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    @MicroMara me thinks me knows what you're up to... You can run but you can't hide... Inquiring minds wanna know!!! 5 days ago I picked up my two Cayin tube mono amplifiers from the revision. For this I drove over 700 miles. Both power amps had new transformers and all 6 filter capacitors replaced. In addition, all tubes were checked and the circuit with additional fuses in front of the output stage transformers modified. The power test resulted in the following : 49.7 WpC / 8 Ohm with a distortion of less 0,45 %. Mmmmhmmmmm...
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    Funny thing about that week in Washington was we walked from our hotel to all of the Smithsonian's and it was miles. After a few days we were talking with someone and told them about the long walks and we were getting tired. The laughed and asked why didn't you take the subway ? We said subway, they said yes when you walk out the front doors of the hotel and turn left and on the corner there are stairs going down to the subway and you can ride cheap. Well we felt really stupid but never stopped to read the signs we just looked at our map to get where we wanted and started walking and sightseeing. We walked many miles that week but the good part was about the only thing we missed was the subway. For all of the monuments we were on tour busses which was nice because they pull up to the best parking spots. We were tired after walking many miles for days and we got on a tour bus to Arlington cementery, we noticed our tour guide was an old lady about 80 years old, we said good thing were tired of walking. Turned out this old lady almost walked everyone to death, she was a tough old bird. .
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    put some nobbies on it lets go riding
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    @MeloManiac. If you do not have Tupelo Honey and St. Dominic's Preview(?) lps you are incomplete. I am incomplete... 🤫
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    When powerful old men want to settle a disagreement, they send thousands, sometimes millions, of powerless young men to speak for them with guns. The first old man to run out of guns and young men has to say Uncle. See how civilized we are? WAR! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! SAY IT AGAIN!
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    Thank you for that insight. I was not aware of all this. Actually, Astral Weeks came out the year before I was born. Besides the obvious classics like Brown Eyed Girl and GLORIA, I truly discovered Van Morrison almost accidentally in the mid 80s when I bought two of his albums (No Guru, No Method, No teacher and Poetic Champions Compose) by mistake. These two kind of grew on me as a student at uni. Later I bought Moondance (1970) on CD, which is a classic of course, and Irish Heartbeat, and Avalon Sunset (both on vinyl). Avalon Sunset has the killer hit (Have I told you lately), but is actually an amazing recording that everyone should have in their collection. Astral Weeks takes a special place in the story: for all these years, I have listened to the album on some illegal carrier, can't remember if it was cassette or cd-rom. There are no true 'hits' on this album, but many songs I found mesmerizing in a way. The arrangements are very noticable too: the strings, the harpsichord, the flutes. Also, this is no folk, no jazz, what is this thing? The closest thing to a single/hit is 'Madame George', but it lasts 9'25 (!!!). That's insane. And then there is the intertextuality: in Sweet Thing he sings "And I will walk and talk, In gardens all wet with rain" (in 1968) and in "In the garden" (1986) : After a summer shower when I saw you standin', Standin' in the garden, in the garden wet with rain". This kind of time scale blows my mind and reminds me to put things into perspective when it comes to my own, personal life.
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    everyone told me give him a listen.. I wasn't much impressed.. but not taking away any of his abilities... or other new guitarist of that time or now... I was already listening to my favorite period of King Crimson... Wetton, Bruford , and Fripp.. I wish Fripp would run a clear tone and not mess with synthesizer.. Just a very underrated guitarist.. UK and Alan Holdsworth solo material.. 15 + years prior.. because they can play fast... doesn't mean a thing... Holdsworth does it with feel and superior dexterity !
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    In the real south we have a word for it---y'all.
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    I was in the basement and my wife yelled down the stairs, "do you feel a sharp pain in your back like someone is stabbing you?" I told her no. A short time later, she said "How about now?!?!" Should I be scared?
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    I hope everyone is picking up my irony / sarcasm here. I like nice design, but I respect raw industrial or diy as well!
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    In Texas, heating a home using ones car. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9271967/Texas-blackouts-seen-SPACE-state-braces-round-snow.html
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    Dang, I don't feel bad dreaming about < $10k amps now
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    You are right about that, it is not the 'boring' grey or black. I would even add this: there is a direct link to an amplifier's color richness and its price: the more expensive, the more color is used. Check this link out: https://www.whathifi.com/features/10-worlds-most-expensive-stereo-amplifiers . The proof is in the pudding!
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    That would be great. I went to DBCC for maybe a year or so. Wasn't my thing. I'd rather play Frisbee on the beach while checking out the talent as it walked by.
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    Nice indeed, but not so unique. Shindo Labs uses the same color scheme. And so does Leben. Must be a Japanese/Asian thing, I guess, with all due respect. I love cheap psychology, always willing to help you out! 😉
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    My daughter went to New Orleans when she was in her late twenties or early thirties. She brought me back a VooDoo doll fridge magnet. Of course, it has no power, it’s just a knick-knack for tourists, but above it I placed a Pope John Paul II fridge magnet from his 1984 tour. Just in case. She didn’t say much about the trip, and I didn’t ask. Just in case.
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    The problem is quite clearly a failure to winterize power generating facilities to the degree necessary for extreme cold snaps, which do occur with enough regularity to merit it. The problem is not the source of energy. Natural gas facilities have been hit hard. The for profit aspect of most providers is part of the problem, as a simple matter of accountability. Our town has a municipal electric, accountable to the citizens. The record here is far above what others around us suffer. We are helping the rest of the state per the ERCOT regulations of the grid. ERCOT is great at mandating this, while totally failing to procure the authority to mandate winterization of power plants. As an aside, the average temperatures for January and February in north central Texas are far above Denmarks. Averages do not always tell the whole story. Furthermore, our town gets way more power from wind than the average in the state, but has enough mix of sources to provide what is necessary. It is all about planning, preparation, implementation, and accountability.
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    Wow, I never really knew the story, he would also be on the wrong side of history even today.
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    We visited them all, my favorite was natural history. The mint and botanical gardens was nice also, just happened to walk past the Ford theater where Lincoln was shot, so we stopped in. Arlington Commentary was kind of like the Vietnam memorial, sad is all I can say.
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    Less than 16% of Texas's electricity comes from wind. 56% comes from natural gas. do you think all of their problems are coming from 16% of their supply? Demand is the issue here when it gets cold you need more and they can't keep up with production let alone even produce it when all their equipment is Frozen. It's not always cold in Texas but they know it does happen from time to time. The problem is what Texas has done to itself by failing to prepare the last 10 to 20 years. But those people don't want to point the finger at themselves and saying Frozen wind turbines fits their narrative. How do you think Denmark and Greenland survive on wind power? They winterize it they understand it gets cold. Texas is having problems with freezing instrumentation at nuclear and natural gas facilities. I'm not defending wind and I could care less what happens in Texas. I'm just trying to shed some light on the hypocrisy of how people spin the narrative when they're trying to cover their own tracks. This exact same thing happened 10 years ago February 1st through 5th 2011 in TX. They did nothing to remediate the problem. They also are the only state in the country to have their own electrical grid. They think they can do it better themselves, more power to them. Best if luck, I wish them well.
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    Coal is perfect, zero respiratory problems down wind from plants. Let alone the extraction practices, waste or left over mine complications. Never a worker died in a mine either. Nuclear has no problems with disposal. Problems while infrequent are deviating when they happen. I find it laughable the repeating concern about the birds and wind turbines. Typically from people who care zero about the environment on any other level, whatsoever. Or what future generations will have to deal with. No solution is perfect. Reducing use would be the best place to start. Birds and wind turbines are just a thinly-veiled dog whistle for 50% of the U.S. to say they don't like the other 50% of the U.S. By the way Texas, Iowa and Denmark have some of the highest per capita wind turbines in the world and it gets cold there with regular frequency compared to you. Sorry you're cold right now but take a hard look in the mirror at what you did to yourself the last 20 years
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    Beauties Dave! Inside and out, toroidal transformer too! The one in my Cambridge SS amp still impresses me... well it will when I can break it out again. The green and gold are unique and nice, looks like it matches the walls there.
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    Biggest issues with wind turbines is that they're unreliable. You're at the mercy of the wind. No wind, no electricity. Texas has huge wind farms and we found out this week that they're subject to freezing also. No turn no juice.
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    Just having a little fun. I've heard both and like them both. I am never one to push my preferences on anyone. I have friends with Bose that are very happy. I am happy for them, just can't hang out with them anymore.
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    Sometime tomorrow, there will be a landing of a rover on Mars. They have 7 1/2 minutes to go from 12,000 mph to 0 to arrive safely. The vid has a quick animation of what they hope will happen and without a hitch of course.
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    The cement pond froze over?
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    We've had this pool for 28 years and I've never seen anything like this!
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    I think I could get lost at the Smithsonian for ten or fifteen years. Went to DC as a kid... It was quite warm at the time ...98` and matching humidity. Even the swimming pool at the hotel was hot. --------------------------------------------------------------- Took the wife to visit her eye Dr... I almost said "see"... kinda oxymoronic. While she was there, I went shopping for garden supplies. Got most of what I was looking for and even bought some seeds for a veggie garden. Kentucky Wonder pole bean, Brandywine tomato ... parsley and basil. Oh... my favorite -- Sugar Snap peas... Those rarely make it to the house. I 'em eat while working in the garden... Think I got a few flower seeds, too. Can't remember if/what I got. Something I have been looking for for a while now.... Buttercrunch lettuce seed. Seems like it disappeared several years back. It doesn't get bitter [as fast] in the heat here.. ..All of my saved seed got dusted.... ---------------------------- on the trip to the Dr, I noticed they have been patching the road recently... Most of the potholes had been filled.... and then there were a few [not repaired] painted with fluorescent red/orange... They were easy to see... good thing too. They would have swallowed that little car. Big uns
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    Sorry, I just can't say anything more. 🤐
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    ROR! (Raughing out Roud)
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    After seeing all of these comments on the Texas thing I can surmise that even the cows are pissed off. JJK
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    Thanks for the advice. It's nice I still have new music to explore.
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    Kodak ektar 100 35mm film Lens: Nikkor 105mm F2 Defocus control https://ibb.co/D5nxGbP
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    Inside the Klipsch Education Center at the Hope AR airport
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    My friend Jim played Ride of the Valkyries on his houseboat loud speaker every time he left his slip. Inspired by Apocalypse Now. RIP Jim.
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    Woof, woof! Robert Plant said no? Just let her tell moi one time! 😂
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    I have elevated P-27S as side surrounds in my two Palladium theater systems. They are really great surrounds. I couldn't do P-17B for the sides because of the narrow room width. It would have meant the horns blasting directly into the ear of the people in the side seats. I even tried the P-27S at ear height in my basement Atmos system but even that was dominating the sound in the side seats. I had to put them at the height recommended by Klipsch for them to be balanced in all seats.
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