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    Had my cleaning lady over yesterday and filled things out for both her and her daughter to get their stimulus checks. She now owns her mom's house, which is nice but none of them have squat. If it wasn't for her son washing dishes @ a pizza shop and helping out they'd be sunk big time. None of them are sharp enough to get a job and both the mom and her daughter have medical/mental problems. None of them drive and she rides her bike everywhere. They have a 10 year old laptop w/no virus protection soooo called her a bit ago and told her to stay off the email w/all the scams out there. Opened the freezer and loaded her up before I took her back to her place. Good deed for the week. Might take the day off and crank a few tunes and "think" about painting this place. Now's the time around here. Buddy who paints is supposedly coming over yet his van was sitting at his mom's place yesterday. Thinkin I just may as well suck it up and break out the drop clothes and go. Ugh. Wish I were safe distancing sittin in a parking lot suckin down hot dogs w/ketchup and eatin fries. Would even be a hoot watchin kids w/the grasshopper. I don't get it w/kids today. Laffed hard one day campin w/my buddies kids. Gonna roll a "blunt." One of the kids somehow shoved a quarter ounce in a cigar wrapper, lit it and shared it with 3 others. 10 minutes later they were doing it again. Just shook my head. so I can totally relate w/grasshopper about today's kids. Insane! Gonna make "their" mark on society cause we didn't know what we were doing back in the day. Ha! Now I'm feeling worthless... hahahaha
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    Nice find Eric. Rare photo of Carl with hair —
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    As mentioned, they cancelled my order for the Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones in black, and sent me a pair in white FREE of charge. Can't beat that. Klipsch did me a big solid. A big shout out to Rae. I asked for a pair of HP-3's in Ebony but that was another solid, NO can do. They were under no obligation to do what they did so for that I am very very grateful. Bill
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    This is how I check tweeters. Hold a tube from a roll of paper towels up to the tweeter to isolate it from the other drivers. You should be able to hear it clearly.
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    THANK YOU - Godspeed -----Champagne is popping -Regards
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    Sold back to Jim. Enjoy.
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    I love this version of George Harrison's "While my guitar gently weeps", done on a Chapman Stick.
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    If you liked that, you should really like this. The music is from Scheherazade, the pit ensemble and battery (snares which are marching) were the best in the world that year. There's some nice 4-mallet work there. This is not a random video, I love drum corps and they canceled it this year due to the pandemic. This is my passion every summer.
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    Need some help with how to best touch up the black LaScalas I just picked up. There are a few knicks and dings, but overall pretty good shape. There are a few spots on the top where the finish is coming away, a few discolored spots, maybe even some moisture. The label just says "BLK", but, if i am going to touch things up, I want to do it right.
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    I kinda like Ikea, but....
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    Lucked into a set of LaScalas yesterday at a ridiculous price. I have a feeling that the tweeters may need updated. What’s the best way to check them? Put my ear up to the tweeter and it sounds rough. Not sure if the mid is covering for it at listening levels
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    Send your 83's crossovers to GR. Bill
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    Thank you Jason for making this happen. And thank you to Tom (HD Rider) for the Pony Express pickup.
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    Going to meet a small group for lunch. Take out and then tailgating with a parking space between each vehicle. Trying to support one our family owned places. The down side is they serve mostly high carb food (hot dogs, cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings) and I have been doing low carb for ten days and have lost 6 pounds. May take a bite or two but make a donation anyway.
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    That's exactly how I added additional bracing to my KLF-30's. Minimal but effective. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    so, that is what Mike looks like before his coffee. I look like that all the time... Mornin' All I get a couple days off. Today, tomorrow and part of Sunday, too. Wow! The property to myself.... and 8 cats and 2 dogs... MayDay... time for our annual idiot contest. "Kids" from all around the area congregate in the national forest, sit in the dirt and see how high they can get... for three days. Like Woodstock w/o [organized] music. And then they hike to the top of MontanaPeak. Wonder if ... oh, what am I thinking... it's an idiot contest, of course they will have their party.. It clouded over yesterday. We didn't get to 103` as predicted. It only made 101`. You can really feel the difference ---not. W/o the sun trying to burn a hole thru you, was appreciated. Can't say the r/h went up with the cloud cover... Still hovering around 10%. Coffee tastes "funny" after cleaning the machine and replacing the charcoal filter. Yes... I did rinse the vinegar out... Must be the filter removing that tap water taste we are used to. Funny the things we get used to.... Niece was complaining to the wife about this remote schooling scheme. The assignments for her kindergartener was crazy... aside from the fact that K is now treated as an academic year.. She has two other kids. One a special ed and a high schooler, all with similar amts of "homework"... we aren't talking homework homework... stuff that is taught in classroom, by trained professionals... She's trying to keep all 3 on task, and prepare meals, do housekeeping...... Maybe realistic, if you only have one child... multiple kids, another story. These aren't statewide requirements.. it is district by district. Most are much more relaxed.
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    Hi, it may be time to make a nice upgrade with a superb Mahl tweeter in wood or aluminum from @Dave A
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    The year of the Crown is what I have dubbed it Congratulations @000
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    I could do it...That would be an upgrade from LS prolly need to upgrade the wife, if I was to buy a pair. She was the one that said, "You already have some of those" when I was talking about getting another pair of LS. I don't have Jubes....
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    Sounds like a great plan to me. Wow. You must really love your kid!
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    I love that video 👌 Also love this album based on Scheherazade by Renaissance
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    Jason, sent you a PM
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    Still needs some work (and a K77) but it a site that I can look at and I guess do the other top that is currently sitting on top of the MWMs clone.
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    After a couple coats of 2 part primer they got a quick sanding with 220 wet sandpaper used dry One good coat of 7777 satin black and wait till morning.
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    Forgot to post the end result. Guess I was to busy eating the leftovers!
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    Nope, I think they are enjoying human's staying at home. LOL Cheers 🍻
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    Pics would help. If minor, KiWi Black Boot Polish should do the trick.
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    Cheers babadono !!!
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    Yes, Stop and smell the roses, we say in English. Oh and drink the beer
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    Came across a pair of Chorus I’s about 3 hours away. Thoughts on the Chorus?
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    Let's not conflate and confuse and E network for a Heresy vs. AA for Khorn or LS, ok? The size of the mid horn dominates the selection of the crossover point. Stick to an E first, then look for mods. Don't ever change more than 1 thing at a time. Word to the wise from the wise.
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    Paul you need to spin this !
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    Welcome to the forum. Yes, your gear would match very well. Regards, John
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    @000 Nice Technics TT , latest model SL 1210 GR , with a Ortofon black , good choice ...where are your records ?
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    wait...are we still talking about coffee or cocktails..or even cables.
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    There have been many many times where people report having "upgraded" their driver to a nicer, fancier driver..... only to lose sound quality. Bottom line, the K33 is what works best in there but for maybe one/two others (of which I have no idea, just keeping door open to possibility) The woofer isn't the weak point that really needs fixed... there would be higher priority items to fix before worrying/spending on the woofer.
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    If he ever gets into college, he can really perfect his ping pong skills.
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    I enjoy listening to the phantom center image also. However, I am finding that the single speaker placed in the corner creates such wide dispersion that an illusion of width and depth is created which is even more pleasing to my ears. By changing the listening spot I can create varying acoustic effects which, depending on the recording, can be very enjoyable as well. Maynard
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    Slick little piece of gear. Nice review. Enjoy!
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