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    @dirtmudd The last one and a half hours I have been concentrating on my Grado SR 325e headphones on your "road to red". Thank you very much for the work you have done to introduce me to the musical world of King Crimson. I also found the different interpretations from different eras very exciting. And yes ...how could this incredible good band pass me by ? Thanks to you, I can now catch up on a lot and complete my music collection. Thank you very much .....
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    So everyone knows Richards generosity I accepted his offer. I did make clear that he and his wife had adequate protection before I gave the ok. He assured me his situation was in control wherein I accepted. My daughter was thrilled with the generosity shown. Thank You Sir —🙏😇
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    Sat down a while ago and something John Lennon's son said the other day brought me to his new band. In a moment of exhilaration & joy after several hours of anxiousness here today the Claypool Lennon Delirium flat-out rejuvenated me! You know the drill, turn it up until you feel it, then two notches more.
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    I'm unzippin a couple more today. The re-master is the first of two albums by the Jeff Beck Group released in 1971. Fun A/Bing them. MAJOR difference in the promo copy I have and he re-master. This crap is crazy good! Keb Mo? Nice and sweet his second release from 1994.
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    Joking aside we only have a small lawn area because as Dave has sort of alluded to water is expensive. And where we live it gets so hot and dry at sometimes during the year that it don't matter how much water you put on it, it still looks like sheet. The rest is wild weeds or desert(xeriscape?) type landscaping . And it's a work in progress for sure, I ain't rich enough to have it all done professionally. Remember most of the time I sit around doing nothing
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    It is nice looking, just in the wrong state. The back deck looks perfect for a gun range large set of speakers.
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    According to the manual I had wrong EQ set for my brand new TDK SA type tape, & in trouble shooting guide they say uneven sound clean the heads Off to try these goodies Have a demag on the way
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    Yes but you live out there so you still have to pay for the insanity. There are some really pretty spots in CA and it is a shame wrong minded people are ruining it. On another note one of the things that surprised me in the national parks out there was how sparse good hardwoods and wildlife was compared to here in TN where I live. And water. On my 3/4 mile dead end road there are four families who have springs that have never been known to go dry. Gun range down the street at my neighbors and we all are out there at times shooting on our own pieces and no one minds or complains. I traveled around the country working in the early 80's and spent some time in CA and Washington. I chose to live in TN for a number of reasons and each year I am more and more grateful for that choice. Land of Milk and Honey and not Poop and Money.
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    First, yes.... this really sucks for her/them. It got me curious, so I went and asked the wife. (She's got a stash of various things to use when she sands, paints, other...) Found a couple (two) of these unopened. I don't know if they're the required type, but if they are, and can be utilized....I'd be more than happy to drop them in the mail to you/her as an early Christmas present.
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    Jafcp. IF your tweeters need fixing, I would HIGHLY recommend replacing the diaphragms and NOT replacing parts with aftermarket parts ! Please leave them as Paul made them for you, your story is what makes these special, NOT non original parts! Roger
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    I cannot disagree more. I am all for giving, but you don't give away something that you desperately need. The Chinese people do not deserve to suffer but our medical workers are in serious trouble, go explain to them why more of their PPE should have been given away when the virus was already here.
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    I advise everybody to retire early, if they can afford to. With no idea of how much time you have left, it makes more sense to spend it with family and friends, or to do what you want to do, instead of being told what to do. That’s my opinion. Just something to consider.
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    Ah! Thanks! I figured it out!
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    This is my first post, so please understand that I might not be in the right forum. I will also post this in the Klipsch General Forum. I worked for the Pacific Northwest Klipsch rep in the late '60's & '70's and traveled with PWK and RLM on the West Coast in Paul's Twin Beechcraft. Have lots of stories! Around 1972, Paul convinced me to sell my Cornwalls and buy Rosewood K-Horns and he'd watch over the order. I did and he did and the model is KB-RO and the serial #'s are 3H272 and 3H273. They were QC'd by Portus Gilley and have the original Type "A" crossover networks, original woofers (K33P I think), K55 (V, I think), but the original K77 (A, I think) had to be replaced with Klipsch K77M's. The K-Horns have been stored for many years, >20 years, but are now back in our media room. Unfortunately, the K77 tweeters are not working correctly, so now to my questions.... 1. Are the K77's repairable and, if not, what is available to replace them. 2. Would you replace the Type "A" crossover network? 3. Should I open the horn hatch and see if the woofer cones are still intact? Any other thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!
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    I am selling my small Walnut MAHL V1 tweeter horn I purchased from DaveA. I am selling as I decided to upgrade to the V2 horn. These are in excellent shape. Has been stained with walnut Watco Danish oil. It looks real nice and does sound much better than the K77 driver/horn when using a de120 driver. I am selling for $85 and will include shipping.
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    @MicroMara King Crimson was the first band that I fell in love with Probably when I was a fresh faced 12 to 14 years of age
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    I wasn't paying attention once and bought the Sativa ones and there is a noticeable difference as a sleep aid. But, those Indica ones work great for me. Sucky thing is that in Oregon, a package can only contain 50mg TOTAL ... so you get 10 five mg gummies. In CA and WA, you can have 100mg per container. The cost here is $18 for a pack, which is a bit pricey since the dosage is so low. Sure wish my lungs weren't toast, then I could just take a bong toke. without anything, I sleep like crap and wake up hourly.
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    +1 I keep reading different and conflicting reports. Also, how long can it live on different surfaces and at what temperatures...
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    Indica gummies Is that a product or affect? lol You wouldn't have a problem with mine... You would never get to sleep to start. I use sativa products. any Trekkies here? I was watching an old Perry Mason... George Takei is in The Case of the Blushing Pearls .... the more I watch these shows. Kinda surprised the coroner doesn't just follow him. He seems to have a knack for being where dead people are... I've taken to calling him Perry Manson.
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    Being ‘intubated’ means that an airway has been placed that ‘sequesters’ the lungs. Often it is done for the purpose of placing the patient on a ventilator. But it can be done just to protect the airway and the lungs. Regardless by having the airway in play to do expose the lungs to factors that can lead to infection and/or other complications. But it is not absolute and many people use airways (tracheostomy tubes) permanently and do not suffer from chronic lung infections. You just need to take proper care of the airway and how those lungs are managed and that goes for the whole patient as well. There are lots of things in play for the critically ill.
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    I always gave my cassette decks and reel to reels a thorough cleaning prior to recording, plus I also used a demagnetizer. You have to be careful with the alcohol and store bought head cleaners because they tend to dissolve pinch rollers, belts etc., over time. Use it very sparingly but use enough to clean the heads and capstans thoroughly. Pull the input knob off and make sure the shaft and knob are set correctly. Some knobs are held in place by a set screw and could have been changed when those techs had it. Never know Just sayin'.
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    Ooops - Elon Musk was happy to report that he’d purchased 1,000 ventilators and had donated them to the cause. Turns out that his ‘ventilators’ were bipap machines used for sleep apnea and not the sort of critical care ventilator needed. In a pinch a bipap machine can be used to support a patient but it would be a stretch. Still this is consequential of too many souls not knowing precisely what is and is not a ‘ventilator’, especially one useful for severely diseased lungs. In the media I’ve seen isolation masks called ventilators, lots of different oxygen mask/hood devices called ventilators, and a Venturi system called a ventilator. It is none of those things. A ‘ventilator’ used in critical care is capable of taking over complete control of ventilation (removal of CO2) and oxygenation - and offers a range of therapeutic modes which can be employed to maximize the efficiency of those goals - and (when applicable) can safely wean the patient off of mechanical support. Also it is important to understand that diseased lungs are complex. Getting the most from the interface without damaging the lungs requires a capable machine plus the knowledge of how to apply the machine to finesse gas exchange area from those lungs. It can be a fine line with one side being survival, the other death. Yes, you can overdo ventilator settings and do great harm. These are not toys. Childbirth is the most common reason for hospitalization. Next in line is pneumonia. So there is a lot of experience treating pneumonia. But that requires a lot of care providers with a lot of specialized skills. Treating critical cases by the boxcar load will be very difficult.
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    Put on your spacesuit and run around the block... make sure all systems are GO!
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    Full documentation available at HI FI Engine. Service manual is almost 8 meg can't downloaded it here. If it plays back good through the same head, sounds like there is something wrong with record or record bias circuits. A good cleaning cannot hurt. Do you have a head demagnetizer?
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    So what has the wife upset?
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    I could see that, your right, from what they say even after he worked a normal day he still worked some of the night. It was all about quality control and testing. .
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    Geeze that's not happening to me too much lately, but if I reach 5:00 it's the obligatory water then I'm making coffee. Ten `till eleven and I'm relaxing for the first time since before 7. Her G-tube would only accept half of the sustenance/Rx then. Tried ten times with every routine including the emergency airplane sized diet coke. When the gastro's nurse called back a half hour ago I tried once more while giving her the rundown and...... voila! The darned apparatus started to work correctly and we don't have to go downtown!! Like making an appt with the doctor and the morning of waking up well. Or taking a kid and having the temperature return to normal by the time you arrive. Either way it's a load off, & Thank You Sean Lennon for voicing some intelligent thoughts to the sheep. loud, More Loud, LOUDEST
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    These look nice...$550. Bremerton, WA https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/ele/d/gig-harbor-klipsch-heresy-hip-speakers/7101948263.html "Klipsch Heresy HIP speakers. Pro style cabinets, are stock orig cabinets and drivers. Electro Voice woofer. New Crites HEI crossover built to stock parameters. I have caps that can be used to attenuate the mid and tweeter if so desired (the HIP heresy runs them hot on purpose)"
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    No worries, wasn’t aimed at you, just the truck load comparison vs. documented need. More venting into space - and you were the spaceship —👽 And I could duplicate the same for police officer son — although his last squad car day was yesterday and was accepted into the detective unit. Some good news for the week —
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    Yes, I agree. I am not saying it was the right thing to do. My comment on the amount was to show it was a tiny amount (If the shipment was 100% masks, it adds up that only one mask per 16 people in the medical field would get one mask, one time.) I further stated that I do not support any other country's needs before our own. Mistakes will be made. If I read it right, the 17.8 tons were sent on Feb. 7, when we only had 16 known cases in the US. No one knew that this was going to be such a mess. If I were in your shoes, I'd be p!ssed and worried too. I am truly sorry that you're daughter's supplies are inadequate, I hope that manufacturers can catch up with needs very soon and I thank her for the job she's doing.
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    Wow. Rosewood is rare and expensive. I would keep everything as "stock" or "Klipsch" as possible -- save perhaps repairs. Bob Crites will replace the diaphragms. https://critesspeakers.com/electro-voice-ev-t-35-and-t.html The K-77 is rebranded K-77. K-77's come on the market very frequently. Watch out for ones with burnt out diaphragms. This occures because the tweeter is the most delicate of the three units. I would not open the housing for the woofer unless you know you have to replace it. When test listening make sure to do left and right, one at a time. Balance control will do this if you have one. I got fooled once.
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    yeah... I'm up... been up for.. since 2:30A...5:30 your time Watching tv and avoiding the news as best possible. Wandered out to the doghouse and responding to a couple e-mails...else I would have been "on" earlier Dave, does the cat have food? Our get ornery when they are hungry. Wife went grocery shopping with her sister yesterday. She left at 1:30P..... returned at 7PM. I was just a wee upset. We didn't need anything... They spent 4 hours in a grocery store. How do you do that? I wasn't too crazy about her going to start and then to take so long. Women. The store was fairly well stocked, I guess. No tomato products, though.
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    No confusion for me. What is the threshold of audibility of the types of DAC performance measures that he presents? When you realize that the reviewer never really talks about those subjects (and is really the Achilles heel of all his reviews), then you can begin to look at the data itself and decide for yourself if it's "good enough". I've stated this observation on the forum before. His data is good, but he never says "good enough" and moves on to more important issues. This is a problem. I have no problems with the performance of the DACs in the XMC-1 being much more than "good enough". Can I hear any differences between the current AVP that I own and the one it replaced (in terms of DAC performance)? I'm not sure. And that's "good enough" by definition. If I were to start asking questions about other parts of someone's setup, particularly the room acoustics and loudspeaker performance in-room, I think that these measures will show much, much greater audibility and lower performance thresholds. I could go on with examples of this, but I think you know what I'm saying. DACs used to be an issue in the 1980s through perhaps 10-20 years ago. Spending time on them now is a waste of my time as long at the SINAD is below -100 dB and DAC clock jitter performance is better than 1 ns (in fact, these thresholds are probably overspecified). It's like worrying about cables and interconnects. These are largely a waste of time and money if they're simply "good enough". Get out your calibrated microphone and REW (or similar measurement application) and start looking at the end-to-end performance of the system. It won't take you a nanosecond to figure out that DAC performance is literally "in the weeds". I worry about other stuff that actually matters to what I'm hearing. I find that it is the failing of hi-fi enthusiasts without much experience to not ask these type of questions and to pour money into electronics, etc. without first asking the question, "can I hear that difference?" I can't tell you in how many instances where I see all their money spent on electronics and a pittance on loudspeakers and room acoustics, then the same individual tries to shift the subject away from the obvious "elephant in the room". Chris
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    0500 here and WHAT in the world am I doing still awake? I'm having a WWGH do moment! To brew or not to brew? Ohhhh, GrassHopper are you awake yet? I laid in bed on my stomach for an hour and gave up after the cat crawled between my legs. No kittens here. Just blob laying there keeping me awake. Yesterday she went into attack mode and started biting my arm to wake me up. Now this garbage! Ok, I'm gonna give it ONE more try! Coffee sure sounds good though!
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    Trust me you don't want a first year anything
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    That was very noble of you and I wish your nurse friend well. They are in an impossible situation. The Federal govt had reports of this virus hitting us hard from their 'deep state' intelligence department in January, and most likely sooner. We also already has cases in Washington state, so it was here. This should really piss you off. They sent almost 18 tons (yes, tons ) of PPE to China earlier this year. I guess they figured we would never need it for the 'flu' 😡 https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/us-tons-ppe-china/ Read all the way down, this is well documented and detailed. I am furious about this.
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    Nothing to worry about the impedance is the same for both speakers. The drivers and crossovers are electrically the same.
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    I had a pair of forte 1s that different input cups too. They sounded different from each other, not in a bad way but different. There are construction differences. I think one has full length firring strips along the corners inside the cabs.
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    Well, the round terminal cup has a 1985 copyright, and the rectangular cup has a 1986 copyright. It's a clue.
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    If the serial numbers are not sequential they are likely not the same, things like wood grain,color, grille cloth and terminal cups will vary.
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    There’s a whole series of those funny videos, one involving a crack ***** and a donut. Hmm, the word w-h-o-r-e didn’t make it past the censors. Well, I had to clarify that, because I didn’t want you thinking I’d use a mean sexist word like b-I-t-c-h. I’m just not like that.
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    Wellllllllllll, here we go and played to perfection by my oldest daughter! Had BOTH of my grands. Hook, line and sinker! April Fool's!!!
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