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    Finally good weather to get these out and breathing.....wow. Thanks to Derek @Fleawatt for helping out with the crossovers. These are seriously badass....
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    Years ago, in a Usenet newsgroup, I witnessed a hilarious argument about psychoacoustics. "Person A" would say something, and "Person B" would respond that no, that's not how it works. The argument grew increasingly heated until finally Person A said to Person B, "You don't know what you're talking about. Here, read these papers to educate yourself and then write back." He then cited a number of AES and IEEE papers. What Person A didn't know was that Person B was "JJ" Johnston, of Bell Labs ... the author of the very papers that Person A cited.
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    Good luck, hope you get a great offer.
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    Put the For Sale sign up on the house. Stalled enough. Wanted to put up a "Make Me Move" but with all the signs supporting violence around my side of town figured that was an invitation that might not be nice. Hope to have a new place in the middle of a good bit of trees so I can Shake Rattle & Roll again soon!
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    Since some seem to take issue with my statement about LaScala bass, let me clarify. The La Scalas are down by about 10dB at 40hz and by about 15dB at 30hz, which is where the lowest fundamental is for a bass guitar. In my opinion, that is not satisfactory bass for enjoying rock and roll; perhaps its fine for Jazz. Sure, you can EQ it up, but if your plan involves adding 15dB of EQ boost to get your bottom end, I'd urge you to reconsider. You'll suffer lots of compression and IMD as a result. Far from ideal. I love my LaScalas, but I'd follow the recommendation of many people on this forum over the last 20 years or so.... use them with a sub for maximum enjoyment.
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    Not quite, those are all long gone! It's the ones that quote the Reverend Martin Luther King on one sign, sheer hatred... the destruction of life, livelihood and property on another. No high water here ever, but I'm "Headed for the Hills" anyhow. Beautiful cabins up there, some without 1/4 acre of grass to cut👍
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    South side of Charlotte. Trying to list at zillow, but they didn't call back like they said they would to verify. Need to get that straightened out, two offers already one lowball, one decent but not quite there. Would do the link but I think that might clash with regulations here. Three more of my bookmarked places sold this past week. & @Ceptorman is correct about that but I'm looking for half the size. Not tiny but 700 to 900 something square feet. They have gone up more than ten % in the mountainous areas. Tennessee has some tempting places, not sure about that. Since I have to get wheels too, my budget shrank and if I'm going to be two or more hours from a transplant center got to be able to trust the drivetrain.
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    I don't, but those woofer baskets have a long history of imploding during transit regardless of how well the cabinet is packed. Can be wrapped up into the same box, but I was merely suggesting they be removed out of the cabinet.
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    Picked up a Denon DRA-397 integrated amp for $50 today. Mint condition, both remotes and user manual. Has a subwoofer pre out which is nice. My plan is to use it to listen to music outside so I don't have to disconnect everything from my surround receiver when I want to do that. I might also use it in a separate 2 channel system if I find speakers for one. Lots of positive reviews from what I've read online. Pretty solid unit at 21 pounds as well. https://www.denon.com/en-us/product/av-receivers/dra-397
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    I think the UCLA game took a lot out of Gonzaga, they never looked fresh. I'm actually glad the Zags didn't win, I don't want to see anyone match the 76 IU season 😃
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    Good luck with the sale, it's a good time to sell, but a bad time to replace it.
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    https://miami.craigslist.org/brw/ele/d/fort-lauderdale-klipsch-cornwall/7285110015.html Not affiliated.
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    Not affiliated. https://oneonta.craigslist.org/ele/d/schuyler-lake-klipsch-lascala/7302790974.html
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    Ok guys, been on my phone so much today that I had trouble talking on the phone today. There is a lull right now! @dirtmudd that's one of my early favorite records! He was great back then! @RandyH000 correctumundo!! There has always been one on the left in that picture until last fall. I noticeably missed hearing it this Christmas, Palm Sunday and Easter! Mom kept this roof over our heads worshipping with her music and directing her choirs simultaneously for God.
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    Not true at all. It starts rolling off, but there is plenty of low end. Best thing is to drop the mids 3-6db.. then as you increase the gain to get your mids back, there is more apparent bass. Cheers, Bruce
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    My 13 X 14 that had the 14 side opened to 19 halfway up was the best so far that I have ever heard any of my systems sound. Places I've looked at that look decent and under 150k just don't have this kind of space. I'll adjust like I always have, fully horn loaded sound still isn't impossible. Those old sound boards are heavy!
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    That scooter might make a 2hr run....I think distance traveled is the issue, though. I live 60 miles from a big/ger hospital. Only an hour drive. -------------------------------------- We have a patch of lawn on our acre. Just a patch. House 800 - 900sq.ft. @JohnJ, like I need to remind you... size up rooms for the stereo. We have 3 rooms that aren't twice as long as deep. One room is 14ft square... unfortunately, it's the kitchen. Another room that's ~10 X 10, and the bathroom - it's 8 X 8... No room for LS in them. Our livingroom is 12 X 25.... I had to put speakers on the long wall. Still considering making a sub out the the old upright piano. Not getting rid of the wood in the piano. It's near 100yr old. A '29 Packard...if my memory serves me. Moving the sound board might present some challenges...
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    I hope I don't step on any Blu-ray case collector toes. 😀 As I'm a fan of consolidation, getting the discs out of their store bought cases and into a disc binder. My entire collection, about 100, all reside happily in this one case, sitting by the couch for easy perusal and reach. The cases stored in a box, garaged and will probably get tossed one day. The John Wick collection.
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    Corner placement should help. My flush mounted Belle Klipsch center channel (supposedly very close to the La Scala in response) actually has a small peak at 60 Hz, then drops like a rock below that. In the case of the La Scalas @Little Wolf is considering, the response at 60 Hz may perk up due to the LSs being in a corner. A subwoofer probably will be needed below 60 Hz. Little Wolf, be sure to push the La Scalas all the way into the corner, then put some absorption on the wall at the point at which a yardstick placed flat along the front of the La Scala's "top hat" will touch the wall. Have the absorber continue out into the room for two more feet, like this (as seen here with one of my Klipschorns): This idea came from Chris A's corner horn post on this forum, and it seems to work well. Paul Klipsch was fond of saying that, in the bass, corner placement would be like multiplying your amplifier power by 4 (compared to the out in the room, away from walls).
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    like down on the border.. where I am. lol tbh I wager we have as high percentage of law enforcement per capita as anywhere. You oughta see them all come out of the hills when bad weather threatens...
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    Charly Antolini - A great drummer 🤘
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    John , good decision , best to go where it is , much safer -
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    I have upgraded the crossovers on khorns and cornscalas in the past. But I don't feel any desire to monkey with the CW IV. I think Roy nailed this one down pretty good.
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    I hope you will be driving these with a solid state amplifier. If so, I would get Eminence Kappa 15a woofers which are less than $100 each wired in parallel and just replace the capacitors. Why would you even want to change the Xover frequency from 800? Do you have the means to measure ANYTHING? Don't work so hard a screwing up something that works if you don't know how to make it better. The Altec 806 is a good driver, so nothing to do there if it's not deteriorated. If you need diaphragms, you can get them from Great Plains Audio. Once you have fixed these, sell them and get Cornwalls! (just kidding, but not really).
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    The sun gets blocked by the earth here every night. I don't see what the big deal is.
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    Found: Looking for a single, but would certainly entertain a pair if need be. These would be the Fastlane Audio (Dave Harris/Gothover) Fastrac horns which are drop in for the k400. Please shoot me a pm if you have one/two available.
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    Yes and I and many others with Klipsch speakers have proved it
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    Probably done once any screw is removed.
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    the onkyo is only lacking a in few areas for me. imax enhanced, independent subwoofer inputs, last 2 not so important features hdmi 2.1 and hdcp 2.3. I have two emotiva amps a300 & a500.
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    Yukon, you shouldn't have to defend your own listing because other people can't mind their own business. never has never will
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    I know what you mean, Trump Pence signs with black spray paint through Pence are all over my area. Scary.
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    Thanks to all for the input and guidance. I was able to find a great pair of all original, raw birch, La Scalas from the mid 80's. Picked them up today and excited to set them up. Thanks again, Dave A, Jimjimbo, Sancho Panza, billybob, wvu80, and DCaIrvine
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    Welcome @Boris Siomin ! I bought a pair of RP600Ms on ratings only. They have/had very good reviews. I can listen to VanHalen or Sarah Jones with equal pleasure looking at specs and reviews....I think you will be fine with them. What have you got for amplification? or is that to come?
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    Klipsch has done very well of late. The refresh of the Heritage line + the Forte has apparently been extremely good for sales and has reset the relationship with hi-fi mags (or at least the YouTube hi-fi talking heads) which have largely taken notice. "Fun" is the catchphrase, and I think the "little direct-radiating loudspeaker flat SPL on axis only" crowd have begun to take some notice (or at least has heard rumblings coming their way). It's actually been incremental improvements in design--nothing really radically different, with the possible exception of the new Jubilee being marketed as the top-of-the-line loudspeaker for Klipsch, with an internally ported bass bin--which no one here has apparently heard yet, nor have there been any measurements presented. I can say that the Celestion Axi2050 "axiperiodic" two-inch throat compression driver is a big step up from the K-691 (itself a phase-plug-modified B&C DE75 driver) of the present stock K-402-HF/KPT-KHJ-LF Jubilee. The dialed-in Axi2050 itself sounds pretty much like the TAD TD-4002s that I've listened to for the past dozen years or so. I can say that most of the hype that other "high end" loudspeaker manufacturers have placed on their own (overpriced) flagship models will be surprised when they actually hear the new Jubilees--which will likely blow them away at any price (assuming all the bells and whistles are tuned-in with the announced DSP box). I kid you not. Chris
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    That game was over in the first five minutes. Baylor was hungry and played very well the entire game. The Zag's have a great team but Baylor totally shut them down with that front row. Not to mention switched off up top very well eliminating that pick and roll that worked for the Zag's in their previous games. Not one lead change the entire game. That's insane! Great ball game but those Bears were hungry. Congrats to the Bears on that natty!
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    On another note, I am glad to see more and more audio shops with these offerings. Its nice to be able to hear before you listen.
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    194 empty blu-ray cases. Various brands. All are singles or doubles. When you have a private collection of 2000 movies these things come in real handy. I got them all for less than the price of the cardboard box they are in. I turned down the option to make it an even 1000 empties. When ordering replacements from somewhere like www.casetopia.com shipping can get pricey.
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    Yeaa! @MeloManiac Rudolph, Rudolph, Rudolph! & I got to see them twice before that one came out in the 80s. First time they opened for Michael's UFO!! Brothers in HEAVY Rock visiting my hometown in the little arena where our WWE wrestling was held by the Crocketts!
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    This is a 1988 Jayco 1006. We paid $500 for it today. Everything works great and it's in really nice shape.
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    This is our backyard. They must really like the Winter Rye grass I sowed.
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    My new Cary SLI-80 running EL-34s. Need to get some more dramatic rectifiers. Mike
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    just added to my collection Restored by Chris Keller here in NC
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    ...and probably none can get by with it today. When I taught Comp I & Comp II, we used Turnitin.com, which catches plagiarism down to the repetition of phrases (if desired) used in published and student-published writing. In a parent meeting, after awarding a zero to a student's final research paper in Comp II, I showed them on a SmartBoard where the plagiarism occurred. They were astonished to see the entire essay highlighted. It was bought from a research paper web site. They had stormed in with loud exclamations about suing, but quietly, meekly left. SSH
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