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    Well...it´s 3 pm early afternoon , very autumnal outsite, windy rainy, the leaves falling down from the trees. YES I try to distract myself and have a little fun. Laughter is the best medicine. I am now the 5th day in the hospital and I am examined by doctors every day.They told me today that I have a good or very good chance of recovery, maybe they don't even have to cut open my skull because there is a medicine that can dissolve this " tumor". These are indeed good news that makes me feel positive. My father will probably be buried next week on Thursday or Friday. I think I will be able to accompany my father to the last funeral as the oldest son. This is very important for me. Thank you for your participation and keep in touch . Regards
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    He only shows us his spare fridge which is in the kitchen, the fridge he uses is in the dark room in the basement
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    Maybe this model would be better ? Liquid food
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    Indeed .....there are uncauntable thouthands of cases like mine in every town, district, countrie and continent. Just imagine who many humans are going to die just in this few seconds, while I´m writing this post and how many babies will be born in the same period of time. I call this " the circle of life. We are all just glimmering falling stars that for a fraction of a second are making their way through the night sky. Have you seen one of them it has already gone again.
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    Good morning MicroMara! Hope this note finds you feeling well with some great test results.
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    OH.... that´s really true ..pure listening pleasure
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    another day in da hood crisp/cool.. 50`F or so boy was telling me there is a small fire [150acres] NE of town. I had heard there was a fire on the news... man caused. My first question Did the "Naked and Afraid" contestants' camp fire get out of hand?.
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    Eating everything in the fridge won't help you lose weight 😀 Good luck and sorry about your father.
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    Found a way to loose some weight, it's foolproof guaranteed to work.
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    He was upset about some things, probably taking a break.
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    What a fantastic day. Better than any Christmas, I have to say even knowing how large these are I was still surprised at how much space they take up in their boxes. Unboxing and putting together was super easy thanks to how well Klipsch packaging was. I haven't stopped listening to music and even watched Avengers End Game for a completely new experience today. Some of the most impressive tracks of music so far: Enigma: The Omega Point Tori Amos: Cloud Riders Chicane: No Ordinary Morning Armin Van Buuren: Mask But honestly. EVERYTHING sounds incredible on a Klipschorn.
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    That's true, but then I would be out of luck. Yes, thought I would take a picture since it would never look that way again. I may die any number of ways but starving will not be one of them. The old one is a few feet away plugged in (for now), it works 100% and still makes ice but is 23 years old. The door gaskets are in rough shape and I know it's just a matter of timer before it dies. We will probably keep it for now somewhere unplugged just in case. I wanted to make sure the new one was working before moving everything into the new one, it's doing fine so it's time to move everything and throw out a few things.
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    & paradox would easily come to mind after listening to some Kansas a bit!
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    Mornin' all @dtel did y'all have to get a new one? Sure looks all s p i c & span inside! political correctness is idiocy and eliminates the need to think and absorb context
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    fwiw my buddy's wife got a Stage4 lung cancer and a tumor/mass in her brain diagnosis. after some radiation treatments and chemo ... the Drs are cautiously beginning to talk about remission
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    I'm still ruminating Kansas. I find myself singing along. found this gem in my grangmother's collection. Can't play it.... no 78RPM my next oldest sister was named after this song... Maybe this rendition. Have you met her? We're a lot alike
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    For the CF3/4 I'm thinking the amount of tilt is fairly small unless you are sitting really close. I'd start with some shims under the front to fine tune the tilt angle and once satisfied make a low profile solid stand for permanent use.
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    No camera available but The Robert Cray Band "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark is a fine sounding album. Makes you want to really crank it up. So I did. Played through the Sweet Vinyl Sugar Cube.....no pops and tics.
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    Was just thinking we have a paradox with fires down here.... the fire danger is actually less in years it doesn't rain. in a wet year After the rains stop, everything that grew during the wet season, turns to fuel
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    I’ve shipped across the country with uship. It’s pretty cool. You create the job description of what you’re shipping and an estimate of when you want it done. Different transport companies will bid on the job. Prices start a little high, then everyone outbids each other. For instance you find a company out of Florida that’s going to have a truck headed down with extra room or empty and they’re looking to fill it up. You research the companies by reviews and information and pick the one you want. Hopefully the seller is cooperative
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    I use 2 Captivator 1400s and their output is ridiculously obnoxious. Not as good for music but for movies I have not heard better. I'd rather watch a movie at home than any theater. I went with the 1400 only because I found one locally for $1,000. Ordered a 2nd one new so for less than $3,500 I have bass like I never dreamt I'd have. I think there is a chance I would be happier with 2 Captivator S1s only because they "should" do better with music while still preforming well in my 200 sq ft room for movies. I have no reason to chase that improvement though because luckily I have Chorus IIs in another room for music. With proper setup of the electronics I could probably dial them in better for music but for now I am happy. With your listening needs I'd lean towards sealed subs. An added bonus to having a system with truly substantial bass capability it makes nearly everything better. There is so much more to hear when watching tv that you never knew about with a system that cannot dig ultra deep. Even though I bought all of his plans I never got a chance to build a large Bill Fitzmaurice horn sub and now I don't have a reason to
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    Okay right out of the saddle I admit these are not Heresys or Klipsch speaker!!! It is a fun build though. To start off the box is bigger (31' H x 16" W X 15.5" D. (3.4CF box) Used 7 ply "plywood" which is 3 center plys of plywood and two plies of mdf on the outside. The stuff is HEAVY!! I think it might be called MDO???? Heresy woofers I had didn't have matching T/S parameters so I bought two Eminence Delta 12LFA woofers with 56OZ magnets from PE which are a perfect match for the cabinet size using a 4" x 2.5" port with rounded front edge per PE's suggestion. These woofers tested right on their factory specs and have greater x max and power handling than K-22s along with 2.5" voice coil. Installing rope caulk on the tweeter and mid horn with braces for both horns. Midrange is K55 (yes Klipsch!) on an 8 x 12 plastic horn. Tweeter is a plastic Klipsch Tractrix screw on horn with EV tweeter driver. Crossover is Type E (yes Klipsch!) recapped with Sonicaps. Speakers will be installed from the back. Back is 3/4" thick as well with numerous screws for the two window pane braces. Two window pane braces per cabinet. Cabinets are clamped with wood screws at every joint. Ribbon mahogany veneer with 1.75" risers. New grill frames with neo magnets hidden under the veneer. Back is veneered as well. I plan on trying some old style Klipsch black grill cloth on the masonite frames. 6 coats of wipe on poly wet sanded and then waxed with 0000 steel wool and minwax finishing wax. Smoother than a babys butt. Don't know if I can move them when I get the innards installed but I do have a dolly.
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    Coworker took this pic last night
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    You´ll know that i love to shoot sunset pictures. Especially autumn Sunset´s can be very expressive in colors and structure of the light and cloud game. This one, I shoot some hours ago from the 15th floor of the hospital where I´m at the moment.
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    It's still over the peninsula, lost a third of it's power. Will come out a monster next day or so
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    high winds 40-70 thunderstorms hail....
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    Nice! I use a bridged McIntosh MC7106 320wpc 3x for my CF3 and KV4, i wish i had a center CF-3 set up. My Mac doesn't have the autoformers though, and red meters that gives a very 80s, early 90s tech feel to it that i love. I dream of true big mac amps with pretty blue eyes, but this still sounds nice with the MX120. KV-4 kind of sucks though. Been wondering if there are ways to improve it. Better 8" drivers, a KLF-C7 crossover from Bob which i believe has the same xover point. Or perhaps take an rc-7 and put the kv-4 aluminum cd in the rc-7 which should be screw on iirc.
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    the pc filter censored my last post for typing the name of the detergent shown. I was wondering if that product was still on the market... I got my answer. using the wife's computer. logged my password into its memory.... just in case. Not falling for the "I'll remember this"....Used to do that a lot until I noticed that I won't remember. I have little projects in boxes that got backburnered... no idea what they are now.
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    Wow. I thought it was wrong to tilt these up AND he said Klipsch recommended it, but i wonder if Roy recommends it? Need to try this with my CF-3 v. 1. I absolutely love them! Anyone got recommendations for a sturdy enough tilted stands that can support the weight of CF-3/4?
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    Hey Mark Although not nearly as knowledgeable as Dean, I'll try to answer your question. The purpose of the 10 ohm green resistor across taps 0 - 5 of the autoformer is to keep the load on the high pass capacitor to around 8 ohms. To keep it simple, let's identify the crossover point to be the frequency at which the impedance of the high pass capacitor equals 8 ohms. I use this calculator to determine that frequency. http://www.pronine.ca/capimp.htm If you enter 47uf in the capacitance field, and 8 ohms in the impedance field, you get 423 Hz as the crossover frequency. 49 - 50uf gets you close to 400 Hz. 40uf gets you closer to 500 Hz. If you enter 33uf, you get 603 Hz. Keep in mind that this is a gentle slope electrical filter. Acoustically you may like the sound of a 500 Hz capacitor in a 400 Hz horn. Hope that helps! Mike
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    My favorite guitarist from Australia, Tommy Emmanuel (Keith Urban is incredible as well). This is from a recent live stream he did in Nashville.
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    Hey dirtmudd, why would you show everyone your fridge?
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    Where's your location? I use an Amish cabinet maker for my harder wood working projects.
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    He finally got his 5,000 points and wasn't ready for what happened next....
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    So...I won these. And I'm pumped about that! But I have no idea how to get them 2,500 miles to central Florida. Any thoughts???
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    He took a 3 year break a while back.
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    You can be perfectly within guidelines including BMI and still have gout. It can be hereditary.
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    Last time I saw Eddie in concert, his son hadn't quite mastered the bass. Dave gestured to Eddie live during a number that Wolfgang was not on the same page. Without missing a note Eddie walked over to his son, face to face on stage while playing his own guitar, and fingered the sequence Wolfgang should be playing IN-BETWEEN the track he was playing. After a couple of perfectly timed repetitions from the master, Wolfgang nailed it and Eddie grinned ear to ear and walked away, still rocking. Way cool.
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    I just looked at a 40 ft. Oak limb that fell at one of my rent houses. It caught a panel of the neighbor's fence. My tennant saw it fall and said it looked like an entire tree was comming down. Luckily, that was all that was damaged. About half of the base of the limb had rotted, only in one spot. Weird. Chainsaw time. SSH
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    I find music to be quite comforting... whether listening or banging around on my keyboard. My neighbors might dispute my choices, but I'm not playing for them, in either case A good laugh is helpful, too. not vinyl, but....
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    devoted to my beloved father ...RIP
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