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    To all the mother's out there... yes that means you Christie !
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    So would this same comment apply to people unable to respect the Klipsch ‘terms of service’ regarding childish political hatred?
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    Clue me in sage one.
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    Omg. That's hilarious. Thanks Jim. Happy mothers day all!
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    I love pastrami. This is almost enough.
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    Not my photo but an especially dazzling angle on the Hong Kong skyline.
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    Hope everyone's Mother is doing well today. My Mom is going crazy, it's cut into her Bridge winnings. She is playing and teaching online, but she says it's not the same. She's not sure when she will be ready to go back live.
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    I really like skyline photos. Here’s one I took in Hong Kong a few years ago - I imagine it’s already changed.
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    Mornin' All Happy day to all you muthas... and your mothers The winter garden appears to be a success. A couple puff will keep me from doing stupid things. Lucky to remain upright in my chair. That'll keep me out of trouble. Wife is going to church... I'm gonna do the floors while she's gone. Got a fly by from the BorderPatrol yesterday. Low and fast. Minimum altitude was observed... The helicopter was off the ground... barely. If it 50ft up, that would be a generous estimate.I presume they were chasing someone. Followed the road. Weather might be why they were so low... I seriously doubt that, though.Whatever was happening, it wasn't here ... in town. We received some precipitation... rain.. maybe 1/4 in. Enough to make things wet and cool it down. Surprised there don't seem to be any fires from the lightning. Was almost like a monsoon day. Clear/warm AM... clouded up early afternoon and busted loose with some rain. Strange for May or June. We don't normally get any rain during this time. They say we have a chance for more today.
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    Name all the nations greater than ours. [Moderator Edit. Great topic for a different thread]
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    Suite Judy Blue Eyes That guy ran with Rita too. Damn him. Here’s the same song with Stills backing up Judy. I like the studio version better but the banter is worth watching.
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    Kurt Cobain on the right. Probably Urban Meyer on the left.
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    After several attempts over my lifetime to be taken on as a groupie, I finally got to meet my all-time heart-throb, Judy Collins. She hasn’t lost a thing over the years.
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    That was unbelievable. I had to watch it a couple more times. So cool have the chance to meet your favorites. I got to hang out with Rita Coolidge last fall after a concert. Since I bear a striking resemblance to James Bond..............
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    If Klipsch engineers, @Chief bonehead, can achieve a high level of performance with off the shelf parts and meet an acceptable price point, then why go the "super charged" route. I agree but purchaser might have to sign a release voiding the new purchase warranty in case of install "failure"? Bill
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    Nice color with flash Not bad without either.
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    That is not alot of buttons, this is alot of buttons. 🙂
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    My departed friend Joel, whose camera I was borrowing when I took this picture, referred to this as a "Jesus sky". The lines in it appeared after several years. I guess the original file is partly corrupted. Shot with a Nikon digital camera sometime in the early 2000s
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    Here's my opinion after a few hours of listening to the R-117 and then going back to the HK 730. Wonderful detail and no doubt a powerhouse! I got to about 11 o'clock before easing her back down. I'm not sure I've ever heard my Chorus 2s put out that many decibels. I just don't have a big listening space (20×25 and a 7.5' ceiling) for that level of listening volume. Maybe neither the amp or speakers were breaking a sweat at that level, but it was extremely loud. And for the record, I'm not apposed to rocking AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, Rush, Simple Minds, The Doobies or the Beasties at high volumes. I would say my tolerance level is higher than most. It became very clear to me at that moment that this receiver has way more power than necessary for my C2's. Okay covered the power... it has that in spades. Excellent detail as I originally stated... especially in the upper frequencies. Plenty of bass too which is why I fell in love with my C2's and sold all my other Klipsch speakers after weeks of testing (Cornwalls, Forte 2's, Chorus 1's, Heresy 1's and 2's). That certainly made the wife happy. You know what they say, "happy wife = happy life". I want to save up for a pair of Heresy 4's! Unfortunately, the wife would never approve that purchase so I'll just have to wait 10 years to get some on the used market. But I digress... sorry. It really wasn't until I reconnected the HK 730 that I decided it was the clear winner for me. The best word to describe it is smoothness. The 730 just sounds smooth at all volume levels. Plenty of oomph in the bass, soft but detailed mids and smooth highs. Even at high volumes, I find myself thinking "damn that sounds good!... too bad I need to turn it back down bacause the family and neighbors are home". Now, maybe in an auditorium or outside with the speakers 100' away, I might feel the R-117 sounds better but in my listening space, the 730 came out on top. Yes, I could tweak the treble and bass settings or break out my Yamaha GE-60 EQ to customize the sound, but that isn't how I listen to music now. Tone controls are at 12 o'clock and only the loudness/contour gets engaged at low volume levels. Maybe that's being foolish or even naive? I do understand why so many people praise the R-117 (and the rest of that line). It has an incredibly clean and powerful signal. You can also tell it was built extremely well when swiching inputs and adjusting dials. I'm going to hold onto this R-117 for a while. Audition it again in a week or so. Maybe in a different room with some other speakers I can pull out of storage. I want to be sure of its journey with me before passing her onto someone else to enjoy. Thank you for your input and opinions. Stay safe and healthy out there! Kernel
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    Star Tracks and Time Warp from Telarc. If you like Star Wars-type movie music this will stun you with the incredible quality and dynamic range. The best recorded music I have every heard.
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    Suit and gloves, made in America. I believe that’s a French full-face respirator.
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    Electro Voice Regency Baton Rouge. No Affiliation.
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    My one uncle in Patton's 3rd Army would tell his stories with a comedic twist to keep things on the light side. He hated Patton at the time but after 20 years at home he loved him after he realized how many lives he saved. JJK
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    Eye of the Tiger, Baby. Stay Focused.
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    I made blueberry scones for my wife this morning and a cup of coffee served in a mug that we picked up in Charleston ( in honor of Willy) a couple of years ago.
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    my wife likes bacon. she cooks it by the pound. Ask her what she's having for breakfast ,"Bacon" How's everyone? Polar vortex... again? I do remember it snowing in late May, as a child in IN. Only once... that was plenty. Basking .... It is going to be a nice day here. Near seasonable temps, before seasonable is 100`
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    I'm doing a low carb diet so cauliflower replaces the noodles. Steam the cauliflower, add salt, pepper, nutmeg, cheddar and Gruyere, a little milk. Cooked it with the mushrooms on the Green Egg. Very nice substitute. And you guys know how slim and attractive I am so it must be working🤪
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    Lorena McKennitt - "The Mummers' Dance", voice, drums, should be able to hear differences in head material. Lyle Lovett - "She's Already Made Up Her Mind", voice, acoustic instruments, bass guitar, arrangement. Natalie Cole - duet of "Unforgettable" with her father, voice, voice, voice.
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    A bit uncanny to see a reference to King Crimson. I suggest "The Court of the Crimson King" by King Crimson, on vinyl. I have it on the original 50 year old LP, and on a later issued CD. I submit the LP because I'm a luddite. Yes it's prog-rock. Yes it's heavily electrified. But yes, it has great stereo separation, great vocals, and great orchestration. And it will work your system to the max for clarity, effects, and harmony. And it's a great listen with your favorite relaxation libation or technique.
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    Wynton Marsalis Standard Time, Vol. 3: The Resolution of Romance, Cut 1 "In the Court of King Oliver.
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    Randy, I have my tweeters on a baffle on top of the cabinets so I can move them to adjust. I also used them on my previous pair of LS, which were some beautiful '89 models. I can't tell the difference with the mids mounted from the front, but the tweeter/mid alignment was very noticeable. Bruce
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    I agree, Roger, but a passive crossover won't be able to compensate for the time discrepancy between the woofer and mid.
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    You're only saving grace from ANOTHER beat down this year is if the NCAA doesn't play. 😂 😎
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    Thanks for trying. Without an authoritative source, though, it's unconfirmed.
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    there is an actual observation in CHINA that the virus is carried in the reproductive system ---------- Coronavirus found in semen of COVID-19 survivors; sexual transmission unclear, study says https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-mens-semen-survivors-sexual-transmission-covid-19/
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    Pretty much anything from Steely Dan. Aja to be specific. Bill
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    Just curious, why do you think you will never see it? Klipsch Heritage speakers and tubes are 👍 Here is an interesting integrated amp with tone controls and a phono preamp. http://www.erhard-audio.com/Basie.html It's more than you want to spend at the moment but may be a much better option in the long run and has enough power to make your Cornwalls get up and dance. I have been using his Aretha preamp for a year and it's quite good. I stream Tidal and the treble control really tames poorly recorded CD's.
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