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    Trying a new brew. Must support the local brewery. It’s very good, especially in a frosted glass.
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    To my friends in the path of these storms
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    Carl do you have an inner tube to wear when you're outside?
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    I have delved into my vinyl vault and have selected about 30 LPs to play over the coming days I haven’t posted any of them before Tonight I will set the mood with a collaboration album in the electronic genre And I have a surprise for you @MicroMara from that vault selection Artists - Jon And Vangelis Title - Short Stories Akbum ID - https://www.discogs.com/Jon-And-Vangelis-Short-Stories/release/161300
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    I'm new to this forum but have followed it for some time. All the way over here in Norway I discovered Klipsch Heritage and got myself some La Scala 2s. Also discovering they needed a little help in the lowest octaves I built 2 THTLP Fitzmaurice horn subs. These I crossover at 92.5hz and they blend seamlessly with the LS. Really happy with this combo. Hope your Table Tubas worked out as well. Hopefully this first post will get me in thouch with many good people here
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    Some old stuff is really good! Here's a little comparison of new with old:
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    OK; seems this discussion is "going the wrong way." Question was "vintage" vs "modern." Have and "have had" many vintage (decent quality) amps/receivers and have always been very pleased with them compared to much more expensive modern systems. Think the original posting is a bit skewed ... i.e. older $1000 system vs $5000 new system. Certainly hope it is "a bit" better. Cheers, Emile
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    I need to get some hatches.
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    Yes, Shirley Manson, frontwoman of Garbage, is great. Also, Garbage’s recordings have a really full-bodied, well-recorded sound, perhaps because Butch Vig, the drummer, is a very well-respected record producer.
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    And just canceled my order with Crutchfield. Found a pair of Heresies for $500 with free delivery, and decided to splurge.
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    Spent an a little time with the Cornsala's yesterday. I tried 9 attenuation on mid horn and 6 on the DE120 tweet. The 9db setting brought the vocals more forward and they needed it as they were sounding a bit distant. Tried 8db on the mid leaving the tweet on 6db attenuation and i think it sounded quite nice. I'm looking for that sparkle and i just have not found it yet. I'. thinking maybe try some E 15c woofers in them. Something still seems to be missing. Here's a pic where they currently rest at my fathers place.
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    My gripe about new gear is the scarcity of features. The Yamaha you show has a wonderful array of features that are incredibly hard to find in new gear these days that can make listening so much more enjoyable. ..Like you, I have a McIntosh Integrated (MA6600) and I chose it b/c it has a Mono switch, Bass., and Treble Controls. Heck, even a balance control is becoming less and less common. ..And the reason often cited in audio salons is that these features force compromises to be made to the audio signal. ..This, IMHO, is completely nonsensical. Some of our most cherished analog recordings (e.g., Steely Dan) was made using mixing boards that had literally hundreds of signal breaks, sliders, trim pots, etc... ..There's no way the relatively small handful of similar signal breaks needed to incorporate Mono, Balance, Bass, and Treble into an integrated amplifier is doing any audible damage. ..But the narrative lets gear companies of the hook for including them.
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    Jeffery D M. I have to ask, what is this fascination of yours to constantly try and get others to believe / understand your theory of how AUDIO components must be built for better SOUND. I swear it seems so simple to understand. EVERYONE AND I MEAN EVERYONE has different hearing. Because you, I, Maynard or anyone else decide amp A is better, CAN NEVER become a FACT. This is all based on subjective hearing. EVERYONE you ever quote is making a decision / comment based on there own subjective preferences. Of course it is more likely you simply enjoy stirring a pot, and seeing what rises.......................On with the show
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    I was typing the following when you just replied, above... Many of the above are ones that I own and that I'd also recommend. In Jazz, the three Yellowjackets multichannel SACDs are superb: Time Squared, Altered State, Lifecycle. Also the Xiomara "La Voz" (the voice) disc is outstanding by Chesky. Jimmy Cobb/Roy Hargrove Jazz in the key of Blue is good, also by Chesky. Any of the Norah Jones first three albums are very good. They get pretty loud after that point. Rebecca Pidgeon's "The Raven" (multichannel) is also very good by Chesky. There is one Police (Every Breath You Take - The Classics) that's a multichannel SACD that's good that I acquired recently for a reasonable price at Discogs. In soundtracks, "A Beautiful Mind" soundtrack is really good (multichannel SACD). In new Bluegrass, the Nickel Creek "This Side" multichannel SACD is very good. In folk/rock, James Taylor's Hourglass (multichannel) is outstanding. In classical/Christmas music that's also audiophile reference standard, Cantate Domino by Oscar's Motet Choir was a standard at RMAF a few years ago (stereo SACD). Roughly 90-95% of the best SACDs that I own and that comprise the SACD catalog are classical. I'll list a few of the best: Bach Goldberg Variations (Jory Vinikour) - multichannel--two discs Frederic Chopin - Artur Pizarro (Linn) - multichannel Frederic Chopin: Etudes - Ingrid Fliter - multichannel Handel Concerti Grossi Opus 6 - The Avison Ensemble (Linn) - multichannel Mannheim String Symphonies Vols. 1 and 2, Chamber Orchestra of the New Dutch Academy - multichannel Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, Symphony #3 - Scottish Chamber Orchestra (Linn) multichannel The Messiah, Dublin Version 1742 - Dunedin Consort dir. John Butt (Linn) - multichannel Mozart Clarinet Concerto in A, KV 622, Clarinet Quintet KV 581 - Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Marriner - multichannel Russian Violin Concertos - Russian National Orchestra, Julia Fisher - multichannel ... Chris
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    Good job Randy.....
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    Another thing that is often overlooked and worth noting when choosing a cartridge is matching the compliance (suspension) with your tone arm mass. If you are buying a complete new setup from a manufacturer, then this is already sorted out for you. If you are piecing together your own turntable, then you need to be aware of your tonearm mass and cartridge compliance relationship.
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    As long as it's not because you're happy to see me.
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    Says the guy with a roll of quarters in his front pocket.
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    Carl + floaties, makes sense. “Hey guys, look at These guns” -
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    I think you need about a 16' round boat so that you and the family can stay in the middle and maintain proper distancing while trying to survive.
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    Beautiful system... I've yet to hear the newer LaScalas. I sold a nice pair of '89s due to finances, but picked up the beaters in my earlier pic. The mwm bass cabinets were given to me. Bruce
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    To answer your question—yes. I don’t agree. Maynard
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    I thought the same thing very good speakers right up there with the Chorus II's in my book woofers won't take near the punishment though just a warning I broke a couple in my pair was lucky enough to find a couple of factory replacements on eBay at the time but they are rare. My brother still has them and I'm always pleasantly surprised every time I hear them at how really good they do sound. Congrats on the new speakers!
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    The 30's sound better than I thought they would. I have had the KLF-20's in the past but the 30's are on a whole different level. I was gonna flip these but after I heard them, I decided to keep them. I will try and glue them back together but it would be temporary at best. I'll find another horn soon. As noted above, I did have one good spare and a second spare that has a small corner crack that will work for now.
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    yeah me too , but he isn't locked out ---------the problem is his user name -
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    Robert -------why dont we do this ---------try to log on on your computer on the klipsch forum , but register as a new user --------say Bobcat1111 ------and tell me if you get an email back
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    klipsch is down due to covid 19-----the web guys are not there ----did you try resetting the password using robert olson
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    so log in as Robert Olson ------and reset the password
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    mods cant help ------only Chad -----and not sure if he is working due to covid
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    go ahead , try to change your user name
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    ok - how are you logging in this forum -------if you can post you are logged in -
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    there could be a problem with your user name , did you change it lately -----
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    Listening Randy: https://youtu.be/4BvP8Jk2mt8
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    Steely Dan: Gaucho Thelonious Monk: Straight, No Chaser The Allman Brothers Band: At Fillmore East
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    Well if they are, can I please have some wind and rain, but just enough wind to make it fun but without ruining anything, thank you.
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    So I've had about a half dozen people email me about these so far but no one has actually come out to see them or take a listen. Yesterday I spent a few hours in the garage waiting on a potential buyer to show up only to have him change his mind last minute, gotta love Craigslist! Anyway got to spend some time with these speakers and I got to say they really are excellent sounding, a bit different from the RF-5's I have must be the bigger woofs and cabinets as the horns are the same. Of course nothing is equal and audio memory is junk but I believe I like the sound of these better than the series II I had awhile back. As of now I'm going to pull these out of the running and just keep them for myself for now, it took me some time to find them anyway and I don't really like selling speakers as much as I like to buy them.. I'll find a place for them eventually right now they are doing great out in the garage, thanks.
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    @JohnJ I will listen to S.P in the coming days, a good 2 hours I can not manage today, it is already again 2.25 am on Monday, fortunately I have now 2 weeks off and can relax in peace, we do not go on holiday because of Covid, it is better for my family and other people
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    Batten down the hatches Carl.
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    Did you get to see them back then?? Truly an excellent show! Garbage opened and that front gal was great too!
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    That is a gracious arrangement you've got there Roger! It hit me in a certain way and made me chuckle.
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    Bobby, I don't allow my wife an opinion on my speakers! She has free rain to do anything she wants in her Kitchen. She has free rain to make any choices she wants on the bedroom. She has free choice of anything she wants in the bathroom. GDmit, I have the right to make ANY decisions I want on one room and she doesn't get ANY input !! PS; I am having those splits veneered in Santose Rosewood veneer for a system for my Daughter. So far I have four matching split La Scalas with trim and a pair of Pro Klipsch Heresy slant monitors with trim, all to be veneered eventually in Santose Rosewood Venner for her that she picked out in person her self. Roger Gordon
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    So is the glass frosted or is what's inside it truly hazy?
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