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    Via The Onion, one of the best news sources......Congress allocates $500 million for funkier bass lines..... https://www.theonion.com/congress-allocates-500-million-for-development-of-funk-1819579171?utm_content=Main&utm_campaign=SF&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1BbvpBQ_uExv2m8_TltHmXPMSTLnTGEFnPYAQHnCA-cUHs1AFx-eXnNMo
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    Chorus is my favorite vintage Klipsch speaker unless I could get my hands on a set pf KP-301's. They respond really well to recapping, which is essential and you can stick those replacement caps right there on the existing crossover with no problem. Claude talks about the other half of the equation. I have always thought of them as the best vintage and better than Cornwalls.
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    I - O! NEVER A DOUBT! Mumbled a bit but that's normal. Second half? Ha Ha Ha! Hatin yet haters? ALL joking aside, OSU is gonna have to get healthy in 3 weeks and they're gonna have to take and PLAY their A game! Put those B1G pants on. Tonight was just a rematch w/a team we played a few weeks ago. We roll into that Natty we better be ready for both Clemson AND LSU. Their big, tenacious, and just plain nasty. They're also fast, fast, fast! LSU didn't play well the first half and Clemson is just Clemson. Joe Burrow is an incredible athlete, he can run well and he's smart. They're the total package. He's the Heisman winner imo. That team is LOADED as is Clemson. Clemson has prolly been the most physical team in the NCAA for the last 3 years. Dawgs on that D line, 6'6" QB who can sling it and a great back. Ya can't HATE anyone cause you're always gonna be behind your school. It's just a competitive spirit. Simple! Next year I might make a cake instead of cupcakes! 😂
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    Probably less than the cats clawing through the cones. LOL
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    I finally decided to put some grills on the Chorus II passives to prevent damage to them from the cat. Ended up going with some Generic eBay 15" grills and earth magnets. Worked very well. Very clean look as well.
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    ahh... the name.is boots , baby
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    Translate that into English please?
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    From what I have read - this album would not have been released as new material was in the pipeline but egos and disagreements got in the way Even though this album release has old material it’s still timeless nonetheless Cover art was by Joni Mitchell Artist - Crosby Stills Nash & Young Title - So Far
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    Eh, I've fired enough Military weapons in my life so keeping my old Match grade Colt 45 and an old military M 17 38. I've graduated I think so moving on. Old guys are verrrrrry sneaky yanno.
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    Purchased from memeber this year. Below is copied from original post. With my recent Sony ES receiver purchase I'm putting up my Pioneer Elite SC-LX501 Class D3 receiver for sale. Bought from accessories4less.com a couple years ago as a factory refurbished unit. There are no noticeable scratches or dings on the receiver that I can find. Original retail $1,000, I paid around $475 shipped. This receiver has tons of power and hardly gets warm due to the Class D3 amplification. It has the latest firmware and supports 4k, Dolby Vision, Atmos, wi-fi, 3D, etc. It has several built-in audio streaming apps as well. Supports 5.2.2 with no external amplification needed. You can read about all the specifics at https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/AV-Receivers/Elite+Receivers/SC-LX501 I have the original box, packing materials, remote, mcacc microphone, manual, etc. I will ship it FedEx Ground anywhere in the lower 48 states for $350 through PayPal. Based on current eBay sales I feel that it is a very fair price considering the like new condition and everything included. If you're close by (within an hour or so from Alexandria MN) you can buy it for $300. I can post pics of the actual unit if you'd like. Otherwise there's pics at the above-linked site.
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    I found a little surprise inside my Chorus I when looking inside
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    I won't be able to say until they are recapped and I install new tweeters. I know what the stock version recapped sounds like in my room. A guy I sold these to maybe 2 years ago contacted me yesterday and offered them to me for a steal. Of course I took them back.
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    Chris this is what I built those S-MWM's for. You are in for a real treat this spring and bring your best recordings and sit next to the 32' pipes with me. I love to see the look on peoples faces when they hear them. Had a guy over this week whose children had bought he and his wife a trip to England. Every afternoon some of the big old churches would have a short organ recital and he said it was like being there live again.
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    The curves do not lie. Plus they do sound fantastically good! No one, to my knowledge, has ever asked for a refund once installed properly!
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    Sounds good. New caps may fix you up. The new tweeter driver and horn will be SMOOTH.
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    The Buckeyes gave the Wolverines a bloody lip in their own house, the rest is just gravy to me. Go Bucks !!
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    Thanks so much for the info. Yeah, I’m a little leary if shipping big/heavy speakers not knowing how they’ll arrive. I also checked craigslist and couldn’t find any that are still available at the time. Thank you both though for replying!!
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    A lot of dropped balls in the LSU win, both sides. Can't play like that and get to the championship game! Will watch OSU in the morning. Cleaned up the yard today, inside tomorrow.
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    @jimjimbo Ya just never know do ya? Joe's a good kid but now he's the opposition IF they meet up. Ya just play the game the best ya can. Someone wins and someone loses. LSU is fast, fast and fast. I've said that all along. BTW, Harb's gets a raise on 1 January. You're stuck w/him. Enjoy the beatdowns.
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    ^^^ Nothing that cool! But I picked up some sweet little speakers. Grabbed these Mirage speakers at a local 2nd hand shop and matching stands for $60. I will likely paint the stands this summer as they aren’t in great shape but I am very happy with the purchase. I don’t have room for the Ultra2 650’s or 525’s that aren’t in use at the moment, due to the depth of both models. These Mirage speakers with the stands only stick out about 8” from the wall which works great for me and my room. I thought I was going to have to go Bose for a while.. I have owned some pretty cool surround speakers over the years but these might be my favorite. The sound is very spread out and what I would describe as accurate. Best $60 I have spent in quite some time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There where more listed... But you have to use the link provided.. Your personal opinion veries on album placement on the list..
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    I don't believe that walnut case is from McIntosh...because, its upper gold-toned ventilation area is a trapezoid-shape instead of a wide rectangle...IIRC, McIntosh always used a wide rectangle for their ventilation area and not a trapezoid. But I MIGHT be wrong...I just have my memory to rely upon on this. I HAVE SEEN this shape on a wood case like this before, just can't recollect what went into it. It is NOT a Harman/Kardon, though...maybe a Marantz?
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    No sorry unless someone comes here and they box it up on your dime. I don't want the hassle of doing all that.
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    I love Genesis Mike And have all the listed albums - some X 2 copies
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    I knew this was going to leak. I've been back up on the Hill working on this for the last two years. This was supposed to be unveiled as part of the Kennedy Center Honors 2019 this week during at the induction of Earth, Wind and Fire. It is the sole reason behind last years Farewell Tour for George Clinton as the leader of Parliament /Funkadelic. He will be nominated by the President at the beginning of next year's term as the 1st Secretary of the newly formed Department of Funk. The Senate is prepared to put aside the Impeachment trial and take up his confirmation on an expedited basis. Bootsy Collins is slated to be the Undersecretary of Grooves. The Department's motto will be "We Got The Funk!" and the central courtyard of the Departments headquarters will feature a full sized stature of James Brown bustin a move. All employees will be issued Flashlights. Now I know my fellow Klipschers are true patriots and can be trusted to hold dearly what I am about to reveal. A large portion of the Department's budget will actually be dedicated to cutting-edge research on very large array space orbiting speakers which can be deployed over China, Russia , North Korea and Iran on short notice. The Bar-Kays, "Too Hot To Stop" will be broadcast causing their missiliers uncontrollable spasms of dance floor booty calls rendering them incapable of pressing the launch buttons. Should that prove insufficient Johnny Guitar Watson broadcasts will lull them into a center of the groove. Be strong my fellow Americans for we are the funk!
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    IN the current configuration (along the short wall) how much space is there between the back of your head and the rear wall? How much would there be in the new configuration? What is the angle (between the speakers) in the the old and new configuration?
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    Uzi does it there tough guy...
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    Going to be a fun day. 60 degrees and sunny. Pig Picking, shooting, a few beers by the Cape Fear River with 50 or so high school chums (all guys). Taking a 9mm, AR-15, and a new .22 single six Wrangler. A 45 minute ride into the boonies. Report to come..........
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    Not what I expected to see out of Utah, but that's why they play the games. Franklin gets a big contract extension at PSU , obviously I have not drank the same flavor kool aid that the administration did. Surprises me that it doesn't seem to be talked about much that PSU leads the nation in players that have entered the transfer portal and how that doesn't reflect negatively on the coaching staff. My brother and I watched an unprepared lethargic team play a rugby match with Rutgers last week and it was pitiful. I have little confidence that we can preform successfully against Oregon, if in fact, that's who we meet up with in January. I am looking forward to some great championship games today, especially the SEC championship game. Go LSU
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    Room EQ Wizard (REW) works for me. It does all that you've mentioned, plus a lot more. Here's a link to a thread where many of the different plots/measurement types are shown:-- here and here. You can also look at Omnimic if you want to buy everything as a package. Personally, I'd buy the calibrated USB microphone at miniDSP (UMIK-1). There are other packages available that you can pay for: ARTA, Acourate, etc. For me, I don't see any advantages of these tools over REW. Chris
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    Walked a Christmas light setup. Quite the mix. Happened to get an interesting shot of my kids in front of a white board lit RGB. [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Klipsch/Pro website lists my speakers as surrounds, so I will need to place a pair in the back corners of the room.
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    Yea and its hard to "Piss Off the Neighbors".
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    } Your reputation precedes you —
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    Before you spend a wad of cash on that stuff use a tripod of softer rubber feet on the bottom of the cabinet. Even on a badly uneven floor a tripod sits flat unlike a square.
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    I've been quietly waiting for someone else to ask this very question.
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    They're a junk fish anyways. Bass is a much better topic.
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