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    While not a huge PF fan I've got 4-5 LPs. This was so over played growing up I never went looking for a good copy these last 15+ years. Picked this up to round out free shipping. It sounds wonderful. Very quiet so far into side 1. Excellent imaging. If you are looking for a good copy without scouring the four corners of the earth for the perfect copy this is a good place to start. Mother is hauntingly good.
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    Via The Onion, one of the best news sources......Congress allocates $500 million for funkier bass lines..... https://www.theonion.com/congress-allocates-500-million-for-development-of-funk-1819579171?utm_content=Main&utm_campaign=SF&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1BbvpBQ_uExv2m8_TltHmXPMSTLnTGEFnPYAQHnCA-cUHs1AFx-eXnNMo
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    Chorus is my favorite vintage Klipsch speaker unless I could get my hands on a set pf KP-301's. They respond really well to recapping, which is essential and you can stick those replacement caps right there on the existing crossover with no problem. Claude talks about the other half of the equation. I have always thought of them as the best vintage and better than Cornwalls.
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    I - O! NEVER A DOUBT! Mumbled a bit but that's normal. Second half? Ha Ha Ha! Hatin yet haters? ALL joking aside, OSU is gonna have to get healthy in 3 weeks and they're gonna have to take and PLAY their A game! Put those B1G pants on. Tonight was just a rematch w/a team we played a few weeks ago. We roll into that Natty we better be ready for both Clemson AND LSU. Their big, tenacious, and just plain nasty. They're also fast, fast, fast! LSU didn't play well the first half and Clemson is just Clemson. Joe Burrow is an incredible athlete, he can run well and he's smart. They're the total package. He's the Heisman winner imo. That team is LOADED as is Clemson. Clemson has prolly been the most physical team in the NCAA for the last 3 years. Dawgs on that D line, 6'6" QB who can sling it and a great back. Ya can't HATE anyone cause you're always gonna be behind your school. It's just a competitive spirit. Simple! Next year I might make a cake instead of cupcakes! 😂
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Probably less than the cats clawing through the cones. LOL
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    I try to get all of them within reasonable distance and cost around me I can find. It is a joy to take them and make them sing and pass them on. Music is a solace to life and of all the speakers I have bought and sold more Chorus speakers end up in the of terminally ill men than any other type I have sold. It fulfills their desire for something nice in their lives without taking up to much space and they choose these over Cornwalls Fortes and Heresy's. When I get a set fixed up they stay here for a bit before I list them for sale.
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    I finally decided to put some grills on the Chorus II passives to prevent damage to them from the cat. Ended up going with some Generic eBay 15" grills and earth magnets. Worked very well. Very clean look as well.
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    ahh... the name.is boots , baby
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    Would love to see an LSU vs. Ohio championship game. And would also love to see Joe Burrow kick their azz.
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    Translate that into English please?
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    From what I have read - this album would not have been released as new material was in the pipeline but egos and disagreements got in the way Even though this album release has old material it’s still timeless nonetheless Cover art was by Joni Mitchell Artist - Crosby Stills Nash & Young Title - So Far
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    Eh, I've fired enough Military weapons in my life so keeping my old Match grade Colt 45 and an old military M 17 38. I've graduated I think so moving on. Old guys are verrrrrry sneaky yanno.
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    I’m sticking with some 70s English Rock & Roll Only have this album from this band but followed them via the radio Artist - Status Quo Title - Rocking All Over The World
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    Bengals: Again vying for the first or second pick..... meanwhile, some of the top choices are suddenly taking up sky diving, boat racing, knife throwing (where they are the target)... or various other dangerous hobbies in order to enjoy some of their life prior to getting lost in the abyss of Cincinnati.....
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    I won't be able to say until they are recapped and I install new tweeters. I know what the stock version recapped sounds like in my room. A guy I sold these to maybe 2 years ago contacted me yesterday and offered them to me for a steal. Of course I took them back.
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    Chris this is what I built those S-MWM's for. You are in for a real treat this spring and bring your best recordings and sit next to the 32' pipes with me. I love to see the look on peoples faces when they hear them. Had a guy over this week whose children had bought he and his wife a trip to England. Every afternoon some of the big old churches would have a short organ recital and he said it was like being there live again.
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    Having owned them all, at one time or another, the Chorus II was my favorite of the bunch. I used to have it set up in my office at the photo studio, where the room was 30x50 feet with a 16 foot ceiling (an old Baptist Church). I used to drive them with a 6 watt Sonic Impact chip amplifier with direct outputs from a cheap CD player. I got complaints from the neighbors in the building about how loud it could play. But, I think too many people preferred the Cornwall because it was a true PWK "Heritage" speaker, but I like the much tighter sound the the Chorus II, and even the Chorus 1 to a lesser degree. Again placement of the speakers, room quality, the right listener sweet spot, etc. all play a great part in the overall concert.
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    The Buckeyes gave the Wolverines a bloody lip in their own house, the rest is just gravy to me. Go Bucks !!
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    Thanks so much for the info. Yeah, I’m a little leary if shipping big/heavy speakers not knowing how they’ll arrive. I also checked craigslist and couldn’t find any that are still available at the time. Thank you both though for replying!!
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    I'm right with ya brother.
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    ^^^ Nothing that cool! But I picked up some sweet little speakers. Grabbed these Mirage speakers at a local 2nd hand shop and matching stands for $60. I will likely paint the stands this summer as they aren’t in great shape but I am very happy with the purchase. I don’t have room for the Ultra2 650’s or 525’s that aren’t in use at the moment, due to the depth of both models. These Mirage speakers with the stands only stick out about 8” from the wall which works great for me and my room. I thought I was going to have to go Bose for a while.. I have owned some pretty cool surround speakers over the years but these might be my favorite. The sound is very spread out and what I would describe as accurate. Best $60 I have spent in quite some time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I love Genesis Mike And have all the listed albums - some X 2 copies
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    Baylor #7? They squeaked by WVU, and it took 3 overtimes plus some nice officiating to beat TCU, and that makes them a top ten powerhouse?
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    Probably get flamed, but that’s ok.
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    Probably the best they ever sounded!
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    There is a reason why the Khorn needs wider placement than a Jubilee: time misalignment of drivers. Khorns need to be farther away from the listener in order for their image to coalesce better into a whole because of their time misalignment between the tweeter and midrange, and the midrange to bass bin. Of course, you could also time-align (tri-amp) a Khorn and dramatically reduce the minimum listening distance. The only remaining issue is the vertical separation of tweeter/midrange/bass bin horn mouths, and the horizontal null between the horn mouths of the bass bin at higher frequencies (nearer the Khorn's 400 Hz crossover frequency) due to dual mouth diffraction of the bass bin. The Jub bass bin was specifically designed to minimize the distance between the bass bin horn mouths to minimize this issue--as documented by Roy and PWK in their 1999 JAES article on the subject. I've not moved my Jubs to a wider stance in-room, but note that I moved my listening position a little closer to the front wall (i.e., the minimum listening distance of the Jubs is much closer than stock Khorns), thus increasing the horizontal separation angle between them. I moved from about a 10 feet listening distance (3 m) to about 8 feet (2.4 m) a change in horizontal separation angle of ~48 degrees to about ~77 degrees. This was a good trade in my listening room. The sense of envelopment (LEV) apparent source width (ASW) increased substantially. You may have issues moving closer to the Jubs due to the room modes, e.g., being half way or a third of the way between the front and rear walls. The other thing that helped the Jubs was shortening down the K-402s (and the phase/group delay measurements confirmed what my ears heard). Chris
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    Going to be a fun day. 60 degrees and sunny. Pig Picking, shooting, a few beers by the Cape Fear River with 50 or so high school chums (all guys). Taking a 9mm, AR-15, and a new .22 single six Wrangler. A 45 minute ride into the boonies. Report to come..........
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    Or just take it back and exchange it for one that works.
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    The Klipsch/Pro website lists my speakers as surrounds, so I will need to place a pair in the back corners of the room.
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    } Your reputation precedes you —
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    Someone mentioned YES? Got an original regular LP and a mfsl cd (mostly for the ride) and which do I go to the most? I've liked the Forte III sound since I got them. Hearing some of the big Heritage after that of course kinda ruined it for a little while, but there was a cure. That magical black box with the big driver, phase adjustment and adjustable hz cutoff points makes this record sing!!
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    While it's true the new tweeter is more robust and can easily handle being run first order, many of us who have spent a lot time going back forth, eventually decide that less overlap between the midrange and tweeter sounds better.
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    Before you spend a wad of cash on that stuff use a tripod of softer rubber feet on the bottom of the cabinet. Even on a badly uneven floor a tripod sits flat unlike a square.
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    They're a junk fish anyways. Bass is a much better topic.
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    @Schu I really think you would love a THTLP with your scala's. I wish I would of had mine when I owned the prototype La Scala II's.
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