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    Fisher 400c stereo preamp and a pair of fisher 200a monos. The extra shelf space is for a fisher 55a that is being serviced. The 200s drive 1979 Khorns and the 55a will be for the center heresy III. And yeah, busted. I’m listening to the parasound right now. I’ve hardly noticed the quarantine. Why leave the house?
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    Ok I don't remember the couple of tunes I'm hearing off of this record now. Tull with brass and woodwinds? Then one starting with a soft jazz sound and Ian's flute!
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    A shame. I'm glad I have the original cover release, although I have always liked German pressings.
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    I'll listen to B and probably the whole thing again tomorrow. Good record! Going to be sleepy after the game and don't want to start up the tubes for just a little bit of listening!
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    Probably- Song For Jeffrey or Dharma For One The jazziest one is Some Day The Sun Won't Shine For You
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    How about a "smaller" tube amp ;-) Mike
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    Yeah I offered him $700 but he said the whole "I bought these for $2K a piece, back in the day" bit...and is gonna try and sell them for $800 each on reverb. I was trying to tell him, the shipping cost alone will eat from his profit and would be easier to just sell to me, in person. He said he'll think about it, lol. So we'll see. Keep ya updated. Pretty pleased what I'm hearing from the CF3s right now though, so I don't mind waiting a lil longer before getting an amp. V_O_R
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    Goats Head Soup? Sure why not give it a spin? Clean as a whistle! New covid mask but still trying to decide whether to frame it or wear it to jam night tomorrow night.. lol Maybe some lil hottie or oh well never mind... 😂 😎
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    I think fair price considering how much new ones are. With ALKs and original crossovers included more than fair. I would never sell mine but if I did I would have to have more than 3000 for them.
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    From the vault LP # 39 from over 40 and getting close to the end Another brilliant jazz fusion album that “many say“ along with the last album is “Musically “ at the peak of perfection It’s a must listen to album but it must be more than once @MicroMara Artist - Return To Forever Featuring Chick Corea ‎ Title - Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Return-To-Forever-Featuring-Chick-Corea-Hymn-Of-The-Seventh-Galaxy/release/1002060 Its a German release and the cover art differs from the normal release
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    One of my favorite NFL players. He was so smooth on the field, that full speed change of direction was a pleasure to watch. Him and Butkus were first team All Pro as rookies, that only happened twice, and 54 years apart. RIP, reunited with Brian Piccolo.
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    Yes, and for sure, if you can get away you should come down. The place is huge. I can attest to that, but a friend would have carefully calculated the route and mileage, told me which side of the road it was on, look for the sign that isn't lighted, it's not on a red dirt road, you know, some useful information. Full disclosure, this has been the road trip from hell, which usually doesn't happen to me, so, here's how it went. Altered plans due to Beta and left a day later than expected, forgot to pick up @MookieStl and about 10 miles into Kentucky, pulled over in the rest area and started the bourbon search, called ahead and was told they had everything, including Weller 12 and it was only 5 miles away, but I had to exit off and head back North a few miles to get to the liquor store, no problem, except I'm dragging a trailer and thought I was going to rip the jack off (yes, I said jack off), because the parking lot was tiny and pretty big grade changes, but hell, they have Weller 12........................not, lying bastard$. Get back on the interstate, no big deal, but in the 15 minutes it took me, there was a major accident, just past the rest area I stopped at, 3 tractor trailers and 1.5 hrs later and I'm on the road again, but not going to make it to Memphis, so I'll push and at least make it to Nashville. I stopped at no less than 5 other liquor stores only to confirm that those bastard$ in KY that own the stores don't have actual bourbons that I'm looking for, and if they did, they charge 2,3, even 4x's the normal price................but one nice fellow let me know that the pappy and weller release was postponed until October and I could come back then, right, bastard$. It's all good, don't care and onto Nashville, where I try to rip the jack off a few more times because it's a poor design with horrible clearance, but they gave me a great deal, since mine hasn't been built yet and it's a rental, so, "drag it like you stole it". Get to the West side of Nashville, so I don't have to fight traffic in the morning and check into a Hampton, cause you know, if you stay there 100 times you get a free night stay next to a liquor store that might get the bourbon you're looking for and only charge you 4x's the price, anyway, I had pulled up the rate on my phone, $87, fine, same rate I'm paying in Hope but the girl behind the desk, must be related to the people that own KY liquor stores and lets me know, because I'm an honors member that she can get me a room, in the her fine hotel, that is 20% full, for a great rate of of $129, bitc*, out to get my phone because I had to show her the rate I pulled up minutes before, I did and she told me to get that rate, I need to book it on my phone and pay for it that way..........................bitc*, I said, "that's pretty stupid and I know you can do an exception and change it yourself" so $97 it was. LOL Yes, another paragraph, but I have to get all of this out now, although it's going to be better after bourbon for sure. I go to park "the rig", and of course, out of all the Hampton's I've stayed at over the years in 10 or more states, you can't pull around this one................the bastard$ put trees on the rear of the hotel instead and now, if not for my trailering prowess, a hole lot of swearing I get to back the thing out around corners because there was no other way. I'm out, great, then realizing I just over payed for a room that I might have to park 500 yards away and walk. I did get it maneuvered around and put it in so that nobody could be a dumb *** and park me in. ( one small success) Realize, I forgot my My Pillow, I'm really hungry so Waffle House and coffee sounded great................................didn't really sleep all that much, should have done Waffle House and bourbon. We're not done yet. Pulled up the weather this morning and found out that Beta decided to move a bit North than had been projected and seemed to put I-40 in the center of the rain from Hope to Nashville, great, I really wanted to go to Dave's and check out his gear (not junk), but this could be a long drive and if the rain gets to heavy, I'll just stop and get a room I thought, so back in the truck, and I'll check out a few liquor stores in the area and look for a specific Belle Meade that Carl sent me a picture of. I first went to Publix, right across the street, pretty flat and a big parking lot, great, except it's not a liquor store, just beer and wine......................yes, lying bastard$, but they did send me to a great store about a mile away that the prices were amazing, huge selection, except for anything that's made at Buffalo Trace, including Weller, but there it is, the Belle Meade that Carl said I should look for. Today, was going to be a great day indeed. Snapped a pic, sent it to Carl to show him the my score, and his text back, well it's close, fuc&! I should have looked a little closer at the picture, but hey, he also said it should be good, so still a decent day, and on the road I go. That's all for tonight, but there's more, much more. I'll finalize the adventure tomorrow when I realize someone stole the trailer with my gear in it. 9.30.2020 Part Deux: I get on the interstate, headed for Hope, with plenty of time to deal with a little rain and make it an easy day, it's about 10AM and I should easily get to Hope around 5 including stopping for gas ever 200 miles because the truck never gets great mileage, but you can hear it pumping through the injectors dragging a trailer. Light rain for about an hour, extremely heavy truck traffic with the usual idiots pissing with there phones, makeup, or reading a book (yes, observed a couple of them), but no big deal, and averaging about 72MPH, and then the rain gets heavy and steady so I decide to pull off, take a 15-20 minute break, gas up, get some food and walk around a little, so by the third non functioning gas pump (maneuvering around with the trailer from pump to pump) and going into the store, since none of them want to take my card properly, or reset to try again, I go in, hit the head and come out to a line of people that had to be 20 deep at the register, screw that, no food, no gas and don't care, I'm getting back on the road and have a 5 gallon container of gas in the bed of the truck, so I'm fine. Pouring and traffic still heavy, and I'm about 30 miles from Memphis and determined to hit the Arkansas line prior to stopping again...............that didn't work out as planned either. Through the pouring rain and massive amounts of spray coming off all the trucks, I can still make out the brake lights coming up, surely, this can't be another delay, but alas, another 1.5 hour stoppage due to an accident...............low fuel light has been on for a while, but still good, but I need to find an exit pretty quick.
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    SOLD Found this in my parts cabinet from a project I believe a few years back. I am 95% sure this is a midrange horn that I bought off ebay for a KLF 30 project I had going at the time. You can see the measurements, right about 5 inches deep. $50.00 plus shipping or best offer, local pick-up available Kalamazoo Michigan. No cracks etc.
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    Don't be like CNNLOL find a reliable source for your information. Make Audio Great Again will be there.
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    if it wasn't for bad luck... you would not have any luck what so ever
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    Little Feat with dinner, now for dessert.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking for a solid integrated on the lower end of the price spectrum. Very interested to try Rotel but open to suggestions. It will be driving a pair of Chorus IIs and a set of full-range speakers (FHXL), so doesn't need to be crazy but I hear the Chorus like a little power. I have an HK430 now and have had a run of bad luck with the last couple of amps I have tried, so ideally something solid and simple (probably not vintage). Open to other brands as well, I was interested in Rotel as an example of a brand that has a reputation for good value and I sound I would like to try. Would really prefer something with A&B speaker selection so I can switch between the two sets, and a pre-out and phono would be fantastic but not required.
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    I think John Adams was concerned about that, at least at first. He was not in favor of there being two political parties, but thought citizens and candidates should take stands on individual issues, without a party position being a cloud over them. When he mentions "Our Constitution" here, he probably means the Massachusetts Constitution, for which he had written the first draft -- the U.S. Constitution hadn't been written yet. "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution." -- John Adams, Letter to Jonathan Jackson (2 October 1780), "The Works of John Adams", vol 9, p.511
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    RF instruction? I can post how to replace a muffler in a 1972 AMC pacer. 🤣 [ Just comparing RF instructions to something unrelated, not saying that RFs are a Pacer ] Try the attached direct from our good friends at Klipsch. Palladium driver replacement instructions.pdf
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    In continuing the discussion on sensitivity ratings, I was just reading some news, and this popped up. Quote from and link to the review. What helps to make the RP-8000F an easier load than many other speakers is its above average sensitivity. I measured its sensitivity as 92.1 dB for 2.83v at 1 meter. That isn’t bad; it’s better than most speakers in this type and price class. However, it is significantly below what Klipsch specifies for it which is 98 dB for 2.83v at 1 meter. That is quadruple the sensitivity that I measured. Klipsch is using an in-room estimation of sensitivity that factors in a quarter-space environment over a greater distance. It is true that the in-room sensitivity would be increased, but I think that should be stated in their specs if that is their reasoning for their sensitivity rating. We've seen this discrepancy in other Klipsch products so it doesn't seem to be a statistical outlier in how the brand rates sensitivity of their products. https://www.audioholics.com/tower-speaker-reviews/klipsch-rp-8000f/conclusion
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    Looking at some sites, came up with $200 for unit without remote. $300 with.
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    Haha maybe 😁 . A&B selection is pretty important, able to use it as a premp would be great but not necessary.
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    I'm open on the watts, I had 100 as a ballpark to keep the cost realistic. I think I'm at 24 now with the 430... Would love to go separates, but I don't have an amp so of course buying both also increases cost. Long term I plan to go that route, so my thought was an integrated with a preout I could use with an amp in the future, and eventually replace with a dedicated preamp. Thanks for the amp suggestions, I will keep an eye out for those. I am collecting parts to build a Aleph J clone this winter, so waiting and getting a preamp for that is another option. I just don't want to feel rushed to get that done or I'll probably mess it up. There's an RX-1052 on CL I asked about, seems solid and has some features that might be nice.
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    .All righty then, getting ready to head to airport. See all you fellas later or tomorrow morning. Yes @Ceptorman its happenin' Hope to meet you there.
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    Are you looking for 100+ to 200 wpc? Think Rotel a good place to start.
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    These have been listed on Ebay for over a year I believe priced beyond what a new pair of KI-396's can be had for from what I understand hopefully this guy just really doesn't want to sell them and has them listed to satisfy the wife "l've had these listed for sale honey but noone wants to buy them sorry."
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got it unpacked this AM Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    my guess is @ThomasD. picked up a really nice pair of Chorus 2 -
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    I'll be there through Sunday
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    it's the white North -------temperatures are dipping for the past month very quickly , and so are the numbers of Flu-and Covid 19 infections increasing , and it's hitting Canada earlier than the USA-
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    Looks nearly identical? Please.
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    I missed this thread way back so thought I’d drop a line on the original topic of Internet Radio... all my devices seem to support TuneIn radio. I listen to a lot around North America but need to branch out a bit, - CKUA this is a great station in Alberta... check out Mulligan Stew on Saturday nights 5 - 7 - any station from Kauai - British BBC stations - and for @Full Range late nights with Alice Cooper who’s a great host I try different styles of music too, no incremental cost to listen to something new/different... Reggae anyone? I also have a lifetime subscription for Sirius so that can fill in some gaps too especially on driving to Vancouver Island... Margaritaville is channel 24!
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    @RandyH000 Guess I didn't realize that. Was looking at the Heritage sales history sheet and thought they were only averaging in the mid to high $700's.
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    yeah - like let's hope the refs don't mess it up -let them play -
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    Its TAMPA Bay's first year in the Finals without Steve Yzerman at the helm of the Team , -------and they might have a real shot this year
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    Shout out to Dep14 for seeing my post wanting to buy a KLF-30 horn. Great seller, fair price, fast shipping. Highly recommend Dep14! Post "edit" for clarity. I bought the horn from Dep14, he saw my WTB post and messaged me. Stand up guy, good seller.
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    If were seller, would like to think would have taken a good picture of both before whatever this add on stiicker is about. The sig's are good enough to read.
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    So he wants you to see his gear?
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    GLWS - do you have any more pictures of the rear of the speakers , have you done any work on the crossovers -
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    Really nice and cool looking. Eye candy.
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    Made some small panels to study the different patterns possible with the veneer for my next project. Pardon the flaws and rough clear coat, these boards are just test samples. The one board common to both pictures is the same piece viewed from different angles.
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    They're clearly Klipschornwalls.
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    you'll need a refill pretty soon ---I have a few Bradors left and even some XXX ------7.3|% -
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