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    It is that time of year here, almost at the end of changing colors.
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    Jokes about poop aren't my favorite kind of joke. But, they're a solid #2.
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    We ate a few bananas this week but not nearly enough, after the first day I did drink enough water, the first day not so much. Yes the hard part is done, the roof part will not be to bad. Like I have done before I don't plan on climbing on it, just screw it down from the side of the sheet like I did the house. But also I was 24 years younger. big difference I am feeling much better just a little sore and slow to get up but nothing hurt. That is why we quit, before one of us pulled a muscle or something else that takes a while to get over. Overall not bad for two 62 YO guys, that's the story were sticking with anyway.
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    Ok I should have taken your advice, we did nothing and it felt like it. We both woke up sore the next day, and everyday after just got worse and worse. We got to the point I was hoping to get to and decided to quit and rest a day so he could drive back without feeling like he had a butt whipping, still drove home sore I know because I am still sore. Knees, elbows and most of the muscles in between are sore. It's past the point of the frame being bolted together, squared and tightened down, I'm very happy with how far we got. It's a relief to be past the heavy part, the frame, one part alone was 350 pounds and it went in the highest part. It's sheeting and trim from here on, I can do that by myself. I don't know if he will see this but if so, Thank You Very Much, it was FUN but rough and you saved me from trying some crazy things to get it to this point. Not that some of what we did was not crazy because it was. Today I just cleaned up, picking up everything and moving the extra dirt. Going to take a break with some rain days and not be so sore when I get back to work. How it stands so far.
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    A couple on months back I picked up an old set of Cornwalls which I have refreshed with the aid of Bob Crites. I am now using them as mains in my living room 7.1 system with a Forte as center, Tuba Table sub, Heresy sides, and a pair of KG4 in the back. My amp is a 7 channel Adcom. I have noticed that the bass out the Cornwalls, esp in action filled movie scenes, is flabby and not well defined. Granted I am used to Quarter Pie horn bass in my basement theater as well as Klipschorns, but I thought the Cornwalls could do better. Wondering if it was the Adcom just running out of steam, yesterday I pulled a "lowly" Crown XLS 2002 amp out of the basement to see if swapping in the Crown in place of the Adcom on the CWs would help any. It did! Super clean bass and quite a good sound top to bottom even on two channel stuff. An easy fix and a lesson relearned on my part, these Crown amps really do punch way above their modest cost (I paid around $450 for this amp new). Given some spare time it will be interesting to hook it up to the Klipschorns and give it a real test.
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    let's ask this guy , tomato or banana h
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    Mikey got with Sharon, Sharon got Sheriee She was sharin' Sharon's outlook on the topic of disease Mikey had a facial scar and Bobby was a racist They were all in love dying they were doin' it in Texas
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    it's good you did not do the job in full summer , I can recall ,Atlanta , in the summer ,+ 100 degrees heat , one needed ice cubes to cool down -
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    -----great job ----the hardest is done , except for the roof - ---Steel , Concrete is hard work , you want to feel better , start adding bananas to your diet ( ripe ) eat 1-2every hour , a bit of nuts here and there , by the end of the day , you wont feel a thing -
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    It's too late To turn back now I believe i believe I believe I'm falling in love...
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    Everybody has a price, I would not go above 400 for a set.
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    Indeed. Perfect day for a listen in my neck of the woods. Had about 4 inches of real heavy wet snow. Ran some errands after cleaning of the truck off, I'm back home with tunes on and beers are flowing. It is so pretty outside with the snow stuck to trees and making the branches bend over. Are you a Leon Russell fan?
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    Love these folks....Cheers @Tarheel 🍻
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    All over the map with listening and enjoying an Old Fashion. Leonard Cohen, Mark Knopfler, Diana Krall. Never listened to Cohen much but I bought a couple of his CD's just to see. Cranked the sub up a bit.....sounds better. dtel is Big Stew really moving in?
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    Mix those with cashews and pistachios.
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    The Quartet was the only pair from the Heritage / Extended Heritage that I didn't have, so I bought / traded for a pair late last year. I think the three step proportionately, and is room size dependent. I don't expect the Quartet to hang with the Forte and the Forte needs to stay on the porch if the Chorus are ready to sing. (EDIT>> $700 is Forte II in great condition pricing. It wasn't long ago that one could buy Chorus for that price.
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    The sandwich bread and the shortening with something taken out of it. I have bought bread once since my mother had to go NPO over a year ago. That was some Publix Chicago Italian that has a good consistency and tastes ok. Got turkey sandwiches for almost four days after Thanksgiving this year. For me since the whole wheat changed too... it's gotta be layers of turkey, S&P, and Dukes on white bread. You must remember the way bread was bigger before b*$ry&m@chael. And before the saturated fat was taken from the shortening? Martians, greenies, a political party ruined our "Americana" food. Weren't potatos (no e in there this isn't england) banned from the schools when the cardboard stuff started being served to the kids there? The banning of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil ruined all the candy with any fluffiness to it... glad I was not eight or twelve when that happened! Ya know back when "Ya can't eat just one lays potato chip"? Been PO'd since the demise of potato chips, my most favorite of all foods. Pringles is about the same though... but they've always been different! Guy that is a cook here told me about the Armour Premium Lard. It is actually more healthy that today's crisco, way better for me than using bacon grease to bake cornbread. Works for a better flavor when searing a roast too. Ah hell, I don't eat right anymore anyhow. Coffee was breakfast, Late July tortillas with Herdez Salsa Verde & sharp cheddar cheese for lunch. Now for a snack after doing laundry, finishing the lawn, making a cardboard crate for a framed mirror, rockin out with Cheap Trick and the Four Horseman it is these in the little cans I got two for $6 earlier.
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    60$ ---https://www.tp-link.com/us/home-networking/range-extender/re450/
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    for a sound system , I would go with Wind -generated electricity 24/7 -and solar as a booster for steady power - solar in the north east is low efficiency , the weight of the panels , snow ,and ice freezing on roofs -
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    Your right. Hadn't considered that harsh aspect of librarianism. Maybe I need a DJ for Christmas?
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    I noticed you didn't mention a sound system. No but that was thought of before the building was bought, it's ready and waiting. Even went out there with a laptop to see if the WIFI would reach with an extender at the corner of the house. It seems to reach pretty well but not sure once all that metal is on ? But it will have wifi one way or another since I stream music for general listening. I use one of those little extenders to reach the tiki bar, they work well. In the bar it went to kind of spotty to a full signal, it's about 40' from the extender and 35' more to the router.
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    Life is funny that way. When you are looking for something few are to be found and pricey. When you don't want them cheap and plentiful. Chorus rules the roost over Fortes and Cornwalls.
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    Which one of those guys were you calling smaller and perverted John?
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    Nice @Shiva Always like this one through the Supers that are gone now😣 Not the "Misty Mountains" I grew up with! The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey: Misty Mountains Song - YouTube PC? Forum? This Browser? The other browser? Having trouble posting the past twenty. *There we go! chromium let me do it this time, had to log in and out several times between edge and chromium-developers version.
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    I believe they were posted in the Garage Sale section.
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    For those who might enjoy the voice of Enya and the movie "Lord of the Rings".
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    @oldtimer A friend of mine worked in the periodical section in the library at the college. I gave him a shirt that said 'I deal with issues!' 😜
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    The termites was the only step backwards, but it's fixed now. The building seems like it will be strong and yes when all the sheeting is screwed on it will be stronger, that's well over 1000 screws. It has one metal walk door (they call it) 30" wide and 70" tall I put it on the front right. There are two big doors, one on each end, each 10' wide and 9' tall. 3 doors total, I ordered the kit with the second 10' door opening in the back, mostly for ventilation since most of the year the wind is out of the South, kind of where it's facing. It's a engineered stamped design so the building permit part went easy, it gives all the spec's which down here is mostly wind which it's rated for 145 mph. The kit does not come with the two 10'x9' roll up doors, after it's built that will be next, and for code also rated for the same wind speed. The kit did come with a really nice metal walk door and lockset, much better than I expected. It seems like a good deal for everything, $6,653 for the 24'W x 30'L kit .
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    On a related topic, I also sold a pair of Forte 2s for a grand two years ago. REALLY thought they were over-rated once I got a pair of Chorus 2s. Yet this summer I could not give away my Chorus 2s for $1200 before I moved. I’m pretty happy about that though, they blow the grilles off the Fortes and I have room for them in my new house. People are funny. They will spend a lot for a little, but little for more.
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    termites , hurricanes , what a year for you guys , the steel building you are building , looks real strong , and it will get even stronger once the steel panels are screwed in - -does this building have 1 door or a second door in the back
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    well gentlemen , better luck next time ----
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    Got barrel proof here at home also. Funny thing about those. I've bought them from the low 120 proofs to the upper 130 range. They taste different obviously. Usually there's no problem getting them around here.
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    Thanks for the well wishes and we are doing okay given we haven't gotten sick and the two folks that came down with it have recovered. We started out wearing masks and won't be taking them off until at least Summer, which is a drag. Fwiw, I'm not worried about folks at our business getting covid as much as the ramifications of someone getting hurt and going to the hospital. Our injuries are few and far between but...Unfortunately I heard it predicted that it will keep spreading and they predict the peak will be in the middle to end of January...Our cases have tripled in the last few weeks and I don't see how Hospital capacity is going to be able to keep up. Oldtimer advised me it would be better if folks didn't know.
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    Even Though La Scalas don’t go very deep, the bass they do have is the best bass I’ve ever heard. I have a set of Kpt-942’s and still prefer the horn loaded bass of a La Scala. My recommendation is to build a horn loaded sub to pair with them.
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    Oh. Sorry Chuck and you too Carl, I meant the EC Barrel Proof that I could not find since March. Bought two then 1 1/2 is gone.. have not touched that half since late June. The 12 year Knob Creek is good for this sipping lightweight.
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    By all means, find someone to blame. Finger pointing, the new American sport.
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    If someone close to these speakers. IM me. I’ve talked the guy down to 375 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @Jefe OK... I looked. The terminal strip on the crossover has INPUT + and -- on it. I don't know if yours does or not... that is how mine are.
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    Gone.......Just got back home with it, it's in like new condition. Super nice guy he helped me out and gave me a few more bucks off.
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    I'd pass for that price, had a couple pairs and wasn't all that impressed. Now for around 300 I think you'd be happy.
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    Hello Klipsch experts, I'm new to the world of Klipsch speakers and would appreciate feedback on this listing. Aside from demo'ing them in person, anything else I should be aware of/ask? Wonder if the seller is a member here... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/220036096157550/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
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    Depends on your room, how far away you sit, how far apart the speakers are from each other, etc. You'll just have to experiment and find what sounds best to you.
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    Yeah, this is the ad that started this thread. While I've gone with the Jolida...I just offered him $50 for it. I doubt he'll take me up on it, but if he does, it'll be only another $130 for tubes. Or someone could get a sweet deal on a Decware Zen Triode!
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