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    I also have a beautiful fireplace in the music room, of course that is also in operation. I love the warmth of a fireplace and the play of the blazing fire. But equally I love the blazing fire of my mono tube amplifiers and hot they also get . LOL
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    Been a while since I showed my rig - still going strong! TD-124 Ikeda 12” arm with Ortofon SPU GT SME 3012 with Ortofon SPU mono
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    Woke up this morning and saw this .......
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    Allan is not holden out on the td125.. what else is he not sharing?
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    Mornin' all off to a slow start... How y'all are? Another wintery day. Not cold for time of day... not gonna get any better, though.... and there is wind and wet and it's 35ish. Too warm for snow, not by much and the forecast calls for 3 - 5in above 3500ft. It's 3700 in the bottom of the valley.... down town...That's on the agenda for this evening. have a low fire in the stove... lot of coals. Thinking about throwing a pot of beans on it.
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    Hi bud, I just re-followed this one. And I miss all of y'all also, when I can jam out with the analog & Klipsch again... I'll be ecstatic for a couple days for sure!
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    Hi @JohnJ nice to see you here again, the vinyl record spinning threads needs your input , can´t wait till summer. Things are moving as slowly here as in an elderly nursing center
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    They are both great in their own way Rick is, as they say on the continent - A character with a funny bone
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    very best deep purple song is LAZY and the keys are fantastic. I was always a Rick Wakeman fan ... got to meet him many years ago and he even answered my email. Maybe you'll enjoy this:
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    well George, I thought Germany was more advanced ... we have color here in the USA. Trees are green. Start a petition ... bring color to Germany. the photos are very nice however. I like the view from the warmth of my living room with a roaring fire in the fireplace (or in the kitchen if I'm trying to cook). Peace!
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    Visually satisfying, yet gimme shelter.
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    This is the issue. If you had the original K-33 woofers, you'd be in much better shape. The K-33s have a free air resonance (Fs) at ~34 Hz. The woofers you have have a free air resonance (Fs) at 47 Hz. That's the problem. Find an original pair of K-33s or go buy a pair of Crites 15" woofers (either the cast frame or stamped version is okay). You'll get your bass back if you return to the PWK-designed woofers. Chris
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    dirtmudd 25000 WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎆
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    whoa, are you having a bad day? for a newbie you sure do have an unnecessary negative attitude... my recommendation to you is to slow down & read the words before jumping to conclusions on a simple suggestion that said "most likely" & to not misinterpret what people mean or assume their knowledge level. i didnt recommend anyone/people/users to remove their plate amp, i clearly asked if he was planning to remove the amp, I stated "IF" he intended to remove the amp to just remove the screws on the outer perimeter & leave the 2 small screws he was asking about alone... he didnt say why he was asking about the screws. & yes, smaller inner screws on plate amps are usually there to hold internal components to the plate, which is all i stated... sorry if i was incorrect on what those 2 screws were for. have a nice day
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    Yes, they would be fantastic. Please buy them soon or I will.
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    Bellissimo set up 🥰
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    the SME 3012 sure is a much longer than average tone arm -
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    I ended up spending a little extra and getting the emotiva XPA-11 GEN3 amplifier. This should be good until I pull the trigger on a newer decent processor.
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    John Lord of deep purple was fantastic on keyboards
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    I decided to take a chance and purchased a pair in very rough shape visually but seem to be sonically sound. S/N IL944 and IL947; I believe 1973? These cabinets will require a complete makeover. The previous owner removed the veneer on one cabinet and repaired with bondo. The second cabinet will need the existing veneer removed as it is in pretty bad shape (ripples, cracks, etc...). If this is the original veneer, will a heat gun remove the veneer? I want to take my time and not mess up the opportunity to either re-veneer both cabinets or possibly apply a piano black glossy finish. I am new to these type of speakers and will be doing my homework. Any sources of reading material would be much appreciated. I understand that Crites provides some good x-over upgrades but was sad to hear of Bob's recent passing. Any advice would be much appreciated. Right now I still have my solid state B&K amp which I understand to be overkill for these efficient speakers. Reagan
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    Ha! About time you surfaced brother! Southern Florida rock? Pffffft! For you? I almost gave up so today I've been flying solo! FINALLY got to sit down and relax a bit. Unzipping a few too! RSD find of a previously unreleased lp of him doing a radio talk show in Cleveland. Not too shabby either. Better than listening to the Cleveland Browns! Dropped this off at the framer and she just finished it. Gonna be a shrine in here when I'm done. Bring your beads so you can run thru them while listening! Unplugged is a 1992 album by Eric Clapton, recorded at Bray Studios, England in front of an audience for the MTV Unplugged television series. It includes a version of the successful 1991 single "Tears in Heaven" and an acoustic version of "Layla". It won six Grammy awards at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards in 1993 and became the bestselling live album of all time, and Clapton's bestselling album, selling 26 million copies worldwide. Soooo good! IF you like Rory Gallagher ya better jump while ya can. He kills it! Buddy is on the way soooo at least things will be nice and warm when he shows up! Southern rock... John boy, John boy! 😂 About time you surfaced!
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    Thanks for the Southern Rock George! Their "Strikes" release is one of best LPs ever out of FL!!
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    Hey again, getting stuff done it's cool and raining again out. So I'm inside and I don't have enough paint thinner to even do what I'm supposed to so: The title doesn't show up well in the pic Aerosmith "Live in Philly & Park Rd. Jam" A live 90s stuff and B studio again. That galvanized steel planter had dirt and live plants in it in the 60s and 70s before we went with the styrofoam and fake silk plants.
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    I pulled this air cylinder out of my box of spare parts. Maybe I can use it as a tilt actuator.
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    we had to substitute a string of incandescent Christmas lights for the warm glow of a tube amp
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    indeed very cool, the best sequence was this one ....
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    The K-100SW is pretty small. I have this in a secondary audio system. A decent sub at an incredible price. Paid $139 at Newegg. https://www.cnet.com/products/klipsch-k-100sw-subwoofer/
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    Welcome to the Forum! As for Your replacement caps, take a look at this thread: Are You sure your grills are attached? Usually they are fastened via velcro-pads to the cabinets. If not removed for a long time (decades?), they can be hard to pry off. Take a butter-knife, for example, wedge it between the cabinet and the grill and losen it gently. If the pad comes of, no problem, just glue it back into place.
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    You are referring to this crossover build - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/149952-a-crossover-design-on-single-exposed-board/ If you want to visit beautiful Brisbane Australia- I will host you to some nice music, including a great feed and some grog 😎
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    LaScalas with a piano black finish would be spectacular and very distinctive.
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    It's .... ummmm... in a word, wintery today. It's trying to snow, but not quite cold enough. Sleet it is. Needless to say, not a good day to be on the lake I needed a chuckle... and this stupid vid makes me laugh every time I watch it.
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    If you go to the group delay plot and then select "Generate Minimum Phase" from the Controls menu (right side and just above the plot area), you should be able to see the "excess group delay plot" if you check the box below the plot. From that plot, you can see how much more delay you need in your case. For instance, for a 1979 Cornwall, the following excess group delay plot shows a 0.732 ms (732 microsecond). See cursor position at intersection with the vertical axis at the bottom left) lag of the midrange horn/driver and woofer relative to the tweeter. That's how much delay to add to the tweeter channel to get it into time alignment: Dude, you need to add something like 1 ms to the delay that you've already got. (I don't have the excess group delay plot to make that exact call, however, but you do.) You can read it directly from your excess group delay plot after you place the cursor over the approximate average value of the lower frequency driver (a midrange or woofer in your case). Voila! Time alignment. Now what this might do is to create a polarity issue at crossover, leading to a drop out in SPL response around the crossover frequency due to phase cancellations between the higher frequency driver and the lower frequency driver. If this happens, simply flop the polarity of the lower frequency driver in the output channel menu (midrange or woofer, whichever you're using). Then take another sweep to see if that helped to eliminate the cancellation. You may have to fine tune the delay in the 0.1 ms or 0.01 ms range to get rid of the cancellations at crossover. This is normal, and it is a result of finally getting close to time alignment of the drivers--the cancellations become more pronounced just before time alignment and the correct polarity are found. Chris
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    From the era when the Belgian frank was still the currency... Cost 10 euro...
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    Here is my rendition of Maynard’s “Ultimate Gem”. 1.7 watt SEP. Maynard, thanks again for sharing your design! Pete
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    I love wooden floors. The floor of the living-room in our old home was wood too, don´t know wich though, but it was very dark.
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    Turntable - Garrard 401 Tonearm - Air bearing tangential Cartridge - Stanton 981 LZS Pre amp - Nakamichi CA5 II Amp - First Watt M2 and also used Blue Circle BmPH Phono - On Nakamichi amp and Parks Audio Puffin Speakers - Klipsch La Scala - Highly modified
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    The Beatles' iconic white album...
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    Far beyond your imagination...
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    This is a mini review Thought I would pen something down about my observations of the new album The 50th anniversary of - In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson (2 LP ) First up I listened to the alternative LP just to get a feel for the background of how the final album was put together One track “ Epitaph “ on the alternative album was Greg Lake’s voice only After listening - It made me understand as to why some takes were not used ( and frankly I agree with the bands decision) —————— Now onto the remix of the 1969 LP I found that great respect was given The record is very quiet ( but needed a deep clean ) Fantastic separation of the instruments especially the drums and percussion The percussion has timber and accuracy without drowning out any other instruments Its actually very well and sympathetically done However if I was to make a negative comment - but please Note this may be due to the accuracy of my system ? On the track “Epitaph “the beginning of the first 30 seconds or so the loudness gain is about 5% to 7% to much On the track “In The Court Of The Crimson King “ the drone of the melotron and in the change over passages it also suffers the same from loudness gain That is my personal observation of the Steve Wilson mix
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    La Fazenda Via Marechiaro Napoli Italy, so many great restaurants ....
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    Joe's Stone Crab Miami Beach
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    Link Not affiliated with seller.
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    I´m in the process of filling the gaps between verneer-halves with dust from sanding, mixed with wood-glue. After sanding i will take some pictures. After stripping paint, panels of the verneer are ofcourse show some patches, were the paint seeped deeper into the wood. I hope to lessen the effect through sanding, the rest by using an oil of darker hue.
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