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    they gotta start building Hurricane proof houses , this house has no shingles , or wood structured roofs , the ground floor can even sustain flooding up to 12 feet high -
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    Just picked up this NOS GT i-drive 3.0. Just needs air in the tires. Might have to break out the Klipsch jersey for its maiden voyage.
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    DO IT! just GO GET THEM!! But you'll be a lost cause for a couple days afterwards, not leaving the sound room at all
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    From the vault LP #29 From close to 40 Describing musically The reign of King Arthur Another great piece of work from the master of keyboards Artist - Rick Wakeman ‎ Title - The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Rick-Wakeman-The-Myths-And-Legends-Of-King-Arthur-And-The-Knights-Of-The-Round-Table/release/1983051
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    Got a more mellow Carlos Santana here but the guitar and percussion that we know is his isn't absent from this one. Like a lower the lights after dinner and a movie LP! The cover doesn't have ink on it so the label got the pic
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    Problem solved and you are absolutely right! Now call your buddy and go get those Tull lp's! 😂
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    @MicroMara can't believe you left without them! By now you should know better! 😂 @JohnJ you better stay away from Jeff Beck's woman!
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    Alchemy: Dire Straits Live was their first recorded live lp at the Hammersmith Odeon in London on 22–23 July 1983, the final two concerts of Dire Straits' eight-month Love Over Gold Tour promoting their album Love Over Gold. The concerts were recorded by Mick McKenna using the Rolling Stones Mobile unit. The recording was mixed at AIR Studios in London in November 1983. Nigel Walker was the engineer. Whew, forgot how great this lp was!
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    Take all your overgrown infants away somewhere And build them a home, a little place of their own. The Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurable Tyrants and Kings. And they can appear to themselves every day On closed circuit T.V. To make sure they're still real. It's the only connection they feel. "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Reagan and Haig, Mr. Begin and friend, Mrs. Thatcher, and Paisly, "Hello Maggie!" Mr. Brezhnev and party. "Who's the bald chap?" The ghost of McCarthy, The memories of Nixon. "Good-bye!" And now, adding color, a group of anonymous latin- American Meat packing glitterati. Did they expect us to treat them with any respect? They can polish their medals and sharpen their Smiles, and amuse themselves playing games for awhile. Boom boom, bang bang, lie down you're dead. Safe in the permanent gaze of a cold glass eye With their favorite toys They'll be good girls and boys In the Fletcher Memorial Home for colonial Wasters of life and limb. Is everyone in? Are you having a nice time? Now the final solution can be applied.
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    I had visited a colleague the other day. He also has the complete vinyl collection of Tull. I have looked at all records . The covers and records look like new. He offered all to me for sale. Next time I visit him I will take them all with me. @billybob and @Full Range had already given me recommendations. These were all there.
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    For $10, I'll not let your wife know of your attitude....
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    I'll get some more on soon that I haven't played here already. Fate was real good to me this past year, thought it had never noticed all the good things I've done my whole life! Can't forget that it had already got me for the bad/naughty I did.
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    I really love this record , because it´s so different from all the other productions. Many say about Carlos Santana ..you got one album by Santana you have all albums by Santana. But this isn´t true at all.....
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    @MicroMara Interesting stuff and yep it's not his normal fare in my book that's why I captioned it like I did. The second side was more easily identifiable as his!
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    @Full Range Wakeman is a solid British blooded Rick Wakeman , ( born May 18, 1949 in Middlesex, now Perivale, London; actually Richard Christopher Wakeman) is a British musician. He is considered one of the most important keyboarders of progressive rock.Wakeman's pioneering work in establishing the Mellotron and his classical piano training had a decisive influence on the sound of his regular band Yes in the early 1970s. His special relationship with Yes is evident in the fact that no one else left the band and later rejoined it as often as he did, who has a total of five new members. Characteristic and often imitated is also his stage appearance, mostly in a glitter cape, which has survived to this day on concert tours.
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    @JohnJ Santana´s " Welcome " first track sounds like Carlos was following Robert Fripp´s Spirit to the road to red .... Welcome is the fifth studio album by Santana, released in 1973. It followed the jazz-fusion formula that the preceding Caravanserai had inaugurated, but with an expanded and different lineup this time. Gregg Rolie had left the band along with Neal Schon to form Journey, and they were replaced by Tom Coster, Richard Kermode and Leon Thomas, along with guest John McLaughlin, who had collaborated with Carlos Santana on Love Devotion Surrender. Welcome also featured John Coltrane's widow, Alice, as a pianist on the album's opening track, "Going Home" and Flora Purim (the wife of Airto Moreira) on vocals. This album was far more experimental than the first four albums, and Welcome did not produce any hit singles.
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    My upgrade. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We take a road trip if it is bigger than a 1 or 2, depending on the size, some are much bigger than others. We had planned to stay for this one, unless it got close to a 3 and depending on other things. We left for Katrina to North Louisiana and came back the next day, after seeing what happened and talking to those who did stay we were glad we left. We were very surprised to find we had no damage with winds that got to 140 and all the damage around, barns, roofs almost no power poles left between here and the interstate which is 10 miles. I would love to see it but not enough to stay, think of what Ron White says.
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    We'll be into Greek alphabet named storms after 1 more, Wilfred.
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    We are deploying tomorrow for air traffic control, if needed, and video surveillance
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    Here are a few. Just finished 1.5wpc 1625 triode wired. Knight KB83 or was lol... 4 x EL37, 2 xgz34 forgot other tubes lol but they are bugle boys. This ran so hot we completely gutted it and redesigned it. It is now a PP triode el37 about 10wpc. Brook 12A Clones I built including PWK or Moderfari mods. A gift from IBSlammin. LuxmanPP triode 50ca10. Just completed cap replacement and putting it back to factory as it has been modified. Going to bring it up this week. Next to be rebuilt two EL84 amplifiers chock full of awesome mullard gz34 and el84 tubes. Love the look. I love the fisher it has been modified so I am not sure what I will do with it... Looks abit ratty.
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    $1600 Looking for reasonable offers or trades. Location is outside of Annapolis, MD. I've had these for years. Selling because my plans have changed and these are rarely used. They are in fantastic, original condition. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ive used it to buy a few things. Ironically.....I got a message tonight on Nextdoor about a missing US Marine killed 73 years ago on a Japanese island, his remains are finally going home to Richmond Indiana. The motorcade will go right through my town. Yes I will be there, and no I will not take a knee. RIP and thank you PFC Louis Wiesehan Jr
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    Got my Tal today, her first is a jazz instrumental yea her bass is emphasized but not overly so. The Love Remains is more of a rocker in a Gilmore laid back way. Had the opportunity to listen to all of it on youtube but the ones I heard here a few months ago had me on the lookout for a deal since. I dig it!
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    How should you have heard it with a 40 years old pickup and flat cut diamond . That's for sure rat's horny with the new Dynavector pickup
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    Some nice bikes guys. Rode quite a bit in the mid to late 90's. Surprisingly many great trails here in FL. Have an old Gary Fisher Joshua F4. Known for their tendency to "end-over". Happened once to me and I performed a perfect tuck and roll with no scratches. Bill
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    When you are considering layout be sure to allow enough space so that the speakers can be moved out from the wall. Also allow space behind where you sit so that the back of the couch isn't against a wall. Might as well pick up the Forte III's, even if you change your mind they can easily be resold or used in another room.
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    Today we've got a cool E to SE steady breeze and not even 80 after lunch. I know we're a long ways from the gulf and the cloud structures don't reach that far but experience with these things tells me what I've known for a long time. Here in the ACC a lot of our weather comes from the Gulf. Getting ready to sell the cast iron cookware and the $$ copper crap. Too much trouble to maintain. Not the frying pans though, you cannot get better cornbread or breakfast meat & eggs out of anything else!! Got tired of the chainsaws nearby so with the windows open for that cool, fresh air after treating that cast iron one last time, I put one of my favorites on:
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    Only in a few places or with few friends / here that translates to both! But isn't "Sharing equivalent to Caring"! (tip of the hat smiley) Knowledge and time shared is an even more important standard. You've got that in spades Buddy!!
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    Were fine, it was going right over us at first and was stronger but now it moved toward the Alabama bay and slowed down a little, 85mph. Your right your going to get lot of rain before it's over, hopefully no bad winds, good luck.
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    How are you making out with Sally? Thanks
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    EL84 PP Motorola Amplifier. All out of spec resistors have been replaced, all caps including the can capacitor replaced. The power and output transformers are larger than a comparable Magnavox amp.
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    Fortes would be a good fit for that room. Go for the IIIs. Shakey
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    I recently changed the seat, this old Schwinn seat looked goofy.
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    There's a trail that's about 100 miles long where I live. Hope to get some miles in to enjoy the fall colors.
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    Cool thread. After 40 years of no bike riding (peddle bike) I bought a Diamondback Sorrento earlier this year. I actually like riding more than I thought I would. I bought the wife a Trek and my daughter a Specialized. Mine is a mountainbike, theirs are hybrid. Our little town recently turned an old railroad track into a walking/bike trail...it's currently 12 miles long, with a future connection to Indy. We ride a couple times a week, just cruising, but I'll go by myself just to get a better workout. My niece and my nephew will ride also, it's fun with a group, but don't expect to get a lot of miles in, just casual riding.
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    It’s sad to see our neighbour turning into one of those countries that used to be warned against, the kind of place where life is cheap and people won’t be missed if they disappear. Equally sadly, parts of Canada are like that, too, especially for Native people. The World is actually getting better, but it’s doing it so achingly slowly, and now the news industry lets us hear about terrible things that happen everyday, which makes it look like it’s getting worse. It’s not. Most of us just didn’t know how bad things already were.
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    Several in attendance have a copy of what I've collected, so there should be no shortage of offline media when combined with what you're bringing.
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    Report post Posted 6 hours ago 09/14/2020 > SETI Said : A gift from IBSlammin. LuxmanPP triode 50ca10. Just completed cap replacement and putting it back to factory as it has been modified. Going to bring it up this week. I love the Luxman Me too...
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    Ride, Sally. Ride!
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    But the structure set forth is reflective of a basic moral, philosophical and practical notion of citizenship and civic duties. I know. I saw it on PBS last night.
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    When they use the word meander at that noaa hurricane website when it's close? I know that can aggravate the ones that breathe salt air year round. Time for a road trip?
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    You still don't get it. A reading of the last page before this may or not help. I'm not sure I can fix this for you. I am truly sorry I tried to help. It's like pulling a dying animal out of the tar only to be bitten.
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    It’s Portland Oregon........ nuf said.
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    09/14/2020 > SETI Said : A gift from IBSlammin. LuxmanPP triode 50ca10. Just completed cap replacement and putting it back to factory as it has been modified. Going to bring it up this week. I love the Luxman
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    Some things have been likely overdone if the full context were to be known.
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