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    related I worked at a plant nursery.... A person came in, asking what kind of flowering tree they could plant that didn't make a mess... I told them, "Plastic or silk"...
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    My late father is one of those named on the Brunswick patent on the first automated scorekeeper in approximately 1961. It took many years for automated scorekeepers to become the norm, as the cost to upgrade could bankrupt small operators. The movie theater business today is somewhat analogous. The cost to upgrade from film projectors to digital projectors is prohibitively expensive for small independent operators.
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    I don't miss the blinking 12:00 on the VCR's.
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    like me???? I'm not [too] intimidated by multi-disc cd players. I don't try to program it to do anything other than play the discs in order. I can set the clock on the stove!
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    Got several by these guys that I did not have enough of already... had three got about eight now!
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    Well the labor is "free" I do require a cocktail occasionally. You can see a step where I ran out of blocks, once I get all to that level I think I'm close to done. It's about 200' long. I'm just trying to stop the sand washing down a ruining everything we do on the lower parts of the homestead.
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    It's McCartney middle-finger Monday! Share the LOVE!
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    Depending on the situation “prickers up” has been considered a good thing —
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    Ah Good Morning All Fresh, hot coffee this AM. Didn't have to kill the leftovers first. too quiet. I forgot to engage the music. I could hear my remaining brain cell bouncing the walls. Gathered the piles of dead weeds I raked up. Now I can get back to stacking rocks. Had to cut weeds to get to the next "building" site... One thing leads to another... If you recall, I had to make a handle for the whip sickle in this process. Feels like the song "Hole in the Bucket"... Can't fix the bucket because there's a hole in it.
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    it was a major pita. We had to raise all the machines the thickness of the overlay... about 1/2inch. Adjust all of the scanners [for scoring] the same no, we didn't do the install... but we had to clean up [the dust] after. You could skate on the approaches wearing sneakers. Neil, Was he involved in the one that showed which pins were left standing and displayed on the masking unit [the panel that hid the machine from the public]. The first scoring system I worked was rather primitive.... by today's standards.That was in '88. It shown a beam of [visible] light across the pins and counted reflections. And yeah ... it was expensive to set up. There were modification to the pinsetters to integrate it. The pinsetters were A-2s... Some had 4 digit serial #s. Actually, the machines I worked were converted A's. Cast iron... over-built. There were a few items that required attention... Belts, bearings and bushings... nothing else wore out. The factory A-2s were another story. Replaced cast with stamped. Brunswick went a little overboard making them cheaper.
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    This year when the time changed to daylight savings time I never bothered to change the clock in the car😔
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    It's not right that you have to finish the wall alone Eric. If you will meet Steve at the bus station at 1pm tomorrow he will help you. Just stock up on ketchup and cheap bourbon.
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    No guarantees. They’re doing a lot, a LOT of work as quickly as possible.......... and anyone can start helping themselves starting immediately. That’s where I am going. 🤗
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    All comments are slanted with November in mind.
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    And there were some who screeched that the travel ban was “xenophobic”.
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    I've tracked about 100 confirmed sales of LS's with Type AA crossovers. La Scala's in Good condition average $1205 and in Avg/poor condition $918. I used to own 1978 La Scala's which I purchased 5 years ago for $600. The upgraded Crites A/4500 crossovers cost $200. They sound really good but they are not the best in the Klipsch line, there are still two or three that are better IMO. Here is the spreadsheet (attached below) prices are based on. All Klipsch owners are welcome to download it , do their own research and draw their own conclusions on price. Klipsch Heritage used prices ver 2020-05.xlsx Klipsch Heritage used prices ver 2020-05.xlsx
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    Good one! And I had just vacuumed all of that when I cut the grass with the catcher on the mower Saturday!
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    Here's one for ya. Just got back from trying to sweep all the hundreds of magnolia leaves from the patio and drive and surrounding grass. In case you've never been around them if those big leaves landed the right direction a broom won't sweep them up unless it catches them exactly right. So some of the attempts were three or four times over the exact same group or single leaf. There are going to be a lot of blossoms this year.
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    I rolled the dice and went in big. Ended up with both the Fortés and the La Scalas. Had the wife join in on both purchases. Fortés were the easiest to place. She was very interested in listening to them. She requested Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue, Pachibel’s Canon, The three Tenors doing Oh Solo Mio, and Herb Alpert doing Taste of Honey. Apparently, they are sufficient. LS will be a bit more of a challenge to set up. Need to move a few things to accommodate them in their intended homes. I have, of course, hooked them up. They are magic... I will follow Alexander’s advice. But I also want to check manufacturing information, as well as to inventory the components to see what might need to be updated, such as capacitors. Since the cabinets are fine wood furniture, I know they will require some attention. I’ll just have to figure out what’s appropriate for each. Thanks to all for a great introduction to the community. It’s been fun and helpful so far. I’ve still got a lot to learn, so I’ll be sticking around a while to pick your brains and hopefully to give back something useful as well.
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    how much of a pain was it replacing the wood lanes with synthetic? Did bowling alley staff do that?
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    @dwilawyer try to find a store that lets you use the knife before purchase. Here we have a Japanese knife store that runs cutting classes so my wife was able to try a number of different Japanese knives and determined which line worked best for her, I like them very much too. Actually using the knife is more important than the steel etc, at least to me. It has to feel good in your hand,in use on different kinds of food, prep and carving. Same store offered sharpening lessons which I took. We have a set of 35 year old Henkel classics with wooden handles and two Masakage Kiri knives. The Henckels have been very good never skipped a beat, still hold a good edge, but the Japanese knives feel better in use and are sharper. Good luck with the knife purchase. Anthony Bourdain said a chef only needs one knife... but he had a Bob Kramer chef’s knife.
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    . Yes, still alive. Barely! lolol
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    Visited McIntosh Audio, Tom Manley, a week ago to pick up my new amp. Terry Dewick had gone through it months ago but I had to wait until the "Safer at Home" order was relaxed. Filled the Pre-amp section with NOS Mullards and left in the RCA outputs. Hooked it up to my MX110 and Chorus II's, after hearing it wife said purchase approved! Made a huge difference in bass over the MC30's. Also picked up an MPI 4 and am learning to use it.
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    the front line workers will have to face PTSD issues , sooner or later , the emotional toll will be very high https://medicalfuturist.com/will-medical-workers-deal-with-ptsd-after-covid-19/
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    when I was working at the bowling alley,.... I had to learn to repair/maintain the computerized scoring system. Then I had to learn the CCD [camera] system. The one up-tech I appreciated was changing out the overhead scoring monitors from cathode ray the LED. We had a block and tackle to deal the the CRTs. Serious
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    With the LS you have if you can't get a THT or something of the folded woofer sort go with the 3000 series if you want the ported version. Reason I say this is I had an sb2000 here that I trialed from SVS and sent it back. The characteristic of the sound just didn't blend with my Forte IIIs. The cylindrical version is a different story, they are different. For tight bass to come even close to matching the Klipsch Heritage speakers go Sealed Box. Ported goes deeper by a little but isn't as tight for music. Our favorite dealer in KY deals SVS also. So call @Paducah Home Theater. To help keep one of our friends in electricity, food, shelter and stuff while our country is suffering again now. The one Chuck has being their primo version has the controls on the back and from your cell phone in the 2000. All the 3000s and up do also. The SB3000 I got a few months later hasn't moved from where I plugged it in and it throws the bass over to the Fortes and makes them sound like they are making the bass below 40 down to 18 for my rig! I love mine!
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    A different active XO solution... Horn solutions
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    Well aren't you just a barrel of fun, they were planted because the smell so good when they bloom. That one and about 6 more in the back yard. They mostly have a ketchup smell.................now what ? Just kidding they really smell like Gardenias .
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    Answer: 1000 times, they were each paid $1,000 to be tested (they also have to vote 50 times, but that's a story for a different time. There are really only 1,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the US, but I really, really needed $1,200. Turns out I don't even get the $1,200 and so I'm really upset with whomever set the thresholds. It's not what was agreed to when Bill called Warren to sort this all out. Maybe they will get it worked this summer at Bohemian Grove.
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    That's Californication prices.
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    Mookie....I'm the last person you would want to review a sub woofer. This is my first and it sounds so good I'm afraid to touch it. I will eventually when I get comfy with the app and set it up further. Just as I expected though....it does produce some bass especially when you crank it up a bit☺️ Haven't noticed any standing waves though. May be the sloped 16' ceiling. It does smell nice..........
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    Meanwhile, what's been keeping me busy between weed whacking, RoundUp ing and general weed abatement stuff
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    Precisely how many folks have died is a really moot point. Lots of people have died and in very short order. The bigger picture involves the survivors. We know that a lot of people get covid19. Some show few symptoms, some have very rough courses and some die. What we do not know is what a covid19 infection does to the body in the long run. Amongst the survivors we could see cases of kidney failure, heart failure, pulmonary fibrosis as a consequence of the disease. We may see some debilitating diseases requiring costly remedies because of covid19. So stop fretting the details of the statistics. Covid19 is a very nasty virus. The fewer people who get it the better for everyone concerned now and in the long term.
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    what brand/model sub to suggest is a big can of worms... my reply was more to your comment that chorus avoids needing a sub when the fact is chorus dont go as low as fortes & all 3 speakers could benefit from a good sub. IMO, a good sub for either of the 3 speakers mentioned would be something from SVS. depending on budget, room size & music vs home theater i would start with their 2000 series, SB sealed for music or PB ported for movies or modern music & you prefer loud over accurate, not that ported subs cant be accurate but sealed are usually considered more musical. personally i have dual SB2000's & for music & movies in a medium sized room they are more than enough & fill in that missing lower octave. even classic rock type music that doesnt have much info below 40-50hz has a whole new level of bass, not over bearing boomy car subwoofer type bass, accurate detailed bass that really brings out what was missing in most all music. ive had many other subs ranging from older velodyne to definitive technology to klipsch over the years & the SVS are far better than any of them.... & their higher up models like the 3000/4000 or ultra series are in a whole nother world!
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    I am posting events that are historically accurate w/o one iota of political commentary. My posts are pertinent to this subject and the content of the thread. And since they are not political or judgmental they are certainly well within the TOS for this forum. You sir are allowing you own political bent to bleed into your moderator function IMHO. In the early 2ist century America was made pandemic ready by our leadership. Is this vague enough?
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    I'm not a high level policy decision maker [removed the political commentary]
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    America’s travel ban on China was invoked against China’s wishes and contrary to direction from the WHO. It was considered radical at the time by the media and avid critics. Now the same media and critics embrace the opposite position and complain that the ban was too late. Some just seek to complain. Of course ‘too late’ is the correct answer and if China and the WHO had been honest or efficient or whatever complete travel bans should’ve been in play in early January.
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    Sorry to confuse, the question was read and possibly answered in another topic that REXXIS started on his own Heresy speakers. From topic: My 150 grit is very well used.' More of a real world 180-220 and I don't let the DA rest, I probably move the sander quite fast with the grain at a speed of a foot or more per second. The sander is only sanding for 5 to 10 seconds for a Heresy top before stopping to inspect Much of this sanding is to give the surface a uniform, free from old finish surface. Lite scratches I try to lessen the visual impact (some even come out), deeper digs I leave. Every defect needs to be looked at to decide if its to be fixed or hidden. As far as the boiled linseed oil goes, be very very careful with rags soaked in it, I heard today that a house 3 towns north of me had a "spontaneous combustion" fire that caused $75k in damages. I got the last quart at HD, before that I was using what my father had gotten at the transfer station "take it or leave it" area.
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    They are already paying.... Nobody thinks about the side effects of the shutdown. Poverty and stress kills not to name the millions that don't get diagnosed or treatments for ailments that can kill them. That is not to mention the fact that you are seeing food shortages and everything else along with you just can't continue to print money til we have a vaccine. Tax revenue required. About 70% of deaths are older working age. Deaths in working age are more due to diabetes and other ailments. Those are the groups that should be focused on and let the rest go back to work. It is not prudent to think we can go on this way for another 6 months. To the plus side, maybe this will be a wake up call (as I hope New Orleans will be) that people need to take better care of themselves since they may pay the consequences sooner than later.
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    Ken Rockwell makes a living reviewing different things, he also does cameras and lenses. To be honest he knows what he is talking about with cameras, not sure about anything else it is all I have read from him.
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    None of the healthcare workers in these mega-covid19-centers have ever experienced death at these levels. They have never dealt with infectious disease at this extreme. They will be wounded from the experience to varying degrees.
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    PM'ed you - check your forum mailbox. Also moved my McIntosh MC30's to drive the 402's last weekend. Amazing, just amazing.
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    Hey @Dave1290 Thanks, I feel like you did when you had to choose from all that that guy had when you got a couple of buckets of records last year. except these just magically appeared here! Still have Allman Brothers through Marshall Tucker only so far. I scavenged the ones that I already had and have a stack ready for the record store whenever they re-open. Have two copies of the first King Crimson the one I finally got a couple years ago that is perfect and an original pressing that just got here last week that is perfect! This one I've had since the late 70s mine was good his scratched but it was an original and that cover is a keeper. Check out the textured sleeve, my reprint was just paper. Now "In Through the Out Door" was different, my copy is "out the door" and the new older mint copy with the brown paper is in the cabinet! Have a Zeppelin 1, 2 and 4 original pressings & covers in NM to M condition, media and covers! PM if you want. *Zep 3 is spoken for..... others still here!
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    Go for the CT-120's excellent tweeter head and shoulders above the stock k-77
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    What's the saying, "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission." 😀 I've been following this thread and also think the. Forte II are way overpriced. One more option for you and no sub needed:. There is a pair of Epic CF4 version 3 on the auction site that are close to you. Asking $1500.00 or best offer and have been listed a long time probably because his price is too high. I believe an audition is available. I woukd offer $800 as a starting point and to engage the guy. Check @wvu80 spread sheet to see what a fair price is. Good luck, the hunt is half the fun!
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    Hey grasshopper..........it sounded so good out of the box I haven't messed with it other than the volume control. There is an app that does everything for you but you know how I am with tech. LF may take a shot at it tomorrow as nothing scares her. The difference in sound quality is impressive.
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    Well, yesterday actually, but got to play with her today. She sounds puuurdy! I know it's cliche', but has a very tube-like sound. (probably means needs a re-cap, lol) I've always been into more of "new HIFI" but this vintage kick I've been on has felt mighty rewarding. Rooster
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    True, it's a horn loaded vented sub, first ever designed, so it was patented. VERY close is what was made for a short time the 1502, same exact design a few inches smaller and total output is 3db less at full volume. There are (I think) a couple left at the dealer ran by Cory here on the forum who lives in KY. I think they only come unfinished, if he still has any, if not Klipsch sells the 1802. I have the 1502 and it is the best sub I have ever heard right along with the 1802, great sound, very low distortion and no shortage of output. A perfect match for horn loaded mains and very musical, and for movies it can rattle a house. My wife and I honestly love this thing. The mains are not far off of what you had in the picture, MWM's but a 402 top horn, active crossover and bi-amped, with this sub it's amazing. IMO NOW it's not small, this is the 1502, the 1802 is 2"-3" bigger in each direction. For size comparison that is a 65"Tv.
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