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    The Boy Scout's motto is something that's common knowledge for us old farts, in the north. Even on the warmest day's, even in the Okanagan we would never go out on a boat without gear. Biggest 'ship' I was ever on was 'The Maid of the Mist' when I was 3 yrs old. Everyone was wearing those ugly yellow slickers and I lost my Mom and Dad. Scared me forever. Ha "Be Prepared"
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    This post is respectfully directed to all Klipsch Forum members, Klipsch Group and to the KMAH Members: As many of many of you may be aware, my wife, Verna and I have been constant supporters of the Klipsch forum, pilgrimages and now the museum for some 18 years. And as of last year, we're proud to say that our son Bill is now a member of the forum (pickys son) and a pilgrimage attendee as well. We three had planned to attend this year's pilgrimage in Hope next month. However, for the past year, my wonderful bride has endured all of the horrors associated with going through breast cancer, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I am thrilled to say she came through it all quite well. It was initially our belief that by this March, she would most likely be back on track physically. Unfortunately, such is not the case: Daily fatigue can sometimes overwhelm her days: Even though she might have gotten eight hours of sleep the night prior, by one or two o'clock in the afternoon, it's become commonplace for her to lay down in bed and sleep soundly for 3 to 4 hours, only for her again to need to retire early in the evenings. Therefore, yesterday morning, she and I discussed with seriousness, the notion of our attending this year's 2020 Klipsch Pilgrimage in Hope. We live in Michigan. Sadly, it is our belief that with the 14 hour-drive down and back, the exciting, activity-laden, early starting/late ending days that typically each pilgrimage in the past has brought to our experience, are something that Verna is simply not ready to negotiate just yet. We have both come to the realization that it could take up to a year for Verna's lifestyle to normalize. Because of this, it is with heavy hearts that we, together with our son, must announce that we have regrettably chosen to bow out of this year's pilgrimage. We shall miss seeing all of you and are sorry we will miss all of the events as well as the many trips out to Rodney's Farm. We do, however, hope to attend next year's 75 Year Anniversary Celebration, wherever it takes place! May God bless you all! Kindest regards, Glenn, Verna and Bill
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    Poster hanging at some coffee shop in Texas (can’t remember which town). If you’re at the counter when a Queen song plays, your drink is free. Think i saw this on Hunter Pence’s instagram or Twitter ... but, i did email with the establishment to get the story so i could pass it on to Brian May. Turns out the owner was just a big fan of Queen. Update: The coffee house is called Blacksmith and it’s in Houston.
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    Just don’t be a punk like me. My first meeting with my new bosses, i told them that i had a hearing problem (this was before i had hearing aids). The department head says, “Do I need to talk slower then?” I said, “No, talk louder, i’m deaf not stupid.” Probably not the best first impression.
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    @scalawag spinnin is what we do and teasing is also incorporated into that lil web we weave. Yuuuup, the Carpenters did their own thing in their own kinda way. Soft, smooth and delicious... Have quite a bit of their things myself. Stop in any time. It's ALWAYS nice to share and comment. Afterall, it's the love of music that's drawn us all here isn't it? We just KNOW what it's supposed to sound like unlike the rest of the world. Sooo, come on back now ya hear?
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    All you vinyl spinners are really sending me down Memory Lane : The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, America, Temptations, etc., were big favorites of mine back in the day. Another fav artist of mine will probably be considered too tame for many of you, but this brother-sister duo put together some outstanding albums and live presentations until the lady's very untimely death in the early 1980's. When just married my wife and I caught their show up at Lake Tahoe, and not only did Karen Carpenter sing but she also did a number on the drums! Her voice still makes vocal magic, and A&M studios produced excellent recordings of their music that sound outstanding through just about any decent audio system. I have seven of their albums, and each one of them makes for good listening and happy moments. ~
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    “You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She's not perfect - you aren't either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break - her heart. So don't hurt her, don't change her, don't analyze and don't expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she's not there.” ~Bob Marley Happy Valentine's Day!
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    Day um! That's crazy, not even a heater in the tractor. I can picture it from your description, jean cutoffs, flip flops, and a muscle shirt
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    I see your ketchup.
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    Just for the record : I'm using an actively tri-amped system (if you include the subs) ever since I tried the mini class D / T amps I was hooked! Currently have a 25W SMSL SA50 on the 40-400Hz range driving Peavey FH1 bass horns with K33E inside; above 400Hz is a fully modded Trends TA10.1 tripath amp (8W) driving the mid and tweeters; the clarity, imaging, detail, and impact are out of this world - in active bi-amplification each amp operates within its limits at all times (at least with 104dB speakers in a home-audio context) and my ears give up way before the sounds starts to distort or get harsh; only the active subs have more traditional class AB amps. My preamp and amps stay on 24/7/365 and stay cold and don't consume much electricity; I've stopped worrying about having an amplifier suddenly failing (and destroying a driver while doing so), and the sound is better than I ever had with any "high end" class AB or class A amplifiers I've owned. As active crossover I'm using the K231 from Sublime Acoustic, which I highly recommend if you can live without digital delay and DSP; the sound is fantastic and it's as silent as a tomb. It takes a couple weeks of burn-in (quite harsh and fuzzy fresh out of the box) but after that it's a fantastic crossover at ANY price.
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    Built Aristocrats from EV blueprints in the 1960's with my Dad. Apparently, Paul Klipsch licensed the Aristocrat design to EV for better pricing. Thunderous sound on a Dynakit Stereo-35 with Jensen 12" + small horns! I have photos of a mahogany EV Aristocrat inside and out, with the magnificent EV SP-12 Alnico woofer with chrome-plated magnet cover! Those were the days!
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    No problem from me. My record library has Carpenters in it too. Besides, Karen Carpenter could play the drums too! I also have some of The Monkees, and The Partiridge Family -- most people think of the tv shows and would be shocked at who some of the session musicians were on those recordings. The likes of Glen Campbell, Carol Kaye, Larry Taylor (of Canned Heat), James Burton, Neil Diamond, Hal Blaine and so many others. The BEST session musicians in the business worked on their songs.
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    I can still read Dave.
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    I don’t want to be discouraging, but hearing aids aren’t kind to music. I’ve complained to the doctor about it and was told that the technology is just not the best for music. If i’m at a venue that is super loud, i will take out my hearing aids. Before, i’d put on headphone and just crank the volume, but my hearing has deteriorated to the point that i can put my computer volume or iPod on max and it’s not even loud to me. At home or in the car, some highs get squeaky and sometimes the bass is over exaggerated. Overall, it just doesn’t sound natural. It’s better than not hearing anything and you do learn to adapt and enjoy what you can hear. The audiologist will be able to adjust your hearing aids ... just tell them what is working and what isn’t working and tell them ahead of time that listening to music is high on your list -- mine are a few years old and the technology is changing rapidly.
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    Summertime blues??? North American tour coming right up! Sketchy but ONE show goes on sale 2-15. https://liveforlivemusic.com/news/king-crimson-north-american-tour-zappa-band/?fbclid=IwAR0ie7UIXTl3pyXJEVgtMOV6TlNHD5Sstf9mbOIRgk_KSHOo9qIHXViyTwg#.XkRHuD7tARY.facebook
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    My Boy Scout troop was based on Long Island. The first camping trip most we were on was to a local camp but the February temps went to -2 F. at night and we all froze. I had a sleeping bag bought with Green Stamps. The leaders should have brought us all home. A year later we had somehow learned a lot. E.g. use two sleeping bag, one stuffed inside the other. Sleep in a sweat suit with a knit hat, gloves, and two pair of socks. That was Operation Igloo in upstate New York. Girls? There were girls? Way before my time.
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    Back in late 60's-early 70's I was working for a company in the oil field industry (National Tank) in Calgary, Alberta. 'They' (oil companies from Tulsa to Texas), sent truckers to pick up oil field equipment in Calgary in winter, sometimes in the worst of weather. Quite a few times the drivers and their trucks showed up frozen! No antifreeze or heaters in their tractors, wearing shorts,T shirts, flip flops etc. Many begged a ride to the airport and abandoned their rigs. We laughed our asses off.
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    My brother in law bought a lake house to fix up. He wanted me to help with some speakers built into book cases. I expected junk. This is what i found. New surrounds on the woofers, and they sang again. Very impressive. I offered to sell them for him and get him some newer bookshelves, but he opted to keep these.
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    One cannoli is done and on the way to find "Blonde on Blonde" I spied w/my eye this gem. "Alive She Cried" is their 2nd live album released in 1983. Yeaaaa, the push was on for some more Doors after the movie Apocalypse Now. They answered with various concert out-takes from 68-70. Soooo much music EVERYone can relate to. Can you say legendary? I sure can!
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    Two months short of 17 years ago I had an interest in a certain product that had to do with an old hobby, so I joined a forum to ask questions. Somehow I got even more into that old hobby and stuck around that forum. How it happened I'm not sure but got further into that forum than I could have ever expected, meeting people all the way up the chain of that company to the top. I don't know why it all happened but the one very positive thing I can say is along the way I have met some really nice people and some very talented and dedicated people who happen to also have the same hobby, the people/friends in all of it have been the biggest benefit by far for me by just knowing them. Second, my favorite hobby has definitely improved in it's quality and goal to the point I just enjoy it now, never thought I would get to that place honestly. So I guess you just never know where where things will go, I would have never guessed, but it has been fun. .
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    seen him twice ... music was fine, but won't pay to see him again. I go to a show to hear the music and watch the musicians perform -- not interested in anything they want to say about anything else. Some don't mind the extracurricular stuff he brings and I was once that way -- would tune out his political and anti-Christianity rants, but anymore there are enough talented musicians who still believe it's all about the music -- I'd rather support those. I don't go to a show to be educated, enlighten, woke, or whatever else is their goal -- it's all about the music with me and that extra stuff is just a distraction. He's playing right down the road from me, but this time, I'll pass. I would however jump at the chance to see David Gilmour again.
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    I saw these pins today and was thinking I would definitely buy a Klipschorn, La Scala, and Heresy pin if they were available. I don't know what a minimum order might look like, but could it be something that might make some money for the museum?
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    Another cost effective alternative to consider for La Scala/Belle/Khorn retrofit--in addition to the existing alternatives of the K-510/K-691 and K-402/K-691 JubScalas. The winged/stacked AMT-1 is a dipole radiator for those seeking greater apparent depth of soundstage and an airy, light sound: Chris
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    Watch it buddy, them's fight'in words.
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    I'm in the Dayton, Ohio area. Today is the first day we've had that actually feels like winter, and February is almost over. We get this one 10 degree day, and then it's back into the 30's and 40's starting tomorrow. Summer will be great with three times the bugs and 100+ on the heat index.
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    What does he need to bother Bob for? Here is some Type AA stuff. Same as the Type A with two extra parts.
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    love starts at home.
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    Jensen TP-100 Concerto ...smaller brother of the Jensen Tri-Plex TP-200 Grills do appear to be like Aristocrat...
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    I've been using those A55Gs for three years mated with some EV SM120 mid horns and Beyma CP25 tweeters. I previously had some K55V on the same setup for many years. The A55G sound definitely MUCH better to my ears; cleaner, smoother, and more organic. With an ALK Universal crossover (now using only the high-pass section, the 400Hz crossover being now active) I'm able to raise the midrange output relative to the Beyma tweeter and it still sounds pure and smooth; doing that with my old K55V would have sounded honky and ill-defined. (I tried). The combination of smooth EV horns and smooth A55G drivers make the midrange miles ahead of the "typical Klipsch sound" which many find harsh and colored - even if it is musical; the EV / A55G combination makes the midrange more alike to higher end horn speakers. Having used the K55V for years I can tell a lot of that perceived amelioration comes from the improved driver. I haven't tried the A55G on the Klipsch K400 horn which is, in my view, flawed - but I suspect the effect of the improved driver is still very much hearable.
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    Me too! 😂 😂 Soooo hate not being able to hear though. Won't be long and I'll be allll fixed up. Can't wait.
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    First thank you for taking your time out. Second, you're right in that I was taking my measurements at the listening position. I thought searched enough threads about the subject but I guess not. Here is what I intend to do: 1. Take measurements 1 metre from the speaker. I have carpeted floor with padding, 95% of my ceiling is made up of acoustic paneling. I will also put two acoustical panels on the sides of each speaker and take REW measurements this weekend from varies heights. 2. Evalutae the data. 3. More than likely buy a Xilica vs. a new passive xo after I buy @Westcoastdrums amp next week if it doesn't sell by then. 4. Hide both the amp and Xilica from wife. 5. Play with it. Make wife jealous. (Please no jokes here) 5. Have a CRAP LOAD of questions. 6. Smile. 7. Work on a Subwoofer....or two and piss wife off. 8. Fly @Chris A (and pay$) to listen and evaluate. Dinners will blow you away. 9. Finally have the system where I want it. 10. Start all over and build some 402 MEH's! Thanks Chris.
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    Wolf Trap huh? Love to see that on pbs on a Sunday evening!
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    The ebay auction is not and Aristocrat. The rear folding is wrong. Still, nice cabilets and could be a good project. This is an Aristocrat.
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    Snowed in! Nah, only about 3 inches but I'm already working on cabin fever! Time to warm things up and toss 'em on! Manfred Mann's Earth Band's 9th release from 1979. Opted for this instead of the "Blinded by The Light" cover from 1977, which first appeared on Springsteen's Debut album in 1973. STILL scratching my head over that one. Could have sworn Mann did it first for some reason. Have several copies of Rush's "Moving Pictures" LP but decided to pick up this "Audiophile 180 gram" copy just for giggles. It couldn't sound that much better right? WRONG! TOTALLY AMAZING so ****** one while you can. Peart and the boys are ALL over these LS of mine. Well worth it! Then I did what I wasn't going to do. Threw another Dream Theater LP on. "Once in a LIVEtime" is a live double album by Dream Theater, released in 1998. It is their first full-length live album, and their second live release. It was produced and recorded by Kevin Shirley during the European leg of the Touring into Infinity world tour at the Bataclan theater in Paris. Musta went for the gusto on this one #879 of 1500. They killed it for a live LP.
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    You're good ... don't sweat it. Most of us can tell when a person is in error or if they're up to something no good.
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    I have an RV and it comes with a really small toilet. One morning I sat down and everything didn't fit (morning, you know) so I decided to hold my little buddy outside the bowl and relieve my #2. I was drowsy and forgot that all of our plumbing is connected and peed all over myself and the bath. Luckily it is a shower / toilet combo and easy to rinse off but yuck. I am in the process of replacing the toilet with a human sized one.
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    Here is a story that has crossed my mind lately for some reason, it occurred about 15 years ago and still gives me a bit of a laugh. A brand new 21 theater multiplex arrived nearby and I had to check it out as I'd never been to one. It was massive. Walked into a huge lobby with at least a 30 foot ceiling, two large staircases on either side, later to find out, that was where the bathrooms were. Watched a fairly long movie and afterwards we all piled out, had to hit the head in a big way and along with 100 others, up the stair we went, thinking all the time that climbing stairs with a full bladder was a bad design. We men piled into the bathroom and all grabbed a space on the wall. I threw my head back, closed my eyes, let loose and for the next minute or so, stood and reveled. At some point, I open my eyes and looked down, only to discover and never before seen, that this bathroom had some urinals built for little kids, one of which I was in front of and had been going over the top of it the entire time, burst out laughing at the absurdity of it and went on my way.
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    Dogs got me up at dark thirty one icy cold night and insisted on being let out. I stumbled from a deep sleep put on just enough clothes for the task and let em out. I waited by the door whilst they did their bidding. After some time they returned. They’d had diarrhea. One dog was a big old fluffy corgi and his backside was a serious mudslide of caked on smelly slime. He had to get cleaned up before all else. So I get the wet soapy towels (still 2/3rds asleep) bend over and start scrubbing. After a short while I stopped to rearrange said towel and upon inspection found it to be spotless......... nary a stain or stink. ‘‘Twas then that I figured out that when I’d leaned over to ‘mutt scrub’ that my muffler had gotten between the towel and the dog. I’d just cleaned the dogs *** with a $100 cashmere muffler. Oh well, at least the dog was happy.
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    Took my wife longer than that to get here period. I know what you mean, things can be SLIGHTLY drawn out here...
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    Keep the La Scalas... I sold the nice pair I had, instantly regretted it. Found a beater pair and finally have the sound back.
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    A backlit pelican. Now if I can catch one like this with a fish, that would be cool.
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