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    And more. Here's what I have. Some is giveaway, but you'll have to pick up shipping and packing at my local shipping and packing joint. Except the smallest items...I can handle packing those, so just shipping cost on those. The items that have a price will have shipping and packing added to the cost. So, here's the list, pics to follow. Black Pearl cartridge. Unknown working order, but looks sound. Free RS passive switch box. Useful for extra inputs. Free TC-750 MM Preamp. $25 Works great DB Systems MC step-up. This was a high end item. Nice piece. $25 6A3 tube amp. I bought it from somebody on the forum (who built it), but can't remember who. I was never able to work out the bugs. Great for parts, fresh tubes, quality iron. $50 Another one. This one is EL34. Built by another forum member. Sounds okay, not great. Fresh tubes, quality iron. $50 Onkyo A/V receiver. Works fine. Looks like doo-doo. Free. CJ PV11. Nice piece, only a few minor blems. Sounds good too! $100 Adcom tuner. $25 Works fine
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    Just give me an excuse to disappear on the River for a week . Crappie season is gonna be on in about 3 - 4 weeks.
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    @grasshopper Youngest get's her Master's in May so I'm slipping out that way for a few weeks prolly June or July. I get 4" up this way it's gonna have to be pretty bad for me to get that big snow blower out at this point. Downhill slide now into spring. Well maybe! I can hole up w/the best of them! 😂 @rockhound I''d loan you my flip flops, shade and sunscreen but I don't think you're ready quite yet. lol Never know about Ohio this time of the year. It get's totally nuts weather wise. 60's one day then 40's the next w/rain. That just makes it feel like it's in the 30's I hope the neighbor stays in Panama til after the first nice day we have with a nice wind outta the East (which is rare). Then I get my blower out and blow all HIS leaves in my yard up in the air and smirk watching them go back to his "woods" across the street. Yea, that's the way I roll Gotta suit up and go get a haircut. Play nice!
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    Ding Ding. I've heard them described as "sonic turds" but they sure opened up my CF3s. They loved the power.
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    😉 Actually added one about a month ago. Because playback sound is so clean, it is too easy to find yourself with the volume a bit too loud. Low level listening is very sweet. I don't usually have it very loud... you can't hear it from the street, but I could piss off the neighbors if I wanted to.
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    Yes, but in my case, it was a no-brainer. The tops already had gaping holes in the sides for stupid pocket handles, and the wood was in very rough shape. They had no drivers but real Klipsch paper tags on them, though, and that was good enough for me! I just had to let them sing once more, and it was the right thing to do. A friend 😀made me some sweet, sweet corners for the tops, and the rest is history. Now they've dropped the jaws on MANY people, and I've seen it firsthand. I'll never tire of witnessing it. When you hear the truth speak, it changes you, like it did me more than 35 years ago. The last get-together I had with them, I invited a guy that was involved in music production pretty heavily, and I asked him to critique what he heard. He sat front and center facing the THTLP, with the La Scalas about 30' apart, converging just behind him. He sat there for one entire song. He was expressionless. He was staring straight ahead for a time, then stared at the left speaker a while, then the right speaker a while. The 2nd song started and he listened for a bit, got up, and headed toward me. I asked him if they were ok. He said, "They are f-ing phenomenal". "Really?", I said. "Really. Don't change anything." With that, the work was totally worth it. This past weekend I added some mid-span screws to the edge trim to stop some vibrations I was hearing at higher volumes. Like @Thaddeus Smith, I have no regrets either. They are stunning.
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    Nearing my second toaster; less than twenty posts to go. Better free up some counter space.
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    Finally picked up a nice pair of Cornwalls. I think they're 1's, as the serial numbers are stamped into the wood. The factory stickers are in poor shape. 23U132 and 23U130. Oiled Walnut with new Bob Crites tweeters. They have also recently been recapped though I have no knowledge of what went in. I have all the original parts. The grills need new cloth. They each have some minor tears and marks but nothing heinous. The cabinets are in fair to good condition. They each have a few nicks in the veneer but they look great from across the room. Blasted them for two days an old Sansui 5700 so I could A/B them with my CF-3s. Every time I compare my CFs (my first Klipsch) to new speaks I wonder why I ever kept buying speakers. I love the CFs and they still make me smile. But these Cornwalls are a marked improvement. So far, not as much Bass response but the mids are scary bright and FULL. It sounds like I put four speakers in the room and not just two. I just wired them to my Fisher 500B. So far, great. I think the thing holding them back is the room is too small. Guess I need a new house. 700 Bucks. - Happiest guy in the hood!
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    Enjoy one of the best jazz singers of our time. I have his entire collection at home and I adore him very much
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    We wont get a vaccine and whatever they do throw out there wont be here until well into 2021 they say. Hell we have been studying the Flu for decades and decades and they cant get an effective vaccine for the projected strain year after year. This is going to fizzle out like the bird flu, SARS or the other variants they have over there or it will blow up and most of us will have survived it over the next 5 years or so. Sometimes its good to live in a rural or low population community. So far, 16,000 people have died and 280,000 people have been hospitalized during the 2019-2020 flu season, according to preliminary estimates from the CDC.
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    This may or may not help: I have a 2014 GMC Sierra, and it was draining the battery. I took it to the dealership, and they couldn't find the problem, and wanted to start replacing fuse panels.The truck ran fine for a few months, and then drained a brand new battery. I decide to trouble shoot it myself, having been a Master Mechanic in a previous life, and spent 24 years building trucks at GM Truck and Bus. What I found out is the fuse block on the drivers side dash was getting wet from an unknown leak in the roof area, and the water was running down the A pillar. I simply removed the fuses and re-installed them, and it's been fine for over a year. There is a main fuse panel on the drivers side under the hood, plus two fuse panels inside, one on both sides of the dash, on my 2014. your '07 may be a bit different.
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    @Dave1290 precisely why I live here... and in the heat of summer, our mean temp is lower than most of the continental US. We're running 5` below normal. 70 is average. 75` tomorrow ---- gone fishin'
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    Calling for 2-4 North of Cbus. Then a warm up again next wkend. I'd take that 65 in a heartbeat!
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    If you base your amp purchase on what someone else prefers you may wind up very disappointed! The only way to know what will satisfy you is to hear it in your system. Companies like Decware allow you to return equipment if you are not satisfied. I don’t know if Bob Latino does the same with amps which his techs have built. If you state your location there may be forum members nearby who can bring something over for you to try. Even the Dynaco amps you heard may not produce the same result at your house. Maynard
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    My grandmother did not believe anyone ever went to the moon, but TV wrestling circa 1960 was absolutely real!
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    Round two for me this time....
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    I've listened to Rudy's Heil double stack. Absolutely no regrets..
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    From reading the mask with a rating of N95 is truly rated to protect from virus. The paper masks are probably better than nothing but offer little protection. You’re as well off with consciousness hand washing —
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    It's a solid 15ft paint job I do like the 1.5" edge profile for sure.
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    Just to get a better idea of the size of the MWM cabinets. I placed some boards with a rug on them across the front of the LS to keep craziness from the hollow space between the cabinets. Love how these sound... need to get REW and a microphone to find out what to do with the setup.
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    Ein Avdat. Near the Ben Gurion burial site. The caves found in this area used to be home to monks and scribes.
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    Forgot that I had this album but I’m sure it was given to me by a next door neighbour ( as I can’t remember buying it ) It’s probably this artists top 3 selling albums and I think was released when he went to live in America from England He is still preforming in his mid 70s Early career was with Jeff Beck and The Faces Artist - Rod Stewart Title - Atlantic Crossing
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    So... the wife is gone for a month, so I am playing with what I have in our family room (21x23x10). At the moment, I don't have room to place the MWMs in their proper orientation, and I have been using them with the LaScalas tops for the mids and tweets, even though they are squeezed in the middle. I decided to lay the LS on their side and just use them as boxes, while I hooked up some BMD750 2 inch drivers with some Selenium horns, and some APT150s for tweeters on top. The APT150s are Eminence APT50 drivers on a 100x50 horn flare. Using the DHA2 crossovers from the LS with no changes. It shouldn't sound very good, really, although the tweeters are physically aligned with the mids. Should probably be about a 5 ms delay on those from the MWMs. Still, they sound unbelievable. Need to get an active crossover so I can really do these right. Showed the pic to my older son and his older daughter (oops... 9 or 10... I should know), said, "We need speakers that big."
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    starting up a new project .....want to construct new cabinets for my RF7 MK II .....somebody might help me ?
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    Brian has been sniffing too many hot sauce fumes.
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    ....do not come down here in June, though. It will be hot.Outdoor activities start at the buttcrack of dawn. The myth of siesta revolves around that. If you are working outdoors, you start at 4 or 5AM... so, early afternoon, you are done for the day and can rest.
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    You're 70 miles from the Tail of the Dragon . Buy something fun and go have some fun .
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    He was trying to get 5000 ft up to see if the world was flat. Hey have a idea? How about a airplane ✈️!
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    View of Tel Aviv from Jaffa. Somewhere along these shores Jonah took a boat to run away from God. There are three major biblical events in Jaffa and two of them relate to salvation for the gentiles. I hadn't made that connection until after visiting the sites and rereading the related sections of the bible.
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    The MWMs have two K43s in each. Simply amazing, articulate bass. They had been donated to the college where I previously worked, by JWC. The school decided after four years, to give them to me as they didn't think they would like them or be able to use them. Their loss is my gain.
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    In my experience, that has always meant that I forgot that I had the original when I bought the re-issue.
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