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    Reluctantly selling my vinyl set-up, this beautiful Rosewood turntable is in excellent condition and sounds glorious. Stellar Speed Stability, Quiet Operation, Grand-Scale Sound, Glorious Musicality: Experience Gorgeous Dynamics, See-Through Transparency, and Stunning Low-Level Detail from Vinyl LPs Winner of The Absolute Sound's Golden Ear Award and Stereophile's Product of the Year award, the VPI Classic Signature turntable takes to grand sonic heights the state-of-the-art analog design elements that guides VPI's world-famous Classic series. Formerly known as Classic 3, Classic Signature features a half-inch thick aluminum plinth so massive and well-damped, it virtually eliminates resonance. VPI also updated the 'table's tonearm to a high-tech 10" JMW Classic 3D printed arm, one of the sweetest-sounding tonearms available. The 3D printed arm includes large stabilizing side weights, a adjustable counterweight, and copper-shielded internal wiring. Classic Signature also features VPI's stainless-steel Record Center Weight, the same fitted as standard equipment on the HRX. Gorgeous and glorious. Asking $3,495.00 O.B.O.
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    I'm so sorry to hear this! I never met your husband in person but the camaraderie of this forum brings many of us close. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
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    A friend and i rented a nice brick house in the early 80s. All we had for furniture was a cheap couch and chair set and our beds. Really didn't need anything else. Off the kitchen was a dining area with room for a good sized table and chairs. It was the perfect place to strip my 650 Yamaha to the frame and rebuild it. Loved working in the ac
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    Rest In Peace Sancho! We both spoke shortly after he joined. We spoke again recently about the coming trip to Florida. Sancho was in good spirits. So very sorry to learn of this. Thanks for letting us know.
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    Oh no.....so sorry to read this. I always looked forward to his post and wit. He contributed to the CC&C thread as a regular and we will miss having coffee with him. RIP my friend.
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    This is sad news. Kendal was well-liked and well-respected on the Forum, and I would expect that his family and offline friends felt the same way about him. He will be missed. Condolences to your family, Sancho Panza.
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    ... as I was just getting to know him. My most sincere condolences. Prayers for his family and a thank you to Mrs. Sancho [Payne] for letting us know of his passing.
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    there is a DISTINCT difference in the sound quality of Klipsch equipped commercial theaters over those theaters using different brands... and the difference isn't subtle either.
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    My thoughts & prayers are with the entire Payne family. Crossed paths with Ken infrequently here, he was level headed when talking about college football the past couple of years. We'll miss him also.
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    We have been using Ancho chili's in different things, a couple whole dried peppers adds a nice flavor to a good size pot. No heat at all but nice flavor, it's really just a dried version of a poblano pepper
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you, the boys and all who knew and loved him. I’m so glad I got to spend some time talking to him a few weeks ago. He was an incredible human being. He will be missed. Christy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    this is a shock to all of us , kendall was a great person , the Best , I am in deep sorrow tonight , he told us he was sick ,and then he told us he was getting better to say Goodbye - Kendall , you will be Dearly missed ----all my Condolences to Kendall Payne's Family , this is Heartbreaking -
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    I shared a house with several college friends. It was a great deal, as our landlords rented us a duplex that was not zoned for multiple unrelated adults, the municipality prevented us from moving in, so our landlords rented us their childhood home for the same rent. It had four bedrooms, a huge yard, pool table, and laundry. I rebuilt a Triumph 650 Bonneville in the basement.
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    thanks for saying Goodbye to all of us here on the CCCC , klipsch Friends Forever ---------RIP @Sancho Panza
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    I told wife, if he was a biker, I would expect it. He NOT. And I still wouldn't approve of it being in the house. He bought it thinking how cool he would look on it.... until he has to pick it up... lol He doesn't know how to ride it with any degree of proficiency. He learned that 10 miles into his first attempt. Bent handlebars, dented tank, broken mirrors and front turn signal lights... Ride it in???? HaHaHa...He and a buddy pushed it into the house...
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    So sad to hear of the passing of Sancho.....one of our coffee klatch buds😢
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    Mornin' All We deviated from pizza Friday... T-bone, baked potato and sauteed peppers.... tossed some onion and mushrooms in with them. boy is at the ranch for a few days, Not all work. A lady.. Kind of a long distance affair She's in from VA and staying at the "ranch". I expect he will be bringing her here. He cleaned the house... and then moved the Harley in. I doubt the bike [indoor] will impress her. I can tell you. I am less than happy about it being in there. I have no tongue left, from biting it. If I had said anything to him, it would have ended with me screaming at him... and I don't have the energy [to waste] for that.
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    Sincere condolences to Kendall's family. RIP Sancho
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    Too many good people have been taken. I'm very sorry for your loss.
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    Mrs. Kendra I moved this thread here so more people/friends will see it. I am very sorry to hear this, we talked often and he will be missed. There will be prayers for Kendall and the family, I hope you and the boys are OK, as OK as one can be when things like this happen. You talked with my wife earlier and she came and told me, I am shocked, he always talked greatly of you and the boys. RIP Kendall you will be missed.
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    Wuzzzer if you don't mind I would like to move his wife's post under his name here so she will see all replies, thanks. If it's OK i would like to hide this one so all condolences show up in one place. Thank You wuzzzer
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    Ha! Funny you should say that. Was just sitting here watching a women's volleyball game thinking about cranking this system up. Warming up, suns out, garage door is open so yea I could blow the neighbors up! Buddies coming over for a t-bone and bringing the beer of which I "might" drink one. Think I'll wake up those 17 year old "Brood" cicada's they're talking about. Showing up in May and they say they're 100db loud. Bwa ha ha... Yup, It's goin down Just think we could all be their worst nightmare!
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    My heart is filled with sadness , may God have mercy on your soul . RIP Mr. Kendall. I always liked what you´ve written.
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    my strokes would be so short that the razor wouldn't make it to my face you know that barbers used to be considered surgeons?
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    We run into sand on the road... an invisible layer, at times... and cattleguards.
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    I see. Yea he needs dry asphalt for a while, and different degrees of turns at different speeds. Nothing like taking a 90 degree turn at 35 then noticing the layer of pine needles all over BOTH sides of the road. When I switched to a safety razor a couple months ago I kept cutting under my chin and under my lip. When I quit being apprehensive and used short deliberate strokes I've been able to put the styptic pencil away now.
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    I picked up a guy walking down I-10 with a gas can in LA asked where he needed to go.... needed sub-titles to understand him. Sounded like a cross between French and English, spoken with a Bronx accent
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    Uhhh, no He's afraid of it. Consequently, it doesn't get ridden. He might start it and ride it around the block.... which is really what he needs to do a lot more of. Low speed on dirt with ruts and loose rock/dirt... I think he likes horses better. They have a self-righting mechanism..
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    Thinking he was in the Navy during Nam so I suppose he was an older curmudgeon like most of us! Great guy though. Leg pulls are a good thing at times or no? lol I had enough trouble chewing thru that southern and I mean southern accent! hahaha
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    @grasshopper maybe the t-bones need to be the norm then deviate to pizza every now and then. I rode my bike into the house once when there was a hurricane hitting the coast 40 miles away... dropped to a ts quickly so it wasn't that bad in Maitland. He did get that stuff fixed and buffed out didn't he? Should be getting better by now with his riding prowess! Ken going to the icu for low blood pressure was not good. That meant it could not be handled pharmaceutically. Folks was Mr. Sancho pulling our legs with his birthdate at his info page here? If it is factual he was a well lived gentleman at 102.
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    I know the type... I used to hang in a biker house when I was in HS. One of them had a son that dated my kid sister... and before you ask...YES, the boy was HS age.. These people used a 38 for a flyswatter. Place was all adobe, thank God.
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    Yea, no foolin. @grasshopper A Harley in the house along w/a new woman in the area? Welllllllll, the only advice I can give you on that is around here some do keep them in the house when they're NOT riding them in the winter. As a kid growing up in the early 60's I remember a couple of guys who were founding members of the Outlaws. They just rode theirs up the porch step and into the house every day. Most stayed away from them but all of us kids loved it. lol Sort it cause he's not Peter Fonda The steaks sound great though. 70 here today "they" say so have a couple t-bones thawing! 😂 😂
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    My condolences to you Ma'am. Enjoyed knowing Kendall here. May Gold bless you and your family during this hard time.
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    Thanks Jimbo. I talked with Ursula at the NT rescue about two weeks ago and am on her waiting list. Norwich Terriers have small litters and a great following making them difficult to find. Jake was a rescue, a former breeding dad, that we got at age 9. A wonderful dog that we lost too soon. I have been corresponding with a lady who may retire one of her male breeder dads. Just this morning I got the news that they think their dog would be happy in our home so I may be making a loooong drive soon. Keep your fingers crossed!
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    RIP Sancho. Condolences to his family and friends.
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    `Morning Eldon, I've tried the ancho chili powder before for making my non-TX chili. It is different to me like a sweet musty flavor, are the dried ones the same? They are in plastic bags on the intl. aisles here. Next time I used only cayenne and that was a good batch. Poblanos you say, good stuffed with monterey jack! Kind of like the sweet, dark musty flavor of mesquite that I love. Haven't grilled big slabs of salmon in a while but try using mesquite chips when you do it next time, it's very good. That with asparagus (has to have hollandaise if it isn't broiled) and some bread. Voila! Man I get turned sideways in a flash recently, some days coffee is an insufficient breakfast.
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    Rest in Peach Sancho, you will be missed here. Condolences to his family and friends.
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    Kendall is the man who first invited me to join the Klipsch forums. This act of kindness literally changed how I spent parts of my life for the last seven years. He was a friend I never got to know well enough. Crying.
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    Strength to you and everyone he touched in the time of his passing
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    https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/199779-sanchopanza’s-passing/ 😥
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    Alright dudes this is not about you or me, and whether we got a shot. It's about a temporary change in the language to capture a moment, a spot in time. Think : Hot Rod Psychadelic Over There Groovy Whatever. Trying to build a catch phrase here. Can you dig it?
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    I opened this thread hoping to see a truck..........
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    Got a Schiit Aegir about a week ago and these big *** power cords a couple months ago. The Aegir on KLF-30's sounds great. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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