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    I do like the snow, It's the cold I'm starting to dislike.
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    saw this guy at work once, he was holding a broom. I looked at him and he said, "My wife let me drive her car today."
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    There are 2 new videos of interviews of Nelson Pass by Steve Guttenberg available now on youtube. Steve has high praise for the Cornwall 1V's on both videos along with good knowledge from the master Nelson Pass. Especially on the perspective of sound among the high end market. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAnYRdXatRo&ab_channel=SteveGuttenbergAudiophiliac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp-i97bc8AQ&ab_channel=SteveGuttenbergAudiophiliac
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    We get seasonal change AM to PM...25` in the AM and 75` in the PM
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    Even at 72 I prefer dressing warmly for cold snowy weather to being forced indoors to air conditioned “comfort” to avoid hot humid weather that would be intolerable even if totally nude in my back yard, which the neighbors petitioned against. Luckily, they dropped their complaint, citing a lack of evidence, at least any that would stand up in court. Garments can be added as needed for the cold, but subtraction for the heat can only go so far.
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    I remember walking in snowstorms when I was much younger. .... I got over that crap
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    The TD-125 is at my place in the desert where I’ve spent much of the Covid crisis riding it out - along with my old Fisher 500C and the Metregon. The TD-124 is in my main system with the McIntosh stuff (MC-30s, C-22, MR-71, MI-3) and the 1961 vertical horn Cornwalls (which sound BETTER to me than the Metregon). Both systems are great - just very different.
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    Highs in the 50s today, lows in the 50s tonight. Rain, rain, rain. Put the alkyd Kilz on the deep red wall in my bedroom. First time in a while the temps cooperated. Also put it in the MBR big closet, she never would empty it out or even let me empty it and put the stuff back so one coat of paint put on those walls circa 1960? Yep i sealed it with that kilz so it would not take five coats of white to cover inside of there. Had the windows open since 10a closed `em up at five pm when I could see the fog between the house and the evergreens in this yard. Cranked the heat to 64 set the dehumidifier to max and it's better in here now except for the smell. Fired up the railroad lantern smells like kerosene a little and I'll let that out of the house before bedtime. It's in front of the once red wall
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    it was raining when I went to bed. ... and then I heard it get quiet Oh oh
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    @MeloManiac See what ya started??? It's on YOU brother! Had a few new ones here to unzip. Don't know where I'm gonna put 'em though. Gotta get another shelf up SOON! Had this "best of" album ONCE! Thinking @MicroMara must have borrowed it in his first life! Released in 1969 after they split in 1968. "Communique" released in 1979 hit the charts well in every country except the US where it peaked @ 11. Proof that these Germans are clueless about what they're hearing since it hit #1 there! 😂 "Love Over Gold" seemed to start their true climb here in the US reaching 19 on the Billboard charts before being certified gold. Mark Knopfler was gaining the recognition he deserved. Even though it was only given a 4 of 5 star rating I, for the most part, enjoy it very much. Knopfler is struttin his stuff and breaking away from his "norm." Their 4th released in 1982.
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    The eponymous Dire Straits album, 1978.
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    Welcome John, if the room is wide enough to place two La Scalas in there, it's wide enough! There really isn't any definitive answer, every room is different. But your room sounds big enough for them.
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    Me and my -ah- mother and father - and a grandmother and a grandfather - were driving through the desert, at dawn, and a truck load of Indian workers had either hit another car, or just - I don't know what happened - but there were Indians scattered all over the highway, bleeding to death. So the car pulls up and stops. That was the first time I tasted fear. I musta' been about four - like a child is like a flower, his head is just floating in the breeze, man. The reaction I get now thinking about it, looking back - is that the souls of the ghosts of those dead Indians...maybe one or two of 'em...were just running around freaking out, and just leaped into my soul. And they're still in there
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    You’re doing great, eh! I hearby crown you an honorary hoser! Every Canadian has the right to bestow the honor of hoserism upon foreigners. It’s like a knighting ceremony but with more beer.
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    SNL had some great years and some that were unwatchable.
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    @Bosco-d-gama I know what you mean. I have bilateral profound hearing loss. I got my first set of hearing aids in 2012. Music doesn't sound natural; but at least I can hear. People think that hearing aids are magic ... I still don't hear as well as others. without hearing aids, I don't hear until 70db according to the audiologist. The silver lining is that the doctor says if the sound gets to the eardrum my hearing is fine ... so it's a matter of power, delivering the sound. hearing aids can do that. I bought the first pair out of pocket, then applied for VA benefits, now I get them for free (a new pair every five years on average). I think the first pair was $6,000 back then. Not happy spending that money; but two weeks later, met the actress Rhona Mitra and we were able to have a conversation with me only asking her to repeat herself once. So, I walked away from that encounter saying that I wouldn't complain about the cost of the hearing aids. No way, I could have had that conversation with her before hearing aids. I would have had to resort to my charm and good looks instead of my captivating conversation skills. I have encountered situations (back when I was working) when people would say "turn your hearing aids up." Like I said, I believe they think they're magic ... helpful definitely ... still a struggle to hear yes.
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    I know I wouldn't pay $3k for them. I also assure you I would tell everyone to avoid this clown
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    As Bart Simpson said when hiding the Christmas tree he burned up, "snow covers all."
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    how to turn your dishwasher into a snowblower .. hand her the shovel
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    "Good Advice" a cute movie... the quote begins with "An affair is like a snowstorm"... @Dave1291 It's melting off now... everything is turning to mud
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    Exacerbation of hearing loss in the elderly, yet another collateral consequence of the covid19 ‘mess’. For those (myself included) with significant hearing deficits being amongst others with everyone in masks has impacted the sense of hearing. Oddly this article does not mention the one thing I’d imagine would be part of the problem - that masks muffle sounds. Anything that confounds transmission of sounds impairs me greatly. Listening in crowds and I simply cannot distinguish individual voices or participate in conversations. I appear disinterested or worse but in fact I simply cannot hear regardless of hearing aids. Now since the covid19 also keeps me away from crowds that is not an issue for now. But imagine being in a long term care facility where everyone wears masks and most residents suffer from hearing dysfunction. The masks must bury the spoken voice for them. https://www.foxnews.com/health/coronavirus-face-masks-hearing-loss-survey
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    Yup comin right at ya Mike! Better you than me. Got about two inches so far for the year here. I don't even think about starting the blower up unless there's 4-5 out there. I'm good!
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    He literally raised his price 450 while I was in the middle talking to him. Ummm okay lol good luck with that.
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    Exchanged messages with him and he seems knowledgeable about what he has. However given the sudden increase in price I would say "buyer beware".
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    Well it is a stretch. The covid19 vaccines have passed all known testing metrics for safety. Keep in mind that passing is not a perfect score. But the same measures were applied to these vaccines that have been applied to all other vaccines. So in this measure they are essentially the same. What is different is how the covid19 vaccines were derived. This is where the ‘express lane’ was taken that is new. And what’s ‘new’ is not the end goal but the route taken. So to make the Ebola vaccine they knew what they needed and took the traditional long route albeit as fast as they could. We could’ve done the same for covid19 and we’d have the same results in another 12 to 18 months and nowhere near enough vaccine to make much difference at that juncture. Basically they used a man made biological catalyst to speed up the processes to get to the same place they’d have gone otherwise. So it is not as dire as perhaps it sounds and it is working and it is more efficacious than any influenza vaccine ever produced. I’d suggest that we should swell up with pride at the accomplishment and relish what the effort may bring us in the very near future in the form of other drugs.
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    Just got this in the mail yesterday and I'm pretty much speechless as to what I've just heard. IF you can believe that! I've known this guy for years, have everything he's ever done, love his wife and just can't say enough about his work. Ya might just have seen him a few years ago when his "shovel guitar" pretty much went viral. Justin Johnson made the transition to Nashville wanting to fulfill every artist's dream. Hooked up with Johnny Cash's son, John Carter Cash and his wife. Recorded several albums/cd's @ the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville with so many great "old" guys like Bootsy Collins and session dudes that Johnny knew and used. So by golly they did it! Formed "The Cash Collective" and put out an album called "Hey Crow!" My thoughts? Don't hesitate if you want vinyl cause copies are limited, cd's are just that, cd's! Check their merch stores. Great lp! So much of Johnny and June in John Carter Cash. Justin just rollin along
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    I'd like to do something about it, but its to F**cking cold to move. Again, -40C is the same as -40F. You can actually 'pour' propane. Lots of Canadian talent with SCTV. Pouring myself a none propane drink. 'Don need no steenkin' ice cubes'
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    In good standing.
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    Where we differ is does the cure kill the patient and for the time being it doesn’t. We have covid19 and already it has mutated and it will continue to do so unless we can hamper its spread and recurrence. With what we have we know that a surge of covid19 can bring huge cities and the best medicine can offer to their knees. It has got to end ASAP before it mutates into something uglier. So science has new tools and these tools allow us to accelerate the development of medicines used to treat covid19 and other diseases. As always the proof is in the applications. They’ve done the safety testing and we deployed vaccinations safely. So in a sense covid19 has put humanity in the position of being the guinea pig. We will differ on this need. I believe it is working safely and I believe that the experience will usher in new generations of medicines with unheard potential. It is possible that we will be able to vaccinate against types of cancers (other than HPV). We are moving forward and as it often happens humanity does this when survival challenged. Covid19 brought us to this threshold and new we get to cross into uncharted territories sooner than otherwise.
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    Ah No...Canadian is a lager, Golden is an ale. And Brador is Malt Liquor....and mighty good. Man this brings back GOOD memories.. Thank you and God Bless Canada...and not just for the beer... Best international neighbor a country could have. Oh... and ....Take off eh
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    Yes, more than decent. Way more, in fact! Proper tuning is the key. Gain, x-over, and location will make this sub perform way beyond it’s entry level cost. In a pure music application, it rendered a very good performance. For someone who is only looking for a LFE solution, the R-12SW will happily do what you want it to. Again, there are more capable subs available, at a much higher price point. It’s a matter of diminishing returns. At $250, I would rate this a a good value. At $169, it is an absolute steal!
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    I like both, the snow and the heat, at least some kind of seasonal change . I tell my wife that I would like to have a retirement home in the UP, she wouldn't like it, too cold and snowy.
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    Welcome. Your room will be fine. I’ve used La Scalas in smaller spaces and in much larger spaces with excellent results.
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    What makes these TD124 and TD125 so good?
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    There should be a zoom reading from the anechoic chamber upon release...
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    I've never drank dope ... probably.
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    I loved watching SCTV. Remember Guy Caballero?
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    Very nice. Not a speaker, but I bet it will sound great too.
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    Hahaha, he's now up to $3000 for the pair. Either he's a complete moron, or he is dead set against actually selling them, maybe due to pressure from his significant other.
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    looks like Arivaca around noon. prolly 6 inches
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    Hand her a shovel and she might not like it so much. hahaha Will be slush or frozen by evening w/your temps. Just go find a shovel and spray it down with some Pam and wait for her to ask. Safer that way maybe. 😂
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    LOL, yup. Loaded w/oldtimer's hot sauce. Let it snow. Who cares? Well Mike maybe but not me. Got anything happening your way or all quiet? We always get your weather it seems.
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