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    They're trying to tell me that this is the way I looked before they left Saturday night. Nope, nope and nope!
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    Just an iPhone picture, but a couple of weeks ago I went out on the Tarmac (aka driveway) to assess how much pine straw, pine cones, sticks, and leaves I would need to deal with before I mowed. While I was standing at one spot near the edge of the driveway, assessing what I needed to do, I happened to look down and about two feet from my left foot was a tightly coiled young, what I thought was a Copperhead, on the driveway. When I was walking down the edge of the driveway, the snake just looked like a large, colorful, Sassafras leaf or wad of pine straw. I’m reminded of the old saying, “if it had been a snake, it would have bitten me”! I'm really surprised this one didn't try to nail my leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I thought it was a young Copperhead because of the color; there was just something about the girth of the snake, the pattern, and the shape of the head that puzzled me, but I dismissed those thoughts and just figured it was a Copperhead. Turns out I was wrong, it was a young Cottonmouth and after researching them online I discovered that young Cottonmouths can indeed be easily confused for a Copperhead because of the color, but not all young Cottonmouths are the color of this one. In all my time hunting, fishing, and frog gigging; I’d never seen a Cottonmouth with that copper color.
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    Twelve days before he died in a motorcycle accident, Duane Allman played his last show with Allman Brothers Band -- and recordings from that show.
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    I don't want to have to talk to or look at the remote control. Too much effort. A silent command to the hand, it most always seems to know what to do from there. 🖐️ These emojis and discriminatory. 😀 I went to look for a left hand and there was none to be found.
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    My phone talks to me. One way conversation but, no social life to speak of...🤒
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    I had a feeling that was the case - still if shipping was free I would jump at the chance 🤪🤪
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    Space command tv clicker ad.
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    Great Blue Heron in a local park. Shot with a 300mm 2.8IS on a Canon 5 DS.
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    Topless and bottomless. Superior wire management practices too.
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    Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
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    Drums who needs drums in county music I’m fairly sure that traditional bluegrass music has no drums And early country music had no drums except for an occasional renegade - I’m sure drums were forbidden at the Grand Ole Opry and only gained favour after Rock&Roll It’s now normal for a band to choose a drummer or not
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    That song sounds like it’s a Neil Young song 😎 But with a very gentle country twist
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    Huh? If that means what it looks like with an extra letter for clarification for the three words? Nobody ever said that to you in your life? Or you didn't understand it was with good humor? If friends (or in laws) came over for an evening after me and my x had been going at it all day over something... They would say something like "Alright now, fight nice you two" Think @billybob `bout went there and took it away but I'm not bashful plus my couth took a hike years ago. & that guy is about as easy going as you will find here. I'm not, with that Scotch-Irish temperament I have, so I'll dive right in! 💋 This was done at Capricorn also and Duane & Chuck Leavell were in on this with some friends!
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    Twelve days before he died in a motorcycle accident, Duane Allman played his last show with Allman Brothers Band -- and recordings from that show.
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    Dang. Alright made my tacos and ate a few, put on some tunes so that I can go clean the kitchen now. First heard these guys on the tv and was glued to it with the "different" sound of the group. Also had seen Queens of the Stone Age on this show too and thought that the singer must have had a lot to do with the sound of the new band: Band TV Show
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    @Shiva gonna nick name you "Maytag" you agitator! 😂 @Full Range think I'd need about 3 big ones for my stuff in addition to the cabinet. $4k? No problemo! Just remember I'm the one saving now for that $5k PrimaLuna integrated. 😂 @billybob I could prolly hook you up w/a couple fems I know for about $4.95 a minute. 😂Alexa ain't got nuttin on them! After jam night I'd have em ready for ya! @MicroMara if you need that many cabinets you better start sweet talkin Alexa! Hope you're feeling better too!
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    Nowadays you can also talk to your TV via Voice Control and give him commands. That's what I call technical progress
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    Just was kidding ......can get these in germany as well...no problem....
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    I am using similar specs / measurements to have a cabinet maker build them in waterproof MDF Because shipping will be a killer
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    Dead in a heartbeat! Saw enough snakes in my life. NO MAS!
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    Ahh Sooo Nice shelf you have there. mine were manufactured but are from the 70s I'd call them the real mccoy also. @grasshopper thoroughly enjoyed that James Gang record... it took me back, way back man!
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    Yup, the only way to do it right. Yup, same shelf and even bowed a bit it's holding fine. Not gonna chance it though. Trust me I've thought of that too. Even thought about having two more cabinets made but today they'd be $1500 or more each. It was $750 about 50 years ago.
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    Got several like that and have to pull them out and see what they are!
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    me either I couldn't read the edge of this lp, pulled it out, and said "Oh hell yeah!"
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    Good One @grasshopper been years since I've heard it, I'm hangin' here until it's done!
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    Anchor into a 2 X 4 in the ceiling and run a chain... lol let's see what I can dig out for today how about some Uncle Joe and friends?
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    You're as bad as I am @Dave1290 Did you empty all that or just the bookcase to get that rug halfway under it? And what is that white shelving made out of, is it the same one from last year before the buckets full of more LPs came your way? Think I'm going with bookcases when I re-locate so I can give the crates back to my brother, he likes them more than I do and has zero albums. Got two of them and they are sturdy with movable shelves.
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    Dang... I could have helped!
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    Congratulations! https://www.cnet.com/news/the-klipsch-reference-premiere-600m-is-the-audiophiliac-speaker-of-the-year/
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    YEAH Shiva was right , I slept while you´were celebrating dance to trance Party´s ...BTW , I´ve been in Goa ( South India ) and joint some outdoor " dance to trance " parties a couple of years ago. I can tell ya ......they were amazing .have you ever danced into an indian sunset at a beach with a 10.000 Watt gear ?
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    And them old farts sure do like thems some good and loud speakers. Damn straight.
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    Grills are to cook on...
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    I don't care about earthquakes for the most part, but if a huge volcano cuts loose we could all be toast in a few days Just think in a few years (or now) people driving by will say, awe look at all the seniors getting together that's cute.
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    You Know it! it's a double record so there is a lot to it... just the guys having fun is what it sounds like. Like neighbors on their back porch jamming on a Friday night!! Well my neighbor that did that never had the drums and a fiddle there but the atmosphere is the same!
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    One more, this is one the coolest tent set up events I've ever seen. Oh, and a lot of stoned happy humans, having some fun.
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    Made this pic in the hospital two weeks ago . It shows Barbara of Nicomedia (Barbara, "the stranger") was a Christian virgin, martyr of the 3rd century. According to tradition, she was beheaded by her father because she refused to give up her Christian faith and virgin devotion to God.
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    Just wanna say hello to the community. I got my first pair of passive speakers. Did some research online and choose Klipsch. RP-600M, and Echo Link Amp I know it's just a start. But still, I'm amazed by the sound I got.
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    Got this double album recently Never been played but the cover has slight handling wear Its a collaboration by 2 extraordinary artists Artist - Corea / Hancock Title - An Evening With Chick Corea And Herbie Hancock This album is a promo copy Album ID https://www.discogs.com/Corea-Hancock-An-Evening-With-Chick-Corea-And-Herbie-Hancock/release/7656872
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    I am also getting sealed cabinets made in MDF that also allow for albums to be flipped to view - just like a record store They will be similar to these in the link below - and thought to post the link from the USA just in case you wanted to order some I’m building a unit to fit anywhere from 850 to 1000 albums so need to get the measurements right http://www.cdcabinets.com/LP-Cabinet.htm And yes @Dave1290 they have prices starting low like 50 years ago
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    That's the thing about Joe. He never took you any place that he'd never been before! hahaha ALL of them were insane! Great guy and allll business. I mean what don't people get about "Good Night" when he says it? He's done and he's GONE! ALTHOUGH one night all of us old guys were sitting together in the first row and he did add I.L.B.T.'s. Before he started he took a couple requests but didn't play ours. When he closed the door with it he brought the house down. The Toledo Zoo amphitheater? Yea, he made a promise and years later fulfilled that old promise. 2k saw that show but he made a promise when they first started. "Analog Man" is a great album.
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    There is no reason for an disagreement between us . You´ll need to know that I never ever used the bass or trebble controll or a loudness function in my whole life. I´m a freaking linear fetisch ......the Naka´s were great
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    I'll disagree with you a little there @MicroMara my 1990 Yah had a variable loudness that I used to warm it up a little to my Heresy IIs that I had just bought. Agree with you that it was not as dramatic as the Nakamichi (Nelson Pass) STASIS that I had for a while.. that was warm sounding.
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    I agree @dtel This year has had enough sci-fi, hope there is no more. Got the 90 day forms all done and notarized today for the probate. Things will all start to fall together... or fall apart in another month or so I'd guess
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    Welcome to the forums! I also have a pair of RP-600M. They punch above their weight especially with a sub. You can use them as mains or surrounds and they sound great if you don't go to crazy loud. regular loud they sound really good.
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    Here is an IPhone shot from down the road from me. I haven’t really been out to use my camera in a while.
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    Some winning shots of a landscape photography contest this year. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/escape/article-8847271/Feast-eyes-winning-shots-2020-Landscape-Photographer-Year-competition.html
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