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    Ma is right next to Mi so I found a half studio, half live jam with several rockers joining with Toy &Tommy & friends.
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    Turntables are and remain very popular. More and more turntables are being sold and the production numbers of records are increasing year by year. With this information I would like to give the newbies who are new to turntables and cartridges a basis to understand the technical differences between MM / MC / MI ( MP ) cartridges. MM = Movin Magnet Nowadays the probably most common pick-up technology and especially in the entry level area dominating. At the upper end of the nail carrier there is a magent, which moves excited by the movement of the needle in the groove between two coils. Physically, the MM pickup is an electromagnetic transducer: The change in flux in the magnetic circuit is coupled to the inhomogeneity of the magnetic field - the greater this is, the greater the signal. The MM-principle delivers comparatively high signal voltages, so that after the usual equalizer preamplifier a quite simple preamplification with 47kOhm input resistance is sufficient. Until the end of the 1990s, and again occasionally today, many HiFi full amplifiers were equipped with a phono input suitable for MM systems. MC = Movin Coil Mechanically, the MC design is similar to an MM system, except that here a coil is located at the end of the needle carrier and the magnet(s) are fixed. Moving Coil is therefore an electrodynamic transducer that delivers relatively low signal voltages and therefore requires a very high-quality and low-noise additional pre-amplification. Phono preamps suitable for MC have - usually adjustable - input impedances between 20 and 1000 ohms. Many common phono preamps can be switched between MC and MM operation.The advantages of the MC principle are - generally speaking - the potentially lower weight of the coil attached to the needle carrier. Since there is no need to move a heavy magnet back and forth, more detailed scanning is possible. MC pickups are usually more expensive than MM systems and also place higher demands on the rest of the reproduction chain. In terms of sound quality they are usually (not always) superior to a moving magnet system. MI = Moving Iron / MP = Moving Permalloy The third magnetic scanning principle is - wrongly - often overlooked. In the high-end segment e.g. Soundsmith from the USA or Goldring from England are well-known advocates of the MI principle; the Japanese traditional manufacturer Nagaoka places its MP pickups in the lower and middle price segment as a sonic superior alternative to MM systems. As with the MM principle, here the coils are permanently mounted. At the end of the nail carrier, however, there is no heavy magnet but only a tiny piece of a magnetic metal (either "iron" or so-called mu-metal, "permalloy"). Depending on the pick-up, this piece of metal is even lighter than the coil of an MC pick-up, which can result in an even better scanning of the record groove. MI- and MP-pickups are also electromagnetic transducers, therefore they deliver high signal voltages and can be operated at the MM-input of the (pre-)amplifier.
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    @BigStewMan and any other pickers, you might like this....
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    A two record anthology well before he even got 'famous'. Love this album.
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    I've had some more of my 90s tunes on tonight! This video is a lot more than just the recording of Siamese Dream, but looks like the songs "Are allowed in this country"
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    Schu, Always nice to see your system in action. A well done recording too. Sub on or off?
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    Justin's a good friend and plays more than just that shovel. Great on the old cigar boxes and resonators also. Here's a link to his webstore. I'm thinking all of his LP's were recorded in Cash Cabin, Nashville with John Carter Cash doing most or all of the boardwork. He's workin with some legends down thar! ALL of his albums are clean and tight. You'll enjoy him! His wife Nikki is a sweetheart so don't be gettin jumpy she's mine! hahahaha http://www.justinjohnsonlive.com/store.html
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    And it's a good sounding shovel. He needs this guy to play bass.
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    Smoked 16.5 hours yesterday , turned out awesome .Pulled pork and fresh corn today ... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good night my friends ...see you tomorrow
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    I have an extra RC-7. Functionally fine, but has one driver which got touched and does not look great. Grill is 100%, but I suspect that is limited consolation. Original box. On the bottom, you can tell where I cleaned off glue from a lot of door bumper pads that had been used. Not bad, but you could tell. $200. I can ship, but it would cost because I would take the drivers out of the body and send those separate. Would love for you to pick it up in Washington, DC. 20002. I have seen a replacement driver floating around in the garage sale. Drop a note and we can discuss or set up a call.
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    Gee whiz, I loved your post, and its entire tone. I spent over an hour, doing a beautiful answer, and it got lost in cyberspace. We have your two words, experimental, and settled science, and to that, allow me to add a third, 'artistic'. 90 percent settled science, 7 % artistic, 3 % experimental. On the new phono preamp design, I did 217 different PSUD 2 power supply simulations. I can see this on my computer's directory, from 10-16-2019 to 4-17-2019. Many hours. The 7% artistic must account for 50% of the unit being outstandingly worthwhile, or not. Very brief answer, hope that is what you were wanting !! Thanks for asking. Jeff
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    The Technics is a "bargain" and elegant compared to those other over the top tables. :-D
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    I have put on my Grado 325 e headphones to listen to your audio setup. I am thrilled, really . For that you get a big grin
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    Just got back from KY and had a minute to post a couple other boring pics that I took Thursday when I was unloading.
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    I think we are talking apple and oranges. Thresholds and baseline wrt Covid 19 look at FLI/P deaths as a percentage of total deaths (from any and all causes),.they look by week (we are in 32 or 33 now) and they go back 5 years. The threshold number is 1.61 std. dev. (I think) from 5 year weekly avg. Anything above that number is stastically significant. There are codes for most major illnesses groups, and codes when multiple causes. They have baselines for every code so it doesn't matter if it DWI deaths, auto deaths, wildfire deaths, cancer deaths, MI deaths, "other" deaths, if a threshold is crossed nationally or locally they start looking into it. With the Pandemic they start to produce more specific coding, that was the big news in May. The Mortality Data Repirting Figures can lag anywhere from 3 to 90 days or more, depending on which State. It's all in the CDC data in the fine print That data is eventually going to be important to public policy people. Cumulative deaths and cases are of little or no importance to health officials 6 months into a pandemic because there was little or no testing available initially and much more is known. What the public health officials and ID people I see talking and writing about it are most concerned with lately daily new cases, avg. over last 7 days, dalily new deaths with same avg, and the positivity rate. They want the latter going down and well under 5%. They don't need to concern themselves with baselines and thresholds they have real time numbers for positive tests, confirmed deaths, active cases (everyone ignores that one for some reason), and positivity rates in conjunction with real time data for hospital beds due to covid and beds available, and respirators in use and available. Once testing came one line, since June in Texas, over-reporting or underreporting became a non-issue from a healthcare stand point. Texas doesn't report "probable" cases so they probably under reported initially in Feb, March, April, and May when testing was limited and slowing ramped up. Now there are multiple test types available, results in 3 hours, plus antibody testing. How many new cases per day in your area is all you need to know. Is it 10, 100, 1,000, trending up or down? The deaths will track that as a percentage, but lag 3 to 10 days plus. They may be over or under reporting in some places, all I know is my State is now confirmed cases that's look at daily, Monday includes Sat and Sun those numbers are real, subject to testing error.
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    It seems to me that a characteristic feature of your posts is that you shy away from anyone's attempt to engage you in technical discussions that challenge your assertions. For example, a while back in your Dyanaco preamp thread some questions were raised about your use of the term "transfer efficiency" in the context of different choices of power cord. I presented some estimates showing that any difference in power transferred from the wall socket to the amplifier when using a 12 AWG Mil. Spec. wire as opposed to cheap zip cord was completely dwarfed by day-to-day or hour-to-hour variations in the voltage supplied by the local electricity company. Instead of showing a willingness to engage in a technical discussion to back up your assertions, you simply responded by asserting "I am not going to enter into any technical discussions with you. There is a lot that technical people THINK they know, but do not know at all. It is hilarious to me, how much educated people, who can not think out of the box, get goofed-up in audio, and I find they also often have crummy sounding home audio systems. Have a great day." This kind of reply is pretty much your stock response to more or less anyone who has some technical knowledge and who tries to challenge you on one of your "technical" assertions. I can well understand why Maynard would be sceptical that anything would go differently in any further attempts he might have to discuss technical matters with you.
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    I had a black and decker way back when. it could just make mowing my yard, which is a difficult mow. The batteries gave out and I never made it to the replacement center 40 miles away. $100 to replace, not all that bad. I ended up putting it on the curb for free, with the manual and a note saying it just needs new batteries. I put a craftsman self propelled out at the same time that needed a new bendix, same way, manual and note. Self propelled is too heavy for all of the maneuvering I do and I went with a high wheel manual mower, with a b&s quantum engine. Had that for years and the only thing it's needed has been a new pull cord. Air filter, plug and oil change, and a new mulching blade yearly as maintenance.
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    @MicroMara ... Recently posted a too vague Tull mention on the YouTube thread. It was the Europe dude mention of Tull. Rick Steve's Europe is where it was mentioned. Could not recall at the time. Maybe you are familiar with the television series. Was not referring to you. FWIW... thanks.
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    A new Ego battery powered lawn mower and string trimmer. Skeptical to say the least but first shot was pretty amazing. Not selling the Snapper yet but may soon. Getting ready for a downsize. Battery powered lawn mowers. Sheesh.
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    An assertion like that requires corroboration. Otherwise it's just hearsay.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br9Pk8siBrM&fbclid=IwAR07VWm_-oBWrPPTLjwuY8J-b8_wGRbF_XDDvx1_xpwr7eNdJw_ovCdRC14 Very cool setup of Klipschorns.
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    I liked the Steve Miller Band Remember that album with a Pegasus on the cover and the one with the eye dark cover Can’t remember the titles off the top of my head now but they were great albums
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    1 Canadian Hockey team , is still standing -------the Canucks
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    You remember Jim don’t you? Rumor has it he’s busy writing for Trumps Republican convention speeches. Don’t quote me on that —
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    So it was my fellow Nazareth fan!
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    Ah yes, class A "space heaters" so wasteful of energy in high watt versions. Should be 20 W or less for Klipschsters.
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    Early, more simple Steve Miller packaged up.
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    Taking delivery September 14 - Ryobi 100ah Zero Turn all electric mower. Four motors total - 1x each for 2x blades / 1x for each rear wheel. Enough juice for 3 acres of mowing. No pesky carbs, belts, spindles/bearings, plugs, noise and especially fuel which can use 2-3 gallons for a three acre mow with 20-25 horse gas engines. Should be fun to use —
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    KPT-904 KLF-10s and RF-82s are bookshelf speakers, LOL!
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    Looks to be headed straight towards Elden. Good luck.
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    Hi Im new here and pretty new to vintage audio equipment in general. Have a pair of 1981 Klipsch Cornwall 3 ( that's what the tag says ) CBR , I restored the cabinets and grills, sent the speakers to a local audio technician to go over them. They sound beautiful , my question is , I have a few pieces that I came along over the years , some need to be sent to check and probably repair . Right now I have a Dinakit S-70 and a Marantz 2270 receiver both in good working condition . Is this trio a good set up ?? I only tried the speakers with the Marantz and they sound great , Im hoping to add a good turntable to the set up.. Do I need the S-70 and if so why ?? I also have other pieces , if the audiophile espert here had to choose a set up to use with these speakers what would be the ideal combination , given the piece I have ?? Don't want to waist time /money repairing what I don't have too . Here's what I have Cornwall speakers ( working ) Marantz 2270 (working ) Dinakit S-70 amp ( working ) Dynaco Stero 120 amp ( to test ) McIntosh Mac 1700 receiver ( to test ) McIntosh 2100 amp ( to test ) Thanks for the help !!! And sorry for my ignorance but we all need to start somewhere . Attached are pics of the Cornwall and my restoration of the speaker boxes ( I added steel borders to the bottom base ) also did the grills
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    The Ego has a 56 volt 7.5 amp hour battery. Mowed the lawn with some to spare using self propelled most of the time. Very impressive and better yet my wife can use it. She struggles with the Snapper. It's an absolute bear to start even though it has a functioning electric start plus it weighs a ton. Hell of a mower though but with all the nooks, crannies and banana plants etc it's a job. She WANTS to mow with this thing. We'll see how it holds up.
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    thebes, I have a Technics SL-1200 turntable with a nice Shure type 3 cartridge and about 300 albums. I use the DAC for music I don't have on vinyl (Buckethead) and to process my CD collection. The turntable I picked up from the lady who sold me my Forte ll's which I just replaced the crossover networks with ALK models. Definite improvement. The K-horns already had ALK crossovers from the original owner. I also have the original Klipsch crossovers that came out of the K-horns. The Forte's sound great through the Emotiva. I may just move that amp to the living room and pick up the Jolida for the listening room.
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    I settled on Tidal for now after trying Spotify previously. I like the selection and borrowing of playlist on Spotify better but like you said Tidal wins for quality. I am disappointed in their selection of MQA recordings as the promise of better sound was a selling point.. Mostly hip hop and rap from what I can see and I listen to neither. May be user error as I have not spent a lot of time looking around. I do have a Tom Petty playlist with 51 selections and 11 are MQA.......not too bad. A lot of their CD quality offerings do not sound as good as the actual disc to me. Spotify keeps promising to up their quality by the end of 2020 and if that happens I will likely switch. After a week with no music I turned on the Primaluna yesterday but rather than streaming I played well recorded CDs through an old tubed Jolida JD100 CDP and a Maverick Tube Magic dac. Mucho mejor!
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    I got the same thing Mike but mine was an extra large one.
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    I hope you're pretty happy now . I have many Reggae records from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, UB 40, African Head Charge, Alpha Blondy, Little Ax, Alpha & Omega, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Black Uhuru, and so on. I love the Reggae sound. We should open a separate thread for Reggae sound
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    Oh yea, I remember watching two kids race at Putnam Park years ago, and thought wow, these kids are very good. It was Nicky and probably Roger, I knew they were brothers. Another time at Putnam, two young guys blowing everyone else away....Ben Spies and Jake Zemke. Of course at the time they were unknown....Ben won a WBSK title later. I experienced that also watching USAC Sprint cars at IRP (Lucas Oil now) years ago....who is this kid named Jeff Gordon, kicking everyone's butt, looks 12 years old! Also....Ryan Newman, Kasey Kane, Tony Stewart, AJ Almendinger. I love Mid Ohio, but have never been on the track. Did you get to race there?
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    That looks like the sticker. What's sad is I don't even have a pic of the signature on my bike.
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    Well Im Going to gamble on them. And I get the Yamaha receiver with them I’ll have to hide them in my shop for some time , so my wife does not freak on me, again,,lol. Why to many audio things laying around and not being used. I really need to get off my butt and list some of this stuff Some I’ll just give for free and just charge shipping. Thanks for your input Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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