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    Admins delete if you feel the need but I thought I'd share a few pics. Those of you who follow me elsewhere have seen this stuff but many on the forum have not. So anyway, long story short is that I have been overwhelmed for awhile and had to hire a full time personal assistant. Problem is, I've been operating out of my house for a long time. That's cool and all when it's just you or family working on the business but otherwise that's not a great situation for anybody when you have employees all up in your personal business at home. Also we have a soft spot for abandoned pets, have found several starving to death in the woods near our house plus we adopted a shelter dog who is getting old and is having health issues, and my business is at the level where these things are not compatible with a nice showroom. So, the hunt was on to find a place, quickly. I have a friend who had a nice place, basically it's four office spaces beside each other. One was my wife's old attorney office which used to be a recording studio, so I thought about it, but it was just too small. One next to it is a photography studio which is huge and beautiful and the business owner wanted to share the space due to it being expensive for her budget, but once I toured it I realized I needed my own space, there was literally no room except for one desk sized spot. On the other end of the building though there was a supposedly 2,200 square foot spot, retail in the front, small warehouse with an overhead door in the back, figured it would work great. Only problem is that there was a tenant in there already, who was having health problems, weird situation. Also there was questionable building maintenance practices, basic things like driveway maintenance and recurring major HVAC problems, which made me leery. I decided to risk it anyway due to this mostly being a base of operations for my online gig and said I would take it if he moved out. He was supposed to be on his way out so I kept checking, and checking, and checking, all to no avail. In the meantime, this other place opened up. I just liked it and I took it almost immediately. The good things are that it is extremely efficient in terms of heating and cooling, it is isolated so there's no neighbors to tick off, it's halfway affordable, it's beautiful as far as rented office space goes, and it was a total turn-key solution. The bad things are that 1/3 of it is upstairs, it's not huge at only maybe 1,700 square feet of retail and office space, and some of the rooms have funny shapes. Like I said tho, this is mainly to serve as a base of operations for my online business, plus to take pictures. If I can get enough local business to pay the rent that's great, otherwise that's not really the goal. Strange thing is that after I was done moving, I realized that this probably has more current Klipsch related stuff in it than anywhere else, plus my warehouse with nearly 7 digits worth of stuff is nearby, I could literally have most anything you want set up within a couple hours. If somebody has more current items on hand and on display I'd like to know who but that would be a little hard. Current speaker list: Jubilees with walnut beauty panels and Xilica DSP Klipschorn AK6 in walnut La Scala AL5 in walnut Cornwall IV, cherry Heresy IV, black Forte III, distressed oak HP3 headphones Theater room with: RF-7III, black RC-64III, back RP-502S side RP-500M rear random setups in cubby holes including custom KI-396-SMA-II pro cinema surrounds various bookshelves every Reference Premier tower and bookshelf almost have every residential standalone subwoofer, need to add the little 8" one and the C series Cary SLI-80HS with the matching side panels that Klipsch makes ToolShed PWK edition Euphoria amp most major Parasound Halo amps including the JC5 Klipsch KDA-1000 amp ridiculous amount of fairly high end Norstone racks and stands every subwoofer from that "other" 3 lettered company who shall not be named AudioQuest wiring will be used throughout EAT turntables, main one right now is a C-major Sony TV's several Cyrus amps such as the One Cast, One HD, streamers, etc., they are a British company who just got a new US distributor, I was the first dealer for them under this new setup multiple styles of the nicer Octane seating offerings en route Anyway, here's a few pics. Yeah I know I need acoustic panels. Yeah I'm still moving and rearranging and seeing what fits. Yeah I know it's a little packed... so is most every other showroom out there. A few have plenty of room, but to pull that off especially with this kind of equipment list you're looking at easily being into the 7 digit price tag range for something nice looking and I just can't pull that off right now. Let me know if you want to donate to the cause. Otherwise it is what it is. Enjoy, feel free to stop by sometime.
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    I was worried about this same effect on my garden hose, so I cut off both ends of the hose and switched them... WHEW, that as close.
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    UPDATE: Only one left! (w/ painted Gen I trim) Pics/Updated pricing: Contact for more pictures if you'd like (see listing first, there's photos there!), or a shipping estimate.
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    Thanks all. Speakers sold tonight. They are off to a new home, will be running off some Bel Canto e.One gear. It'll be the best amps they've ever been hooked up to!
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    I think it was totally irresponsible for Jeffery to post that while proclaiming to be an EXPERT. This could cause great harm to people who may believe him. pERWT
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    uh huh. I warned y'all. We get a ripple and it turns beast when it gets water. You getting the cold behind the storms? Seasonable is what they say for tomorrow. It was in the teens again this AM. Sposed to hit mid 50's to 60.
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    Fostex made them for Realistic/Tandy. I had a pair when I was a teen...wish I still had them. Did too many stupid things back in those days and didn't lkeep up with stuff too well.
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    Cory, Congrats on the beautiful space. On one hand I wish I lived closer and could visit. On the other hand, I’d probably spend way too many hours listening to all of your systems, and you’d quickly tire of my classical music. 🙂 BTW, thanks for the great service and fast shipping on the RC-64III center channel speaker, and the surround speakers. It took me a few days to reconfigure my TV room system, and I’ve started the process of fine tuning the system by ear. So far so good – I'll probably post a pic and description sometime.
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    Here’s a pic from the listing. This quote is from the listing, “(solid room construction's real helpful).“. Perhaps this is too much for the double-wide.
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    I don't much like these threads.... as some might know (and perhaps more now with this thread).... I do carry several securities licenses (4, 24, 7, 9, 53, 63, 65....I think that's all of them!!???) A cool (to me) story.... To managed a Member Firm, you need both a Series 9 and 10. (used to be called a Series 8 but the split it into two exams). Anyway, I wanted to acquire them but wasn't working at a memeber firm and didn't think my firm would allow me. Right before I moved to Florida, I called my back office and asked about them. She said YES, I could take them.... so I said to sign me up for both 9 & 10. "For when?" she asked.... I said how soon can I take them? "Looks like next wednesday but what about the study materials??" I said forget them, I'm going to walk in and take them both 100% cold turkey. She thought I was nuts. (side comment EACH of these exams are 3 hours so in total, we're talking about six hours of questions) Walked in, took both of them cold turkey.... having never cracked a (specific) book on them..... passed the Series 9 and just barely failed the Series 10. I kept thinking how cool would it have been to walk in cold turkey, take them both....spank them and walk out with both registrations..... however....that was not to be and I've never bothered to go back to re-take the 10. There are many many people that spend HOURS studying for these two exams and still fail. So I'm still pretty tickled with passing the one and (if memory serves me) getting a score of 66 (or close to it) on the other. Need a 70 to pass. So just a couple darn questions..... Anyway, you don't find me getting too involved with talking about what I do.... Every now & then there is a comment made or a thread where I'll chime in but I don't jump in like this one unless there is a gut-feel by me that it's ok (or warranted in this case) to do so. Reworded, I'm not here for what I do.... I'm here cause I like dynamic sound and been an avid customer since 1979. Now, in part, I DO whole-hearted agree with Mr. Medwin.... "yeah, the market IS going to go down".... well, that's what they DO. I've heard derivations of this "Cry of Crisis" for my entire career..... on the times when the market goes down as we all know it WILL do, they get to feel vindicated.... meanwhile, had someone not panicked at virtually ANY of the historical crisis we've had......furthermore, had someone bought MORE during said crisis.... Well, with the markets today at all time highs ought to suggest something. Now.... where ARE my Marie Osmond tapes..... I fear my dog ran off with them.
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    I'm predicting a bull market in Heritage, buy now.
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    It's snowing in Austin, who predicted that?
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    Got those two for a BullAngus with a VG cover and G vinyl. Kinda progressive and early 70s rock mixed up. It's possible that Kansas listened to them before rockin my socks off! Think the guy at the used record store wanted it himself. https://www.discogs.com/BullAngus-BullAngus/release/1911427 Love Billy G!
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    John ya just keep posting winners! Make sure you get 'em all before you kick him to the curb! hahahaha Great album!
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    I see that someone ALMOST has their priorities in order. I'm really laughing at the "RE: Please go away..." that is a bookmark!
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    That looks freaking incredible! I would love to stop by and see it sometime. Let me see what kind of time constraints I'm going to have on my trip back from SWAG and what kind of additional time it would add to the overall. So much of that stuff that I want to hear. If any admin would take those pics down, they need their head examined. What a promotion of the Klipsch product!
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    Much respect for Bill Fitzmaurice and his designs, along with Jason's building skills.
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    I'm so glad we have you here Glens to tell us what to think and discuss. If you want to do some experiments and you find it makes little difference to you in your system that's great, but until PWK rises from the dead to anoint you forum master please don't tell people here what to discuss. Don't presume that everything starts and ends with your opinion.
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    I don't believe anyone's denying that, but in a crossover network where the signals are done being amplified it just doesn't matter if a couple microvolts of noise gets picked up. And even if it were drained to ground, that ground is typically several feet away anyway... There's no difference in sound quality either way, so that's also not a factor. This is such a non-issue for the proper topics of this venue.
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    Hello again to all, Designed and fabricated some custom steel supports for my Chorus II's (as well as my Forte III's). The supports raise the speakers 8" off the floor (plus spikes) and have the space between the tweeter and the mid horn at ear level when sitting in my listening chair. Also had Duracrest fabricate some new grill covers for both sets of speakers as well. Special shout out to Ralph at Duracrest...he's a man of true integrity and alot of fun to chat with! Pics for your viewing.
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    better than the Coronavirus
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    Lil bit of snow this morning when I rolled out. Now? Windy and blowing snow. Supposed to hit a bit harder up along the North Coast and Lake Erie. Southern part of "the heart of it all is rain." My mail "person" just drove by an hour ahead of schedule so my buddy must be on vaca or off. New kids are always ahead of schedule! Haven't mellowed out yet! Never know I was retired and pathetically worthless would ya? Timing the mail delivery now. Go figure. 😂
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    I'd comment, but I don't want to be sent to my room for 90 days.
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    Absolutely awesome Cory. It came together much quicker than I thought. You're a great ambassador for the brand.
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    The screen shot is copied originally from Medwin's post. It is only evidence that Medwin posted his actual screen shot and Matthews copied it when making a point. I too have met Jeff Matthews personally. The two Jeffs are not one in the same.
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    Nice people are everywhere. They're just getting harder to find.
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    Opening a new door, the next stage. Congrats Cory.
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    looks great Cory. Best of luck, I try to send everyone I meet to you.
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    If I could speak for the helpful members who answered your question, I would say, "No worries. Everyone had to start somewhere." On the other hand, I thought I knew a lot when I joined the Forum, but I soon found that I had lots to learn. Most of what I know about audio now is from questions I've asked here, and from seeing the answers to questions other members have asked. We all learn together.
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    Ok, ok, you win... Gonna have to scroll back now and check some of this out. Just me so modifications WILL be necessary! Paper plates are a step up for me though. Usually a Bounty unless I break out my high class Corelle! lol
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    Beautiful... I'll take one of each!
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    Very nice, congratulations.
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    Your photographer did a great job. Very nice and congrats.
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    More heavy rain only difference is it's around 60 today. Matinee time:
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    Don’t think I have any photos, but yes, no staples. I have never tried using staples. I do spray both surfaces and let them get real tacky. I start at one end getting it wrapped around and stuck real good On the back side, than I stretch it with someone else holding the glued end and slowly applying the material while keeping it as taut as possible. It’s not easy. Just take your time. I will have to look at my Heresy grills, but I don’t think they have staples in them. If I were to use staples, they would have to be a very short staple or they would go through. Yes3M adhesive. These cane grills were applied same way, but sagged in the openings after a couple weeks. Wendell says to bow the grill while applying to avoid sags, but I don’t know how much bow.
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    The stock market geniuses on this thread must surely be multi-millionaires with their market savvy ways. One has to wonder why they are hanging out with us lowly folks instead of cruising around the world in their yachts.
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    Just a heads up gents. The seller has shown me 1 photo of a faded out serial number. The serial shows the first 3 digits which is day of year and then a 5 before it fades. The 5 would be followed by a 9 in a Y2Y1 format. This places it as a Version 3 CF-4 since its late 95. Note also the "CF-4- M" and then a faded E which looks to be MEDIUM OAK and not cherry. That dash after CF-4 seems to be only used on version 3 dates placed exactly above the 5 or 6 of Y2, though i cant confirm if late version 2(early 95) have that second dash as well. Every 94 serial examined on the net has no dash after CF-4. One possibility is that the seller has a mismatched pair, 1 cherry of a different date and possibly earlier version and 1 medium oak version 3. Both of which have the longer ports added which is a simple modification to make. Seller has not given any more photos of the second speakers serial number and said he could not see internal wiring, only assumed based on port tube length. "I couldn’t see any wires but it is a version one With the longer port tubes so should have ofc clear cabling according to all the forums " This is not to offend the seller in any way, Only giving heads up to potential buyers that at least 1 of these speakers are not version 1 or 2 cabinet. The horns also do look darker than the gray horns of version 1 or 2, but lighting can differ so that's not a solid proof of anything. Also don't think the seller is aware, so no blame on him.
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    A week later and all I can say is that I am even more blown away after listening to much of my music library thru the Primaluna EVO 400. This was a great reason to buy high end gear - because the sound draws you in and makes you want to listen to more and more music than ever before. The depth of sound from low to highs is so rich compared to my previous integrated amp that words can't describe it.
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