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    Mine is stained glass....
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    Do you think she’s trying to kill me? This was presented while Brubeck’s Take Five played from her phone. I’m not even her father, but I am the father of her two sons. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! She also made cinnamon buns. Where did I put that insulin?
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    You know who you are. Relax and have a great day!
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    BTW.....not a father but my boy Jake gave me a nice card and two filet mignon. May have had assistance from LF.
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    Yep, Happy Father's Day
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    Mine is woodworking. JJK
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    Last for the night. 180 gram
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    Well a couple months ago I did a thing but knew it would be a good thing. Got an email it was finally sent early this week. After Mom passed yesterday I was sooo busy with my girls and my sister putting things together I was toast. Arrangements finalized this morning and my hot lil postal girlie showed with my LP. We had a few laffs about it and I was "on it." Worth the wait? Pretty amazing and they're gonna fly outta the bins and shelves. Yea, ya better jump if ya like Neil. Blues, jazz, laid back, just all kind of places. Thru it once and ready for another ride with a somewhat clear mind in the morning. Great shot of your system Paul. May your socks never wear thin brother! Thunderbirds huh... Thinkin I might have a couple of those. Hopefully I still do anyway!
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    Dave, Nancy and I are sorry for your loss and your family’s loss.
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    Man, I need a few more than that... and if you can score the AP version you know that they're worth it. Wish I had known they were going under when they did, I'd have run up the ccard!
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    I never got to see Stevie Ray perform @oldtimer. But when I heard Jimmy was going to play a large nightclub east of town I scarfed a couple of tickets quickly. Polished my Nocona's got a hot date and they did not disappoint! It was a couple years after this came out.
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    Dave, thanks for letting us know. Sorry also to hear. Your mother three years older than mine. Kind gentle and loving till the end a mother's love. Peace be with you and yours. Painting nails I did also.
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    Yes Dave , I sincerely do send you all our Condolences , here in our Home , we will light Candles for your Dearest Mother , and Pray , God Bless all your Family -
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    Condolences Dave. There isn't much more to say than you have. Bless her and your family.
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    Having enjoyed seeing the many photos posted in the “Show Us Your Great Photography Thread,” I thought it would be interesting to see the absolute single best photo everyone has taken. As a rule, I don’t like rules but for this thread post only one photo (1x) - your very best photo ever. Feel free to edit and replace your photo as your opinion changes or if you capture a better image but one photo only. Feel free to comment but please only post your very best shot ever. I’ve posted this before but here’s mine - my once in a lifetime shot of the 2017 eclipse. I was able to find an isolated spot in the path of totality in an area near Shoshoni, Wyoming - not another soul on the horizon. Got the shot just at the end of totality for a “diamond ring” effect and hoping to see Baily’s beads https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baily's_beads. I was shooting bursts of bracketed exposures at 4 frames per second and the frame just before and the frame just after this one we’re not as dramatic - luckily, a split second at the right exposure made a big difference. The actual image is sharper and more detailed than what displays here.
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    In no particular order, some more than once (8 times for Jeff Beck), and not just Rock: Drew Abbott at my high school (with Third Power Before he Joined Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band) Ron Asheton (Iggy and the Stooges) Cubby Coda (Brownsville Station) Dick Wagner (the Frost, before he filled in for Aerosmith's Train Kept a Rollin' when they were strung out on H) Ted Nugent (many times before he got famous) Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush) Todd Rundgren (Utopia) Leslie West (Mountain and West Bruce and Laing after Cream broke up) David Gilmour (Pink Floyd, the day after Dark Side of the Moon Release) Jeff Beck (with BBA, then after Blow by Blow, then with all his bands as recent as 2 years ago with Paul Rogers tour) Martin Lancelot Barre (Jethro Tull) Luther Grosvener (Spooky Tooth) Toni Iomni (Black Sabbath's first Detroit Concert as 3rd Bill to Savoy Brown) Kim Simmons (Savoy Brown) Dave Peverett (Savoy Brown and FogHat) Rory Gallagher Alex Lifeson (Rush's very first Detroit Concert with Neal Peart and much later with Power Windows Tour) Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top when they opened for Deep Purple and later when they were famous) Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple) Ronnie Montrose (in Edgar Winter Group and with his own band featuring a young Sammy Hagar) Chuck Mitchell (Joni Mitchell's first Husband) Brownie McGhee (with Sonny Terry.....they were in the movie "the Jerk" with Steve Martin) Mark Farner (Grand Funk and with his band about 2 years ago) Carlos Santana (Santana Bands, many) Steve Winwood on Guitar mostly open for Santana Neal Schon (with Santana not Journey) Peter Frampton (his band) Al Dimeola (Return to Forever and with his later band) Stevie Ray Vaughan (Double Trouble and another time with Jeff Beck together what a show that was!!!) Jimmy Vaughan (Fabulous Thunderbirds) John McLaughlin (Mahavishnu Orchestra 1.0 opened for ELP) Frank Zappa Roy Buchanan (World's greatest guitarist you never heard of) Danny Gatton (the other World's greatest you never heard of) Eric Johnson Kaki King Pat Metheny Bill Frisell Michael Hedges Earl Klugh (cleanest concert sound EVER Bonnie Raitt Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash recently, small club) Tommy Bolan (with James Gang before he joined Deep Purple) Steve Howe (YES) Joe Satriani Steve Vai Kenny Wayne Shepherd Kirk Mammet (Metallica) Buddy Guy with Johnny Lang Buddy Guy on his 80th Birthday with Jeff Beck (he did his usual walk around and stood 5 feet behind me and I got a great photo of just his face) Robert Fripp (solo) Joe Bonamassa James Valentine (Maroon 5) Sonny Landreth (the very best slide player at a local bar that was packed!) Robin Trower (trio "back then" and 2 years ago) Countless Local Guitar Players at Bars in the 70's! On Bass Guitar (hey that's a guitar too!) Geddy Lee (Rush) , Jack Bruce (after Cream with Leslie West), Chris Squire (Yes) Stanley Clark (RTF and his later band), and the greatest Electric Bassist of them all JACO PASTORIUS with Weather Report, in full form and AMAZING and untouchable on Fretless Bass to this day. The ONLY Electric Jazz (more funk really) Bass Player ever inducted in the Downbeat Hall of Fame, all others were upright acoustic bass viol players. JACO totally re-invented the electric instrument. Don't even get me started on DRUMMERS which are my fave of all! I'm sure I forgot a few, but I will add later.
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    Happy Father's Day....Miss you Dad!
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    My father passed too early at 64 yo in 1988. He was a certified member of the Greatest Generation. At the tender age of 19 he was plucked from classes at Johns Hopkins University to become an instant Lieutenant in Army Corps of Engineers. After serving in France and Philippines he returned to Hopkins before marrying a war widow with a 2 yo daughter. At the age of 23 he had more life experience and maturity than I do today at 71. I miss him and I miss being able to wish him a Happy Father’s Day for the last 32 years. Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers, including those no longer with us.
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    it's the thought that counts ,Happy Father's day
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    Gotta a the chicken.....
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    sorry, my friend prayer for you and family
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    Blessings to you and your family Dave. Sorry that she is gone.
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    Yup, they arrived this week. I think I'm missing 3 more for the collection.
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    You beat me to it @KROCK is your In The Beginning an Analogue Productions too? This is the rest of my TX tunes minus Billy, Frank & Dusty:
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    Roots music for me. They were local, and the music of that genre is what we grew up with, live, at local joints.
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    Again, I feel for you Dave. Condolences.
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    I like to shoot stuff.
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    La Scalla II's, mint, at 3K, hell yeah, I'd take that deal all day long... $1500 for beaters, not gonna happen. Will do without LOL. Not gonna spend over a grand on a pair that need restoration. Just have to be happy with what I gotz, RF-7's ...they are certainly not slouches and I do enjoy them immensely ⬇️⬇️⬇️
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    The ladies on the Portuguese side of my family live a long time ... I can't think of any that didn't make it into their 90s (except my Mom, who died at 33 but she was killed and didn't die from an illness). When my Grandmother died at age 94, her older sister was still alive and her younger sister went on to live to the age of 102. I was talking to an elderly Aunt one day and she was telling me the negative side of living so long. She told me how she had outlived all her friends and family that were her peers growing up. She had two friends still living and one was in such poor health that she could no longer go anywhere. She said she thinks of those that passed and can only ask "why am I still here?" She went on to live to be 93. My grandmother spent the last two decades of her life wearing all black and sitting in a chair by the front window -- she was waiting to die. She was old school Portuguese born and raised in the Azore Islands ... my Aunt told me that her generation and culture was that the woman's job in life was to raise her children and take care of her husband. Her kids were all adults and her husband had died, so in her mind, her role in life was over and she was just waiting for her end. Got some wonderful messages from my kids today -- very cool to hear how I impacted their lives for the better, even in stuff that I went through and they merely observed how I handled the crisis and how that was a good lesson that is helping them in life now. One of my daughters send me a Father's Day card and I opened it and it contained five crisp $100 bills. She wrote a note asking me to accept the gift and not send it back to them. She was grateful for all the times that I helped her and she said that God has blessed her life and she wanted to do something for me now. I think I have about five hundred one dollar bills here (I rarely use singles)... maybe I should send them to her for her birthday? have a good day folks.
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    Yes, sorry to hear this Dave, she experienced more than any of us over her 96 years. We could all be that lucky. RIP It's never easy no matter what the age or how ready you think you are.
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    I’m still going through my newly acquired cache of vintage jazz albums.
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    Should have to pay a premium for lack of taste.
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    Happy Father's day - GrandFathers day -Great GrandFather's day ,
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    There are several manufacturers of art glass. Some are made for stained glass, some for fusing and some for mosaics. They come in a surprising array of colors and textures. Some are consistently the same (predictable) and others are unique each time. It’s fascinating and challenging at the same time. It is very difficult to choose the best glass for a particular piece. I’ll rummage through our stock for days and can’t make up my mind. I’ll think I want ‘new’ glass instead. Then in the middle of the night you have an ‘aha’ moment and in 10 minutes the chore is done. You can buy glass online and we have just 1 specialty store and hobby lobby that sells the stuff locally. But our best ‘buys’ have been from stores going out of business or from people like us who decided to stop. Then you can get some amazing glass that’s old and no longer available. Another option is decorator window glass. Shower door glass is often patterned. Cutting glass into intricate shapes can be done with glass saws. Getting the pattern on the glass for the right ‘show’ in a way that stays visible while using a water saw is hard. Then you grind the piece for a perfect fit......... and you’ll have to accommodate space for copper foil and solder for it to look correct and fit the size. The garage is our workshop and it’s full. The wife did these 2. She does a lot of horses. I talked her into Frankenstein.
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    Jimmy Page Eric Clapton Stevie Ray Vaughan David Gilmour Mark Knopfler Johnny Winter Chuck Berry Eddie Van Halen Buddy Guy Jimmie Vaughan Omar Dykes Ted Nugent Michael Schenker Randy Bachman Mick Jones Vivian Campbell Adrian Vandenberg Frank Hannon C.C. DeVille Stephen Stills David Crosby Graham Nash Tommy Shaw B.B. King Robert Lockwood Jr. Clarence Gatemouth Brown Chris Duarte Billy Gibbons Tom Scholz Robbie Blunt Mick Mars Keith Richards Ronnie Wood Steve Morse Nita Strauss Dave Hlubek Elliot Easton Willie Nelson Neil Young Stevie Van Zandt Joe Perry Neal Schon Sammy Hagar Joe Walsh Dickey Betts John Prine Steve Earle Taj Mahal Steve Miller Roger Waters Bruce Springsteen Joe Ely Waylon Jennings Delbert McClinton Bonnie Raitt
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    I remember when no one wanted any audio electronics made in Japan, now it the better quality.
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    Enjoy this one for as long as it lasts. It will no doubt fall victim to the triggered word offended.
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    Baton Rouge, La. is lovely this time of year...current bid @ $255.00 https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=4252&acctid=782&fbclid=IwAR1f5McEMyaO-ksW_oX8B3CBJtEHNMDXX42KDf6D8qHtgH76o1DcA8iSbco Welcome back!
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    Early night. New arrival.
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    not 2-channel but... So here is what has been taking up my time the last 2+ years. Pro Street 1935 Hudson. Built 'er myself. She is ALMOST done now (never done LOL) and with Winter around the corner, need me some Scala's 🥰
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