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    Thank goodness for that. When I was in China the food was not anything like the Chinese food I enjoy here. After a few days of eating bait, I eagerly descended upon a McDonalds to see how it compared to stateside. Fortunately, it was identical.
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    Honey, lets move. Our house that is> 👍 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9284495/139-year-old-house-rolls-new-San-Francisco-address.html
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    If it does not "deescalate" in 4 hours, contact your pharmacy or physician....🤣
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    Up for sale are my KPT456’s have used them for the last 3 years in my main two channel system. These speakers truly are amazing sounding. Both HF and LF crossovers were updated to factory specs as well as the 1132 horn/diaphragms when I bought them. These will bring someone many years of listening pleasure! Just look at the specs included - real nice frequency response! Highly sensitive at 104db lower dynamic listening levels are ideal as are concert level if desired. Those of you that have experienced these in a proper setup know what Im talking about, I really hate to see them go but I must sell due to health conditions and downsizing. Everything you need to know - Specs and pics included. Can be picked up in Maine or arrangement can be made for delivery. Priced to sell 1500 takes them.
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    I would move to Arkansas , they have snowplows -
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    OMG Pete! Taxes are political. Do you want to get this thread shut down?????!!!!!! PSA brought to you from the Clown and Joker assn. LLC
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    Probably sick of the taxes and decided to come to Texas.
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    Photos from the ad. I plan to use an NAD 218 amp.
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    check these 2 ---same idea but they fit in a circle ( hint )
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    I’ll be looking at them tomorrow and if the deal happens like it should, I’ll hold them until I get can them up north Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2x15's are working well Thanks again everyone for the input. I have some atmos speakers to put in the front and rear on order. I am still finishing some of the sound panels and playing with the speaker placements.
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    May I suggest a pair of Sonos speakers (for background music). I use a pair in the dining room and they produce some nice sound. For serious stereo listening, I suggest some high-quality, well reviewed headphones. Headphones today are excellent and they will give you bass feel that you are looking for without disturbing the rest of the family. Two ideas to consider and a good way to save lots of coin.
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    Picked up some Cornwall IV’s.
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    I like the horn with the 1132 driver on the 456 over the 904. With stock crossovers the 456 is musical and works well for main or side fill speakers. The 904 is hot and the 510 has to be dialed back in my experience. I have had multiples of both and the 456 would be my choice for plug and play. Really nice speakers.
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    I looked at both with the grills off before I bought them. The woofers are definitely different. Not sure about the squawkers. It would not surprise me if the -II had Tractrix. If I was thinking clearly, I’d have taken photos then. The seller bought both units new. He originally had two -301s, but one of the original two was damaged. When he replaced the damaged speaker, the -II was what’s available. The Woofer on the - II has a nicely printed Klipsch logo where as the - 301’s woofer cone is plain. I will probably need an audio test disc to sort out differences in sound. With normal music having stereo separation, it wasn’t clear if they did sound different.
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    I like how they attach to the ceiling..... must be strong magnets on the woofers??!! GLWS!! Free bump
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    Yes, I store all my CDs on a laptop, iTunes. I can hit random play and it's like my own radio station that will only play my recorded music. If you chose an album and hit play, it will play all my albums in order.
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    I remember the big switch from Maxwell (blue can) to Folgers (red container). Must have been in the 70's. There was a period when I would stop at Dunkin Donuts for a large coffee and two Old Fashion (plain cake in side with a light glaze) donuts. Then take it back to my office in the court house for a leisurely breakfast. Hey Coytee....looked up your wife's coffee machine. That's a tad pricey though I bet it does a good job.
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    Fortunately, I won’t need a snowblower to clear the new snow. My decades old Craftsman finally gave up the ghost; it owed me nothing. Seasonal oil changes and drain the gas were the only maintenance. Never even pulled the plug. The engine still starts and runs strong. The drive belt and clutch mechanism failed and parts are no longer available. My neighbor insisted I borrow his new EGO Power+ rechargeable electric snowblower. It worked better than the old Craftsman. It cleared his driveway and walks, as well as mine, on a single charge. The best part is that his brother works for EGO and can get me one at wholesale. The same unit, batteries and charger is on sale at Lowes for $550. Mine will be $360. It should be here in a week. I don’t know what I’m more excited about, my vaccination 1st dose scheduled on 3/10 or the arrival of the new toy.
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    I can relate. When I went to SanFrancisco, my ex wanted Chinese food... and thought she knew where "the" restaurant was... Instead we landed in a "home style" Chinese place.... No sweet/sour or anything remotely familiar....We ordered....it came in a rice gruel... jook. Real Chinese food. It was different --- shall we say
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    Those look like identical speakers to me my guess is you have a pair of original 301's with possibly a replaced terminal cup? I'd pull the grill covers and confirm whether or not they are the same speaker or not next step would be to inspect the crossovers make sure they are the same.
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    Not quite as nice as those signature series but... no affiliation https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/269256801377340/
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    I was the personal photographer for Hugh Hefner’s wife for over 10 years. I worked with many of the top playmates. It was fun but seriously work is work and no matter how good it looks to others it got tedious and boring for me.
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    Shekels? And a goodly chunk of o’ching? Seriously, I think you should try harder to be more offensive. Should the buyer try to *** them down in price? JFC on a biscuit shaped like a cross [emoji38]
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    Listen to them a little today, not perfectly set up just set in front of my chorus II. Tomorrow I hope to dampen the horn and. check for any cabinet leaks possible change/add poly fill. Will add my lil Mike's sub's to the mix tomorrow. Think I need to start a new thread.
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    You know you have a problem when... My name is Sancho Panza, and I am a Klipschaholic. 😉 Congrats on the them speaks!
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    When I was doing pictures of beautiful women! Back in the day! lol
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    That's a bummer. The Allstar game is more important than a vacation. Yea. he likes it. Those are the only two positions I ever played....pitcher, or catcher.
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    It's Sunday afternoon, sunny and 73F here now.
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    I am glad to hear you are pleased with the capacitor replacement; my experience was the same as yours. I love keeping things original, but after 40 years, well you know. Cheers! Andy
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    It's baseball season again! That's my boy slinging it on the bump.
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    @Taap bassi see if this video helps.
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    After looking at that picture, I don't know if i have the patience. LOL. OP, there should be easy to interpret diagrams that came with your speakers and your receiver. I suggest taking a look at them. If you have neither manual, they can be found online.
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    i don’t know how to wire them in to the Yamaha system and to the speakers it self the. Hook it up to my smart tv I’m pretty clueless right now
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    It's never too late to update.....................................................................................................................the grills to cain!
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    well we are going to have to disagree on this one and I don't just base my findings on my own experience. I also find there can be a wide range of difference with brands and types of caps. I disagreed with Bob also regarding this, rest his soul. Lots of folks don't hear or notice lots of things, happens all the time.
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    Michigan and Ohio State are impressive. Juwan Howard is proving to be an excellent coach. I’m especially impressed with The Wolverines’ play after a three week forced layoff. To be beat the Buckeyes by 6 in Columbus was not easy.
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    Ah... Found some in Germany. Unfortunately, the US eBay seller does not ship to the UK. http://www.banzaimusic.com/kt170-tungsol-platinum-matched.html
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    'This is our generation’s D-Day': As US nears 500,000 COVID-19 deaths, weary health care workers fight on “There’s definitely some tangible fatigue on the health care workers’ side, being sick of COVID and sick of people disregarding public health guidance, getting sick and expecting us to defer another vacation or put off something else,” said Eric Cioe-Peña, an emergency room physician running a COVID-19 field hospital in Staten Island, New York. “I’ve been telling people who thank me for this, ‘Just tell yourself and everyone you know to wear a mask when you’re out in public places. Don’t clap, don’t give me baked goods. I don’t need any of that. I need you to wear a mask and not get COVID.’” https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2021/02/21/500-000-covid-deaths-us-health-care-workers-exhausted-frustrated/6775155002/
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    I believe the KP-301 has an even gnarlier version of the K-48 (K-48-K vs. K-48-E) in it than that found in the Chorus 1 and 2. If you can get the mixed bag for a decent price it would probably be worth it for the woofers alone. I have KP-301s and Chorus 2s and will eventually get around to swapping the woofers out to check the sonic differences. But my money is on the K-48-K. Here’s the woofer in the 301s
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    Thanks @Ceptorman, These are DIY ones, 22L neat volume, low tuning damped Bass-Reflex, using vintage 1" PHILIPS tweeters (AD01631T8), "Teng-Hong" wide band 3" as midranges, Monacor 7" SPH-170 woofers, 715Hz/6KHz/12dB-oct. crossover, with variable L-pads on TW and MR : Cheers,
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    If it's in the budget, then yes you need one. It's one of those things you didn't know you needed one, until you heard a good one. Those RF-7s are great speakers, but a good sub can help.
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    Getting older means healthcare issues. So on your behalf the insurance industry (whom you’ve supported for eons) is obligated to purchase you services. I worked in healthcare for decades so I know some things about it. Now I cringe.......... not at the procedures..........but their costs. I just received a benefit statement from bluecross for a very simple visit to my doctor. Went to my regular FP and got a steroid injection in my knee. His bill was $100, meds another $80 and the cost for a standard exam room was $450....... all of which they gladly paid. This time last year I discovered that I had atrial fibrillation. Long story short it was corrected with minimally invasive procedures that involved a single nights hospitalization. The bill......... a heart stopping $130,000.00!!! Next week I go in for a shoulder replacement cuz it needs to be done and economic sense commands it be done during this calendar year whence all of my deductible thresholds are met. I am more worried about the costs than anything else. This is madness. This is not the MAYO clinic or even a huge metropolis facility. Are medical costs in your area this insane? If so how can this be sustained by any country/economy?
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