimentary.....
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    This new TV has gotten my to start adding to my 4K collection. Got a great deal on these used, earlier today: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My name is Mike, and I much prefer to be called Big Bad Mike than Lil Mike. By a wide margin.
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    I will do exactly as you suggest, and will report back. Now to decide if I want to build decorators or normal. Always wanted ones with cane grills!
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