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    About an hour or two. I shared with my better half. MIL is much better. Thank you for all your prayers. They transfused 2 units of blood to get her blood count up. She has pneumonia in one lung, they are treating her with antibiotics. I think this is the best outcome we can expect at 98 years young.
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    if i had richie’s money i’d burn mine.
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    I bid on these and won. My winning bid was $400.00. With premium fee and tax, atotal of $513.00 A great freaking deal. I am heading out in a couple of hours to go pickup. Woohoo!
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    } Keep up the good work and the gears of commerce turning — 😏 No rest for the wicked. Us retirees appreciate you young whipper snappers -
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    } Ain’t that the truth. Playing to a tough crowd this Holiday weekend - jumpin’ all over a poor old retired guy. Where is the shame — If I had Carl’s taste in fine drinking and exotic cars I’d still be workin’ the hard 40 —. Alas, I’m a simple man of simple means —
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    Will certainly do that... Very sorry to hear the news.
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    Congrats man, cute little girl. Soon she'll be off to college.
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    My wife does genealogy as a hobby. I call it "chasing dead people"
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    Same to you and your family. Waiting for the rain to chill out so I can head to my parents for turkey. My wife HAD to take this picture 😔
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    Darn that 3 rib standing rib roast made 6 steaks. Chive mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, salad, shrimp cocktail to start and apple crumb pie for dessert. Stuffed again. Did I mention the upcoming diet?
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    just in from work.... and the coffee is done brewing... I hope everyone had good turkeyday
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    Hatch chili brine Prep Ready for flame. No legs open like an OSU sorority girl
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    Started a cable management project to make system wiring easy and to prevent accidental miswiring which is especially important when you have an active multi-amplified loudspeaker system. Quick and Easy to add color coding to your Neutrik XX type XLR equipped interconnect cables. Neutrik has 10 color options to choose from. Takes about 5 minutes to change out both ends of an XLR Interconnect Cable. miketn Active DSP Crossover EV DC-ONE color coding completed. Jensen ISO-MAX and Right Channel Amplifier color coded connections completed.
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    Its a free site that lets you trace your family tree. Its owned by the mormon church. On the first day on my dads moms side im back to 1540! Worth checking out.
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    tada! Two gallons going to the freezer for later and i've got another half gallon or so on the stove to become soup for the weekend.
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    During the last week in October I drove to McMinnville, Oregon to check out this system. It was fun hanging out and listening with Ali and he had already been given some helpful info about these speakers by forum member billybob. My interest was only in the Epic CF-4's, as I'm strictly a 2-channel listener. I first heard this model (and was very impressed) when I attended the pilgrimage to Hope in 2006. However, Ali needed to sell his entire home theater system as he was moving to much smaller quarters--so it was an all-or-nothing deal. But CF-4's don't come up often, so I did the deed. Over the years I have owned multiple pairs of the Heritage Klipsch models in many different vintages. I have also owned a few non-Heritage models like Chorus, Forte, RF-7, KG-4, etc. The Epic CF-4 is yet another flavor (these are series 3). I'm looking forward to spending some extended time listening, as soon as I explain to my SO that there are a few other pieces of gear in the house. A wise person once said it's always better to ask forgiveness than ask permission. Once I get them set up, I'll start a thread in the Epic Owners group with photos. I'll also need to start selling off the extra stuff I bought to get the CF-4's and hopefully that will help reduce my cash outlay. I haven't been on the forum much in recent years, but you folks have always helped me in innumerable ways over time, and scoring my first pair of Epics wouldn't have happened without so many Klipschophiles singing their praises. Thanks to all of you! triceratops I know the CF-4 is a 2-way speaker, but I'm still keeping my screen name!
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    Looks like you both could use some lessons. I carved meat in a buffet line when I lived in Daytona. Turkey, lamb, steamship round, etc. Guess who gets always gets appointed to carve the turkey every year at Thanksgiving, LOL.
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    Welcome I know nothing about any of the RF line but will say, many times a change does not mean an upgrade. It may sound different but what was really changed and what else was affected ? And what makes you think this ?
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    That's what I'm hoping... It's still been less expensive than a new car.
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    Prayers sent your way, sorry to hear. Best wishes.
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    Just had my Subaru towed... massive water leak, can't even tell if it's a hose or radiator. Hoping a hose as I just dropped a bunch on it two weeks ago for the whole timing belt/kit and new a/c compressor. I love this car and hope to get at least another 60k miles out of it. I only have 211k now.
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    If I was the coach, he'd be off the team. Good luck, don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out! These (including the pro's) celebrations are getting out of hand and they need to be stopped. The penalty hurts the team for one players stupidity. Get rid of the player. Do it once, and you'll stop this "getting caught up in the moment" excuse. This includes Myles Garrett.
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    Prayers sent for Teresa. How long did you stay awake after you finished the beer? LOL.
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    Added to my list.. --------------------------------------------------------------- Hope y'all are enjoying the day after w/o the black Friday nonsense. have a gentle breeze [30mph sustained] and some liquid sunshine. Temp isn't bad. It's going down over the course of the day, though. Wind is sposed to lay down midday. Hope they're right. I really don't care for wind.
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    I just found the wife was related to a few cool people. Anchalas, Alpin, Kenneth I, Constantine I ,Donnald II, Malcom I, Kenneth II, Malcom II, Duncan I, Donald III. What do they all have in common? They were all kings of scotland! I was blown away when I found the first one. 10 kings! It was on the wifes dads moms side. Some of them are on here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Scottish_monarchs#House_of_Alpin_(848–1034)
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    Well today was laid back and solemn around my homestead. Got the bird cooked and enjoyed a good meal but tempered by news that my MIL in Peru has taken a turn for the worse. She had to be taken to the hospital with both low hemoglobin and low platelet blood counts. And of course my wife is freaking out... She wants to fly there immediately..... we'll see. For those of you so inclined please pray for her, my MIL I mean. Her name is Teresa. Meanwhile enjoying a fine brew, the Pumpkinator, from my friend @CECAA850
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    Thanks man, appreciate the kind words. Yeah, I'm sure time will fly by before I know it. Last 10 years are so have done just that, whoa....
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    Our modest, but splendid enough meal where I gave my son orphan training in carving. Dave
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    I found a cross which is my last name way back on my moms side! Wait do I hear banjos playing? This explains a lot.
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    Eh..... A little better now (a little).
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    There is no clear consensus. People like different things. However, I also prefer it, and I've tried them all.
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    You and your videos and Thaddeus and his memes. Merry Christmas to all (oh no that was only at Walmart a month and a half ago or so.)
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all. I have a lot to be thankful for this year (insert sarcastic comments here I'm sure).
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    Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Quiet time here ... just me and my brother --he’ll do the cooking; but i get to play with the electric knife to cut the turkey. Fitting that it’s just me and him today -- it’s the golden anniversary of our car accident that took our parents. There were only four of us back then ... now there’s only me and him left from the original family. (I do have sisters from when i got adopted). So for those of you out partying today ... don’t drink & drive. That drunk driver messed us up in a ton a ways that still affect us today ... an eight-year old kid shouldn’t stand there with a seriously broken arm and watch his Dad lying in a pool of blood screaming. I like a drink as much as the next guy, but it’s not worth all that. so please be careful for your sake and for the sake of others.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    Hope everyone has a good day, happy Thanksgiving.
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    Duck! Dang that low flying bird almost got me. Left a dollop of love on my right sleeve, though. Revenge forthwith. A crispy, juicy duck. Yummy.
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    OK... Morgan baked 3 loaves of bread using einkorn flour today, to be used for stuffing tomorrow. She's also making einkorn rolls and pumpkin pie from scratch with einkorn flour for the crust. Einkorn for the uninitiated: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einkorn_wheat I'm thawing chicken stock I made a few months back, to be used in the stuffing and for gravy. Harvested turkeys Sunday and two have been resting in the fridge. I plan to do simple seasoning, butter under the skin and roast them one at a time tomorrow. Leftovers will go into the soup pot. Miscellaneous veggies will be roasted. Fancy beer. I think my folks are bringing mashed potatoes and apple cider vinegar pie, aka "Chess Pie".. it's a sweet tart with a unique flavor that forms an odd crunchy top layer after it bakes/cools. Morgan's folks are bringing a salad. Salami, cheeses, pickled herring, homemade Braunschweiger, crackers, Jim's spicy beans and pickles, homemade pickled beets for hors d'oeuvres .. Fuckin' A that's shaping up to be quite a nice feast of locally sourced, hand raised, and from-scratch homemade foods. Happy Harvest!
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    BSM I thought your Bro was coming over to do some fancy cooking. Three meals a day? Forgitaboutit. Late breakfast - light supper - I'm good.
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    Santa Fe...should be a Single Heresy aound somewhere... good fortune
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    Our turkey is all broken down and bones are in the stock pot. Made a drop at my buddy and his wife's. Fed SIL and friend. They showed promptly at 4. We told them 2PM. They're on HawaiianTime. Still have a pan of dressing and the neck to pick at. I do a very basic dressing. Butter, onion, celery, S & P, poultry seasoning and stock over bread cubes. I like plain ol' French bread in it. You will like this chicken recipe. Brown cut up bird. Add onion, cumin and garlic. Cover in green enchilada sauce. Simmer until the meat falls off the bone... Ono-licious
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    Dare I ask what the hard part is? 🙁
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    I think NOS can be great if you actually find a NOS tube and its really what they say it is. That's getting harder every year now. I also feel NOS small signal tubes are the sweet spot, power tubes NOS are far and few between ( haha Western electric 300b's at $10k each joke IMO what people will pay for stuff) I have also found new production tubes are getting better all the time. the Genlex Gold lion 300b's are a great tube the reproduction Chines WE 300B are good as well, I prefer the gold lions for the extension in the highs and lows though. I also agree the NOS rectifier tubes are much better then the new production tubes in my experience. new ones seem to fail far to often IMO then the older versions. I read somewhere a few years ago one reason (many think or are) the NOS tubes from the 1930-60's are better built is primarily due to the materials used that are banned now due to health reasons in the workers building them. Its very hard to get some of the rare metals and chemicals they used to use that have proven to be unhealthy for both the environment and people. I like the idea that there was more R&D money years ago for tubes as well.
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    Go Lions happy Thanksgiving since 1934.
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    @Thaddeus Smith you have turned into a man of the land. Look forward to your reality show on the discovery channel. great that you have family around to enjoy it with.
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