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    Good to hear a positive story for a change. Thank your wife for us. We have sewers at my company and with several out watching their kids that dont have school or daycare, we are barely keeping up with our "essential" work but we have managed to make over 1000 masks that we have used for ourselves, our customers and donated hundreds to front line workers. Didn't want to get into the mud with the profit takers for PPE. Just doing our small part. All 72 employees are getting paid and we pay 100% of health insurance as well. We are very fortunate.
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    I now have to remind myself when replying that I'm talking to a person who is so full of hate that he would root for a pilot to fail out of spite while he's a passenger on the airplane. There doesn't seem to be much logic to that. Let's not kid ourselves here. This isn't about masks, it isn't about the virus, it isn't about you keeping your family safe. It's about your laser sharp focus on your hatred for the president. Any opportunity you get you try to work it into any and every topic you possibly can. This didn't just start, it goes way back to even before you petitioned the moderators to allow you to have an anti Trump avatar. You seem to be consumed with it and from all the PM's I get, people are tired of it. Honestly, I don't see why it's allowed to continue but thankfully I have no say in the matter and don't have to deal with the repercussions you cause. There are SO many other things to talk about on this forum yet you keep wanting to go back to the same old same old. Sigh..........................
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    Triple LP's @Budman? Lawd have mercy! Took an hour drive to Cbus today for an eye appointment. Gallon of sanitizer at the ready, my Spanish Doc had a little girl and smelled great peering into my eyeballs. Did I mention she's absolutely gorgeous? Turned her on to some Nils Lofgren "Live" last time and she loved him. Doors Isle of Wight this time since she wanted another one. hahaha Then stopped for maters and flowers to plant, then a stop for a bologna sandwich and their onion rings to go @ http://gandrtavern.com/ and slipped into the house stuffed. Best bologna sammich on the planet! Enough for one day. Now I've got the itch @ 9PM? Seriously? Hmmmm... Cranked!
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    I think everyone has been pretty cordial after being called out on crossing a very wide line that has been offered, given the current circumstance we're dealing with. We're lucky that we can complain and object with different points of views on this here. I do not lock a thread unless the OP started it in violation of TOS. If necessary, posts will be hidden and action taken against individual contributors, but I won't lock it. In this, I do not necessarily reflect all mods, but I have tried to influence them to act the same way as I feel locking a thread reflects poorly on the original poster and those who follow the TOS in their posts. Dave
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    please stop the madness 000
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    I agree...to many people disregard the full danger of what is happening and blow it off as a common cold or flu. Too many people refuse to protect themselves and others, and just want to return to a life where they can party, and go out wherever they want. The longer people act like this, the longer the virus spreads and the more people get sick, and die. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Jim.....I have met you and shared a few drinks at Pilgrimage 2018 so I would hate to see you banned. OTOH your attacks on the sitting administration is tiring. I did not vote for Obama but I never went to the lengths you have to discredit the guy in charge. When I fly anywhere I always pull for the pilot. Makes sense to me.
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    That is what made sense to me. Otherwise the concept of self-isolation would be just a "Take a Number" exercise and some get their number called sooner than others. I think the goal is for some never to get it.
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    Yesterday I had reported a shortage (meaning none) of fresh ground beef and all pork products at KC area Costco. Decided to try a local grocery chain of about 30 stores under differing names/formats. Not only plenty of ground beef but any pork or fresh chicken you would want. Even mailed sale flyers with these items on sale. I ask the butcher if he had enough ground beef for a twenty pound order, he said we have tons, no shortage, never been a shortage, won’t be one, don’t listen to the news. ( And no, I did not ask him which way he votes) Why this and Costco is dry? This chain buys from local producers, Costco buys at the national level. They even have boxes of FDA approved masks, gloves etc. all of course, made by our friends in China. Funny the national media focuses on the dread, the bad news, the food supply chain is shutting down and not any local reports where groceries are plentiful. Of course we are geographically in fly over country where no ones gives a rats azz about what goes on here.
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    It won’t work on us, monkeys have social order...
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    Then don’t work, this is still America. I’m sure someone would be happy to have a job. You have a choice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    it was always nice to come here and look at peoples tables and albums. no so much anymore
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    Hi, thank you At home I drink pure ground coffee, without sugar and milk. I used to make it in a geyser coffee maker, but then I just began to pour coffee with boiling water and insist. The taste is softer, there is no burnt taste. And my favorite coffee is Segafredo here is photo
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    Yes Jim. Most people would pull for the pilot knowing he or she had your life in their hands regardless of their training or who they cared about. I honestly feel badly for how miserable you must be. I hope things get better for you.
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    @MicroMara Me sensitive? Nah, not at all. lololol It's sitting above a heat duct and yea I know what everyone's thinking right now. Futile to try to keep it clean for the most part. It's going in sometime soon for an overhaul. 40 years old and only had oil change's? The Linn dude is school trained by Linn and from what I've been told is one of the best around. 3 hour drive one-way. Ugh! Sure I could drop tons of $ in table updates but that's the name of the game. When it's back it will go on a butcher block away from the duct and be spotless. Right now it's running on the original cart. Can't wait to get it upgraded. About time to call the place again and TRY to get an idea on price. Last time I talked to them I was totally clueless w/double talk from some salesman. Now I'm gonna talk to the man and see what he says. The typical McIntosh "$'s mean nothing" business. I don't deal that way. Gimme a ballpark figure and we'll narrow things down when I take it in there as to what cart to put on along w/the other stuff. You won't ever insult me. I just go with the flow and enjoy the banter! Thin skinned? hahaha NOT at all. Great place w/a ton of great guys. Yourself included!
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    We need more people responding like you are and helping people that need help. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    What a shame Veterans put their life on the line to serve the Country, and then they are not cared for properly. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
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    I think record spinning is keeping me sane - I stretch it out by choosing an album or ask my wife to choose That can take 30 min to 60 min I research the album as how why and when ect Play it a few times Then it’s time for lunch 😎
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    Well, I didn’t get all of this today but all within the past week. This is my first ever 2-channel system. It’s not even close the best out there, but I am sitting here grinning ear to ear. With trading, driving long distances, negotiating, pleading and being nice, I was able to assemble this system on a pretty tight budget I also bought the first couple CD’s in like 20 years and the delivery guy knocked on my door, literally right when I was putting everything into place, otherwise I would have had to wait as I don’t have any CDs. Ever just have one of those days? I am truly a happy camper! Still some wire management left but that will need to wait:) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @000 Randyh ....VINYL RECORD SPINNING is the TOPIC ...GOT it NOW ??? Show us your TT
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    Nah, we save that for Analog vs Digital and Active vs Passive !
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    Knock off. SP quit responding, Deang quit making it personal. Disagree, but only by stating your own position and why, not the cheap shot of "ignorant." Point out logical fallacies all you want, but do not question others IQ's, origins, or whatever. This thread has been tolerated because the subject matter is important. Don't count on it, though, if ANYONE posting here cannot simply "respectfully disagree." No action now, but expect some if all cannot keep it OT and non personal. Dave
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    I'm sure people want to get back to work. And be able to do it safely. That's the rub. The economy isn't waiting for research.
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    You just don't get it do you. What, over 200 pages on this topic and you STILL don't get it? Last time: You can get this, HAVE NO SYMPTOMS, BE A CARRIER WITHOUT KNOWING IT, AND THEN GIVE IT TO SOMEONE WHO THEN DIES. It's people like you that scare the shit out of everyone else. Since you don't "get it", don't give a crap about anyone except yourself, then it's doubtful you're being careful.
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    Remember the Arizona couple where the husband died because the wife gave him fish tank cleaner on the “advice” of president Trump? Remember how she wailed and railed about how awful the president was? Remember that she was a huge supporter of the Democratic Party and had previously made donations for their candidates? Well she’s now being investigated for murdering her husband. Seems like they had a turbulent history and she’d been charged with assaulting him before. Gotta love some of these liberal sorts........ oh, and the media that fuels so much of this lunacy.
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    I enjoy listening to the phantom center image also. However, I am finding that the single speaker placed in the corner creates such wide dispersion that an illusion of width and depth is created which is even more pleasing to my ears. By changing the listening spot I can create varying acoustic effects which, depending on the recording, can be very enjoyable as well. Maynard
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    It's just a way to get peoples heart rate up that might be home bound and not getting enough exercise.....................
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    Driving home from working in Nashville yesterday. They were talking about keeping some sort of behavior control in place for some time yet to come. Then they say the new infections crossed 100 for a single day. So first we have this. The Davidson county is Nashville and the state and the county can't even agree on how many wuhan infections there are. So first off another indication many numbers are spurious. 626,681 is the population for Davidson/Nashville and they have something like 138 deaths now. so according to those numbers you have a 1 in 242 chance of even getting this and a 1 in 4,541 chance of death. So basically we have been locked up and businesses and peoples lives thrown in turmoil for something that does not kill as many people as the flu and also pneumonia does around here each year. You can choose to panic as do people who believe whatever CNN tells them to believe but for me this is all bogus and by the numbers I have utterly no fear of going out and about and intend to do so. For people in the identified high risk categories you make THEM stay at home while the world goes about it's business. So today the Democrat Mayor of Nashville who saw a 24% increase in tax revenue over the last three years and then spent every penny of it is now whining about losing $300,000,000 in tax revenue and will have roughly the same 24% decrease in revenue this year. He still wants to keep things shut down but will thankfully be forced to open up as surrounding counties are opening up and business will go there and not pay his Nashville bills due. His answer? While we all take pay cuts and many lose their life's savings businesses and homes because of this perfidity the government shall suffer no decrease in employment nor take pay cuts nor reduce their budgets. This idiots answer is to raise property taxes 31% to cover his swollen budget. So the people who have been made to senselessly suffer under the heavy hand of government over reach and abuse are now to pay even more so those who caused all this nonsense can get off scott free. Why are you so against the American way of life as it has been for centuries and unwilling to even consider you have been sold a big lie for nefarious purposes? I was thinking of your new icon and wondering if it was for electronics or because you consider yourself a "resistor". If you are afraid then stay home but don't tell me to. Bonus is if you are right and I am wrong if you stay at home for the next thirty years you won't get wuhan and twenty years from now when I fall into those high risk groups you can watch me pass away and then say "see I told you I was right". I was going to die anyway in short order at that point in time from something but I am not selfish enough to want to punish working people around me because i got old. They deserve the same opportunities to be successful as I had and it is un-American to take that away from them. "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) " Metro Public Health Department officials reported 2,588 cases of COVID-19 in Davidson County on Tuesday morning, a difference of 205 cases. MPHD also released the latest heat map which now includes cumulative cases in Davidson County. In its Tuesday morning update, the Shelby County Health Department reported 2,358 cases of COVID-19 in the county, 18 fewer cases than the state reports. Tennessee Dept. of Health Confirmed Cases (This only reflects what the TDH is reporting each day at 2 p.m. CST. For updated totals listed by agencies across Tennessee visit WKRN.com) County Cases Anderson 24 Bedford 167 Benton 6 Bledsoe 589 Blount 55 Bradley 46 Campbell 14 Cannon 11 Carroll 18 Carter 12 Cheatham 42 Chester 10 Claiborne 5 Clay 5 Cocke 16 Coffee 33 Crockett 7 Cumberland 70 Davidson 2,383 Decatur
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    Covid19 has been on an epidemiology this learning curve. Personally I agree with the idea of overkill to be safe but too much of the population disagrees. IMHO they should’ve gone waaaay overboard with precautions begin with and pulled back unneeded measures as they learned more about the virus. I think too that some of this conflicting info comes to us via the press with intent of hyperbole. They need their headlines, real or otherwise.
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    My wife is Korean, and she found the research from what has worked in Korea. She makes her masks double layered, and then you insert the coffee filters between the 2 layers. The masks can be used over and over... just need washing, and filters to be replaced. Nice thing is the coffee filters are real easy to find, and inexpensive too. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
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    Shouldn't have to ask.
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    Total US cases, new cases in the last 24 hours, total deaths, new deaths. 20K a day over the course of a week is 140,000 new cases every week, is still over a half million in less than a month - and now we're getting to open things back up. Fasten your seat belt. Unless you live out in the middle of nowhere.
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    thank you - I watched the DR OZ show yesterday , and several Doctors are of the same opinion - they are saying that the virus is not slowing down , but the only reason the numbers are however lowering , is because of social distancing and wearing masks , and testing - the moment the distancing , or precautions are lowered or removed , the numbers will rise once more , and there is no vaccine on the horizon -----for a while yet - Here are the USA numbers by State - so far 61 -112 deaths ---04-29-2020 SA State Total Cases New Cases Total Deaths New Deaths Active Cases Tot Cases/ 1M pop Deaths/ 1M pop Total Tests Tests/ 1M pop Source USA Total 1,055,303 +19,538 61,112 +1,846 849,768 3,188 185 6,093,208 18,408 New York 305,086 +3,636 23,474 +330 234,649 15,551 1,197 872,481 44,472 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] New Jersey 116,264 +2,408 6,770 +328 108,223 13,090 762 240,246 27,049 [1] [2] [3] Massachusetts 60,265 +1,963 3,405 +252 48,742 8,823 499 265,618 38,889 [1] [2] Illinois 50,355 +2,253 2,215 +90 47,534 3,927 173 256,667 20,018 [1] [2] [3] [4] California 46,506 +343 1,873 +11 41,296 1,188 48 577,608 14,754 [1] [2] [3] [4] Pennsylvania 45,016 2,195 +135 42,056 3,519 172 214,883 16,799 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] Michigan 40,399 +1,137 3,670 +103 28,387 4,057 369 177,228 17,798 [1] [2] [3] Florida 33,193 +347 1,218 +47 31,289 1,611 59 375,300 18,220 [1] [2] Louisiana 27,660 +374 1,845 +44 8,512 5,931 396 156,568 33,572 [1] [2] Texas 27,054 +883 732 +42 14,536 970 26 314,790 11,289 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] Connecticut 26,312 2,089 24,158 7,347 583 92,745 25,896 [1] [2] Georgia 25,274 +420 1,052 +16 24,191 2,454 102 140,223 13,617 [1] Maryland 20,849 +736 1,078 +62 18,508 3,473 180 110,929 18,478 [1] Ohio 17,303 +534 937 +138 16,246 1,486 80 128,206 11,012 [1] [2] [3] Indiana 17,182 +594 1,065 +73 16,103 2,589 160 91,550 13,793 [1] [2] Virginia 14,961 +622 522 +30 12,397 1,778 62 85,307 10,139 [1] [2] Colorado 14,316 736 13,021 2,588 133 67,094 12,130 [1] Washington 13,842 786 11,205 1,898 108 182,515 25,021 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] North Carolina 10,092 +353 379 +18 8,411 994 37 118,440 11,663 [1] [2] [3] [4] Tennessee 10,052 188 4,943 1,511 28 161,928 24,346 [1] [2] [3] [4] Rhode Island 8,247 +321 251 +12 7,654 7,805 238 60,165 56,941 [1] Missouri 7,425 +49 327 6,551 1,219 54 73,503 12,069 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Arizona 7,202 +254 304 +11 6,828 1,037 44 68,813 9,906 [1] Iowa 6,843 +467 148 +12 4,531 2,185 47 41,337 13,196 [1] [2] Alabama 6,842 +92 251 +9 6,571 1,406 52 80,449 16,537 [1] Mississippi 6,569 +227 250 +11 6,319 2,198 84 66,094 22,114 [1] [2] Wisconsin 6,520 +231 308 +8 3,899 1,128 53 73,150 12,659 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] South Carolina 5,881 +146 203 +11 1,977 1,187 41 54,217 10,940 [1] [2] Nevada 4,898 +93 225 2,026 1,676 77 49,475 16,927 [1] [2] Delaware 4,655 +80 144 +7 3,338 4,903 152 21,538 22,684 [1] Minnesota 4,644 +463 319 +18 2,282 840 58 66,744 12,075 [1] [2] Kentucky 4,375 225 3,028 985 51 52,411 11,804 [1] Utah 4,343 45 3,410 1,426 15 102,439 33,638 [1] District Of Columbia 4,106 +112 205 +15 3,241 5,999 299 19,229 28,092 [1] Kansas 3,685 +108 127 3,055 1,267 44 28,090 9,657 [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Oklahoma 3,473 +63 214 +7 940 886 55 61,619 15,727 [1] [2] Nebraska 3,374 55 3,297 1,771 29 23,798 12,494 [1] [2] Arkansas 3,137 +10 57 1,845 1,049 19 45,394 15,179 [1] New Mexico 2,974 110 2,159 1,421 53 61,745 29,509 [1] [2] Oregon 2,446 +61 101 +2 1,485 599 25 54,472 13,345 [1] [2] South Dakota 2,373 +60 13 +2 868 2,746 15 16,612 19,220 [1] New Hampshire 2,010 60 1,014 1,496 45 20,746 15,440 [1] Idaho 1,952 60 805 1,157 36 28,240 16,732 [1] [2] West Virginia 1,095 38 576 599 21 43,227 23,634 [1] Maine 1,056 +16 52 +1 389 792 39 17,807 13,360 [1] [2] North Dakota 1,033 +42 19 577 1,373 25 25,536 33,948 [1] Vermont 862 47 815 1,379 75 15,429 24,687 [1] Hawaii 609 16 88 428 11 29,862 21,000 [1] [2] Wyoming 536 7 186 921 12 8,615 14,807 [1] [2] Montana 451 16 +1 53 433 15 13,528 12,986 [1] [2] [3] Alaska 355 +4 9 106 481 12 19,119 25,888 [1] Guam 144 5 10 605 [1] Northern Mariana Islands 14 2 0 45 [1] [2] Puerto Rico 1,433 +33 86 956 423 25 13,022 3,845 [1] [2] [3] United States Virgin Islands 62 +3 4 7 872 [1] [2] Veteran Affairs 7,481 461 7,020 95,680 [1] [2] US Military 6,648 27 4,514 [1] [2] Navajo Nation 1,769 59 1,710 9,206 [1] Federal Prisons 1,648 30 1,082 [1] Grand Princess Ship 103 3 100 [1] Wuhan Repatriated 3 3 3 Diamond Princess Ship 46 46 46 Total: 1,055,303 +19,538 61,112 +1,846 849,768 3,188 185 6,093,208 18,408
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    This will remain to be seen. No reason to get sick if precautions still taken. By buying time for new meds and cure strategy no reason for the same amount of people getting sick. IMLO
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    I believe the 15's were Saul Marantz first SS amps. Mono blocks bolted together behind a plate front cover. Had a pair in the early '70's. with the mod 14. A mono block used as a center channel amp. Ran his 7T preamp. Sweet sounding gear back in the day. tc
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    THAT is the Civil War I was referring to. 😁 Dave
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    Until this political BS ends, one cannot discuss the virus.
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    You have a choice. Stay home or not. It’s really simple. I’m in the vulnerable group. I’m cautious when out in public and who I “associate” with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ^^^^^ Dave A and your comments on Nashville’s Mayor. Isn’t it ironic the movers and shakers in our esteemed government, who take vacations during a crises (yes, and I’m sure play golf too ( to cover all bases for the inevitable comeback) never make mention of them taking pay cuts and “suffer”:with the proletariat. If they, every single one of the blue and red, had term limits and didn’t posture for their next election cycle from the day they swear in, maybe they would make more sensible decisions based on the right here, right now and not when you cast your vote in three years. If these SOB’s knew that in 3-4 years they were done, finished, a dollar to a donut their decision making would be more for the good - of the people and not their re-election chances.
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    Mornin' All how's everyone? Hi @henrietta we didn't scare ya off... good! gonna "break the ice' on the SantaCruzRiver today. Nothing exciting about that, except it being a month early.... and a week after our first 90` day. Will need to close the house up in a few minutes. Keep that 55` indoors... Haven't filled the "pool", yet. Spent 1/2 hour picking burrs out of Scooter's tail.She does a pretty good job on herself, but, the poor cat has hair 4in long on her tail ... Good thing she enjoys the attention. Chuckie, the other kitten, has shorter, not short... shorter, hair and stays clean.. spotify is slow as... must be the site...taking forever to load...was buffering like crazy last night. So much for streaming music in the doghouse. Finally loaded. Let's see how this goes. Feeling good the AM... no good reason. I have two coffee cups out here. They both have the same problem... empty. Yeah, I'm in the doghouse. That's how I keep "quiet"... I make noise somewhere else. Think I have got the sub dialed in... Not running it on the sub out. That will be the next experiment. Part of the problem is the A/V receiver... the display is about gone. You can only see it in the dark. A lot of work to make these baby speakers sound good. .. well, better. I can't say I've been disappointed with them. They are entry level stuff. Just makes me appreciate the LS, when I get to listen to the house system. Still half heartedly looking for an upgrade for the doghouse. Amp and speakers. Seeing a couple H/Ks on the local CL. They're in Phoenix. Don't know that I care to drive up there for a $100 amp. Yeah, I know... I made a 4000 mile r/t for the LS... no regrets Well the sun is about to show. Best go in and close up the house... and get more coffee. Should just bring the pot out here.
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    right , Veterans have to ask for more resources for Veteran homes , more staff , and more Protective equipment for the Staff and the Residents ---
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    They are going up fast in Mexico City. The one thing they have done in Mexico City is to enforce spacing and also everyone must wear a mask or they can be fined. Where we are my wife has been making filtered masks and selling them...all profits go to helping the poor people The other day my wife found out a woman with a tumor was going to be evicted, and my wife paid their rent for the past 2 months from the profits. Sent from my SM-T830 using Tapatalk
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    Not pictured are the rear CDT 5800 II's used for surrounds.
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    Mornin' All cold coffee... room temp... might be 60` in the house. Another day in the mid 90's coming... then, it gets hot for a couple days. The r/h makes it tolerable, if you are in the shade. You don't notice perspiration... it dries before you notice wet. Ya build a salt crust. Our one cat had me laughing last night. He wanted out and wife had other ideas. Poor Oso [I call him Bozo]... He run up to the door full tilt like he is going to run thru it...Skid to a halt. Heaven forbid you be in his way....he would have knocked you down.... "Look out, here he comes". He made 4 or 5 circuits thru the house before he settled down.... conceded. His sister is our deaf cat... might indicate a genetic mental problem?jk jk he's a very nice cat. Kid used him for her baby doll.She'd pick him up and put where and how she wanted, "You stay there"... and he did think I need to get off the property. Going sane... Don't know if I want to brave the lake. Fishing is not a social sport for me. Come to think... there isn't much I do that is social... I enjoy people... don't seek them out, for the most part. This is me being social. Kinda chuckled at the boy. He was cooking. I had to leave before he got to the stove. he was cutting veggies when I left. He was using "the black knife"... my knife. It is very very sharp. It's a slicer. You can fillet a fish with it... a small fish. Anyway... he was making a lot of work out of these veggies. I wanted to grab the knife and show him how it's done. He was resistant to advice, so I shut up and watched/listened to the fun. .... bet the kid knows her way around the kitchen better than he does. She watches and helps me cook.
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