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    Cut the personal BS. If you don't have anything constructive to day, don't post.
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    you are a fine Gentleman , and thank you for your patience
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    These are in terrific condition. No scratches or dings. I’m the original owner. I purchased them new. A stock. Original owners manual and accompanying paperwork. The speakers were double boxed when shipped to me by an authorized Klipsch dealer. The original boxes are even in good condition. The speakers have been stored in their boxes for several years now. I realize that photos will help sell the speakers. Unfortunately, at this juncture, I’d like to try to avoid going through the exercise of taking them down from my garage rack to un-box them to take photos etc. I have no interest in wasting anyone’s time. These speakers are in really great shape. Local pick up only. I’m in Costa Mesa CA. Thanks for looking.
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    What you posted wasn't sarcasm. Glad you get it because it won't be tolerated moving forward.
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    I finally got around to make a little saw dust. I have a lot more to do, but it’s a start. These are 12” wings.
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    Panels are all done, including the bottoms (not pictured). Now to do some filling and sanding before paint. I've got a couple of rookie mistakes that I'm going to leave as-is, but otherwise they've come out pretty cleanly and don't need too much makeup art. They are indeed heavy, but not too bad. Fortunately I'm only moving them a couple of times in the next decade. Now that I'm going active xo and already have competent subs, any speaker changes will likely be in the HF area.
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    a good example is me searching the sports websites each day looking for Raiders news when I know that this time of year 99% of what is leaked are intentional lies. yet, I still read them.
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    I neglected to welcome you to this forum. Please keep sharing your experiences. Try to ignore those who feel a need to criticize you for holding subjective opinions different from their own. Disagreement is fuel for a reasonable civil discussion. Rudeness is unnecessary and unproductive.
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    I have 4 KP-250s coming out of our church (we are getting a new sound system). They are oak veneer on 3/4in MDF..and very heavy. The black grills are with them. 3 speakers in each cabinet (high,mid,low) with 2 vent holes but these do not have the plastic corners or handles, although I assume you could add that. The one side of each is faded from sunlight from adjacent window. I have not seen any on this forum that are the oak cabinets, so I am not sure what these are worth vs the rock band variety. It looks like maybe 200-300 each? Any help on a good fair price(proceeds go back to our church) and if anyone is interested please let me know. BTW my first post to this forum... I will try to figure out how to post a picture too Thanks Brian update 2/24/20 I was asked for photos of serial numbers and sides, so see attached. Spkr#1- Ser no 106390160 has fading on left side and it looks like some screw/drill holes on right side that were filled in with wood putty... very hard to see in pic 3205 for example there is also a small chip on top right side of veneer 1/4 x 1/2" Spkr#2 Ser no 106390158 some fading on left side img 3203, very small chip on top corner 1/16 x 2" on front face, some black scuff marks Spkr #3 Ser no 106390159 no real fading per img 3204, does have some filled in drill holes on left side see img 3205 Spkr #4 Ser no 358290570 fading on right side img 3206, no drill holes, some adhesive residue on top Image 3207 shows a better pic of the front with the Klipsch logo and 3 speakers and 2 vent holes.
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    Carl: How about some hamburgers on the grill this weekend? Me: I don't know about that. Would PWK approve? Carl: Yeah, you have a point.
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    My first summer out of high school I took a job at a steel fab shop making steel tank heads and parts for MX missles. After demonstrating good hand and eye coordination, I was made the yard forklift driver. It was a 25K lb capacity machine with rough terrain tires as tall as a man. One day I was told to go unload two railroad gondolas (cars with open tops) down at the dock. Two of us were sent to do this. Upon arrival a the dock it was obvious the cars were not lined up properly for unloading. We decided we could push the cars the 20 or so feet to correct the problem. Mind you each car weighed 150K lbs and had 200K lbs of steel in each. I climbed up in one car and released the mechanical brake. My buddy started to push the cars with one fork against the side and this seemed to be working fine, but there was a slight grade. He let off the push for a second and the cars started rolling back against him. Uh oh, there was no stopping them now. I starting spinning that brake from inside the car like a mad man only to realize I was going the wrong direction with the spinning and the chain that works the brake was dragging the ground. It was way too high to jump so I was along for the ride. Picking up speed quickly I could see the side track I was on would derail up ahead. I was holding on for dear life when the cars ran off the tracks. Those cars cut through 17 or so cross ties before stopping. It was a hell of a ride and a real big mess, but I was not hurt. Big investigation into it by a RR detective. Norfolk Southern sent out two massive cranes to set the cars back on the track. Once all the dust settled the plant manager called me in his office and said, "Son, that was an expensive ride you took and I'm quite sure you won't do that again, but from now on we'll call you the Boxcar Cowboy." 😄
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    You’re not going to like answer... and why would think that might be so?
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    These are in really good condition. 8/10 to be safe. A couple of very small dings on the lower right side corner of one speaker. Should be very easy to touch up so that one would find it very hard to tell they were touched up. I never tried to touch up these small areas because they are so minor, it never bothered me. Original owner. B-stock. Original owners manual and accompanying paperwork. Purchased from an authorized Klipsch dealer. Shipped to me on a pallet. These are boxed up in their original boxes and up in storage in my garage. I realize photos always help with a sale. However, at this juncture, I prefer not to take these down to take photos etc. I have no interest in wasting anyone’s time. These are in the condition as articulated above. Local pick up only. I’m in Costa Mesa, CA. Thanks for looking.
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    Definitely dancing music! Sounds like the stuff my mom's mother would make her upright sway back and forth with, long ago but remembered.
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    Now it’s time for some piano boogie From a British artist that put her heart and soul into every performance The 2 records I am playing now are Artist - Winifred Attwell Titles - Piano Party and The Two Moods Enjoy
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    Hey, look on the bright side: Haters make you famous!
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    You couldn't put Carl's picture there? LOL
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    This is funny But I chose to opt out of the up part.
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    That comment about acting like a child in that other post was referring to you stalker. LMAO
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    There is at least a third group. I admire your enthusiasm for the hobby while disagreeing with the efficacy of many, if not most, of your “Improvements.” That disagreement does not compel, or entitle, me to ridicule you. Most of us here are considered audio outliers by most others who enjoy listening to music. It’s amusing to see how exorcised some here get because your audio enthusiasm follows different paths than their own. How would most of the sarcastic critics fare if they were posting on a German language audio forum?
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    @BillCraig JC it's unreal around here lately. That magic fluid is a nickname it was given here. When it involves wiring and now apparently Deoxit type chemicals folks like to bash things that they know nothing about. I had a shuttle engineer roommate down at the cape and was exposed to some interesting things there at the Space Center and stuff brought home for projects. There was this 14K gold tape that just mesmerized me. Not in a shiny, flashy, dollar-wise way but it's real purpose. That was heat reflection, and on a 106 degree day it was evident what it could reflect off of the window of the camper. So lots of things aren't evident to the uninitiated at first. The need to bash someone over something misunderstood is unnatural to intelligent beings and as I've seen on the www also a mental issue. & I have had my coffee already
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    Did you just pop in here with a bad mood? ... I did elsewhere last night but it was provoked. That's not sarcasm, what you've posted is willfully ignorant and rude. It's actually one of the shorter threads here so read from the beginning about this gentleman's experience on different levels that he took the time to share with us. Chill.
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    i have a pair of mint condition used A stock cornwall iiis im looking to sell.ive had them for a year and a half and absolutely LOVE them but im looking to upgrade to the 4s.as you know its really hard to get the iiis anymore especially for such a good price.they have been in 1 spot since the day i got them and the grills have NEVER been removed.im located in conway,Arkansas and dont really want to ship these monsters unless youre willing to pay the shipping.i am willing to drive a couple hours to meet with them though.im also willing to let you come listen to them if desired.$2400 for the pair.feel free to message me with any questions or 5014720129 THANK YOU!
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    Keep it up, Thad. Adding Lawrence Welk to the mix. Dave
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    The glue was dry this morning so I sanded lightly and offered one of the new risers under the Heresy. glue blocks cut (I messed up and mitered the wrong face of one of the fronts of the riser yesterday and hated to waste it)
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    Kirby and James have been hear recently and I forgot to get a picture of James but Kirby got his mug saved next to the fat guy. Boy I have to start losing weight. He told me what song I have to play first in Hope.
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    A Heresy I and all I have done is change the tweeter out to SMAHL V2 with DE-120 and recapped with Sonicaps. This is hands down the best one I have ever seen and it is 1981 "W" production with soldered lug mid drivers. Check out the tag and owners papers still there.
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    I used my two La Scala for our local Filipino-American Christmast party. We had almost 100 people in a 49x37 room (20+ ceilings), and was great. Didn't have subs and the bass was still good enough for them to be happy. The previous purveyors of music have used self powered boxes on a stand with direct radiators. The LS walk all over those. We were to have double the space, where I would have brought the MWMs for the bottom end, but we didn't have room for them.
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    Sad thing is this. Since he WAS the owner and had all the stands, 402 pieces, SN's etc to prove he was legitimate he could have ordered new ones from Klipsch to replace the busted ones. He threw away the pieces and did not know this until I told him about it.
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    Yep, this thread is Hard to take —
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    How come it can't be a function of how one person hears things differently than another?
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    I like to think that I've aged without maturing.
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    It will be fun, your wife is right if asked I am sure people will want to do it more often. Yes it will and they will sound very good, just be sure your the one in control of the volume knob. Like Westcoastdrums said.................we will need pics. Have fun, should be easy.
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    But then it would suggest one liked to hear the sound of their own voice, much as a Frenchman...
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    Exactly, I used to think Carl was creepy until he proved it. Now i know.
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    Here is my Chorus III experiment
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    You have to fight to get permission to go? Or are you anticipating fisticuffs at SWAG? Seems to be a feisty bunch.
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    Used to talk to mr k a lot. So I won’t speak for him but I can definitely convey what he thought. And it is very obvious to me. Not so to others.
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    You are about one post from getting everything related to SWAG deleted.
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    I view Steve's 'daily' show each evening... I have PUBLICLY invited him to my home here in MA. THREE TIMES now to hear my 1968 Klipschorns with all Dynaco gear from the mid 60ies... He NEVER answered. His trip from NYC would be VERY easy via train into Springfield. I offered to pick him up at the station and then return him after his listening visit. Again, silence.... I have given up. Funny thing is, until just this last month, he had NEVER heard Klipschorns in his life ! I offered for him to hear my system during the past year. Not sure what the problem was. He seems to keep his travels with city limits, but yet will venture out to some of the audio shows! Best of luck with contacting him....
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    A little chilly but somebody has to suffer through it. A Few Clouds 65°F 18°C
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    Nice looking business, you should be proud.
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    Great read. Nice and tight, factual and clean. Sure there will be those that can't hear a difference but I'm sure there IS a difference. Glad you're enjoying them and welcome to the Forum.
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